Janet Ch. 2

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This is the second episode and only the second time I’ve ever submitted any writings. Before I continue this foolishness I must point out that this episode, as well as the first one (JANET) and an any subsequent episodes are purely fictional. ANY similarities to ANYONE or ANYTHING are purely coincidental.


When I got up the room where the girls were suppose to be I inserted the card key and walked in. The fist person I noticed was a young girl, not sure how old but young. I thought to my self “Man I’ve been set up and it’s NOT funny”. On the way up my imagination was working overtime and subsequently my dick was on the rise. I saw this young girl look down and stare at the tent in the front of my pants and say “Oh”.. I turned to leave mumbling something about being sorry and having the wrong room when I heard another voice say “Hi, you must be Rick?”

I turned back and noticed it was the second women from the bar. “Yeah, I was suppose to meet Janet and Karen here” I explained. “I know, we were suppose to be gone before you got here but Lindsey couldn’t find her cell phone” she said. “I’m Laurie and this is Karen’s daughter Lindsey, and we were just leaving” She continued. I turned to Lindsey and held out my hand. “Hi, I’m Rick”, I know” she said taking my hand and giving it a squeeze while glancing down at my cock again. I turned to Laurie and extended my hand, she took it and said “Been chasing anymore wayward panties around?” I just smiled and then Lindsey asked “What are you talking about, wayward panties? Who’s panties?” “Never mind” Laurie said to her as she herded her toward the door, “We’re not even suppose to be here, pick up the rest of your stuff and lets go”

While they were running around picking up things I took the opportunity to check them out. Lindsey was not as young as I first thought, perhaps 18 but obviously her mothers daughter. She had Karen’s long black hair and height, the rest was hidden in a baggy pair of sweats. Laurie looked to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s, average height with reddish brown hair. Her outstanding feature was her big tits, I think she was trying to tone them down by what she was wearing but it was obvious that she had bigguns’.

I heard someone holler from the other room “Hey, what’s going on out there”, “Oh Oh” Laurie exclaimed “We better be on our way, the girls are in the other room.” “It was nice meeting you” Lindsey said, again glancing down at my crotch and they headed out the door.

I walked in to the other room, there was a large Jacuzzi over by the window and both girls were sunk down in it to their shoulders. There was a lot of bubbles so I couldn’t see under the water. “Hi” said Karen, “it’s about time you showed up”. Janet just smiled at me with a very dreamy look on her face. I looked questioningly at Karen. “I don’t think she can handle Champagne very well.” She replied to my unasked question. “In addition to what she already drank tonight, I’m impressed she’s still standing” I said. “Quit talking about me” Janet piped up. “Take off your clothes and get in”. I started to take off me shirt when Karen asked if I wanted some Champagne. I declined and asked if there was any beer around.

“I’ll get you one” said Janet and rose out of the tub to walk over to the wet bar. I was just in the process of unbuckling my pants off when I saw her climb out. She still had her garter and stockings on and my pants got caught on my cock as I tried pulled them down watching her walk dripping wet across the room. Karen chuckled and pulled herself up onto the edge of the sunken tub. I looked at her and just about blew a nut. Like Janet she was naked except for a pair of light brown flesh colored nylons and a matching garter belt. “Janet said these things turn you on” she said huskily. I just stared as the water rolled off her gorgeous body, down her shoulders to her large firm breasts and ½ long hard nipples. I was mesmerized as some of it rolled between her breast across her flat stomach to her trimmed pussy.

“Yea, they do turn me on” I croaked, barely able to speak at all “But, I think I would be turned on even if you were wearing a pair of old sweat sox”. “HEY!!” I yelled as I felt a cold can of beer pressed up against my balls from behind. “You’re making me jealous” Janet said, I think half jokingly, as she pulled the can away. “Of course” she continued “who wouldn’t be jealous looking at those big tits?” She unhooked my slacks that were still hung on my cock and reached around from behind me and started stroking me. I sensed something coming up between my legs and started to jump when I felt her other hand, this time without the cold Bud, reach up and gently massage my balls.

“Oh God I moaned” as she stroked me “Don’t feel jealous babe, all I have to do is think of you bent over a table with my cock buried up your ass and I could get hard in church!” “Mmmmmm” she purred as she dropped to her knees and started to lick my balls from behind.

