Jewel Pt. 02

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We left Bob and Jewel and as Velma got in the car she flashed me so all I could see was her hairy cunt and stocking tops.

“I didn’t pee before we left.” she told me. “I may need to stop and go before we get home. You need to know I’m going to suck your cock and also fuck you tonight since your father is gone. He’ll be fucking his red headed paramour tonight anyway so it will be alright if we fuck.”

I closed my door and told Velma to leave her skirt up so I could see her hairy legs , stocking tops, and hairy cunt.

“Had you ever fucked or sucked a man’s cock before you met daddy?” I asked.

“No. I’d only seen pictures of a cock but had never seen one in person. Well, I guess that’s not exactly true because I’d seen my father’s and brother’s, but that’s all. Velma responded. “Remember I lived with Beulah and she only wanted to drink, smoke, and eat my pussy.

“Did you eat her pussy too?” I asked.

“Well, of course. What was I supposed to do when she had her face in my cunt and I’m looking at her very hairy belly? Just ignore it?” she asked.

“Well, I just asked.” I said.

“So your father and I were dating and one weekend Beulah was away. I told your father to pack a little overnight bag in case it got to be late and he could stay at my apartment overnight. We’d had dinner and went dancing and before you knew it, the time was past one o’clock and we still needed to drive home.

I didn’t pee before we left the dance and my bladder was really full when we got to my apartment.”. she said.

“So what did you do?” I asked.

“When he stopped the car I told him I really needed to pee and didn’t think I could make it inside to the toilet.” she replied.

“So what did he say?” I asked.

“He told me to get out of the car, pull my panties down, lean against the fender, and pee.” she replied.

“So what did you do?” I asked.

“I told him I didn’t have any panties on and he told me to get out of the car. He got out and came around to the other side, pulled my skirt up and told me to piss.” she said.

“Did you?” I asked.

“I was practically peeing before he pulled my skirt up. He said he wanted to do that so he could see how hairy my belly and pussy were.” Velma said. “I just stood there leaning against the fender and the pee was pouring out of me. Your father told me to not wipe my cunt and we were going to have an exploration party.”

“So what happened?” I asked.

“We went inside and he told me to just drop my skirt and take off my blouse. I was beginning to get horny and told him if I was taking off my skirt, he needed to take off his pants and shirt.” she replied.

“I was standing in my slip, bra, garter belt, stockings, and shoes. He was in his boxers and socks” she continued.

Then what happened?” I asked.

“He told me to take off my slip and when I did he pulled down his boxers and his cock was standing straight out in front of him like a flagpole. He unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.” she said.

“Now we’re going to play with each other for a few minutes, then I am going to slip my cock inside your hairy pussy and fuck you good.” he said. “Have you ever seen or felt a man’s cock?”

“I told him ‘No’ I hadn’t.” Velma told me.

“Well take hold of it, pull my foreskin back so you can see the head of it, then play with it.” he said.

“I did and the head was so red.”

“He told me to lie down on my bed and he got on it with me and began playing with my cunt, playing with my clit and also my pee hole.” she said.

“Now spread your legs apart and I’m going to fuck you gently.” he said. “Spread your cunt lips apart so my cock goes inside you easier.”

“I did and he began to slide his prick inside my cunt. I couldn’t believe how fat it was and was sure he couldn’t get it all inside me, but he did.” Velma said. “He fucked me good and spurted a huge load of semen in me. I felt it leaking out before he pulled his cock out of me. He asked me where a pair of panties were. I told him my dresser, so he got a pair and stuffed them in my cunt so I wouldn’t leak.”

“He fucked me two more times that night and I learned how to suck his cock. He watched me pee and I held onto his cock while he peed.” she said. “It was a great night and I think that was what brought us together. Now he’s away and I have you to fuck me tonight darling.”

“Then we will have to have an exploration party.” I told her.

“That’s what I thought too after you spent last night fucking Jewel two or three time. She really has the hots for your cock, you know. She missed you so much while you were in the military. Now , when we get home just let me pee.”

We arrived in five minutes and she was out the door before I got the car shut off. I got out and went to the passenger side and there she was, skirt up and pee flowing out of her lips like a stream out of a garden hose.

