Jennie’s “Nightmare” Ch. 05

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Group Sex

‘This is crazy!’ Tara thought as she open the door to the hotel room. ‘We can’t really be doing this!’ Yet not only were they, but she couldn’t deny how desperately she wanted it.

Joanne entered the room right behind her. Tara smiled at her lover. She knew how lucky she was to have someone so caring and beautiful in her life. The fact that the two had been together for so many years and survived as a couple was a miracle in many ways. Tara still remembered how hard her parents made it for them when she and Joanne finally admitted they were lesbians.

‘And after all these years, here we are chancing something that I bet neither one of us ever thought would ever happen,’ she thought nervously.

“Relax,” Joanne said as she took hold of Tara’s hand and squeezed it gently. “I love you.” Tara nodded and smiled. She knew as she stared into Joanne eyes that nothing could break them apart, but there was still an unreasonable fear that she couldn’t quite get rid of.

“You two are blocking the doorway,” Jennie said with a grin. The two blonds moved enough to let the other two ladies in.

Tara watched Jennie enter. There was no doubt in her mind that the well-endowed brunette was the reason for her and Joanne’s decision to try something new. It was all a bit frightening. Neither Joanne nor Tara herself could explain their attraction to the dark haired beauty. All they knew was that it was there. At least they were honest enough with each other to admit it.

Jennie was beautiful and sensual, but Joanne and Tara had met a few others like her since committing to each other. Physical attraction and sex appeal didn’t explain why they ended up in this situation with her and not them.

“Did you feel that gust?” Mindy asked as she joined the others, warming her arms. “It was cold!” Tara looked at the young woman and lost track of her thoughts.

“I can see that,” the pale blond smirked, pointedly looking at the younger woman’s long, stiff nipples through her shirt. Mindy blushed, but Tara thought it was more from excitement than embarrassment.

‘And why did we let Mindy join us?’ Tara asked herself, but then grinned and thought, ‘I think she was just pure and simple lust! She is an attractive girl and since we already agreed to let Jennie join us, why not Mindy?’

Tara looked at the others once more and realized that they all were obviously both extremely excited and nervous. They had a right to be. None of them had done anything quite like this before.

“I’ll get us all some wine,” Tara said.

“Thank you,” Jennie said. “I think we could all use a drink!”

“Probably more than one,” Mindy grinned. All four ladies laughed, but you could still hear their nervousness.

“I’ll put on some music,” Joanne said. “Any preferences?”

“Something soothing, please!” Jennie answered. “I’m wound so tight I may pass out!”

“Relax,” Joanne replied. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. None of us do.”

“Don’t even think about backing out now!” Jennie snapped sharply, surprising the golden haired blond. Mindy sat watching the two with a grin. She knew Mrs. H well enough to know what caused the outburst.

“Worried about Mr. H and Rosa?” she asked Jennie, but she was looking at Joanne. The blond lost her frown and nodded in understanding. Joanne drifted away to put on the music.

“No,” Jennie answered. “But since my husband is probably doing I don’t know what with Rosa as we speak…”

“Sure you do!” Mindy laughingly cut Jennie off.

“…then it’s only fair that I get my part of the bargain!” the large breasted women finished.

“You will,” Mindy smiled as Tara came back into the room and started handing out glasses of wine. “Now sit back and relax.”

Jennie sat next to the dark haired girl, but it didn’t look like she relaxed very much. Mindy was still grinning as she leaned over Jennie and planted a kiss on her lips. It wasn’t lustful or long, but it did the job. Her playful kiss finally made Jennie calm down.

‘Now, if only I could be so calm!’ Tara thought. A moment later Joanne sat down next to her and kissed her lover. It was a bit longer than Mindy and Jennie’s kiss, but it accomplished the same thing.

“Thanks,” Tara smiled, looking at the woman she loved with all her heart. “You read my mind.”

“Don’t I always?” Joanne smiled seductively.

Tara was a small woman with elfin features. Her blond hair was natural and pale. Her breasts were small and her hips narrow. Despite her slight frame, she was well muscled from all the years of gymnastics. There was nothing soft about her, although there was a gentleness in her eyes that drew people to her when she let it show.

“Stop undressing your lover with your eyes,” Jennie said to Joanne. “It’s indecent! Besides, I’m getting jealous.”

“You know,” Mindy said thoughtfully to Jennie. “You and Tara are complete opposites.”

“In some ways, yes,” Joanne smiled, looking over Jennie’s full figure and dark hair.

“Is that why you agreed to this?” Tara asked. She was smiling, but eryaman escort Joanne could tell that her lover was still a little nervous.

