Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 11

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“Ladies, I need your attention!” announced Maria.

The girls in the office all gathered up in the conference room as Maria, the supervisor, called for a meeting. Jane contemplated whether she should even go or not. The meetings never seemed to require the intern being there. And Maria never even seemed to like her anyways. She decided on sitting in the back and being quiet.

Maria stood at the front of the room, waiting for all the women to be seated. “As you all know, the quarter is coming to an end. We need all of our projects to be done by Thursday so we can present it to corporate on Friday.”

“We will try our best,” Veronica responded. Because of her talent and work ethic, she was always one of Maria’s favorites. “We SHOULD be able to get it done by Thursday,” she added.

“Veronica, I’m sure you all CAN,” said Maria. “But just to make sure everything gets done, I need you to stay late on Thursday with me. You will get overtime pay and we can work as late as we need.”

Both Ashley and Monica rolled their eyes. As much as they loved Veronica, they felt she got preferential treatment from Maria.

“One more thing,” said Maria. “You can choose one person to stay late and work with us.”

Both Ashley and Monica became excited, hoping Veronica would choose them. They both wanted to make a good impression on Maria and they also wanted the overtime money. However, things did not go as they expected.

Veronica stood up and looked at the two women. “I choose…”

Maria placed all her attention on Ashley and Monica, wondering which one Veronica would choose.

“I choose Jane.”

“JANE?!” everyone exclaimed, in shock!

But, she’s just an intern,” said Maria.

“I know she’s an intern but she’s really smart and she has the best work ethic of anyone here. Myself included!”

Monica and Ashley respected Jane as a worker. Now they were jealous that Veronica would get more alone time with Jane. However, Maria was going to be there with them so they figured things would not get too crazy.

“If you’re sure then I trust your judgment,” said Maria. She then looked over to Jane and asked, “So can you stay really late on Thursday?”

Jane was just as shocked as everyone else. She was flattered by the recognition she was getting but was still surprised to be chosen by Veronica. “I can make it on Thursday,” she answered. She would have to change her massage schedule around, but she was excited for the opportunity to impress Maria.

Thursday evening came and the two ladies stayed after, with Maria. Veronica was all business, like she normally was when it came to work. Jane did not want to let this opportunity pass her by without giving her best effort.

The office was relatively quiet as all three ladies were on their computers. Jane was busy doing inventory documents and spreadsheets that needed to be presented the next day. Veronica and Maria were both busy on their computers finishing presentations that would be shown to corporate the next morning.

Maria was not much older than Veronica. She was a hard-working Latin woman that everyone could look up to. She earned her position as the supervisor of the branch. The young supervisor was hyper focused on having a good presentation by the end of the night.

Although Maria was stressed out, she was really impressed with the progress that Veronica and Jane were making in such a short time. As the day turned into night, Maria decided to reward the ladies by ordering dinner for them.

When Maria left to pick up the food, Jane and Veronica were left at the office alone.

“Hey, Veronica,” Jane whispered.

“Yes?” Veronica responded, as she looked up and smiled at Jane.

“Thanks again for choosing me,” Jane said, with a smile.

“No problem!” said Veronica. “Did you have to move some of your massages?”

“Yeah, I had a few scheduled tonight,” Jane answered. “It’s okay. I postponed them. I needed a break from massages. I’ve been doing it every night for the past month!”

“You must be so tired,” said Veronica. “You work so hard!”

“Yeah, I’m just tired,” said Jane.

“I hope you’re not too tired to give me massages,” said Veronica, with a wink.

Jane smiled and paused. “I’m never too tired to give you a massage,” she responded.

Veronica smiled back. “Thank you mami.”

Jane began to blush. “Don’t call me that in front of Maria!” she said.

“Why not?” Veronica asked. “Are you embarrassed?” she said, with a giggle.

“Yes!” exclaimed Jane. “What if she thinks it’s weird that you call me that?”

Suddenly, Jane and Veronica heard the door open. Maria walked back in carrying bags of food and a big bottle.

“What did you get?” asked Veronica.

“It’s a surprise,” answered Maria. She placed the bags on an empty table and started to unpack the food. “Come on over girls. You deserve a break.”

Jane and Veronica left their desks and walked over to Maria.

“I got sushi!” said Maria, with excitement.

Veronica was a Kolej Escort little surprised with Maria’s selection but she wasn’t complaining. She liked sushi very much.

“And guess what else I got,” said Maria. She pulled out a big bottle of sake.

