Jane’s Love

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This is not as edgy as the stuff I’ve posted before, but I love it. I hope you do too.

* * * * * * * *

In the plane washroom, Lisa changed her clothes. She grinned as she thought of the stewards reaction to her outfit. Not to mention the men on the plane. She laughed aloud at that thought! She stripped her clothes off and started to roll black silk stockings up her legs. Very expensive these, her only splurge and Jane had better be careful with them! Lisa laughed again. They’d leave them on.

Next came a flowing black skirt. At first glance, it looked like she was hiding her legs. When she started walking however, the slits in the skirt, one at every pleat, showed her legs almost to her butt. She loved it. The top for the skirt was flame red. It had spaghetti straps and was gathered at the top of the bodice. She had put a strapless, black lace bra over her large breasts, one that pushed them together and up. No panties.

Experimentally, she lifted her arms. Her nipples threatened to poke through the fabric that was covering them. She knew that Jane would love it. She laughed with delight. When she left the washroom she had a secret smile on her face that made every man want her. And some of the women.

Jane waited anxiously, this was the first weekend they would spend together. They had talked about it for so long. She could hardly wait. As much as she enjoyed cybering with Lisa, the real thing would be so much better! She was sure of it. She didn’t even have to think about it.

Lisa made her so wet that she just had to stroke herself, even when she was at work. Her boss had been getting suspicious. Jane laughed just thinking of the day the twit walked in and asked if Jane had been burning a candle. Lisa had thought that hysterically funny. The bitch boss must not get loved very often, or very well, not to recognize the smell of cum.

Jane checked her watch. Half an hour and Lisa’s plane would land and they would have a 2 hour drive to their little private get away. She hurried to find a washroom so she could check her clothes. She knew Lisa would love her outfit but she wanted to check she still looked good.

She wore a short charcoal skirt. It was loose, flaring from the waist to swirl around her thighs when she walked. The 2 inch heels she wore made her almost 6 feet tall and men turned to look as she walked by. She had covered the top half of her body with a soft waist length shirt. It was emerald green angora and when she moved it bared the tiniest hint of her belly. Judging by the looks and second glances she was receiving she could be sure she looked hot.

Lisa heard the ping for seatbelts. She buckled hers and raised her seat. She wished she had masturbated in the bathroom. She was so hot that she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off Jane. She hoped Jane wouldn’t mind being hugged and kissed. Lisa giggled, she didn’t think Jane would mind.

Jane waited anxiously outside the arrival gate. She was about to give up wen she saw a vision step through. Suddenly nervous she tugged at her own short skirt. She yanked the hem of her top down, suddenly self-conscious about her belly button showing. She watched as Lisa strode towards her. Jane was very excited unexpectedly. She could feel her pussy getting damp. She loved the stride on that woman!

Lisa saw Jane and grinned broadly. She was nervous but chose to ignore it. She threw her arms around the other woman and squeezed her tight. Jane returned the hug with ardor. Amid gawking bystanders they exchanged a passionate kiss, tongues obviously dancing. When their hands started to roam over each other they decided they had better separate.

They linked hands and walked to the baggage claim for Lisa’s luggage. Once they got it they moved over to Jane’s car. They settled in for the drive.

Just about 3 hours later the arrived at their Bed and Breakfast, they had stopped for groceries on the way. It was called The Bird’s Eye. They found out why when they got there. It was placed at the top of a hill. The land around the inn was clear so you could see for miles and miles around. The house was huge. It looked like an old farm house that had been transplanted. There was a veranda that went all the way around and gingerbread trim. They both agreed the place was too cute for words.

After checking in they brought their baggage and the bags of groceries into the building. The proprietor said, “You didn’t need to bring any food! We supply all your meals. I thought we had made that clear when you made the reservations.” The women looked at each other and Lisa spoke.

“That was made perfectly clear. We simply brought along a few special things we like to share. I’m sure we will love the meals you serve.” She smiled at the man as he le them to their room. Jane and Lisa both checked out his ass, he wasn’t that old! They looked at each other and giggled.

He opened the door for them, set their bags inside and stepped aside to allow them to go Onwin in. They stepped in and gasped. The room was perfect, just as they had fantasized about when they had talked about it together.

Three of the walls were painted a soft rose color. The fourth wall, behind the headboard, was covered in a burgundy silk. The bed itself was a brass, four-poster queen sized affair. It was also 3 feet high. Covered in a white eyelet and lace bedspread that had ruffles hanging from 2 feet above the floor, it had at least a dozen pillows on it.

