Jelena Meets Jodi Ch. 03

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Big Tits

‘Hi, everyone. Jelena, here. I hope some of you have read enough of the first two chapters of my story so that you know who Jodi and I are. If you haven’t, let me tell you. Jodi is a lovely woman, much older than me. A first for me. I’ve allowed her to pick me up in a club. Don’t ask me why, please. I don’t understand it myself. We are in my home now and Jodi, at the end of chapter 2, stripped me naked in my living room and carried me into my bedroom. We are about to finally go to bed. We are about to have some sex. I hope it’s good! Wish me luck!


Jodi stands beside my bed, holding me off the floor, completely in her arms, after stripping me bare and carrying me from the living room. This completely hot, older lady continues to drive me wild with her kisses! Since our first kiss, that she denied me for so long, I just can’t get enough of her hot mouth! Some girls, you have to keep kissing them just to shut them up; they wanna keep yacking and yapping! Not Jodi! Kisses with her are just for the pure, unadulterated pleasure! Kissing her is its own reward!

Now that Jodi’s tongue is finally in my mouth, I really never want to let it go! But it is very slippy! When she wants it back, I can’t keep it! Without biting it off! That’s all right. Plan B! My tongue just follows hers into her mouth! It isn’t about to give up its new friend!

Oh, what fancy tongue-work Jodi has! I’m already dreaming of what her talented tongue will do in my twat! If it can do ½ the tricks in my cunt as it’s doing in my mouth, Jelana-girl, you’re in for one hot ride!

Perhaps, this is why Jodi denied me kisses for so long. She hadn’t kissed me on the dance floor at the club or on the cab ride home either. Though, at both times, at any time really since we’d met, I’d desperately wanted her to do that! Maybe she had sensed that when we began kissing, despite being firecracker hot for more stuff, over and above just kissing, both of us were never, ever gonna wanna stop!

By now, I have only one arm around her neck, no doubt increasing my weight on Jodi’s arms. My other hand is down there trying to massage all the ache from my pussy! With her one arm under my ass, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jodi can feel cunt drips on that arm! My pussy is on fire!

Jodi’s chuckling now, knowing full well what she has done to me! Kissing me. Kissing me. Kissing me. She never stops giving me kisses! I want her to never stop!

Reluctantly though, I remove my hand from my pussy. With enormous self-discipline (of which I usually have none!) I pause the kissing, reach down and manage to grab a corner of my thick and comfy, cream-colored duvet and pull it back.

It is time to be in bed with Jodi. Way past time! I had Debbi (not-so-good-in-bed-Debbi) fucked and out-the-door quicker than this! Jodi’s poor arms must be aching!

“Your arms must be getting tired carrying me like this,” I whisper, my lips back where they seem to belong. Right next to her lips! “Lay me in my bed, Jodi! I’m hot and runny for you, baby! Can you feel me dripping for you?”

“As a matter of fact I can, sexy!” Jodi laughs. “This arm of mine under your ass is getting wet! Baby, nothing turns me on more than a hot, creamy cunt, owned by a hot, sexy girl, when I know her hot, creamy cunt is hot and creamy just for me! And I just knew, Jelena, looking at you in that bar, that you had a cunt just like that!”

Her dirty talk and use of the word ‘cunt’ turns me on even more!

Jodi is really strong for her age; she’s carried me and cradled me in her arms for a long few minutes by now. Still, she doesn’t just lay me gently in my bed. She tosses me! I bounce once on my wonderful mattress and come to rest. I lie there, staring up at her. I’m naked, hot and ready in my bed! I just need Jodi to join me!

But Jodi’s still fully clothed and, for some perverse reason, she’s not rushing to get naked and join me in bed. No, she’s just standing there, looking down at me.

She’s not doing anything overtly sexy, she’s just there. And, I don’t care how old she is. Even fully-clothed, Jodi, standing beside my bed, even doing nothing, well, she runs her fingers through her hair, is still one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen! Sexiness is just dripping from her! I hope she’s not making a puddle on my rug!

Both my hands make a high dive for that exact, hot, creamy cunt that she’s been talking about!

Jodi, her eyes gleaming, smiling broadly, just stands there quietly and watches me play with myself for a moment or two longer.

“Go for it, girlie! I’m loving the show!” she raves. “Give yourself a cum, if you want, sweetie! I know you want to, you sexy thing! But if you could just give me a second and manage to unzip me, please?”

I’m jiggling my cunt furiously! A bunch of fingers inside myself! “I’m so fuckin’ hot, Jodi!” I cry at her. “And my hands are coated with pussy-cream! I don’t wanna touch that lovely dress with these sticky hands!”

