Jason’s Trip to Mexico Ch. 02

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Jason walked out of the dark deserted airport terminal exiting through the glass double doors into the bright sunshine. He shielded his eyes from the blinding sun and he looked to the right and saw an old VW beetle painted bright green with a Taxi sign on top. He walked over and the driver who appeared to be dozing suddenly woke up with a start and got out of the car.

“Hola Señor, taxi?” The driver asked.

Jason nodded and asked “Playa Azul hotel?’

“Si Señor… I will take you.” the driver replied.

The taxi driver was named Pedro and spoke English very well. He explained that the town of San Ignacio was mainly a fishing village with a fish cannery nearby where many of the villagers worked. He also commented that there was a Federal Prison nearby where some people had employment. He said they have just begun having tourists come to stay with the new resort that was built.

Soon they got close to the beach and saw a white stucco two story building with a sign that read Playa Azul Hotel. He got out and paid the driver and entered the lobby.

“Bienvenido Señor!” said the man behind the desk. He looked to be about 35 years old, jet black hair and eyes, dark skinned and clean shaven. He was very handsome with a straight nose and strong dimpled chin and very white straight teeth as he smiled at Jason.

“Hello my name is Jason Reed, I have a reservation.” He replied.

“Oh yes we have you booked for 7 nights here welcome to playa Azul, I hope your trip was good my name is Juan, I see you are pre-paid and I have your room ready. I will show you to your room number 15.” the handsome Mexican said.

Jason followed Juan and observed he was about the same height but very compact. Juan was wearing a white polo shirt and white pants that were very tight he could see the underwear briefs through the back of the pants that molded the muscular cheeks of Juan’s ass. Damn, now I’m checking out a dude’s ass! What is up with that? thought Jason.

The open courtyard of the hotel contained a large square pool with lounge chairs around the perimeter with two older couples sitting and reading the newspaper. As they walked past the pool area they came to a small one story building without windows. Juan explained that was the fitness, sauna and massage therapy room and as he said that the door opened and a very heavy set dark skinned man came out.

He was around 40 years old about 5’8 with a black hair and very dark skin and slanted eyes and a large nose. His arms were very muscular with a big barrel chest and large muscular pectorals. He had a large belly with no body hair and was wearing the white polo and pants that seemed to be the uniform of the hotel.

“This is Pepe,” said Juan. “He used to be ‘Demonio Azul’ de la lucha libre, how do you say? Wrestling?”

Pepe grinned at Jason flashing several gold capped teeth and held out his meaty hand and grasped Jason’s with a tight squeeze.

“Hola Señor, Can I offer you a strong relaxing massage?” the muscular wrestler asked.

“Thanks maybe later,” replied Jason. This guy looked just like the Mexican wrestlers he had seen on television Jason thought. And his tight white pants don’t leave much to the imagination as he saw the large bulge down the right leg of Pepe’s pants.

As they turned to head to Jason’s room, Pepe watched the muscular hunky gringo from behind and the big round ass globes bouncing as he walked. Pepe grunted and reached down to grope his thick fat uncut cock as he ogled the big beefy ass cheeks on the gringo.

Juan opened the door to number 15 which contained a kitchenette, a small sitting area and another back room with a large queen bed with an attached bathroom. Jason thanked Juan and tipped him as he left. Finally I can have a shower he thought to himself. He stripped off the tank top and shorts noticing dried cum all over the shorts that had leaked out of his ass.

He went to the commode and tried to expel as much as he could then noticed the shower had a hand held attachment that he could unscrew. I gotta get that cum outa my ass he thought as he used this to stream the cool water into his ass and hole then was able to expel this into the commode several times until things were clear. He took a hot soapy shower washing and scrubbing until he finally felt clean.

He eryaman özbek escort quickly donned his speedos and sprayed sun block all over then headed out with his beach towel to the back of the hotel where the beach was. The sand was white and the ocean appeared a clear turquoise with the palm trees and blue sky. There were only a few scattered people in the distance. He saw Pepe the ex-wrestler pick up a reclining chair and set it out for him.

“Here you are Señor, may will bring you something from the bar?” the stocky wrestler asked.

“A beer would be ok maybe corona?” Jason replied.

“Muy bien.” Pepe said as he sauntered off.

Jason put his towel on the chair and walked to the water. He stepped in and it felt warm and inviting. He swam out for a few minutes enjoying the water. he spread his legs in the ocean and reached below through his speedos and spread his cheeks letting the soothing water cool his hole. AHHHHH that feels nice he thought then he headed back to the chair. The beer was waiting for him and he took a deep swig of the ice cold brew.

Pepe said “Can I bring you one of our special Margaritas on the house? I highly recommend it!”

“That sounds great!” said Jason with a smile as he finished the beer.

Jason lay out in the bright hot sun then turned over on his stomach he felt his very white skin beginning to turn a bit pink. The Margarita arrived and he turned over not before Pepe saw the tight blue speedos molding the big round globes and his muscle butt. Pepe was thinking of those round ass globes wrapped around his big brown cock. He fantasized of pounding those ass cheeks which caused him to reach down and adjust the growing fat tube that was in his white pants.