Jane said thank you to the man and gently closed the door in his face. She turned to the bed, hugged herself and giggled. “Look at all the pillows! I didn’t know they came in so many different shapes!” Lisa turned from the window and laughed, “Me either! You should see this view Honeygirl. It’s incredible. I still can’t believe that river is called the Licking River! This hill is so steep you can see right across it!”

Jane walked up behind her, after kicking off her shoes, and slipped her arms around her lover. She rested her chin on Lisa’s shoulder and gazed out the window with her. They stood and enjoyed each other’s physical presence for a long time before stirring them selves. “We should unpack before dinner, Babygirl,” Jane said. Lisa nodded her agreement and they quickly finished the task.

Lisa left one small bag unpacked and placed on the floor just under the head of the bed.

Chapter 2

After a great dinner in the dining room they returned to their room. They both knew that that was the only place they wanted to be. They had declined an invitation for a long walk around the property, pleading travel exhaustion. They pretended to do mundane things – reading a book, Lisa phoned Jamie, then Jane phoned her daughter.

Finally, they couldn’t take it anymore. After months of fooling around online, on the phone and the charged atmosphere all day they were ready for each other. They met in the middle of the bed, wrapping their arms around each other and lips locking.

They moaned. The contact felt right to both of them, just like they had dreamed. Lips were soft and wet, tongues eager, hands roaming. Lisa stroked Jane’s face as they kissed and Jane stroked Lisa’s back. The kiss lasted for hours. It seemed like that anyway. In reality ten minutes passed before they broke apart, gasping.

“Holy smokes!” Lisa exclaimed, eyes shining, lips puffy. Jane laughed breathlessly and agreed. “That was something, wasn’t it!” Her face was glowing with pleasure. They looked at each other with desire. They marveled at this profound longing for a human of the same sex. It was something neither of them had ever experienced.

Jane reached out and started sliding Lisa’s top up her body. Lisa obligingly lifted her arms and Jane slowly bared her breasts. Lisa removed Jane’s soft shirt in the same manner. Both kneeled on the bed in bra and skirt. Reverently, Lisa reached out and caressed Jane from shoulder to waist. She skimmed lightly over Jane’s flesh causing goosebumps to rise.

Jane put her hands on Lisa’s cheeks and drew her close for another kiss. While they were kissing she slipped her hands around to Lisa’s bra clasp and undid it. Lisa chuckled as Jane slid the straps over her shoulders and let her breasts fall free. Jane’s hands followed the bra over those marvelous tits.

She cupped them, her thumbs teasing the nipples. Lisa threw her shoulders back, thrusting her eager body into those soft hands. Jane wrapped her lips around those dusky nipples and rolled them between her teeth. Lisa moaned as she hardened under Jane’s manipulations.

Jane began sucking the tasty morsel in her mouth, switching back and forth between them. Lisa’s body began to shake, she felt herself start to drip between her legs and decided it was time. Groaning, she pushed Jane away.

Jane looked a little hurt as she was forced to stop what she was doing. She opened her mouth to ask why when Lisa said, “I want every inch of you to want me the way every inch of me wants you.”

Lisa began kissing Jane softly as her hands roamed over her body, looking for buttons, snaps and clasps. Finding only the clasp of Jane’s bra, she broke the kiss and cajoled Jane into a standing position beside the bed. “Stand there and let me look at you, Miss, don’t you move a muscle.” Jane nodded.

Once Jane was there Lisa slowly circled her and looked her over, complimenting everything she saw. “What gorgeous curves you have my love! And look at those legs! Woohoo! I like that ass too!” And she gave it a smack. Jane jumped a little, she hadn’t been expecting that. When Lisa finally finished scrutinizing Jane she pulled her skirt down over her legs and nudged Jane’s feet so she would step out of them.

Lisa left the stockings and heels that Jane was wearing and stood behind her to unclasp her bra. She slowly ran her hand over Jane’s shoulders, following the bra as it curved into the cup. She slipped her hands Onwin giriş between material and flesh, cupping Jane’s breasts and letting the bra fall away. She moved to the front and looked at Jane again. “I was right in all my fantasies. I always knew you’d be more beautiful than I could imagine.” Jane smiled softly and said “Me too.”

