Jennifer’s Lesbian Affair

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“Jack so wants you!” Melissa Webber told her friend Jennifer as the pair walked to the Webber house together, after school.

“He does not,” replied Jennifer, laughing.

“Yes he does,” Melissa said, her face splitting into a wide grin. “He wants you baaaaad.” She laughed along with her friend.

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway,” Jennifer said, “because I’m not interested in him.”

“Why not?” Melissa asked.

“Because I don’t go for the jocks. They’re too pigheaded.”

“Whatever,” said Melissa. “I think you’re crazy.” Jennifer turned to her friend and stuck out her tongue. Melissa laughed in reply and slapped her friend on the butt. “C’mon,” she said, “I wanna get home, it’s so hot out here.”

The two 18-year-olds hurried their pace, waving at old Mrs. Mitchell as they passed by her house, with its immaculate garden.

They arrived at Melissa’s door a few minutes later, glad to step into the large air conditioned house. The first room was an enourmous space that held the kitchen, meal’s area and lounge room in one, with no separation between the areas. It was modern, with polished boards on the floor, grey leather furniture in front of a large flat screen TV and black marble counters in the kitchen. Jennifer liked Melissa’s place a lot, and luckily, she spent a lot of time here.

“Your mom’s not home?” Jennifer asked.

“Nah. Must be out shopping.”

The pair dumped their bags beneath the kitchen counter. Melissa set about making two tall orange smoothies, which the girls downed in seconds.

“Ah,” Melissa sighed, smacking her lips together as she set down the glass by the sink, doing the same with Jennifer’s. She then spread her arms, leaning on the kitchen counter and staring at her friend with an expectant look. What now?

The extremely loose fitting white shirt that Melissa liked to wear to school sagged down under gravity’s influence, exposing the 18-year-old’s lacy white bra and the curves of her breasts. They were smaller than Jennifer’s, but still quite ample. Her skin, though certainly not pale, lacked the glamorous golden colour of Jennifer’s, and her dark brunette hair was in contrast to her friend’s sandy blonde mane. Jennifer wore it perfectly straight, or sometimes in pigtails, whilst Melissa often opted for a high ponytail. Realising she was so closely observing her friends body, Jennifer came up with an answer to Melissa’s unspoken question.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said, walking around the counter and taking Melissa’s hand. Melissa smiled, clearly hoping they’d been thinking the same thing.

Melissa’s room was a girly kind of room, white in the background with a dotting of pinks and yellows and pale blues. Plush toys sat propped against her lacy pillows, staring with unblinking eyes at the large closet, covered with posters of equally cute animals. An incongruous black CD player sat on top of a chest-of-drawers, with a stack of CD’s standing on the floor beside it, yet still managing to achieve the same height as the CD player.

Melissa shut her door and walked with her friend to the bed. They sat on separate sides, their legs facing oppositely but their torsos twisted in to meet each other. Melissa grinned, eyeing Jennifer’s ample bust, straining beneath her much tighter white school shirt. Both girls kicked off their shoes and socks, exposing their long, shaven legs that disappeared at mid-thigh under their chequered school skirts.

Jennifer made the first move, putting a hand on Melissa’s shoulder and leaning in toward her until their lips touched, both girls grinning. Even after three weeks of sporadic ventures into this unknown territory, the taboo of it still rocked both girls. They couldn’t kiss properly, owing to the fact that their mouths were still stretched into wide grins. Melissa merely shut her eyes and revelled in the contact of their skin. She was still shy and hesitant, Jennifer noticed, but at least now she enjoyed it.

Jennifer’s smile faded first, by her own will. She slid her hand around her friend’s neck, cupping it, and pulled her closer to plant a moist lip-smacker on her mouth. Melissa giggled, turning her cheek to her friend’s mouth in embarrassment. Jennifer adjusted quickly, attacking Melissa’s neck instead. That always got Melissa going. She turned back to her friend, returning her kisses tentatively, still smiling. She began tracing a finger down Jennifer’s tanned arm, drawing circles on the back of her hand.

This was what exhilarated Melissa the most, the touching. It was so much more than just kissing. She spread her fingers and closed her hand around Jennifer’s left breast, creasing the material that housed it. Jennifer giggled, sliding a hand up Melissa’s shirt in return. She drew circles around her belly button, elated at how soft the skin on Melissa’s belly was.

Jennifer then went for the legs, wrapping her hand around Melissa’s left ankle, and sliding it up her shin, then her thigh until it disappeared up her skirt, Jennifer’s fingertips touching lacy panties. Melissa grinned against Escort Göztepe Jennifer’s neck, where her mouth was now pressed.