“How considerate you are, you hot fox!” Escort bayan Jodi smiles down at me. “Let me help you with that little problem!” She leans down and has a nice feel of my tits, offering me the use of her mouth! My first impulse, of course, is to grab her lovely neck, pull her close and start kissing her again!

But that won’t contribute much to the mission of getting her out of that dress, now will it?

Jodi, obviously a smart old bitch, as well as being one sexy old lady, senses what I am up to and she draws back and doesn’t let me. “Now, now, foxy-girl, give my lips a break, would ‘ya, please?” She smiles. “I’ve been looking forward to tasting you all night, Jelena! Give me a sample! Up with those hands,” she orders.

Obediently, I hold up my arms up to her. So she takes my wrists and licks my hands clean, sucking every finger into her mouth. Doing each finger individually, she licks between them, her strong hands massage my palms as she does.

“Oooh, sweetie!” she exclaims. “What an incredible taste! I just knew you’d taste this sweet! I can’t wait to get this old mouth on the source of such sweetness! I bet you cum with a boom and a bang, don’t you, Jelena?”

With that compliment of my pussy-juice, Jodi turns, bends her knees and sits her ass down on the edge of the bed to make it easy for me! I sit up behind her, reach up with hands that are now not sticky with pussy-cream and undo the hook at the top of her zipper. Jodi shivers as I give her a kiss on her elegant neck. Then we both hear the delicious whisper as I am able to ease that zipper down!

Hearing that sound, feeling her dress loosen, Jodi, sensing my sneaky intentions, jumps to her feet before I can grab her. Standing, she turns again to face me, lying back down now on my pillow, having missed my chance to drag her into bed with me. Chuckling at her escape from my clutches, she looks down at me.

“Naughty, naughty girl!” she says, grinning at me as I writhe, in heat, waiting for her, wanting her desperately, panting for her.

“Play with your pussy again, Jelena! As I undress! Show this old lady that you like what you see!”

I sure do like everything I can see! So far at least! But, up to this point, Jodi’s being awfully stingy with the sights! She seems to take great delight in denying me what I want, teasing me! I suppose that’s part of her sexiness. Playing it cool, not acting like she’s impatient for the goodies ahead!

But I am!

“Hurry, Jodi!” I urge her. “Get yourself naked and get down here with me, baby! You like a hot creamy cunt that is hot and creamy just for you? Well, you sexy thing, it just so happens that I’ve got one of those right here, ready and waiting for you! Runny and hot, just for you!”

Jodi’s urged me to play with my pussy again but I don’t need any such encouragement. My hands are long since back down petting my kitty! Oh wow, please hurry-up, Jodi-girl! I am aching with the need to see you out of that dress! You might notice, girls, patience is not one of my virtues. On any other night, if it was any other chick playing this coy with me, I probably would have, by now, just ripped that freakin’ dress right off her! I’ve had to buy more than one chick a new dress!

But this isn’t any old chick. Correction, it is an old chick, but you know what I mean. This is classy Jodi, in an elegant dress, and I’m so hot for her that I’m willing to wait for her. So I lie back and enjoy the show!

And Jodi, as much as she can, clad in one old-lady style evening dress, as far away from stripper garb as you’re likely to get, puts on a pretty good show for me!

She slowly, teasingly, eases her dress off each shoulder. One at a time. Flipping her hair and stroking each shoulder as it becomes bare. I notice her shoulders are sleek and lovely! Is that a dusting of freckles? Jelena! Who gets horny over shoulders?

Now, she still holds the dress above her titties, and gives me a shimmering smile. Still denying me what I want! She chuckles, twitching her hips a couple of times. Clearly she is enjoying the moment, teasing me, watching me play with myself, wanting me to boil over! If I could remember the tune of ‘The Stripper’, I would hum it for her!

“Are you enjoying yourself, Jelena?” Jodi asks me. “You aren’t gonna cum now, are you baby, just ’cause I show you my titties?”

‘C’mon, Jelena!’ I tell myself. Don’t just lie here like some sub-pussy-girl, begging for favors! Come up with some bravado to match her! Even though you are, you can’t let Jodi know exactly how anxious you are to see just what’s she got! Hidden from you all night, under that dress! Can I, ladies? Whoa! Easy, girl! If you’re not careful, you will blow a cum when she finally reveals her tits!

So, horny as I am, nonchalance and bravado it is!

So I retort, “Never mind me! Are you enjoying yourself, bitch? You think I’m gonna cum just from the sight of your tits? You must think you got a pretty special pair! Like the old Escort joke says, conceit doesn’t run in your family, it gallops right to you! You think I’ve never seen tits before? I’ve got a set of my own, just in case you haven’t noticed!”

