Jenny’s Punishment Ch. 02

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A few hours later I heard a stirring in the bedroom and went to check. Jenny was awake after a good nap.

“How are you feeling Miss Jenny? Did you have a good nap?”

“Yes I did have a very nice nap. But as rested as I feel, my butt is sore.”

“Well I think we should work on that. I have some more lotion and I think it would feel good.”

“Yea I’ll bet I can guess what you really want to do with that lotion on my ass.”

“Who me? Do you really think I would have such naughty thoughts rather than just bringing you relief for a sore ass?”

“You betcha!”

“While in fact I may have such ideas, my first thought was really to bring relief to your sore red ass cheeks, so roll over baby.”

Jenny rolled over and since she had taken her nap without anything on, the way I left her, I had instant access to her ass. Her cheeks were still red but not as bad as they were a few hours ago. They don’t look too bruised just maybe a couple of light ones, but that is predictable given the beating she took. I bent down and gave her butt cheeks a kiss on each cheek. Then I squirted lotion on both of them.

“OH, that is cold!”

“Sorry but I guarantee it will feel good in just a second.”

With that I started to rub the lotion into her cheeks. I kneaded both cheeks rubbing the lotion in and then adding more lotion to keep it coming. I continued with this rubbing of lotion onto her rear cheeks for maybe 10 minutes.

“OOooh that is nice baby. It feels good and is helping to relieve the pain. Mmmm, I am surprised though that you are not getting your fingers into my openings.”

“Aaahhh but you spoke too soon,” I said as I squirted lotion between her checks and rubbed over her puckered back hole and then proceeded to rub Escort Bayan lotion into her pussy. She moved and grinded herself into the bed so I knew she liked this. I poured more lotion on her cheeks and fondled them and went back into her pussy with my finger. I worked my finger in and out and added another finger. I was now fingering Jenny with two fingers and she was liking it. We continued in the fashion for another for another 10 minutes or longer.

“Mmmmmmmmm baby that feels soooo good. But there is something else I want.”

“And just what might that be?”

“I want to thank you for punishing me and helping me to see how I should be better.”

“You want more than my fingers inside of you?”

“Yes but right now there is something I want to do. So sit up at the head of the bed and take off your pants.”

Now a woman generally does not have to ask me more than once to take off my pants for her and now was not going to be an exception. I moved up and leaned against the head of the bed and quickly removed my pants. Jenny crawled up to me between my legs and was staring right at my cock standing almost straight up from massaging her ass cheeks. She reached out and held me and began to stroke my now fully erect cock up and down. Then she raised her head and just took all of me right into her mouth. It felt so good, wet, and warm. She began to suck moving her head up until I almost came out of her mouth and then down again slowly until I could feel way down in the back of her throat. Back up she came and then slowly back down.

“Oh Miss Jenny you really know how to make a man smile. Where on earth did you learn to suck cock sooo welll?”

She did not answer but she quickened the pace up and down, up and down… Bayan Escort I grabbed her hair and helped set the pace of her movements up and down, not that she needed any help. Twenty or thirty times she bobbed up and down on my cock and I got to where I could not keep track of how many times and how long she kept up her oral attack on me. I was certainly in ecstasy! I could tell she was intent on getting a quick mouthful of my cum and she was not going to stop until she got it.

“Oh, oh oh oh oh baby that is sooo good. Whatever you do don’t stop.”

Faster and faster she went up and down, up and down. She definitely looked sexy with her head bobbing on my cock and I was almost there ready to give her creamy reward.

“Ooooohhhhh baby here it cums I am going to fill your throat with a hot load of cum. Heerrreee it cums here it cums.” And cum I did squirt after squirt and she swallowed every last drop.

“Thank you baby thank you that was soooo nice.”

“No that was to thank you for giving me what I needed earlier. Thank you my wonderful master.”

“Anytime you need it I will give you what you need. So be good and you won’t have trouble sitting in the future. Now I think it is time for a shower. Get your naked ass in the bathroom and we will clean each other up in a good hot shower.”

We both got into the bathroom and I turned the shower on and waited for the water to get hot. When it was hot enough I got in and pulled Jenny in after me. I put her directly under the water and kept her there until she was soaked. I took the soap and started to wash her beginning with her back. As I spread the soap over her back I massaged her shoulders and back causing her to push her ass into my cock which was still spent from Escort her sucking. I moved down from her back to her butt cheeks and gently soaped them up before moving down her legs and feet. Of course, I could not resist sticking my face into her pussy while down there and giving her a good lick. Back up her legs and more soap between her butt cheeks. I pushed my finger in her butt hole to be sure she was clean as I was making plans for that. I stood back up turned her around and soaped up her tits and worked to be sure they were clean, paying special attention to her nipples. Then down to her front being sure I got her pussy extra clean. She was definitely getting excited by all of this attention. Then up to wash her face and add shampoo and wash her hair. I think she liked the head massage she got while I washed her hair. Then back under the stream of water to rinse off.

“Now you clean me.”

Jenny soaped up my entire body massaging me as she went. As you could probably guess she paid extra attention to cleaning my cock to make it extra clean. When I was rinsed off she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth for a little fun. After a few sucks I stopped her, turned the shower off and we got out. I had other plans for my Jenny. We dried ourselves off and she was at the bathroom counter drying her hair when I decided it was time for a little fun.

I got her up on a little step that was there and bent her over the vanity. I bent down and licked her pussy to be sure she was wet. I stood up and pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy from behind and started a steady motion fucking sweet Jenny, much to her delight. She moaned and pushed back into me and I fucked her good and steady until she screamed she was cumming. I kept fucking her until she said to stop. I stopped,

“You are a nasty horny boy aren’t you?”

“You just make me that way with your sexy body.”

I still wanted her ass but we were both tired and it was time for bed as we both had to be at work in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32