They kissed again, pressing their naked breasts into each other. Lisa moved her kisses to Jane’s neck. She headed towards her ear. Lisa knew that that was a hot spot for Jane so she sucked and nibbled on her lobe. Jane could feel herself start to get moist. She pressed herself closer to Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa grinned and moved to Jane’s other ear. She blew gently into it. Jane shuddered and moaned a little. Lisa’s mouth wandered over Jane’s neck and down her chest. She sat on the edge of the bed and ran her hands all over Jane’s front. Up and down legs, over torso, cupping breasts. Jane swayed on her feet, putting her hands over Lisa’s.

Grinning, Lisa whispered, “I bought a special toy, just for you.” Jane’s eyes lit up, “Oh? And what might that be?” Laughing Lisa told her she’d have to wait for the right moment. Jane showed her best pout but Lisa just laughed again and swatted her on the ass. She went back to nursing on those big nipples of Jane’s. Jane groaned.

“WHEN will it be the right moment?” Jane begged to know what her present is. Lisa shook her head, nipple still between her teeth. Jane yelped and Lisa let go, “That’ll teach you to ask when I say wait!” She stood up and began kissing Jane’s back. She stroked her ass and back, admiring the view. Jane moaned and leaned into her, pointing her ass at her lover.

Lisa grinned and said, “It’s almost time for your present!” Jane wiggled her ass a little more and Lisa playfully smacked it. Jane moaned. “Yup, definitely time. Just a minute.” Going around the bed, Lisa grabbed her unpacked bag and brought it to the bed.

As Jane watched Lisa slowly unzipped the bag. Without opening it fully, allowing only the tiniest glimpse into its dark interior, she reached in and withdrew a…..blindfold. Jane whimpered in disappointment, “I want to see!” Lisa shook her head in amusement and slipped the blindfold over Jane’s head. She was standing in front of Jane so she placed a kiss on the sexy woman’s lips and then covered her eyes.

Jane lifted her hands and placed them on the blindfold. “No no my love! You will not touch that! It stays on.” She rummaged loudly in her bag, making Jane turn toward her. She chuckled quietly and withdrew what she was looking for.

She caressed the object slowly over Jane’s ass. Jane giggled as the soft fur tickled her. Lisa tickled her a little more. Softly she stroked her with the fur, Jane giggled and wiggled. Lisa flipped the toy over and smacked Jane on the ass. Jane jumped, that was nothing like the soft tickling of before! She liked it though.

“This my love, is a doubled sided paddle and you may take it home with you after this weekend.” Lisa grinned, she saw the smile on Jane’s face. Jane loved being spanked, she so loved the feel of a cool mouth on her hot flesh after. “This paddle has soft fur on one side,” and she stroked Jane’s ass with it. “It has hard cool leather on the other side.” And she stroked that across her ass too.

Putting her hand in the middle of the lovely lady’s back, Lisa pushed Jane’s face into the bed. With her ass high in the air, Jane was an appealing site. Lisa sighed. Jane didn’t say anything so she sighed again. “Lisa honey, is there something wrong?” Jane tried to stand up. SMACK! The leather side made contact with her flesh.

Jane grunted. Lisa gave her another smack. Another grunt. So Lisa smacked her again with the leather side. Jane moaned as her ass started to tingle. Lisa flipped the paddle over and smacked her with the soft fur side. Jane whimpered, she had been expecting the leather. Wanting the leather.

Lisa gave her 3 more smacks with the fur side, more caressing than hurting. Then she whacked her with the leather side. Jane lifted her head off the bed with that one, she was surprised again. The tingling on her ass got stronger as her flesh got hotter. Lisa spanked Jane for awhile, switching sides of the paddle, constantly surprising her.

She stopped when Jane was nearly crying. Lisa dropped the paddle and fell to her knees. She grabbed Jane’s hips and applied tongue to cheek. Jane sighed as she felt Lisa’s comparatively cool tongue on her hot hot flesh. Lisa kissed the redness front of her. She nibbled on it, sucked on it, licked it.

Chapter 3

As Jane’s moans got louder Lisa got more into her work. Her hands started to roam over Jane’s ass, parting her cheeks so that she could lick between the soft red globes. Jane started panting as Lisa licked from cunt to lumbar, making the strokes smaller as she slowly centered her wet strokes around Jane’s asshole.

She slipped her hands around to the front of Jane and caressed those luscious tits of hers. She squeezed and tweaked as Jane’s breathing got quicker and quicker. Lisa started rim her ass, shoving her tongue inside a little bit. She moved one hand to Jane’s pussy and encountered already slick lips. She stroked them slowly, teasingly.