They continued rubbing each other’s skin, over every exposed bit of flesh, always stopping at certain boundaries. Mere contact through their school clothes was enough. They never considered going further. They were just experimenting, and enjoying themselves without the worry of being pushed to far by an overpowering guy. It was sexual release for the both of them, going a step beyond masturbating, which they both did in their own time. But that’s all it was. And it was lucky that they stopped.

“’Lissa,” Mrs. Webber called from the stairs, obviously climbing them from the sound of her voice.

Melissa lowered her skirt quickly and tried to hide her guilty smile while Jennifer smoothed out her shirt, briefly admiring the creases her breasts created between themselves in her shirt. There was knock on the door.

“Yeah, mom?” Melissa said loudly.

“Can I come in?” Mrs. Webber said.

“Uh…” Melissa reached out and seized two girl magazines, giving one to Jennifer and spreading her own open in front of her. “Yeah, sure,” she finished.

The door opened and Mrs. Webber stepped into the room.

“Oh, hi Jennifer,” she said, noticing her daughter’s friend.

“Hi, Mrs. Webber,” Jennifer replied politely.

“Please,” Melissa’s mom said, “don’t call me that. It makes me feel so old. Just Catherine will do.”

“Okay…Catherine,” replied Jennifer. Mrs. Webber smiled.

“Will you be staying for dinner, hun?” Mrs. Webber asked.


“Yeah, she will,” Melissa interrupted.

“Uh, okay then, I guess so,” Jennifer said.

“Good. I’ll call your mother and let her know.”

“Thanks, Mrs. We…Catherine,” Jennifer called out as Mrs. Webber disappeared down the hall. Her voice called out from the stairs.

“Oh, and ‘Lissa, don’t forget, you have swimming at five.”

“OK, mom,” Melissa called out in reply.

She got up and shut the door, but they both knew that it was too risky to try anything with Melissa’s mom in the house. So instead they put Melissa’s CD player and magazine stack to good use for the next hour.

Eventually, at 4:45, the pair returned downstairs, Melissa carrying a sports bag and dressed now in shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of thongs.

“You coming?” Melissa asked, turning to Jennifer.

“Actually, I thought I might stay here and start that chemistry homework. I have some to catch up on as well, from last week. If you don’t mind that is.”

“Nah, that’s cool. I’ll only be an hour.”

“Ready to go, hun?” Mrs. Webber said, coming into the kitchen/lounge room, holding her keys.

“Yep,” Melissa said, heading to the door. “See you in a bit, Jen.”

“Bye, Jen,” Mrs. Webber said, shutting the door behind them.

Jennifer sighed contentedly. She looked out a window and Mrs. Webber’s four-wheel-drive pull out of the driveway and speed up the street. She’d be back in ten minutes. Jennifer yawned and slid a hand up under her shirt. She liked the feel of the skin on her belly too. She rubbed her tummy in slow circular motions, savouring the wonderful feeling.

Then, she slid her hand down past the waistband of her skirt and the waistband of her panties, until she could feel the drops of moisture sitting along her pussy lips. She brought her fingers to her mouth, tasting herself. She looked up at the clock on the oven; eight more minutes.

Jennifer pulled out a chair from the marble topped dining table and sat down, spreading her legs wide and deftly pushing her panties aside. She thumbed her swollen clit until her spine tingled with excitement and the hairs on her neck stood up straight. Five minutes to go.

Taking a deep breath of the scent of her pussy, she bent down, wrapping both hands around her ankles as she’d done to Melissa, and slid her hands up her legs. Her thighs, like her belly, were one of her more sensitive spots. She loved the feeling of hands on them, and the higher they got, the higher her heart fluttered in her chest. With her two index fingers, she stroked the skin just between the end of her thighs and the start of her abdomen; she loved it there. Joints were always good foreplay sites; where one section of the body ended and another began. Her ankles, behind her knees, even the inside of her elbows; they all drove her wild at a mere touch. She checked the clock again; one minute.

Predictably, Jennifer heard the crackling of a cars tyres on the gravel driveway outside. She lowered her skirt, composed herself and crossed her legs, staring expectantly at the door. She heard the sound of a key being inserted and a second later Mrs. Webber walked inside.