Karen, seeing all this, started to bayan escort gaziantep crawl over to us. Literally crawled on her hands and knees with her big tits swaying back and forth!. I couldn’t say a word, I just starred as she crawled up in front of me and asked Janet “Can I have some of your fucking buddy??” Janet didn’t say anything, she just pointed my cock toward her mouth. Karen moved up and slipped her lips over the head and just let it roll around in her mouth.

I was now living El Primo fantasy

. Every guy dreams about it ,faithful or not, and many guys claim it, but how many guys actually experience 2 hot women at once? Less than claim so I’m sure. “I’m sure I’ll not last too long this way ladies” I managed to get out. “Don’t worry about it, we have all night” Karen said, “That’s right, plus you’ll last longer in round 2” said Janet as she slid her tongue from my balls up to my ass and started licking.

That was all it took. There was going to be no games mentally re-lived in this session. “Oh Man…….. I’M Going to CUM!!!!!!!. KAREN …..I’M GOING TO CUUMMMM” Not knowing her I thought I owed her at least a warning the first time. Janet slid down so she could watch from between my legs and while playing with my balls said “Go ahead Karen……you can have this one all to yourself” Well that did it, and my cock started erupting cum like I was a 18 year old. It filled Karen’s mouth and even though she tried to swallow, a lot ran out the corners and down off her chin unto her tits. I stumbled backwards over Janet who was still between my legs and collapsed into a couch.

Janet crawled up to Karen and kissed her on the mouth. Reneging on her offer, she started to scoop some of my cum out of Karen’s mouth. Karen didn’t seem to mind sharing though. When they were done playing dueling tongues, Janet slid down and started licking cum from Karen’s nipples. I watched, transfixed she kept moving farther south until they were looking at each others pussies. Karen looked up, winked and said “I’m going to guess that he’s not ready for round 2 yet… so I think tha…..OH GOD” she said, as Janet shoved her tongue into her pussy. “If you don’t mind, I think I’ll watch for a while” Of course neither one heard me for they were too busy with each other.

I sat back on the couch watching the two girls and, although I still can’t believe it, fell asleep. Yes, I said I fell asleep. Two gorgeous naked women eating each others pussies 8 feet away from me and I crap out! I can say “OK, I’m in my 50’s and so far this evening I’ve had two great blow jobs and unloaded another in a babes ass” but DAMN, falling asleep???

Anyway, when I do wake up, I am awaken by the feeling of two very soft lips sliding of my now (apparently) rejuvenated cock. What a way to wake up! I look down and see the Karen’s long dark hair cascading over my thighs as her head bobs up and down my cock. “Oh God, what a way to wake up”. The sun is up but its still real early. I look across the room and I can see Janet sprawled across the bed. Her stockings are gone but the garter belt is still around her waist. Beside her I can see Karen laying the opposite direction……. HOLY SHIT….. !!!

I bolted upright and the force of my action pulled my dick out of Karen’s mouth, but it wasn’t Karen because she’s passed out on the bed…. So who?? I look down and I see Lindsey, Karen’s daughter looking up at me. “I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw your cock flopping around in your pants.” “Did you guys have a good time last night?” she asked as she slid her lips back over the head of my cock.

“What are you doing???” I asked as she took me all the way down her throat. “Sucking your cock” ….. “I know that, but what if your mother wakes up..and..and how old are you???” I asked in a very confused tone. I was picturing myself looking like Jake and Elwood Blues being chased around by every cop in Chicago!

“Don’t worry, Mom and I share and I’m 18 as of yesterday, that’s why were in Chicago celebrating….. Now do you want a blow job or not??? She asked looking up at me over my wet cock. “Yes…….NO……. wait a minute, I gotta wake up and figure what’s going on.” Now I know most guys would say Go for it Man! But I’m getting sucked by an eighteen year old who’s mother just got a mouthful of my cum a couple hours ago.


So I pulled her off my dick and was about to try and get it together when Lindsey yells


Both Janet and Karen sit upright, both looking confused and disoriented.

“Mom, tell him you don’t mind if I suck him off” Both women looked over, Janet flops back on the bed and Karen looks at me, then at Lindsey. “What in the fuck are you doing here” she asked in an authoritive mothers tone, “and where is Laurie??” ( I found out later that Laurie was suppose to be along to chaperone Lindsey!)

“Well, I’m trying to suck your friend off and Laurie is cim cif gaziantep escort bayan probably still asleep” Lindsey replied. “You said that I could start to make my own decisions about things now I’m eighteen and I assumed that included who I blow” she continued. “Plus, I figured if you fucked him, it must be safe” she added.

