Jesse Cummeth

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There are women that come in and out of our lives that stay for but a short time, but leave everlasting memories. Jesse was special in so many ways, that I couldn’t begin to list them.

There are women that can look sexy, dress sexy, act sexy, and be sexy. However there are also women that have a certain something that all those others will never have……fucking raw sex appeal. It isn’t taught, learned, or even bought, you either have it or you don’t. I bet gals like Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe had it.

How would I describe Jesse? A dirty blonde, succulent c cups, with spectacular eraser sized nipples. A cute butt and a flirty/sexy personality. If she was an animal, she would be a strong wild mare near the front of the herd. A woman…..Cleopatra….very strong, very sexual and very free…….held by some, but never controlled by any.

Sweet Jesse was always pleasant to be around, especially if it could be just you and her.

I remember those little things that even being simple could quickly become extreme by her sexpot charms. I remember the first time I actually fingered her, she squirmed around and became all juicy and then purred in to my ear how wet she had become.

That same day I saw her bush for the first time, I didn’t get to see the treasure, but with each of us sitting on a log I was able to look inside her unzipped pants to see her brown bush against perfectly snow white lacy panties…………….that memory will always be burnt into my brain.

There were many pleasures with Jesse, and there were also pains. I can vividly remember the hate and jealousy I felt against one of her old boyfriends Butch. There was about a three year period where she was my world and it was a tortuous time to know he was kissing her lips and touching her body.

The day of infamy she invited me over for nothing but raw sex!! I had waited for three years to get into those pants of hers, and wouldn’t you now it when I got there she wasn’t even wearing pants.

I remember that days events as though they happened only yesterday……………….

She was standing in the kitchen on the phone. This is back in the early eighties where Sivas Escort everyone had the phone cord that would stretch about thirty feet. To my surprise she was only wearing a white terry cloth robe. She had said she was going to take a shower before I arrived; I was still pleasantly surprised by her nonchalance.

As she spoke on the phone sitting at the kitchen table I studied her frame with the robe haphazardly open, or knowing her… purposely open to tease. I had wanted to possess her sexually for going on three years, believe me I was looking. As she spun the long curly queue cord of the phone I was zoned in on her brown bush………….the promise land.

When the call ended she hung up the phone and gave me one of her innocent looking little girly looks, I rose and started towards her, as she spoke, and who the fuck knows what she said………….my ears had turned off. I had reached the crowning glory of my existence as my hands reached inside the open robe and scooped her naked ass into my waiting hands. I was on cloud nine I never thought I would actually get the chance of scoring with Jesse and here I was with two hands full of her sweet ass. I necked on her for a long time but never let go of that ass.

She finally loosened my grip and led me sexually to the couch. She stripped me down to my birthday suit and laid me down. My cock was sticking straight up and ready to go, she straddled me with a leg on each side and lowered herself to me and her breast looked glorious hovering over me. God, I can’t count the number of times that I had stroked myself thinking of being in this position. She reached down and grasped my dick and stroked it a little. She then rode back and forth slathering the back on my cock through her lips teasingly almost entering her.

The moment of truth arrived and she slipped it into her opening and slid right to the base.

The excitement, feelings, and emotions where too much and I lunged at her grinding myself against her, she immediately pulled her hot pussy up almost allowing my cock to slip from its new favorite friend. It was quickly obvious of that she was in control.

The sexual appetite has a lot to do with Sivas Escort Bayan presentation, and Jesse is sure a showman. So, as she is riding and controlling my cock with her pussy, she starts her showman ship. Sitting straight up with me buried, Jesse leans all the way forward and rides me a couple of strokes. I was staring at her hot pussy and watching my wet cock slip to and fro……fucking beautiful. She then set back straight up and leans way back almost allowing my cock to slip from her……then she rides it back and forth, the pressure her pussy put on my cock in this position was maddening. God I probable had a death grip on her poor tits. When I thought it couldn’t get any better, she slid to far back and my dick slipped out.

For the second time that day, another memory that was burnt into my mind was when I slipped out. She rose up just enough to grasp my dick to put it back inside. There was light coming in the window behind her and it gave her whole body a glow, almost angelic. As I looked between her sexy thighs and watched her getting ready to slide me back in her brown bush was just glowing. As I slipped back in, I was determined to take control and ride my baby; it was not to come though as the phone rang.

Jessica leapt off me to answer the phone. It was her mother and she was supposed to be home alone and cleaning, hell she was trying to clean my pipes, I thought it was cool.

She sat in a kitchen chair with her legs spread and pulled up under her chin; such an inviting target couldn’t be left alone. I walked to her and bent down and slid my dick into her as she spoke to her mother on the phone. I played with her long enough to hear her breathing start to change and she pushed my away.

I went back and lay on the couch until her mom ended the call. Jesse came over and chided me for fucking her while she was on the phone with her mom. She was like a lioness though once she crept over the arm of the oversized couch. She spread my legs and kissed her way up to my cock. Always the showman Jesse made sure you knew she was sucking your cock. She would either have my cock buried in her sexy mouth or she would be licking the head as she jacked it while Escort Sivas staring into my eyes. She would also occasionally take it out and rub it all over her cheeks and then noisily slurp it back in her mouth…….she was a master.

I worried that she was going to bring me off in her mouth, all the time I jacked off dreaming about being with her, I was in her pussy. I couldn’t resist it any longer and slid out from under her and brought her up to me. We kissed as we held each other and I rolled her onto her back. I wanted nothing more then to pound her pussy and get off, but Jesse had other ideas. On her back she spread her legs wide and pushed me down to service her pussy…..damn don’t you just love a woman that’s sexually in control!

I must admit, back in the day I was but an amateur at servicing a girl; I am now a cone sour. I started licking her only halfway knowing what I was doing, but I caught on quickly as she would raise herself to make the needed contact with my tongue.

I was happy to give her what she desired but my true calling awaited me and I had a date with DESTINY.

I rose up to her and put her sexy legs over my shoulders and entered her. I was a man on a mission; I was here to claim the prize that had eluded me for three damn years.

I was like an oiled machine; I hammered away at her for a long time. Although I had plenty of stimulation, I really believe I was so freaking nervous it took me a long time to actually come. Right before coming I told her I loved her, and at the time I did. It was the first time I had ever come inside a girl…………what a complete and wonderful crowning glory that is!

We finally took a break and went to the kitchen for a drink. She started cleaning again as I watched, it can be sexy watching a girl clean while naked. She was bent over at the stove doing something and I walked up to her and slipped right back into her pussy still full of my come. I grabbed her hips and was really getting into a good pace when she moved and I slipped out and then buried it all the way but in the wrong hole. She tried to get away, but I just kept going at it until she slipped out of my grasp.

I chased her back into the living room and we ended up on the floor, with my mouth licking my own come out of her freshly fucked pussy, and I am proud to say she added her own to mine as I licked away.

In closing, I love those thoughts of my dear Jesse. This is also a true story……in 1982.


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