It had to be said that, even at 39, Catherine Webber was quite a sight to behold. She had had her single child – Melissa – when she was 21, and her body had bounced back perfectly to her former figure. She was almost the only slim mother that Jennifer knew of. Her skin still looked as Caddebostan escort smooth as any of the teenage girls at her daughter’s school and her breasts still seemed to defy gravity. They were what Jennifer would call the perfect size; slightly larger than her own, they creating the same creases in her top as Jennifer’s. Her legs, though hidden by a beige pair of slacks at the moment, were a wonder unto themselves. She had the same skin colour as her daughter; milky, creamy and vanilla-soft. Her face was almost too flawless; the nose straight, the lips full yet not large, and her eyes a radiant green housed between two sets of enviable lashes. Her hair was darker than her daughters, jet-black and straight with a kick at the end. Overall, she was a fine looking woman for her age.

Jennifer had known, even before she began to eyeball other women, that Melissa’s mom was considered hot. Though they kept quiet around Melissa, Jennifer had heard the guys at school talk about the gorgeous Mrs. Webber; the ultimate answer to a housewife and/or MILF fetish for any teenage boy, not to mention the dads at the football games. Jennifer had heard them all; “Look at that ass! I’d tap that any day”…”I’d fuck her senseless”…”God, I wish I was her son. Mommy, can you breastfeed me”…”Man, that Frank, lucky guy.”

The last remark, Jennifer knew, wasn’t accurate. She knew for a fact that Mrs. Webber wasn’t exactly satisfied when it came to her sex life. Her husband wasn’t one to experiment, and on the odd occasion that he did get it up, he never satisfied his wife’s appetite. But no matter, Mrs. Webber had found another source of relief.

“I’m glad you decided to say,” Mrs. Webber said, throwing her keys on the dining table and wrapping her arms around her daughter’s friend’s neck. She parted the 18-year-olds lips with her tongue until they were locked in a passionate embrace.

“How was your entrée?” Mrs. Webber asked.

“It was OK. But Melissa’s still so shy. Shy won’t do anything but kiss and touch.”

“Don’t hold it against her, hun, she just does things differently.”

“I know. And I don’t hold it against her.”

Mrs. Webber smiled, kissing Jennifer’s hair. “That’s my girl.” She pulled back, lowering her eyes to Jennifer’s and smiling slyly. “You ready for the main course?”

Jennifer licked her lips and nodded her head. Mrs. Webber took her hand and led her upstairs, employing that business-like walk that she used in public, her heels clicking on the floorboards. She tossed them off as they walked, never once losing her balance or slowing her pace. She also managed to fully unbutton her black shirt, pushing it open and pulling her hair out from under the collar with her hand, arranging it with a flick of her head. Jennifer was wet already. She often thought that if she tried hard enough, Mrs. Webber could make her cum without touching her at all.

“So ‘Lissa still doesn’t know about us?” Jennifer asked.

“No,” Mrs. Webber replied. “And we’re going to keep it that way, remember? Somehow I don’t think it’s emotionally healthy for an 18-year-old girl to find out her bi mother is fucking her best friend.”

The sight of this supposedly innocent housewife and the sound of such a crude word were completely incongruous. She used it so rarely, but every time – every single time – Catherine used it, it sent waves of sexual energy rippling through Jennifer’s body.

They had less than an hour, Jennifer knew. They would only get time for one, maybe two orgasms each. It would be worth it though; Mrs. Webber could make Jennifer orgasm far harder than her own hand ever could. They closest she came to that feeling (which was still far, far away) was when she woke up in the middle of the night to feel up Melissa in bed and fingered herself silly right next to her friend’s face.

But that still paled in comparison to what she was about to experience. She’d been fooling around with Melissa’s mom for just over a week now, she’d orgasmed with her about twenty or so times. And still, it hadn’t lost any of its ecstasy, not like her own masturbation, which got old really quick. No, Mrs. Webber could make Jennifer squeal with delight and spill what felt like bucket loads of juice out of her pussy. The first time they had fooled around, Jennifer had literally had spasms on Mrs. Webber’s bed as liquid gushed out of her pussy and her body shook with orgasm. It was the single most intense experience of Jennifer’s young life.

She had no idea how a suburban housewife could do these things to her when her sex life – she had admitted to Jennifer – had been practically dead for the last eleven years. She’d never cheated on her husband, she told Jennifer, and never would. She loved him dearly, and she would never allow another man to “copulate” with her. But then she’d come up with a solution; women. She didn’t feel guilty at all playing around with other women, although she’d only done so with two. And those two weren’t interested in keeping up a relationship. Besides most bi or lesbian Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan women were the shaved-headed, tattooed, pants-wearing type. And she didn’t want that. She wanted a cute butt, perky breasts and young soft skin. That’s when she’d noticed Jennifer.