“I want to see you Lisa!” Jane begged, “I’ve had enough of not seeing you as we make love. Online I never get to touch you or look in your eyes. I want to now!” Lisa realized that Jane was absolutely right, that’s what was missing. That’s what the weekend was about after all.

So she helped Jane upright, and removed the blindfold. They stood looking into each other’s eyes, their fingers roaming each other’s faces. They stroked cheek bones, jaw lines, eyebrows and lips. They made love to each other just by touching their faces. Slowly they both moved onto the bed. They kneeled there, faces getting closer. The slowly kissed. Gentle kisses, lips only.

Someone, neither knew who, parted the other’s lips with her tongue. Tongues dancing, they fell back onto the many pillows on the bed. Breast mashed together, nipples rubbing, hands roaming. They felt like one mind, one body. They were so connected they no longer knew which was which. It didn’t matter if they were caressing themselves or the other, it all felt good.

Lisa finally broke the kiss and moved her mouth down Jane’s body. Jane tangled her hands in Lisa’s hair and guided her to the places she wanted her. She let Lisa suckle on her tits for a couple of minutes and then pushed her down further.

When Lisa got to Jane’s hot center, she breathed a sigh of pleasure. “Oh yesss Baby! This is what I’ve been wanting to taste.” Reverently, she parted Jane’s lower lips with her fingers and sighed as she saw the beauty within. She switched her hold to one hand, keeping those lips parted with 2 fingers, and began stroking all the soft parts inside.

Jane moaned, encouraging Lisa to continue. She blew softly, cool air on hot flesh. Jane moaned again. Lisa moved her mouth closer and stroked Jane from top to bottom, from clit to ass. Jane’s lips glistened as Lisa moistened them more. Lisa loved the taste of her, like honey and wildflowers. She slowly wiggled her tongue in between all the creases and folds, licking up the juices that were already there.

She slipped her tongue into Jane’s hole and slowly fucked her with it. Jane grabbed the blankets and held on tight as her senses were assaulted. Lisa thrust her tongue in and out, her nose bumping against Jane’s clit. She moved her hands. One hand was rubbing Jane’s clit, the other was stroking her ass.

“Oh yes! Fuck me with your fingers! I want to feel you in my ass!” Jane almost screamed it at her lover. Lisa willingly and quickly agreed. She lubed up her finger with a combination of Jane’s juices and her own saliva and slowly inserted one finger into Jane’s tightest entrance

Jane moaned as her ass tightened around Lisa’s finger. Lisa moved her mouth to suck on Jane’s clit. Jane arched her back and started screaming that she was getting closer. “MORE! MORE!” Lisa added a finger to Jane’s ass and fucked her harder. She sucked her clit between her teeth and flicked her tongue across it.

Jane’s thighs started to twitch, her body started to shake and she threw her head back. She tightened her hands in the bedspread and screamed as she covered Lisa’s hands and face with cum. Lisa licked her dry then moved up her body with feather light kisses and kissed Jane passionately on the mouth.

“I have something else to do to you,” she whispered against Jane’s lips, “do you want it?” Jane sighed, “I don’t think I can take much more!” Lisa laughed and said, “Oh Honey you will love this!” She reached behind her to the bag and pulled out the toy she wanted. It was her strap on. She dangled it in front of Jane’s nose.

Jane grinned with delight, “I do hope you brought that for a reason!” She tried to grab it. Lisa leapt off the bed and danced away. From an unreachable distance, she strapped the harness around her body. She stalked Jane, blue dildo waving. Jane giggled and scrambled off the bed. “That THING you have on is just plain obscene Lisa!”

Lisa laughed evilly, “Oh yeah Honeygirl, but you’ll love it!” She hunted Jane down and pinned her against the wall. She sighed, “It’s not fair that you’re taller than me Jane darling!” She grabbed her partner’s hand and led her to the bed. She shoved her down on the high bed and spread her legs. Stepping in between them she wrapped Jane’s knees around her waist and slowly slowly slipped the dildo into Jane’s soaked pussy.

Inch by inch, excruciatingly slowly she slid deeper into Jane. Jane moaned and closed her eyes. She loved the feeling of this extraordinary woman fucking her slowly. She opened them less than a moment later.

Lisa stared at Jane, totally in awe that she was in this place. She was finally here with this special woman, doing everything they dreamed of together. They found their rhythm and she sped up a little. Jane locked her legs tighter around Lisa’s waist and Lisa sped p again. Pretty soon they were in a frenzy, Lisa pistoning in and out of Jane.

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