“I told you I was going to have to piss.” she said. “Now get over here and slip your hand on my wet pussy hair. I want you to make it splatter all over and down düzce escort my thighs so I get my fucking stockings wet.”

So I put my hand between her legs and felt the hot piss splatter. I knew I was going to not only fuck her later today, but also eat her pussy a time or two. The flood finally stopped and I wiped my hand on the top of her stockings, which were all wet.

“Alright. Let’s get in and get your wet stockings off and wipe your wet legs.” I said.

We went inside the house and as she walked in front of me, I saw a different heel pattern on her stockings.

“What kind of heel pattern is that?” I asked. “A ‘fuck me’ pattern?”

“No darling. They are called ‘Outline Heels’ and they are pretty sexy, aren’t they? Now unhook my garters and peel them down so I can hang them up to dry. Then you can wipe off my legs.” she said.

I unhooked all eight straps and she peeled them down her legs and took them off. When she had them off, I took my hand and wiped her pussy again with it.

“Easy darling. You’re going to get to play with mommies pussy all night tonight and then tomorrow too. Have you ever seen his red headed bitch he loves to fuck?’ she asked.

“I know Barbara. She and her sister, Donna, took care of my sister and brother after Margaret passed away. I used to sneak in the bathroom when they needed to pee and I would watch them. Neither one of them wiped their pussies after they peed and their panties were always damp.” I informed her.

“Maybe that’s why he likes her.” Velma said. “She leaves her red haired pussy all wet for him to play with, then he fucks her. Now I want you to wash my pussy then I’ll show you something.”

Velma sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide apart. I soaped a washcloth with warm water and began washing her hairy cunt. I rinsed it off with fresh warm water, then soaped and washed it again. The lather was quite thick, so I had to rinse it twice then dried it.

“Now follow me into the bedroom dear. I want to show you my cunt lips.” she told me.

She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her labial lips. On each one was a nice round hole big enough to put a large ring through.

“He wanted me pierced too. My teats as well as my cunt, so you see my holes in my cunt lips. Now take a look at my nipples and see the rings I put in them this morning before we left Bob and Jewel’s house.” she told me.

“Now get down on your knees and suck my cunt. I want you to suck my clit so I can climax a few times. Bob didn’t do a very good job last night when he ate me out.” Velma told me.

I dropped to my knees and slid my tongue in her cunt. I found her engorged clit and began sucking gently on it. Within ten seconds she was pulling my face further inside her cunt so she could enjoy a climax or two.

“That’s it you fucking cunt eater.” she said. “Eat my pussy and suck my clit. I’m climaxing all over the place and need a few more to loosen me up a bit.”

I continued sucking her clit and she soon pushed my face down a little bit. Suddenly I was enveloped in a splash of her warm piss, some of which I drank.

“That’s it you motherfucker. Drink my pee too. I wasn’t quite empty so I decided to give you a little drink.” she said.

She finally quieted down and pushed my face away from her cunt and said. “Now get up on your feet so I can see this precious cock that Jewel keeps telling me about. She says it is even better than your father’s cock, which I doubt.”

I stood up and as I did so, my erect prick just popped out right in front of her face.

Velma took one look at it and said “Holy fuck. It’s not quite as long as your fathers but it is bigger around and your foreskin is longer than his. I don’t think I’ll ever get your foreskin back over the head of your cock darling.”

She laid back on the bed and said. “Give me all that fat cock and fuck me good with it. Fill me up with your baby batter so maybe I can get pregnant. Your father would love a new baby with me.

I mounted her and slid my cock all the way inside her very wet cunt until I could feel her cervix.

“Oh that big motherfucker is filling my cunt. Now fuck me good and slow with it for a minute, then speed it up and fill me with your pollen.” Velma said.

I pulled out and pushed in slowly for about a minute. The she said “Alright big boy. Fuck me hard and fuck me fast. I’m ready to explode.”

I thrust it in and out of her about ten times, then gave a final push. When I erupted inside her cunt I thought I had blown the end off of my cock. I squirted and squirted for about six or seven times, then it just oozed out the tip.

“You big cunt fucker. I am so full of your warm semen I can feel it beginning to run out my cunt. Now go to my dresser and get a pair of dark panties out and help me put them on. In fact, we’ll just stuff them inside my cunt so your semen can’t get out.” she said.