Karen walks over to the couch and stares at her daughter. Janet, by this time has gotten out of bed and is standing next to Karen.

“I haven’t fucked him” Karen said.

“Really, what did you do all last night?” Lindsey asked.

“Well, if you must know, Janet jerked him off in my mouth and then he fell asleep, so we enjoyed each other”

Karen replied wrapping her arm around Janet.

Lindsey slowly let my cock slip out of her mouth and looked at me like I just grew antennas out of my head, “You did what??!!” She asked.

“Oh Great” I thought as I flopped back down on the couch. Karen smiled and crawled next to me on the couch. She took my head and cradled it against her big breasts, “Poor baby, did we wear you out last night?….. I guess after two blow jobs and fucking Janet’s sweet ass you could be excused for falling asleep….anyway we had a good time”

“You fucked her in the ass??” Lindsay asked.

I could see some of the macho respect I’d lost earlier returning but before I could respond Karen continued “Well I assume he did, I was watching from the window of your room and he turned the light off just as he was about to shove this magnificent cock into this sweet butt.”

“That was a dirty trick” Lindsey quipped as she slid her mouth back over my dick. “I think he should show us again”

“What do you mean US” Karen, standing up, asked her daughter.. “and why are you here in the first place???”

“Ah come on Mom” Lindsey whined “Don’t you want to see this in Janet’s ass again??” She slowly stroked my wet dick with her hand.

Janet who hadn’t said much so, looked at me and said “I think he’s recovered from last night as well as the shock this morning” She walked behind Karen, cupped her big tits from behind and slowly slid to her knees. “I think maybe we should pick up where we left off last night…….unless you guys need to be someplace.”

“The only place I want to be is over on the bed getting fucked” said Lindsey.

“Quiet” her mom said, “I’m not sure I want you here for any of this.”

“OH Mom! What difference does it make if……..” “Yea, Mom” Janet interrupted, “Besides don’t you want to feel what it’s like to get fucked in the ass??”

As she asked she cupped Karen’s pussy from behind and started to run her tongue around her asshole. “Oh God” Karen moaned. Janet stood and gently guided her to the bed. She positioned her on her hands and knees and then continued to lick her from her pussy to her ass. Janet motioned us to come over.
Lindsey was still holding my cock and staring at her mother gorgeous ass.

“Shall we?” I asked Lindsey.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world” she said and started gently tugging me by the cock over to the bed. I walked over to where the 2 of them were positioning themselves on the bed. Actually Janet was doing the positioning because she slid under Karen so her face was right beneath her pussy and her feet toward her head. Lindsey sat herself down on the bed, one arm draped over her mother and the other starting to undo the buttons of her blouse. Any objection Karen was going to have about Lindsey being there evaporated when Janet raised her head and began sucking her pussy.

I was just kneeling behind them watching and stroking my ever hardening cock. My eyes were getting loose in the sockets alternately looking between Janet eating Karen’ pussy and Lindsey getting undressed. “I fantasized about this all last night” she said as she pulled her jeans off, leaving her in just bra and panties.
She reached around and unhooked her bra and let it fall away. Her breasts were beautiful, high and firm with perfect cone shape pale nipples that stood out prominently. “Are you just going to kneel there stroking your cock watching me, or are you going to put it to use?” She asked as she slid her panties down her long smooth legs and off her feet. “I think I might just stroke and watch” I said, not meaning it of course.

“Well don’t watch too long, you might fall asleep” Janet piped up from between Karen’s legs.

“Oh Jeez… you really know how to hit low” I said.

“Sorry… Why don’t you come over here and I’ll make it up to you.”

I crawled over behind Karen’s sweet ass. Janet laid her head back down on the bed, took my cock and put it at the opening on Karen’s pussy. I push the head of my dick into Karen and held it there. “Oh Rick” She moaned “Put it in me…Please put it in me”.

Oh Baby” Janet said, raising her head and running her tongue over my balls.

“Oh shit” I yelled and shoved my dick into her all the way.

“Oh cinsel bilgiler God” Karen moaned again.

“Oh Wow” said Lindsey, rubbing her pussy while she watched me fuck her mother.

Janet was playing us like an instrument, licking my balls when I was all the way in and licking Karen’s pussy when I pulled back and we were both moaning in sync with Lindsey accompanying us on the side.

“Do you want to lick your Mothers pussy” Janet asked Lindsey.