“One of many reasons,” the golden haired blond replied. The room fell silent as the four women looked at each other. The sexual energy that was there earlier still existed, but it was muted by a surprising amount of discomfort despite their earlier teasing.

“Let’s play a game,” Mindy said into the silence that followed. She had no idea what game to play. She only suggested it to try and relax everyone.

“What? Like spin-the-bottle?” Tara asked sarcastically.

“We have to do something,” the dark haired girl replied. “This is getting silly! You two look nervous as hell and Mrs. H seems ready to jump out a window any minute!”

“I’m not that bad!” Jennie cried. “I’m just a little nervous. It’s not like I’ve ever done this before.”

“Us either,” Joanne smiled, and then thinking for a moment, started laughing. “In fact, Tara and I have only ever kissed each other. Whereas, I bet you two have kissed a bunch of people?”

“Not that many!” Jennie answered.

“Come on Mrs. H,” Mindy said. “Even if we leave men out of this…”

“Yes, please do!” Tara grinned, sounding more like herself.

“…we’ve both kissed two women to their one.”

“I guess you’re right,” Jennie admitted, and then smiling added, “In that case, a game of spin the bottle is probably appropriate.”

“You can’t be serious!” Tara cried.

“Why not?” Joanne grinned. “We’ve never played it before, so why not try it now? Besides, it’s a harmless enough way to start things going.”

“So it’s agreed,” Jennie grinned, overriding any other objections the pale blond woman might bring up.

“Good,” Mindy said. “I’ll bet this will be more fun than you guys think! Do we have a bottle?”

“I say we use the wine bottle when we’re done with it,” Tara put in.

“Need a little more alcohol before you ready to play?” Joanne smiled.

“Don’t we all?” Jennie answered for Tara.

They sat drinking their wine. Oddly enough, the knowledge that they were going to play spin-the-bottle was enough to relax them. It was a kid’s game that brought back fond memories for the two dark haired women, but more important, it gave them all a chance to accept what was going to happen.

“You know,” Jennie smiled. “My first kiss was at a game of spin-the-bottle in eighth grade.”

“How was it?” Joanne asked.

“Exciting, fun and just a little bit naughty,” the well-endowed woman smiled. “Poor Tommy Hobsen was even more afraid than me!”

“Was he a good kisser?” Mindy asked.

“Not really,” Jennie giggled. “But then again, back then, I’m sure I wasn’t all that good of a kisser either.”

“What about your first kiss?” Joanne asked Mindy.

“It was Toni Ann,” the dark haired girl admitted.

“And you still started dating guys afterward?” Tara asked in disbelief. “I mean, the first time I kissed Joanne I just knew she was the one.”

“Me too,” Joanne smiled at her lover. “It was under that mistletoe at your parents house.”

“I remember,” Tara said. “My parents were out at a party and you came over to study. We snuck some of their wine.”

“And you kept on sneaking looks at my boobs!” Joanne laughed.

“Well,” Tara grinned. “They may not be as big as Jennie’s, but your breasts are still something to look at!”

“Thanks,” Joanne said.

“They’ll be plenty of time for that later,” Jennie teased. “Now tell us more about your first kiss.”

“There isn’t much more to say,” Joanne shrugged.

“Sure there is!” Tara disagreed, and then continued the story.

“We were both still pretty young and the wine hit us hard despite only having one glass a piece. My parents had some mistletoe over the entrance to the living room. Joanne and I joked about it.”

“Actually, if I remember correctly,” Joanne put in. “You kept talking about how you wished you could get this guy Joe you liked to come over and stand under it.”

“First of all,” Tara laughed. “I never said it was a guy. I meant Jo, as in Joanne, not Joe, as in Joseph.”

“You mean…” Joanne began in surprise.

“That’s exactly what I mean!” Tara laughed. “I thought you knew I was talking about you the entire time!”

“No way,” Joanne replied. “In fact, I was pretty damn jealous of this guy Joe you kept talking about! That’s why I stole that kiss when I finally caught you under the mistletoe.”

“Caught me?” Tara asked, continuing to laugh. “I thought I was going to have to camp out under the damn twig before you noticed!” The two blond lovers laughed and then exchanged another kiss.

“Save it for the game!” Jennie grinned.

“Mrs. H?” Mindy began. “Was your first kiss with Mr. H like that? I mean did you know he was the one?”

“I knew it the first time I saw him,” Jennie replied with a smile. “I can’t explain it, but it’s the truth.”

“So then, your first kiss with him was just as amazing as sincan escort theirs?” the dark haired girl asked.

“Not really,” Jennie said, grinning as she remembered. “But it got better with practice. A lot better.”