‘Nice try, Jelena!’ I tell myself. But, it’s all wasted effort, I think. From her smirk, I can tell Jodi knows I’m bluffing, that I really am desperate to see her boobs and get my hands on them and stuff them in my mouth! She grins and chuckles knowing that, basically, she’s got me right where she wants me!

She laughs at me, wiggles her body a couple more times and then she lets her dress go! I hear it whisk down her body and I know it is puddled on the rug at her feet. Just where I had prayed it would end up! Looking almost as good there, I am sure, as when Jodi is in it, superbly filling it out!

Damn! I still have no idea how old Jodi is really, but, damn! What a body she’s packing! She has a beautiful tummy with only a slight, sexy bulge to it. She is not carrying much excess weight. Jodi has on a lacy bra, a beautiful shade of blue, which has a big job to do holding onto Jodi’s pair! Miss Bra! I’ll help you soon with that sexy task, I promise! Jodi’s set looks heavy! I don’t know how much they’re gonna sag when she takes them out of that bra and I don’t care! If Jodi wants to be conceited over tits like that, I’m not saying a freakin’ word!

And Jodi’s little cunt-warming peeler-show isn’t over yet!

When Jodi had helped me out of my boots, she had removed her sexy, strappy shoes also. Now, finally out of her dress, all she has on now are that sexy blue bra and matching frilly panties. And the panties have garters holding up creamy nylons encasing what I can see, now, for the first time, are Jodi’s glorious, long legs! I can clearly see those blue panties are wet out front. I reckon I’m not the only chick that has been creaming her pants tonight!

I masturbate furiously, enjoying the sexy shivers my flying fingers elicit from my box. But I always hold myself back from a cum, even as Jodi grins at me and oh-so-sexily unhooks her garters. She bends, her bra-clad tits hang down; she slowly rolls her nylons down those glamorous legs! One at a time, of course. She somehow must know how much I adore a woman’s legs; she makes such a production of removing those stockings! Once they’re off, she teasingly leans over and trails her nylons over my body, tickling me with them. I guess if I was sitting on the rail at a lezzie strip bar she’d drape those stockings around my neck! I grab them once and rub them on my cunt! Oh, fuck! I almost lost it then! Impatient as I am, I really don’t wanna go over the edge until beautiful Jodi is with me in my bed!

Now, having tossed her stockings aside, Jodi is standing naked, except for bra and panties! I lick my fingers and gush at her, “Oh, Jodi-girl! You’re wonderful! You have a beautiful body!”

“And it’s all mine, sugar,” she says proudly, I swear, almost blushing. “But you can play with it, if you like!” Obviously, she is pleased that her body pleases me! “I know I’m old!” she continues. “I know you must have been wondering and worried about just what was hiding under my dress!”

If I was, and I don’t think I was, any worries I might have had about whether I’d find Jodi’s body sexy enough for me have been, for sure, laid to rest! My mouth waters and my cunt drips as I stare some more at Jodi’s incredible body! For a woman of her age to be packing a body like that, she must spend a lot of time at the gym working at it. I don’t blame her for being proud of it! And if she wants to be even a little conceited about it, well, I’ve already said, I’m not saying a fuckin’ word!

But what am I talking about? It was me that accused Jodi of being conceited. Just ’cause she teased me about wanting to see her tits. Sure, she holds herself proud and confidently, traits I always find sexy, but I haven’t seen a single molecule of conceit from this babe!

And now, it’s been fun, but I’ve really had enough with her sweet torture! Time to get down to the hot business of the night! I plead with her, “Oh, sexy Jodi! I don’t really care! Please get in bed with me! Please? I can’t wait any longer!”

Jodi grins and reaches behind her as if to undo her bra. I stop her! “No, baby! As you are! Please, sweet-stuff? I wanna unwrap the rest of those goodies you have for me by myself! Please, baby?” I hold out my arms to her.

“Sure thing, Jelena! Whatever you want! You’re the boss-lady at this hacienda!”

What a joke! Right, ladies? Ha, ha, ha! Obviously, tonight, I’m not the boss of anything! Shit! I’ve been the boss of exactly na-da, including my own body or my own thoughts even, since the moment Jodi walked into that bar! That’s why I’m talking to myself this way. Damn her anyway! She better be a hell of a piece of pussy to make up for discombobulating me this way!’

And then . . . at long last . . . heaven! Jodi tires of torturing me and finally brings her hot body Bayan escort into my bed for me! Down into my arms! Delicious! I wrap my arms around her and snuggle Jodi’s creamy body close and our mouths mash together. We haven’t kissed for several minutes, after all! My tongue has missed its new buddy! Jodi has her hands in my hair and her tongue is doing even more tricks inside my mouth! I swear, her tongue gives mine a spanking! (It probably deserves it!)