Lindsey hesitated so Janet changed course. “Why don’t you straddle your Mothers ass and slide back, maybe you can talk Rick into doing the both of you!”

I just about came with that thought so I pulled out for a second.

Lindsey took this as me moving so she could take Janet up on her idea and threw her leg over her Mother with her sweet ass facing me. I really wasn’t paying that much attention to what Janet had in mind until I saw Lindsey’s pussy spread open from behind, just a few inches above her mothers sopping slit.

“OH….My ….God” I said to no one in particular and moved my cock back to Karen’ opening. I slid it in all the way, listening to her moan, then I pulled it out and lined it up with Lindsey now wet pussy. I was in no position to be gentle, and I shoved it in to the balls. “Oh…..Oh….OH….OH” Lindsey gasped as her pussy sucked my cock in like a vacuum. Now I started to alternate, a couple of strokes in Karen, a couple in Lindsey. I was going back and forth between the two of them When Janet said

“Hey don’t forget me” and held her mouth wide open.

“You want to taste some mother/daughter pussy” I asked. She just craned her neck and held her mouth open wider. I lowered my cock and aimed for her mouth. I don’t know if it was the angle of her neck in that position or what but my cock went all the way down her throat balls deep!

“HUUURRMPPHHH!!!!!!!!” she said around my cock. I had no ideas what she was saying.

Now I was alternating between 2 wet pussies and a deep throat. Janet was moaning and I wondered if she was getting off on the deep throat when I saw that is was Karen’s mouth plastered over her pussy that was causing it . This was something that I never would have even fantasized about (Well maybe once.) Let alone figure I’d be experiencing.

I started to pick up the pace and was getting close when Janet reached up and grabbed my cock, squeezing the base. I looked down at her questioningly and she started licking Karen’s pussy again. After a few licks she placed the head of my dick at Karen’s asshole.

I started to gently but firmly push and Karen, realizing what was happening said “Wait, that’s my ass………You putting your cock in MY ASS!!!!”

When Lindsey heard this she hopped off her mothers back and spun around with her chin resting on her mothers left butt cheek. “Oh Man, this I want to watch” she said while reaching down to rub her pussy.

“Karen, just relax” Janet said. “He’ll go as slow as you want so if you want him to stop for a second just let me know and I’ll bite his balls” she winked at me when she said that and I think she was doing it to slow me down as well because I was really close to cumming a few minutes ago.

“OK go ahead, but please be slow” she begged. I continued pushing until about half my cock was buried in her ass. I pulled out and began fucking her ass at that depth when she asked if it was all the way in.

“NO way Mom, its only about half way” Lindsey just about shouted at her mom.

“Oh God this feels so good, put it all in my……put it all in my NOW” and Karen shoved her ass back as hard as she could.

“Well, it’s in all the way now!” Lindsey observed with awe.

“Oh please keep fucking me……PLEASE KEEP FUCKING MY ASS……..I’m going to Cum….I’m so close to cumming……Please don’t stop fucking me…Fuck Me ….Fuck Me….Fuck me in the ass…..FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE………I’m CUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG…………………………..” she screamed as Janet sucked the juice that was pouring out of her pussy.

I kept pounding away at her ass while she came a least two more times. “Oh Man…I gotta cum” I started to moan. “I’m gonna fill your ass with cum Karen.”
I cried as I increased the pace.

“No” Lindsey shouted “Don’t cum in her ass…we want some!!! ……Please shoot ON her ass.. and my face.. and Janet’s face” she pleaded.

How could I pass up such an impassioned plea. So being the gentleman I am I started banging away in Karen’s ass until I felt it build up to the point of no return.

Finally’ I yelled “I’m GOING TO CUM” and pulled my cock out of her ass. I blasted a load on her sweet ass and then aimed for Lindsey’s face, I gave her a good two or three blasts and then turned the hose on Janet and finished up of few good shots on her face.

Holy shit! mid 50’s or not, I hadn’t cum like that since I was a teenager!. Karen rolled over a looked at her daughters cum covered face. “Oh baby” she said and leaned down and began licking the come from her face. Janet looked at the two of them, wanting to join in but thought it was better a mother daughter moment and stayed where she was until both Karen and Lindsey crawled over to her and both of them began to lick her face.

Watching this I noticed a stirring in my cock. After cuming like I did, I figured I’d fall asleep again but my cock was actually getting hard. Janet looked over and noticed and started laughing softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32