Jenna’s Bitch

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Jenna has been my best friend since 6th grade. We both moved here around the same time and I guess we just bonded over it really. We had a couple of off and on relationship sort of things, but I guess I just never had the personality to lock things down if you know what I mean. We’ve still managed to become inseparable friends, we tell each other everything and hang out a lot. Jenna is about 5’2″ has long brown hair, an amazing ass, really cute small feet, and is just all around very pretty.

This takes place during our senior year of high school, shortly after we had both turned 18.

It was Saturday afternoon and we were watching T.V. at her house. She was laying across the couch, and I was sitting on the floor in front of her feet. I really wasn’t trying to get anything started, I just felt more comfortable there and she seemed happy taking up as much space on the couch as she pleased so I didn’t want to disturb her.

She was playing some game on her phone while I watched the T.V.

After a while she started rubbing her feet on my head and across my cheek. I was sure not to interrupt, as this had happened once before and she stopped when I asked what she was doing. So I sat there quietly thinking uşak escort about how lucky I was to be this close to her feet.

I turned to see her face, but she was enamored in whatever text conversation she was having and didn’t even look at me. She did however pop the toes of her right foot straight into my mouth since the side of my face became the front of my face when I turned my head.

I was shocked but immediately started sucking. She sighed in what seemed like a disappointed tone and put for phone down for a moment while pushing me to floor using only the foot that was in my mouth as a guide.

She then looked pleased with herself as I was now laying on the floor, sucking her toes, as she sat dominantly on the couch above me.

Jenna picked her phone back up and continued whatever she was doing earlier while grinning down at me; wiggling the toes of one foot in my mouth and resting the other foot on my chest.

This went on for some time, halfway through she switched feet and I continued suck and licking her toes and later the soles of her feet. Jenna placed both feet over my face and then just kept them there while I was breathing in their amazing van escort scent for what seemed like forever.

I had closed my eyes and fallen asleep. When I woke up I no longer felt her feet over my face but could feel her sitting on my stomach. As I opened my eyes I saw her leaning overtop of me with a long strand of spit hanging out of her mouth. I opened my mouth to say something, but she immediately dropped the spit ball in my now open mouth and told me to swallow.

I’ve never been able to disobey Jenna when she told me to do something. One time I didn’t speak for an entire day because she told me not to. So of course I swallowed. I didn’t want to but she had a certain power over me. I guess I just knew she was better than me and deserved to have people follow her commands.

Jenna then got up and told me to follow her to her room.

Once we got there she sat on the bed and pointed to the floor where I could sit and told me to start massaging her feet. I was super excited to rub her feet and immediately started working my hands into her soles.

Again, I have no idea why I was so happy to worship her feet. I think it’s just that she deserves to wield that erzincan escort much power over me. Whatever the reason, I rubbed her feet for what seemed like days.

Finally she told me I could go to her bathroom and get the stuff to give her a pedicure. She made it seem like it was a reward for massaging her feet, so I eagerly accepted to reward, which allowed me to pamper her.

In the middle of the pedicure, I accidentally sneezed and got a little bit of nail polish on the side of her toe. Not only did she make me blow each of her toes dry after painting the nails, but she also made me eat her foot shavings and toenail clippings afterwards. It was absolutely terrible, but it serves me right messing up such a simple task. I mean how could a princess like Jenna be expected to walk around with a bad pedicure.

It was getting late so she told me to get out my wallet and pay her twenty dollars for every hour we were together because I didn’t deserve to spend time with her, and she can’t be expected to waste her valuable time on her bitch.

I agreed and paid her gladly. I was so happy when she called me her bitch because that means I belong to her.

Then Jenna gave me a stack of papers and told me they were her homework, and I need to have them finished by Monday if I ever wanted to be able to talk to her again. Finally she took my phone because I don’t need to talk to anyone that isn’t her and told me to come back tomorrow before she shoved a dirty sock in my mouth and shoved me out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32