“Wine’s done,” Tara said as she poured the last of it into Jennie’s glass. Mindy took the bottle from her and went to the kitchen and rinsed it out.

“Let’s all sit in a circle,” she said when she returned.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Tara complained.

“Hey, it’s not mistletoe,” Jennie teased. “But I bet it will be fun.”

“Me too,” Joanne said, eyeing the well-endowed woman.

“I go first,” Tara said, seeing the look her lover was giving Jennie.

“What are the rules?” Mindy asked.

“Rules?” Joanne asked in reply.

“Yeah, rules,” the dark haired girl laughed. “You know… Does the kiss have to last for a certain amount of time? Can it last longer if both parties agree?”

“I think someone might have played this game a little too much when they were younger,” Tara teased. Mindy blushed.

“No, she’s right,” Jennie laughed. “One of the rules I always insisted on was that nothing could touch except your lips!”

“No French kissing?” Joanne asked.

“Actually,” Jennie said as she took her turn blushing. “I insisted because guys liked to try and touch my boobs when they kissed me.”

“Can you blame them?” Tara laughingly teased.

“You know,” Jennie said straight faced. “We’ll have to rescind one of the basic rules.”

“Which is that?” Tara asked, taking the bait.

“The one that says you kiss the closest person of the opposite sex the bottle is pointing to!”

“Yuk!” Tara cried.

“No wonder why we’ve never played this game before!” Joanne laughed.

“So, what rules are we agreeing on?” Mindy asked, obviously wanting to get the game moving.

Either the wine or their joking about the game finally did the trick. They finally relaxed. This let the sexual tension they were all feeling earlier come back in full force.

“No rules,” Tara said feeling her body respond to the women around her. “Spin the bottle and kiss the women it points to. Give me the bottle.” Mindy wasn’t the only one who wanted the game to start.

The dark haired girl handed the bottle over. Tara spun it and after a few moments it landed on Joanne. The four women looked at each other and laughed nervously. The two blonds kissed briefly and the bottle was handed off to Jennie. She spun it and it landed on Mindy. Another brief kiss and nervous laughter followed. Joanne took her turn and it landed on Tara.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Mindy laughed nervously. “Mrs. H is a great kisser, but this is getting frustrating!”

“I think we’re all in agreement on that,” Tara laughed.

“Let’s keep the game going,” Jennie said. “You two kiss and Mindy will get her turn.”

“Only this time, put a little more into it!” Mindy grinned. “For two lovers, that first kiss was pretty mellow.” The two lovers kissed again. This one had a bit more passion in it, but it still wasn’t as hot as Mindy hoped.

“That was pathetic!” Jennie laughed.

“My turn!” the dark girl cried before either of the two blond women could reply. She took the bottle and spun it. Of course, it landed on Jennie.

“Why don’t you two show us how it’s done?” Tara grinned.

“With pleasure!” Jennie laughed, and then looked at Mindy and added, “Shall we?”

The two dark haired women leaned in and wrapped their arms around each other. Their lips met and Mindy thrust her tongue into Jennie’s mouth. The well-endowed woman could feel the younger woman’s nipples harden as they pressed into her own breasts.

“Wow!” Tara said when they finally broke apart.

“Think you could do better?” Mindy teased, blushing from both excitement and embarrassment.

“Watch us!” Tara said, reaching for her lover.

“Oh no you don’t!” Jennie grinned. “You can only kiss after you spin the bottle.”

“Fine,” Tara said, taking the bottle and giving it a good spin. This time it landed on Mindy. The two women looked at each other nervously. Mindy looked more than ready, but Tara suddenly looked frightened.

“Go ahead,” Joanne said to her lover. “It’s just a game. Look at those lips and tell me you don’t want to kiss them?”

“Are you sure?” Tara asked Joanne softly.

“Do it and have some fun! I would,” the golden haired blond replied. “But you have to make up your own mind.” The room was resoundingly silent for a few moments. Jennie could see Tara teetering despite all of her earlier excitement and flirting.

“Tara, please!” Jennie said almost desperately. “You want this just as bad as the rest of us. Don’t let yourself be frightened. It’s only a kiss.”

“I’m no threat to what you two have,” Mindy said carefully.

Tara looked at the girl and suddenly began to understand why she and Joanne let things get this far. Mindy and Jennie were attractive women who wanted Tara and Joanne, but both made etlik escort it plain that they were interested in some fun and that’s all. They didn’t want to interfere with or hurt Joanne and Tara’s relationship.

“It’s only a kiss,” Tara repeated as she licked her lips and finally kissed Mindy.