I found a pair of navy blue briefs and she spread her cunt and I inserted them in her. Then she pulled me toward her and edirne escort reached for my cock with her mouth.

“I want to taste what we are like. With Bob I only get his semen. Your father lets me suck his cock after we have fucked and it is different with my juices mixed in with his semen. Now let me see if you and I taste the same as your daddy and me.” she said.

With that she pulled my wet cock into her mouth and began sucking it clean.

“Tastes just wonderful to me.” she said. “Now let’s get a little nap. I’m tired and I want to hold your cock. Then we’ll shower and dress for dinner. I’ll put my cunt ring in for you so you can take me to dinner as a bird.” she said.

“I’m taking you as a bird? Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll learn in good time. Bob and Jewel will also be there. It’s a pretty remote and secretive place known only to a few people.” she responded. “Now let’s get a nap.”

We slept until about four o’clock, got up, showered together, paying particular attention to each others genital area. I washed her pussy twice, then she told me to lie down on the shower floor and she straddled me and pissed all over me. So I had to wash her pissy pussy a third time.

We dried each other off and she decided she wanted to stroke my cock. I told her to pull my foreskin back so she could see my red cock head.

“Wow. that motherfucker really is red.” she said. “I think I need to suck it for you darling. Would you like that or would you prefer I wait till later?”

“Why don’t you give it a little of your mouth now, but wait till later and I’ll shoot some warm semen in your mouth.” I told her.

“Go fix me an ice cold very dry martini honey. While you do that I’ll pick out my costume for the evening. Your going to think I’m a real whore with this outfit.” she said.

I went to the kitchen, fixed us each a very dry martini and took them to her bedroom. She was standing in the nude, but had a light blue eight strap garter belt laid out on her bed along with a light blue cut out bra and light brown full fashioned nylons.

“No panties?” I asked.

“No panties. I’m going to be a bird and walk like a bird and you’re going to be guiding me with a leash attached to the ring I’m going to put in my cunt lips.” she said.

I almost dropped my martini I was so astounded. She was going to be dressed like a bird and I would be leading her on a leash.

“What is Jewel wearing?” I asked.

“She has a costume that has a very short skirt and she won’t be wearing panties either. The red hair on her belly and cunt is going to be highly visible tonight.” Velma said. “Now I need to take the bars off of my nipples and put rings on them too. I want everyone to see my pierced nipples tonight.”

“Where is your costume?” I asked.

“Right here. She picked up a skirt of light blue material that I knew would barely cover her stocking tops and a light jacket that when she put it on would leave her teats exposed for everyone to see. In addition, she had a pair of wings she could slip on and off her arms that would actually make her look bird like.Do you like it?” she asked.

“Ahhh well, yes. But I think everyone in the place will see your teats and pussy all night if they look closely enough.” I replied.

“Don’t worry. It is a very small group of eight or ten more people and they will each be wearing some sort of costume or daring outfit. I have a short skirt, close fitting jacket, one inch leather pumps, and the lingerie you’re going to wear is all picked out for you. Now dip your cock in my martini so I can finish my cocktail please.” she said.

“What lingerie am I going to be wearing?” I asked, as I gave her martini just a drop or two of my pee then dipped my cock into her martini glass

“Dark full fashioned stockings, a six or eight strap garter belt, and no DK’s or briefs.” she replied.

“I think I’d like to wear the DK’s.” I told her. “I’m not sure how they would look wearing a short skirt. They might show while I’m walking you.”

“No. It will look much better if you don’t wear any. I want your cock showing under your skirt, if possible. This group that will be dining with is used to such things and won’t think it strange at all if your cock is showing. A few of the women that will be there tonight may want to reach over and play with your cock darling. They are all horny most of the time.”

Velma finished her martini and said “That was very good dear. Your cock added just the right touch to it. When the program is over, Jewel will want to take you into the ladies room to play with her cunt and also take a piss. She’ll want you to play with her cunt when she pisses.”

Velma set her martini glass on the dressing table then sat on the edge of her bed. “Now come over here so I can suck your dick before I get dressed. If you’re going to climax from me sucking it, then shoot your baby batter into my mouth and not all over me.” she said. She pushed my long foreskin back over the head of my dick and covered it with her elazığ escort warm mouth. She had a difficult time getting too much of my cock in her mouth because of the small size of it. However, she fondled my nut sack and by doing that caused me to unleash a powerful jet or two of semen against the back of her throat. She sucked my dick even harder and as I continued to shoot semen, she was drinking it as fast as she could.