“Sake?” said Jane, a bit confused. She was surprised that her Latina supervisor bought sushi and sake.

“What’s wrong Jane?” asked Maria. “You don’t like sake?”

“I do,” said Jane, hesitantly. “Did you pick out Japanese food and alcohol because I’m Asian?”

“Well, not really,” explained Maria. “I thought there was a chance you might appreciate Japanese food. But the main reason I got it is because I like sushi and sake!”

Jane was a bit surprised, but she believed her.

“I also like sushi and sake,” said Veronica, also surprising Jane.

“What’s wrong?” asked Maria. “Are Hispanic women not allowed to enjoy Asian food and drinks?”

“No, no, no,” Jane quickly explained. “I just didn’t know you liked sushi.”

Maria poured a small cup of sake and handed it to the intern. “Relax Jane. You’re doing a great job.”

Veronica was there to smile and agree as Maria complimented Jane for her hard work ethic.

“Thank you,” said Jane, as she grabbed the sake from Maria.

Maria poured two more drinks, one for herself and one for Veronica, as she proposed a toast for all their hard work. “We are WAY ahead of schedule. Great job you two!”

They clinked their glasses before gulping down the warm sake.

Maria then laid out the spread of sushi as she allowed the girls a thirty-minute break to eat. The conversation lightened up as the women enjoyed their meal. It was still a bit awkward for Jane. She had never had a positive encounter with her supervisor before.

Suddenly, Jane’s train of thought was interrupted when Maria said, “You are getting red.”

“Oh, me?” asked Jane. “Yeah my skin gets red when I drink.”

Maria laughed. “Are you even old enough to drink?” she asked, teasingly.

“Yeah, I’m twenty-three,” said Jane, with a chuckle. “Are YOU old enough to drink?” she joked back.

“Who me?” asked the surprised supervisor. “I know I look young for a supervisor but I’m thirty,” she said with a laugh.

“That’s really impressive that you became a supervisor at a young age,” said Jane.

“Thanks,” said Maria. “How do you like working here so far?”

“I really like it,” said Jane. “I’ve learned a lot.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Maria. “The girls sure seem to like you.”

Jane was now redder than before. But she felt comfort when she noticed Veronica winking at her. “Yeah, the ladies are really nice,” Jane responded. “Especially Veronica.”

Veronica placed her hand on Jane’s shoulder, touched by her compliment.

“She is the best, isn’t she,” said Maria.

“Yeah, she’s the best!” said Jane, with a smile.

Despite having a few drinks in them, the girls went back to working. When Maria left the room, Veronica approached Jane and began massaging her shoulders.

Jane immediately closed her eyes and pretended to fall asleep. “Oh my God,” she said. “That feels so good.”

Veronica loved putting her hands on Jane. “Maybe I can massage you for once,” she said, in a sexy voice.

“I’ve been working all day and night for the past month. My body is so tired,” said Jane.

“You deserve a massage,” said Veronica, as she continued rubbing her shoulders. She then placed a small kiss on the intern’s cheek. Jane smiled and looked back at Veronica. As she looked into Veronica’s eyes, the two shared a soft and passionate kiss. They then stared at each other, smiling and blushing.

The mood was suddenly interrupted by Maria’s voice. “What is going on here?”

Veronica quickly removed her hands and took a step away from Jane. “Oh, hi Maria!”

“What were you two doing?” asked the suspicious supervisor.

“Oh, ummm…” Veronica paused, feeling she had been caught red handed. “I was just massaging Jane’s shoulders. Her shoulders were bothering her.”

“You give massages?” Maria asked.

“Well, not usually,” said Veronica. “But Jane gives massages. She actually gives me massages all the time. She’s the best!”

“Is this true Jane?” asked Maria.

“Umm…yes,” answered Jane. “I’ve done massages for a few years.”

Veronica then jumped back in. “Yes, she’s really good!”

“Oh, is that so?” asked Maria.

“You should ask her for a massage!” said Veronica.

Jane was a bit surprised, but she assumed Veronica was just trying to keep them out of trouble.

“No,” said Maria. “I want to see her give you a massage.”

Jane was now shocked. “You…you want me to massage Veronica? In front of you?”

“Is that okay?” asked Maria.

“Ummm…yes,” answered the confused Jane.

“Uhh, Maria. What exactly did you see when you walked in?” asked Veronica.

“I didn’t see anything,” Maria answered, in a teasing voice. “As a supervisor, I didn’t see anything Rus Escort inappropriate between two of my employees.”

Jane and Veronica both gulped as they looked at each other.