Jason took the drink and took a sip it was very good but strong with a lot of Tequila.

“After this I can give you massage?” Pepe asked.

Jason continued to sip the cold Margarita then began to feel rather woozy. Pepe noticed the muscular hunk’s eyes were beginning to close.

“You are getting too pink from the sun; I think I will help you inside.” Said Pepe

“I don’t know why I’m so drowsy,” said Jason and he felt Pepe’s big hands around his shoulders helping him to stand. He felt the powerful muscles of the ex-wrestler grab him around the torso practically lifting him up and begin to walk him back to the hotel.

Pepe hauled Jason to the door of the private massage room and with one hand opened the locked door with the keys he had on his belt. He moved him inside, switched on the light and closed and bolted the door. Jason’s head was swimming and the room seemed to spin as he felt the muscular wrestler began to move his hands along chest cupping and massaging his big beefy pecs then flicking his nipples. Jason was confused he felt as if he were dreaming yet he felt the hot beefy muscular body grinding against him and the hot breath in his ear smelling of beer and cigarettes. He felt Pepe’s lips on his neck kissing him along his neck and nibbling on his ear lobe.

“Cabron que rico eres, you like Pepe I make you feel good.” the beefy wrestler murmured in Jason’s ear.

Jason began to squirm trying to get out of the iron grip the wrestler had him in but he felt weak and dizzy. He felt Pepe grind his groin into his ass cheeks and felt the rock hard tube of cock throb against him. Pepe’s hand roamed all over his body squeezing and pinching him and he felt Pepe’s hand slide down his hip and cup his ass globe squeezing and massaging his butt cheek.

Pepe could not believe his luck he loved to fuck big muscular white men but rarely got the chance. Here he had a big beefy white blond boy with huge white round ass cheeks and big pink tits. He was going to enjoy this fuck.

Pepe’s breathing became very ragged as Jason felt the big wrester’s sweaty hand slide under his speedos and the big fat finger slide between his round ass cheeks and touch his tender hole. It was like a jolt of electricity waking him up and Jason yelled “NO!” as he slammed his elbow into Pepe’s stomach.

Pepe grunted as he doubled over, Jason was released and he stumbled forward and falling over the massage table which was in front of him. He landed on his stomach on the table with his head hanging over demetevler sınırsız escort the side as the room continued to spin. He could not summon the energy to get up and remained limp.

Pepe quickly stood up grabbing an extension cord that was on floor and quickly went around Jason grabbing his hands and tying them together then to the leg of the table. Jason groaned as his arms were stretched and he was pulled over the table with his ass sticking up and his legs dangling.

The wrestler growled “you don’t say no to Pepe…I will have to teach you a lesson!”

The wrestler moved around behind Jason and pealed the speedos down exposing the big ass globes as he slid them down his and off his legs. Pepe caressed and ran his big brown calloused hands over the mounds then Jason felt a stinging slap on his ass cheek causing him to cry out.

“you have been a bad boy!” Pepe growled. Slap… slap….. slap… slap… slap…, Pepe’s big hand smacked each big while ass globe causing the cheeks to jiggle and soon turn pink.

Jason cried out “Stop, it hurts please…” his ass was stinging as the big brown powerful hands slapped his cheeks.

Pepe stopped and asked “you will be my puto? You give me your ass?

NO! Cried Jason

Slap…slap…slap…slap…slap…slap… each smack alternated from one cheek to the other which became bright red. Jason groaned in pain, he had never been spanked like this even as a kid. His ass was sending shooting pains from the strong big hand as it smacked him.

Jason had tears in his eyes, his ass was on fire and he continued to cry out with each slap. Pepe then stopped and moved over to a cabinet on the wall. As Jason lifted his head to look he saw Pepe with what appeared to be a ping pong paddle in his hand. “I ask you again….you give me your ass?” Pepe barked.

“NO… Please let me go…!” Jason whimpered.

Splat! The paddle came down on his right cheek

“ARRRRGGGGGGHH!” cried Jason The paddle smacked each cheek back and forth which was beginning to feel like a white hot burning pain on Jason’s ass globes.


Pepe alternated each cheek grinning while watching the white gringo’s big ass globes jiggling and rippling with each smack. The cheeks were bright red and hot. Pepe’s big cock throbbed and oozed with each smack he applied.

“Please stop…I’ll do anything!” cried Jason. His ass was throbbing with a searing pain.

Pepe grinned and threw down the paddle then stripped off his shirt and pants. He had white briefs that were tented out with a huge pole of his erect cock. Jason looked up and saw Pepe peel his briefs down and the big fat uncut cock pop out. It was about 9 inches long and thick with a long foreskin that covered the fat head and precum starting to ooze out in a long string to drip on the floor. Oh god Jason thought with apprehension he’s gonna fuck me with that monster. Pepe reached down and untied Jason’s hands from the table leg leaving him on his belly and lifting Jason’s face up.

He brought his big ripe oozing uncut cock to Jason’s face and began to rub it all over Jason’s cheek and lips smearing precum all over his big pink lips.