When I finally finished dribbling in her mouth she cleaned my dick off and said “Oh darling. That was so good. When you blasted off I could feel your pollen slam against my tonsils and it felt so good. It was just what I needed until we get to the party. Now we need to get dressed so we can leave and get there on time.”

Velma began to dress and I fastened the garter belt around my waist and began folding a stocking so I could put it on. Pulled it up to mid thigh and fastened the four garters to it. Then I repeated the procedure again, and checked my seams to make sure they were straight. Slipped on a cut out bra that let my little nipples show and I was finished.

Velma sat on her bench in front of her make up table, spread her legs wide apart, handed me the ring she wanted to wear and said “Now find the holes in my cunt lips and put the rings in them. They are in the inner lips, not the outer ones.”

She spread her cunt open so I could see the pink area and as I slowly felt around the middle I finally found the hole on her left lip. I opened the ring and gently inserted it in the opening, then closed it. I probed the right lip until I found the hole and repeated the process.

“There. You’re all set to get the leash hooked up to your cunt lips. I’m sure you will be the hit of the party when you make your appearance.” I told her. “You’ll look just like a bird taking a walk with your master.”

“When we get there and get inside, we’ll find our table and you may unhook the leash so I can move around. I’m sure someone will want to take me to the restroom to either just inspect me or to help me piss.” Velma said. “There will be one or two new couples tonight who may want to see me up close, so just be prepared for that. Besides, Jewel will have her hooks into you again. She is fascinated by your cock and tells me she can’t get enough of it. Just don’t knock her up because everyone in town would know it couldn’t be Bob’s.”

“I’m always careful when I fuck her. It’s different than when I have an opportunity to fuck you and suck your teats. She likes my cock because Bob can’t fuck anymore because of his heart condition. So she likes me to probe her cunt and give her a good hosing with my prick and deposit some pollen in her cunt. She really should be old enough that she can’t conceive anymore, but who knows. You’re forty one and you want to get pregnant? How can that be? You’d be sixty six by the time that child was twenty five.

“I’ll drive if you like.” I told Velma. “Just get me the directions.”

“It’s not far from here.” she replied.

She got in the car and gave me a huge flash of her cunt when she did.

“You know I love seeing your cunt don’t you?” I asked.

“Sure I do. That’s why I let you see me even when your father is around. He’s a real motherfucker. When i married him two years ago I didn’t realize he liked to fuck and suck as much as he does. He almost has a perpetual hard on when he’s around me. Some days he simply tells me to not put any panties on and to wear a skirt or dress so he can fuck me when he wants to.” she said.

In fifteen minutes we were in a very secluded area with a rather large parking lot for about twenty cars and a single building.

“Get out, come around and get me, hook my leash to my cunt rings, and we head for the door. I have a password I must give the doorman to be admitted.” she said.

I got out of the car, went around and opened the door for Velma. She handed me the leash, which was about eight feet long. “Hook the clip onto my rings and we will be ready to go.” she said.

I hooked the leash onto both rings and she hopped out of the car and into a bird like position to walk to the doorway. She told me the password so when the little window in the door opened I could give it to the person so he would invite us inside.

I led the way and she hopped along behind me. The little window opened, I gave the password, and the door opened to admit us. Once inside the doorway, he pushed a button and another door swung open to admit us to a large room with eight or ten tables set for four people. Velma looked around and people were looking at her and her costume. She finally located Jewel, who came over immediately to get us.

Jewel looked at Velma then looked at me and said “Wow!! You’ll both be the center of attention this evening. You’re already the center of my attention Johnny. I can’t wait to feel that long pecker of yours. Are you wearing panties or DK’s under your skirt?”

“I’ll just let you find that out for yourself.” I told her. So she gave me a big hug and a kiss and swiftly slipped her hand under my skirt and found my cock.

“Oh my God. You’re as commando as Velma is, along with a few others here tonight. I guess I won’t have to feel your cock trying to get through a pair of panties of DK’s to locate it.” Jewel said. “We are seated right over there at the table across from this one, so let’s go get situated.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32