Jenny Finds Relief in India

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My reputation as a tongue slave was definitely on its way up. I was getting my good share of pussy and/or ass to serve on a weekly basis. Inspite of being any man’s dream, it had its downsides for sure. There is only so much pleasing a man can do before he starts wanting some attention of his own. There were few of my female friends who would blow me or let me fuck them every now and then. This kind gesture would keep me at bay and let me be a proper tongue slave to the rest of my clientele, if you may. I would only service my female friends or recommendations from them. Never have I charged or accepted tips for what I do. Hey, I get to make women cum on my face! You think I need anymore payment than that?

The following incident is about my time with Jenny Garner, a 28 year old research student from Florida. She had been in India for over 6 months now. She had emailed me a week before I met her and after my usual round of clarifications, we made plans to meet at her place on a given Saturday.

I was at her place at 4:58pm, two minutes ahead of schedule which she appreciated. We hugged and greeted each other. She smelled like… I’m not good at catching fragrances, but it was breath taking. As I had asked for her pictures in advance, I knew what she looked like. I had no idea that she had the body of a goddess though. She had red patches on her white skin which she cursed the Indian sun for and joked that the Florida sun isn’t this ruthless. If you Escort Bayan ask me, it only made her look hotter. She had a thin frame, so I doubt her bust would be over 34 or 35, but those were definitely D cups. Her jeans hugged her legs all the way down to her ankles and her tighly wrapped ass teased me each time she ran to the kitchen to get a refill. Once we were buzzed enough to lose any inhibitions, she started on the topic I was here for, but didn’t go right into it.

“Why did you ask me for my pictures? Does it matter what I look like?”

“Of ocurse, it does,” I responded and laughed good naturedly. “I am not a man whore. I enjoy licking pussy. And I’m not going anywhere near a pussy of a girl I don’t think is good looking.”

“So I am good looking?”

I just stared at her while my eyes said ‘Really?’. She laughed and asked me to follow her.

Again. That. Ass.

Once we were in the bedroom she asked me how to start. I told her that it was pretty straightforward and not very different from what Tanya had told her. Tanya, one of my regulars, is her friend at the gym who told her about me.

“Ok, then. Can you close your eyes?” she requested.

“No. I want to watch.”

She smiled and started stripping. One piece of clothing came off her body, one at a time, each passing second more painful than the previous one. Then she climbed over me and did what most of my friends don’t do. She started kissing Bayan Escort me. Deep. Most girls just come and place their pussy on my mouth and ask me to get to work. But Jenny gave me a pleasant surprise. While our tongues fought each other in her mouth, I couldn’t help but get rock hard inside my pants. I didn’t bother to free my dick as I didn’t want Jenny to get the wrong idea that I may be hinting at something. I continued kissing her while I held and played with her ass. After a while, she broke the kiss, smiled at me and asked me if I was ready.

“Hey, I was ready when I walked in your front door.”

She smiled and crawled up on me slowly and finally seated herself on my face. Her pussy was soaking wet and I got to work right away. I licked all her juices, but she kept making more.She came before I knew it and asked if she could take a break. I said her pussy could take a break but she couldn’t. She got confused and said,

“Do you want me to…”

“No no no,” I said, cutting her off. “Lie down. No, turn around. Lie down on your stomach. Now just rest.”

“Oh, so you are gonna let me rest…OWWW!!” she exclaimed when she felt my tongue dart into her ass.

I spread her ass with both my hands and started licking her with broad strokes bottom to top. Then I circled around her secret spot and tongued her wrinkles. The ass that teased me all night was finally under my tongue and I wasn’t gonna stop relishing Escort it.

“Oh my god. Don’t stop.”

“Mhm mm,” is all I could say with my preoccupied tongue, while my mind said ‘I don’t intend to.’

I licked her ass for about 20 minutes, dipping my tongue carelessly into her pussy that was filling up with hot juice once again. Knowing that she was ready again, I inserted my tongue into her pussy and felt her juice coat every inch of my tongue.

“Oh my god. Collect it all,” she commanded.

I did.

“Come here now,” she said quickly turning around onto her back and pulling me up.

She kissed me deeply and sucked all her juice off my tongue and swallowed it.

“Give me more of that,” she ordered.

I went down and collected a richer share this time before depositing it in her mouth again.

Next time I went back down, I dipped two of my fingers in her and fed it to her to suck on while I continued to please her down there. She was nearing her next orgasm and rushed to pin me down and cradled my face again. She started rubbing her clit against my nose as my tongue tried to find its way into her juice factory. Once she came, she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her tightly. My nose slipped into her pussy and was covered with her fluids and her swollen lips. I couldn’t breathe for 2-3 seconds, but I didn’t want to break her climax. She finally released me and I took a deep breath. She rolled over and started breathing heavily. She was drained of all energy. She turned to me and smiled. I took that as a cue and said that it would be better if I left and that she could rest.

“I want you inside me,” is the last thing I remember hearing her say that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32