Jodi takes a sweet moment to stop kissing me and makes my pussy ooze with another wonderful endearment. “Oh, Jelena! I’m so hot for you! It’s so wonderful to finally be in your bed with you!” This lady is just full of compliments for me. That’s O.K. This chick loves ’em!

We get on our knees, wiggle around and get our boobs together, her’s still in her bra. I can’t wait to get a look at the nipples adorning Jodi’s big set! I get my tits above hers so I can rub them on those creamy upper slopes that I had admired in the bar and rained kisses on in my living room. I better be careful! One of my boobs could get lost in the wonderful cleavage between Jodi’s pair!

“Oh, Jodi, isn’t this delicious!” I cry, shivering, as our boobs rub together.

And, pretty as that bra is, it is time for it to go! I will really enjoy taking care of that little job!

Jodi senses my new mission and whispers softly in my ear, “Go for it, honey! Bring my titties out where you can really play with them!”

Just try and stop me! My arms are around Jodi now and with practiced fingers I find her bra hooks and deftly unhook them. I kiss her lovely shoulders, yes, those are freckles! I kiss every single one! I ease her bra straps down her arms. Jodi takes her arms from around me, momentarily and voila! I have that blue bra in my hands and Jodi’s beauties are all mine!

Talk about nipples! Jodi’s got ’em! In spades! Real mouth-magnets! I thought my titty-tops were large! I toss Jodi’s bra to the foot of the bed and grab two big handfuls of those babies on her front. I cuddle and stroke and jiggle them! I push them high and drop ’em, marveling as they sexily wiggle and jiggle back into place. I thumb those big nipples! Are they as big as my thumbs? Surely not!

Jodi chuckles. “Why, Jelena,” she murmurs. “It seems you sure do like my titties, after all! What about all the other chicks you’ve had in this bed? Didn’t any of those other girls have a set of tits on her front for you to play with?”

“Not like yours, baby!” I cry. “Not like yours!” A low moan comes from Jodi as I feed one big, pink nipple into my hot and eager mouth!

For a moment, at least, my tongue forgets her other new buddy, Jodi’s tongue, and goes to work on her humungous nipple! I suck like I am sucking for my last meal! My tongue furiously explores Jodi’s aureola and plays with that nipple, playfully pushing it in, just to feel it pop right back out! Oooh, baby! I’ve been dying for this! Oh, Christ, Jelena, don’t you dare forget the other one! She has two, you know! Just like you do!

While I feast on hers, Jodi has her hands all over my tits. She traces my aureola with whichever of her nipples that I’m not sucking on. That feels so good that I reluctantly release Jodi’s nipple from my mouth. As if both of one mind, we each cup our own tits and sparks fly as we arch our backs and put our titty-tips together and rub them all around! Jodi pushes my nipples in with her nipples! I do the same to hers!

Electric tingles are shooting through me! From her smiles and moans I assume Jodi is feeling the same thrills! Jodi and I don’t forget to pause for hot kisses often! My tongue no longer knows whether it wants Jodi’s tongue to play with or her amazing hot nipples. Either one will do!

Forgetting her statement that I am the boss, Jodi now again takes charge of me! As if she had ever relinquished it! Like a sexy wrestler, she takes one of my arms, she pulls hard and I plop over onto my back. She kneels astride me, my boobs under her ass, her tits hanging down – but not that far – her panty-clad pussy is right in front of my face! Wow! I can easily smell her delicious aroma and, even though she’s still wearing her panties, I can plainly see that Jodi’s twat is clearly leaking juice! Wowee! Do I ever want a taste of that! Those panties have to go!

My job again! Well, I had asked for it, hadn’t I? I grasp their waistband, she rises a little to help me and I feverishly peel those panties out of my fuckin’ way!

They only make it as far as just below Jodi’s hot ass. They’re still hung up on her legs! No fuckin’ time to move them any further! They’re far enough for now, anyway!

And, there it is! Oh my! I think I might have mentioned a while ago, way back at the start of this tale, that Jodi’s pussy is a work of art! And this is my first look at it! A picture of it should be hanging in the Louvre! Nice red, plump, predominate, pussy-lips, glistening wet, gorged with blood! Neatly trimmed, mostly black, silky-looking pussy hair! Nestled amidst the fur, I can see the tip of Jodi’s clit shyly peeking out at me! She has a wonderfully colored butterfly, tattooed just above her slit! The bottom of its wings encasing the upper portions of Jodi’s dripping labia! I’ve always wanted to kiss a butterfly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32