“I can keep it that way,” Maria continued. “Nothing ever happened. That will be my answer if anybody asks me.”

Jane and Veronica were both scared for their jobs. What could Maria possibly have in mind?

“But I want to see it,” she said. “I had a feeling something really sexy was happening between you two. I see the way you look at each other. I see the way you two have become so close. I just want to see exactly what is going on. Just once.”

Veronica did not know how to respond. “But…why?” she finally asked.

“Well, I’m drunk, for one,” Maria answered. “And who wouldn’t want to see a sexy Latina woman like you with a cute Asian girl like Jane?”

The girls both blushed as they stared at Maria.

Maria looked at Veronica. “I feel like you do some really hot stuff to our cute little intern. I just want to see it one time, and it’ll be like it never happened.”

“Okay,” said Veronica. “You promise?”

“You have my word,” said the aroused supervisor.

Veronica then looked over at Jane. “Are you willing to do this in front of Maria?” she asked.

Even though it was an extremely awkward situation, Jane tried to remain calm. “Yes,” she answered. “Let’s show Maria some of the hot stuff we do.”

Veronica looked into Jane’s eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay,” she answered. It wasn’t just a sign of agreement from Veronica. It was also a big sign of trust. She trusted that everything would be okay as long as she was with Jane.

Maria sat in her chair as she poured herself another shot of sake.

Jane and Veronica both took a deep breath before standing up and looking at each other. Jane then looked over at Maria and said, “I usually give her pretty sexual massages.”

“Oh, really?” Maria asked. “How did that start?”

Just as Veronica was about to admit that she asked for the sexual massages, Jane beat her to the punch. “She came in for a normal massage, but I couldn’t help myself.” Veronica was surprised that Jane was taking the full blame. The Asian intern figured that she had less to lose if they got in trouble.

“Oh, you couldn’t help yourself?” asked the surprised Maria.

“Yes,” Jane answered. “She has a beautiful body. I couldn’t keep my hands off her! And it eventually led to me doing inappropriate things to her.”

“Well you’re right,” Maria responded. “She has a great body.”

Jane and Veronica both smiled, nervously.

“So, what exactly did you do to her?” Maria asked. “I want to see it.”

“Okay,” Jane agreed. As she led Veronica to the other side of the room, she looked over at her beautiful coworker and whispered, “Remember when we went dancing?”

“Yeah, what about it?” asked Veronica.

“When I was nervous about dancing in front of other people, you told me to just pretend nobody else was watching.”

“I remember that,” said Veronica.

“Let’s try it here,” said Jane. “Just pretend Maria isn’t watching. Pretend it’s just you and me, and nothing else matters.”

“Are you sure?” Veronica asked, feeling nervous.

“I have a feeling that everything will be okay,” said Jane.

Maria then interrupted. “Wait, don’t you need a table to give a massage?”

“Not exactly,” responded Jane. She took her hot coworker to a chair in the corner of the room. Jane then sat down as she bent the Latina over her lap. Veronica was nervous to do this in front of Maria but was also excited to get another massage from Jane, no matter what the circumstances were.

Maria was shocked as she watched the small intern take control of Veronica’s body. Her heart raced as she watched Jane pull Veronica’s tight slacks down. It was so hot to see Veronica’s sexy ass in a little gray thong. She was even more shocked to see the smaller Asian woman rubbing that beautiful exposed ass.

The supervisor was astounded at what she saw. Maria knew it was going to be a sexy sight to see. However, she was not expecting this at all. She felt herself getting horny as she watched Jane’s small hand rub all over Veronica’s big beautiful bottom.

Maria moaned quietly to herself as she watched the smaller woman take control of Veronica’s body. She was impressed by Veronica’s willingness and trust she showed as she surrendered herself to Jane.

Just as Jane always did, she slipped Veronica’s thong out of the way as she prepared to rub her tight little ass hole. The masseuse did not have her massage oil, so instead she used her own saliva to wet her fingers. Jane placed her fingers in her mouth, moistening her fingertips, then proceeded to rub the rim of Veronica’s pink anus.

Maria was turned on from the tension in Veronica’s face. As the hot Latina closed her eyes and moaned uncontrollably from having her anus stimulated, Maria could only imagine the pleasure she was experiencing. The fantasy Yenimahalle Escort intensified as Jane ripped Veronica’s thong down to her thighs.

“I’m tired of these getting in my way,” the intern said, as she went back to rubbing Veronica’s anus.