The dark haired girl tried to be patient, but when Tara started to pull away after barely touching lips, Tara grabbed her and kissed her with as much passion as she could muster. Tara froze for a moment before visibly relaxing and enjoying the kiss.

“Do you think we need to play this game any longer?” Jennie asked Joanne. The golden blond haired woman looked back and forth between the two women kissing and Jennie.

“I guess not,” Joanne replied tentatively, knowing what was coming and both wanting and fearing it. Jennie had no such reservations.

“Good!” the big breasted woman said, moving closer to her. “I’ve been wanting to do this almost from the first moment I saw you!”

The kiss started out gentle and slowly grew more strident as time passed. Their breasts pressed against each other as they kissed. Jennie liked the feel of Joanne’s breasts against hers. The golden haired woman was nicely endowed and certainly larger than Mindy.

Tara noticed her lover kissing Jennie from the corner of her eye and broke away from Mindy to watch. She felt her jealousy stir, but she couldn’t deny that she also felt excited by the sight.

“Wait until you get your chance with Mrs. H,” Mindy said softly as she reached out and gently rubbed Tara’s breasts through her shirt. “She’ll drive you crazy!”

“You’re doing a fair job of that already,” Tara smiled and turned back to the brunette.

“I hope so!” the dark haired girl laughed. “Because kissing you has already made me wet.”

“Really?” Tara asked.

“See for yourself?” Mindy offered.

“I think I will,” the pale blond replied and reached between Mindy’s legs. “It does feel warm here, but there just too much material here to be sure.”

Mindy leaned forward and kissed Tara again. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths as Mindy rubbed the blonde’s breasts and Tara played with the brunette’s pussy. Both of their hands were still outside of the clothes they were wearing. Mindy pulled away after a few moments.

“What?” Tara asked. She clearly didn’t want to stop.

Mindy didn’t answer right away. Instead, she stood and started taking off her clothes. Tara smiled excitedly and watched. She loved how long the young brunette’s nipples were! She knew Mindy’s legs and ass were reasonably big, but she hadn’t realized just how muscular they were.

“Wow!” she said when the brunette was completely naked.

“I’ll say!” Joanne added. Tara turned and saw the other two women watching Mindy with the same intensity as she was moments before.

“Your turn,” Jennie said, smiling sexily at Tara.

“You want to see my lover naked?” Joanne asked with a grin.

“Actually,” Jennie replied as she reached up and squeezed Joanne’s breasts. “I want to see them both naked and wrapped around each other.”

“Me too!” Joanne moaned, looking at her Tara. The pale blond smiled and nodded.

She stood and took off her clothes. Mindy pulled her close when she was done and the two women kissed again. Tara’s hand fell to Mindy’s thick ass and the brunette moaned.

“My turn,” Joanne said suddenly. She stood and stripped quickly. Instead of rejoining Jennie, she joined Tara and Mindy. She kissed Tara and then Mindy.

“That looks so hot!” Jennie cried as she watched the three of them fondling each other and kissing.

“Planning on joining us any time soon?” Mindy teased.

“Oh yeah!” Jennie laughed and stood. “But I want somebody to help me get out of my clothes.” The three women looked at each other.

“Go ahead Tara,” Joanne said.

The pale blond licked her lips and nodded. She turned and made her way to Jennie. Joanne was watching so intently that it took her a moment to realize that Mindy was behind her. The brunette kissed Joanne’s neck and reached around her. Mindy’s found the blonde’s breasts and caressed them, but one hand soon drifted lower.

“Look at them!” Mindy whispered sexily into Joanne’s ear as her fingers found the blonde’s center.

“I am!” Joanne moaned. “But it’s hard to stay focused with your hands where they are! Your nipples digging into my back isn’t helping either!”

“Do you want me to stop?” Mindy asked, already knowing the answer.

“No!” Joanne gasped. “Please don’t!”

Jennie’s shirt was off, but she was still wearing a bra, if that’s what you wanted to call it. It was more like a harness! It had to be to hold her huge breasts in place.

“There goes Mrs. H’s bra!” Mindy whispered into Joanne’s ear. “Look at how big she is!”

“Oh my God!” Joanne said as she saw Tara bury her face between Jennie’s large breasts. “They’re huge!”

“You just keep watching!” Mindy said, letting her tongue brush Joanne’s ear. The blond moaned. Her ears were very sensitive.

Mindy smiled to herself. This was going to be a night she remembered for a very long time. Joanne’s full breasts felt good in her hands and the woman’s pussy was already soaked. She was careful to only rub the blond gently. Mindy wanted Joanne excited, but she didn’t want her to cum yet. There would be plenty of time for that later.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32