The girl was gorgeous, outrageously beautiful. And not only was she timid with the boys, she was over at Mrs. Webber’s house quite often. She was the perfect release for someone like Catherine Webber. And as it had turned out, she was just as excited and willing as Catherine had been.

Melissa’s mom steered Jennifer into the guest room, which was never used, except for their sordid sexual romps. It was the perfect place for the two to engage in any private matters they had to attend to. The bed was made, sporting a red and white striped doona cover and pillows. The room itself was smaller than the other bedrooms, but the lack of bookshelves and desks and bedside tables made up for the lack of space. It was an ordinary room, plain and boring to anyone’s eye. Anyone’s but Jennifer’s. To her, this room was a wild funhouse of adventure that took her places she never would have dreamt of. True, they didn’t always do it in here, but this had been where they’d first done it, and ever since it held a special place in Jennifer’s heart.

Catherine shut the door. Jennifer spun around to look at her friend’s mother, she sporting an excited grin and Mrs. Webber a cheeky smile. The older woman placed her hands on the teenager’s stomach and pushed her back onto the bed, climbing seductively on top of her. Jennifer’s heart was racing, ready to burst out of her chest. She was shaking with anticipation.

Mrs. Webber, always seemingly in control of her sexual desires, began sizing the girl up, her eyes raking her young body as though trying to determine which part to kiss first. Finally, her green eyes settled on Jennifer’s brown ones, both pairs sparkling with desire. Catherine leant down, parting her lips and exposing her tongue, but teasingly missing Jennifer’s mouth and instead, whispering into her ear with a husky voice.

“Take your skirt off, honey.”

Jennifer obeyed, as she always did, wriggling her hips free of the restricting garment until it fell to the floor.

Mrs. Webber looked down at the 18-year-old’s pale pink panties. “Mmm.” She ran a manicured hand down the girl’s chest, sliding it down into her panties, breathing loudly and slowly. She smiled down at Jennifer as her hand rocked against her bare pussy. Then, her grin widening for a second, she thrust a single finger inside, forming an O with her mouth, mirroring the teen’s blissful expression. Jennifer’s head, facing up to the ceiling, drifted back down to stare at the lustrous housewife straddling her.

Catherine took her finger out, now moist, and stroked Jennifer’s forehead in a motherly way, adding a fine pussy-juice sheen to the skin. She caressed her softly, gently. “How do you want to be fucked, baby?”

Jennifer felt herself release another teaspoon or so of juice at the question. There was that word again. God!

“From behind,” Jennifer breathed. Catherine smiled, placing a finger on Jennifer’s lips.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, climbing seductively off the girl and retreating down the hall. Jennifer propped herself up on her elbows, watching the doorway anxiously, waiting for the return of her queen, her goddess.

She came back with a strap-on cock dangling from her finger, long and beige with a black leather holster attached to it.

“We don’t have much time, baby,” Mrs. Webber said, shutting the door once more. “It’s already twenty-five past. We’d better make it quick.”

Jennifer had no arguments. When she was this horny, the slow seductive dance they played made her bones burn with frustration. She quickly seized her shirt and pulled it off her head, without undoing the button. Her bra, too, was gone in another moment, exposing her perfectly shaped and tender young teenage breasts. She watched as Melissa’s mom stripped out of her pants and shirt, and panties, leaving her black bra on. Catherine, unlike Melissa, did not shave her pussy, but trimmed it to a neat and pretty patch. Jennifer loved it. She watched as Mrs. Webber slid her long, slender legs through the leg holes and tested the rubber cock by holding it down with a finger and letting it bounce up and down in the air.

“Ready to go, honey?” she asked, coming back onto the bed. “Turn over for me.”

Jennifer turned her naked body over, raising her ass into the air and presenting her bare pussy to her friend’s mom. “Fuck me, Mrs. Webber. Give it to me hard.”

“My pleasure,” Catherine said, kneeling on the bed behind her daughter’s friend and sliding the long dick into the girl’s hole. She laughed at the slow moan that escaped Jennifer’s lips.

Catherine took hold of Jennifer’s ass cheeks and slowly moved the dildo in and out, warming up the girl and her pussy. “Mmm, ready baby?”

“Uh-huh,” Jennifer panted, already pushing her pussy back against the cock.

And with that, all foreplay aside, Catherine Webber began her relentless assault on the pussy of her daughter’s best friend. She pumped the dildo into Jennifer’s cunt hard and fast, so hard and so fast that the girl’s ass cheeks were jiggling with every thrust. Slap, slap, slap!

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