“AYY MAMI!” moaned Veronica. Being bent over Jane’s lap was one of her favorite things in the world. She did not care who was watching at this point.

Just as Jane hoped, it felt like they were in a world of their own. She felt Veronica squirming over her lap. She could feel Veronica’s body melting to her every touch.

The intern then looked up to find Maria biting her bottom lip. Suddenly, Jane could tell that Veronica was not the only one she turned on at that moment. Jane could tell Maria was biting her lip because she wanted a massage too. Just like Monica did.

Jane decided to play along. She looked into Maria’s eyes from across the room as she rubbed Veronica’s voluptuous ass in front of her. Maria licked her lips as she watched Jane handle Veronica’s tushy. Jane knew she had Maria on the edge of her seat. She winked at Maria as she gave Veronica’s beautiful tush a hard smack.

Veronica moaned and flinched as her butt jiggled from being spanked. She loved spankings almost as much as she loved the massages Jane gave her. She wiggled her hot bottom, tempting Jane to smack it again.

As Jane spanked Veronica again, she noticed that Maria was jumping just as much as Veronica. Maria could just feel the intense chemistry between her two employees. She so badly wished she could take their place. Maria just did not know which girls she was more jealous of. Jane getting to play with Veronica’s ass or Veronica getting her ass played with by Jane.

The confident intern winked at her supervisor as she rubbed her wet fingers up and down Veronica’s crack. Jane’s fingers caressed the Latina’s anus and clitoris as she sensually rubbed her up and down. Veronica’s face turned red as she looked back over her shoulder and watched Jane provide her all the pleasure she longed for.

Just when Maria thought things could not get any hotter, Jane forced Veronica back up to her feet. Veronica’s pants were down to her ankles and her thong was wrapped around her knees. She had trouble walking as Jane backed her up against a wall. Jane then ripped her shirt open. The forceful intern put her arms around Veronica’s body and unsnapped her bra.

Jane pressed her body against Veronica’s as the two began passionately kissing. Jane pressed her palm against the Latina’s crotch and rubbed her pussy as they continued to kiss. Both women moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues twirled against each other’s. Veronica put both of her hands in Jane’s hair as she kissed her with everything she had. Jane reciprocated the affection by rubbing her wet pussy faster and faster.

Maria began moaning loudly, as she could no longer keep herself from rubbing her own clit. Seeing the hot and passionate connection the two employees had was unlike anything she had ever seen before.

Jane and Veronica both noticed Maria moaning loudly as she watched. They no longer felt awkward in front of their supervisor. They enjoyed the feeling of turning her on with their sexual display.

Jane looked back at Maria, with a sexy look. “Do you like what you see?” she asked, as she tickled Veronica’s clitoris.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Maria moaned. “This is so much better than porn! You two are amazing!”

Veronica moaned loud for Jane. She then looked over at Maria and grabbed Jane’s ass with both of her hands. “Isn’t she a hot and spunky little woman?” she asked, as she squeezed the Asian’s cute little ass.

“Yes!” exclaimed Maria. “Jane, I had no idea you were so sexually assertive! That’s really hot!”

Jane blushed as she winked at Maria again.

“Do you want to see something really hot?” asked Veronica. She unbuttoned Jane’s pants and pulled them down to the floor. She exposed Jane’s hot ass, wearing a pink thong. Veronica then grabbed both of her cheeks and rubbed them for Maria to see. “Look at this hot little ass.”

“Oh my God!” said Maria. “Jane, you have such a nice booty!”

Jane used to be so insecure about her ass. Having two hot Latinas admire it so much brought an intense warmness to her as she became completely red.

“And guess what else,” said Veronica, as she rubbed her hands all over Jane’s cute cheeks. “I get to eat this sexy little ass sometimes.”

Maria moaned out loud, unable to control her volume. “That’s so hot!” she responded, as she continued to play with herself.

Jane looked into Veronica’s eyes. “Do you think we should let her join us?” she asked, hinting towards a threesome with Maria.

Veronica always dreamed of being in a threesome. However, she never imagined it would be with two other women. Veronica’s heart started racing as she realized she was about to have her first ever threesome with Jane and Maria. “Yes, mami! Lets’s have a fucking threesome!”

“Oh my God!” Maria squealed. “This is too good to be true!”

Jane and Veronica grabbed Maria and began stripping her down to her underwear. The sexy supervisor was left frozen as the girls got her down to her push-up bra and thong. As the two women ripped Maria’s bra off and exposed her large breasts, they began sucking on her nipples like babies thirsting for milk.

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