Jenny’s Stars Ch. 04

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Jenny has watched Maggie masturbate many times. She masturbates in the morning when she wakes up, after her shower, while eating breakfast, getting dressed for work, as soon as she walks through her door after work, while she’s fixing supper, while she’s eating supper, getting ready for her shower, after her shower and when she climbs in bed for the night. And she always puts her fingers in her mouth after her orgasm.

Every morning when she wakes she kicks her covers down to her feet, slides her panties down to her knees and pushes her fingers into her clean shaven pussy and works her clit with her thumb. Her back arches and she stops moving her fingers as she climaxes. And when her orgasm is over she pulls her fingers from her pussy and puts them in her mouth and sucks all the pussy cum off.

Jenny could almost smell her pussy from a thousand yards away.

It was different today, though. Normally, after work, she barely gets her door closed before she has her fingers in her pussy fucking herself. Today, though, she had a small package with her when she got home.

Jenny focused her telescope on the package as Maggie slid a knife down the length of tape. Inside the box was a small cellophane package that looked like it had panties inside. There was also a small square box.

Maggie opened the small square box and pulled out a small key-fob looking thing. And from the cellophane package she had panties that appeared to be made from Lycra. “I bet she shows a great camel-toe when she wears those!” Jenny said to no one.

Jenny watched as Maggie slid the little key-fob looking thing into a tiny pocket sewn into the crotch of the spandex panties. Then she unbuckled her belt and let her slacks and Ankara travesti panties fall to the floor. Stepping into her new panties she pulled them up snuggly against her pussy. “That little key-fob thing must be a vibrator,” Jenny thought.

Jenny expected to see Maggie start masturbating right then but instead she pulled her phone from her purse and started poking on it. All of a sudden Jenny saw Maggie’s legs give way. She had to grab the couch to stop from falling down.

She poked some more on the phone screen and after a few seconds Jenny saw her straighten up and grab her pussy with one hand while poking her phone with the other. She finally sat down and held her hand tightly on her pussy while she came.

“Definitely a vibrator,” Jenny thought, “and she has an App on her phone that controls it remotely.” She reached into her panties for her own pussy and exclaimed, “Fuck, I want one of those!” Jenny moved her telescope back a bit and found the vibrator package sitting on the table.

Maggie came into the coffee shop nearly every day so Jenny wasn’t surprised when she stepped up to the counter. While she was waiting for her order she said to Jenny, “I hear you’re kind of a seer when it comes to clothing.”

“I’m pretty good with panties,” Jenny replied. “Take yours for example; I see something tight and stretchy. I’d say black spandex. But there’s something else,” she paused for a moment. “Is your pussy humming?”

“Sorry about that,” grinned Maggie as she reached for her phone. “There’s an App on my phone. I didn’t know anyone could hear it.”

“It wasn’t your phone I heard humming,” Jenny said in a soft voice.

Maggie’s face turned a little pink. “How do you know Antalya travesti what I’m wearing?”

“It’s just something I do,” Jenny replied off handedly. “I see people getting dressed.”

Maggie had a disbelieving look on her face. “Sounds more like a lucky guess to me.”

“Probably,” Jenny said shrugging her shoulders. “I guess it would be a lucky guess if I said you were wearing string bikini panties yesterday with a matching bra. Looked like soft yellow cotton.”

Maggie turned without saying a word and went to sit at an outdoor table.

Jenny found a good vantage point behind the counter and was easily able to “pair” her phone to Maggie’s vibrator. When she set it to it’s lowest setting and turned it on Maggie’s whole body twitched and she grabbed for her pussy. Jenny turned off the vibrator and watched as Maggie took her hand away from her pussy and compose herself.

A few minutes later Jenny turned the vibrator up to its highest setting and watched as Maggie stiffened and nearly slid out her chair. She turned the vibrator off before Maggie could find her phone.

When Maggie stood to leave Jenny saw her scratch her pussy a couple times before walking off. “She must have turned the vibrator back on,” Jenny surmised.

The next morning Jenny was doing a quick scan of her favorite sights when she found Maggie just waking up and getting ready for her first cumming of the day. Usually she kicks her blanket off and pushes her panties down to her knees (if she’s wearing any) before licking her fingers and finding her happy button. But today, instead of pushing her panties down and reaching for her pussy she left her panties pulled up tight and reached for her phone.

She İstanbul travesti tapped on the phone a few times and her body stiffened. Jenny could see her thrusting her pussy up like she was fucking an imaginary cock that was slamming into her until finally she arched her back and climaxed. It was only a minute or so after her orgasm that her clitoris started responding to the vibrator again.

Maggie reached for her pussy and held on tight while a second orgasm washed over her. When she felt a third climax coming she pushed her panties down so the vibrator wasn’t touching her clitoris. Then grabbed her phone and turned the panties off and headed to the shower.

Jenny didn’t have vibrating panties so while Maggie was in the shower she resorted to the old-fashioned way; pushing her fingers in her pussy to get them wet and slippery then finding her clit and masturbating. She was cumming just as she saw Maggie come out of the shower rubbing her bath towel between her legs.

On Thursday Maggie came up to Jenny and said, “You’re good at this. What am I going to wear tomorrow?”

“I can’t do tomorrow,” Jenny said. “But I can make a prediction based on what I’ve seen you wearing on previous Fridays.”

Maggie was fascinated. She did, in fact, have a Friday outfit she usually wore. “Ok, what’s your prediction?”

“On Fridays you wear a thong under a loose skirt. The thong is usually black or red satin and barely big enough to cover your happy place.”

“You seem to know more about my panties than my pussy does,” Maggie said in astonishment. “You probably watch me pee in them when I get dressed.”

Jenny felt a small trickle of pee between her legs and made a mental note to watch her collection of Maggie videos.

Maggie took her coffee from Jenny’s outstretched hand and said, “I always take my thong off before I go to happy hour. I don’t want anything getting between my wet pussy and a hard cock.” She winked at Jenny then turned and left the shop.

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