“AHHHH lick my big prick puto!” the beefy wrestler whispered as he caressed Jason’s head. Pepe began rubbing the blond buzzed head as he smeared his big uncut prick over Jason’s face.

Jason could smell the think uncut cock and felt the fat head with drooping long foreskin ooze slime all over his face.

Jason clamped his mouth closed and Pepe reached back and smacked his ass cheek.

“You want more spanking?!” Pepe asked.

“NO MORE! PLEASE…. ok I’ll do it.” Jason answered with a whimper.

Pepe grinned and applied his cock to Jason’s mouth. As Jason opened his mouth, Pepe eased his big cock head in pulling back the long foreskin to expose the big purple oozing mushroom head. The thick cock stretched Jason’s mouth as it eased in to the back of his throat causing him to gag.

“MMMFHH!” Jason gurgled as he strained to take the fat cock deep in this throat. He panicked as he thought I can’t take this big thick cock. Pepe eased his fat cock in and out of Jason’s mouth groaning polatlı escort with lust. “Ay que rico ..you suck good baby.” Pepe murmured. He looked down at the blond muscle stud with his pink lips stretched wide open swallowing his think brown uncut cock. After sliding in and out a few times he pulled his cock out and lifted it exposing his big brown bull balls to Jason’s mouth.

“Suck my huevos baby.” Pepe whispered.

Fuck those balls are huge! Jason thought as he licked the big balls and opened his mouth and began sucking on one then the other ball. He smelled and tasted the sweaty and salty big balls that were full of cum. Pepe groaned as he gyrated his hips over Jason’s mouth..

“SI…SI..que rico!” Pepe said with his eyes rolled back in ecstasy.

He then backed way and moved behind Jason kicking apart his legs and grabbing an ass globe in each hand and spreading them apart. He squatted down and Jason felt his hot breath on his asshole. Pepe’s eyes widened as he saw the tight pink hole with a light dusting of blond hairs around the orifice. He saw Jason’s big pink balls and thick cock that looked half erect handing down between his legs.

Jason felt Pepe’s tongue lightly touch his hole and lick around the edge causing an electric tingle spreading to his balls causing the sack to tighten and his cock to expand.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” exclaimed Jason as the tongue licked and teased open his hole. He had never felt anything like this before, his cock became rock hard and throbbed against his stomach as the tongue moved in and out of his hole. It felt so good to have the tongue spread open his hole. he moaned as the tongue fucking went on deep in his hole making it open and wet while Jason’s cock throbbed against his belly oozing precum.

Pepe then stood up and pressed his big leaking mushroom head against his hole.

“You ready for my big cock baby?” Pepe murmured.

“Please don’t hurt me, it’s so big!” Jason replied with a whimper.

Pepe walked over to the desk and rummaged around bringing a tube of lubricating jelly. He squirted a larger amount and spread it over his cock then squeezed half the tube up Jason’s hole.

He applied his big cock head to Jason’s hole and applied pressure easing the head in and stretching his hole until the head popped in.

“UGGGGHHHHH!” Jason cried out and moaned as the thick cock slid deep into his asshole until he felt the bull balls against his cheeks. “FUUUUCKKK!” Jason cried out again as he felt the huge rod begin to slide in and out of his tight hole. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh” Pepe moaned with pleasure. “Tight hole!” Pepe exclaimed as he ground his cock deep. Jason felt the big prick stretch his hole and press on his prostate causing precum to leak out of his throbbing cock. The gringo’s ass hole was tight and felt like hot butter as Pepe slid his big fat cock up Jason’s ass.

Pepe looked down at his big fat brown cock spearing the huge white ass globes spread in front of him. He watched as his fat cock slid in and out stretching the pink hole. He brought his cock all the way out and the mushroom head popped out of the pink ring leaving dilated pink hole wide open and twitching. He pressed the cock head against the hole and pushed it back in driving his cock deep until his balls slapped against the ass cheeks.

“ARHGGGG” Jason cried out. Jason groaned as he was impaled on the fat cock. His own cock throbbed and leaked as the cock slid in and out.

Pop…pop….pop….pop……pop…..Grind….pop…pop…pop…pop…grind…the two men were grunting and groaning as their sweaty bodies slapped against each other.

Pepe thrust his big prick in and out of the beefy gringo’s ass while Jason continued to moan. He leaned over and whispered in Jason’s ear… “You ready for my leche baby?” Pepe began to thrust in and out faster.


Jason cried out “OoooooohhhhhhhhH!!! I’m cumming!” as his cock began to shoot gobs of cum that spattered on the floor while the huge Mexican cock pounded his hole and prostate. Jason’s cock spewed more come as Pepe’s big cock rammed deep milking his gland.

Pepe thrust his cock deep bellowing like a bull. As Jason felt hot pulses of cum in his ass. Pepe grunted and collapsed on Jason’s back kissing his neck.

“Oh baby you gave Pepe a good fuck!” Pepe murmured in Jason’s ear. Pepe eased his cock out of Jason’s hole with a pop then stood up and went to the cabinet.

Jason groaned totally wiped out by the fuck.

Jason suddenly felt a cloth being applied to his mouth and nose with a strong chemical smell and then he blacked out!

(To be continued)

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