Jane and I

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This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it.


Television can evoke strong memories, but in this case, it actually got me a whole lot more.

Several years ago, I was sharing a house with Jane while I worked at the local shopping center. I was not long out of school and had not decided what to do with my life. My rural upbringing had seriously cramped my style, so I moved to the city in the hope of finding adventure, excitement, and girls.

Jane was twenty four years old, and training to be a doctor. She was slim and pretty, with long dark hair stretching halfway down her back. She had a firm figure, and every morning I was treated to the sight of her nipples pointing out through the soft cloth of her night-dress.

Jane seemed out of my league, so I had never made any serious attempt to get her into bed. We were very good friends, and both felt easy in each others presence. She once remarked that there was nothing we could not talk about together.

Topics discussed included my unsuccessful attempts at bedding some of the better looking customers in the shops. She knew I was a virgin and seemed to consider it a challenge to get me a willing partner.

But none of ever realised how quickly things can change.

We were enjoying a quiet evening at home in front of the television, watching one of those light-hearted comedies about medical students in training. Jane spent a lot of time pointing to items she worked with during her day, and laughed at some points that I couldn’t understand.

The show’s theme for that episode was a shy male intern who blushed when he had to examine a woman intimately.

I said to Jane, “It must be a bit embarrassing to be poking at a member of the opposite sex.”

She shook her head. “No, you get used to it. And I have been examined several times.”

I nearly choked on my beer. “Pardon?”

Jane grinned. “I don’t believe it, I actually made you blush.” She continued. “One day, the patient who had consented to an exam for students was discharged early, so the lecturer did not have anyone else. He was set to go on to some other subject for the day when I offered to help.”

“Did that seem strange?,” I asked. “Having your fellow students touch your body.”

“No, It’s perfectly natural.”

“What happened?”

“I just took off my skirt and panties, and climbed up on the examination table. OK, that is a bit weird having your vagina open like that with a bright light shining on it. Then the lecturer put on a pair of gloves and showed them the different parts of a woman’s body.”

I had recovered from the initial embarrassment and asked. “And did the other students touch you?.”

“Yes, they had to learn about the internal organs.”

“Lucky fellas,” I said with a smile.

“There were females there also.”

Now I was really Anadolu Yakası Escort blushing. The idea of several men with their fingers inside Jane was pleasant enough, but the thought of other girls probing her body really made my cock stir in my pants.

Jane noticed. “Can I ask you a personal question?.”

She gently stroked my hair as I sat beside her and nodded.

“You have an erection now, don’t you,” she smiled.

I nodded and moved my hands away from where they had been covering my shorts. A slight swelling was just noticeable.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said in a soothing voice. “I think some of the students were excited when they touched me.”

“Were you excited?,” I asked.

“A little bit,” she replied. “My vagina became very moist, and the lecturer made a point of telling the students to notice the moisture, and how its slipperiness helped a woman to take a penis inside her.”

At this stage, my cock was rock hard. Jane knew it too, and looked down at the increasing bulge.

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” she said.

I explained that I didn’t want to think of her in purely sexual terms, but she dismissed my concerns.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “Sex is perfectly natural, and I am sure I have been in the fantasies of many men before.”

I nodded, and just stopped short of admitting that I fantasised about her when I was playing with my cock. I was already thinking of some excuse to leave so that I could give myself a good pounding, when she spoke up again.

“Have you ever seen a woman’s genitals?.”

The question shocked me a bit, but I managed to say that I had only seen glimpses in porn books and film.

“Would you like to see mine?.”

I never remembered saying yes, but I’m sure I did. She stood up from the couch and hitched her night-dress up, displaying a nice pair of pink panties. She put her thumbs in the sides and pulled them down in one swoop. She then sat back down on the couch with her legs towards me. Her knees were together and she spoke again. “Do you want to go through with this. You look nervous?.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, but I just got a bit shy. I would love to see your body.”

Jane stretched her legs out as I knelt beside her on the couch. My face was only several inches from her pussy, the first one I had ever seen in real life. She was neatly trimmed with a slight covering of pubic hair over the lips.

She was not in the least bit uncomfortable as she lay naked before me. “Would you like to touch me?.”

I nodded and brushed her softly on the pubic hairs. “Don’t be shy,” she said and she held my hand. She guided my fingers to her outer lips and let my hand go. I stroked her a bit hard this time, feeling the firm softness of her lips and the feel of her hairs.

She pointed at her own body. “No prizes for guessing that Pendik Escort these are the outer lips, known in medical terms as the outer labia.”

I was nervous, but the joy of touching her made my fears disappear. My eyes went over her, looking at her pussy from a variety of directions. I smiled up at her as she lay there with her lower half uncovered.

“Can I touch you inside?,” I asked nervously.

“Of course,” she replied and parted her legs slightly. I pinched the lips on both sides and separated them, revealing the soft folds of skin within her.

Her fingers joined mine and she pointed inside herself. “These are the inner lips,” she said as she pulled them apart. She then pointed at the top of her genitals, “And this is my clitoris.”

I rubbed it slightly, and she jumped a bit.

“Sorry,” I said. “Did I hurt you?.”

“It’s ok, but it is a bit sensitive. Rub it gently.”

I stroked her clitoris, both directly and around it; a trick I had heard mentioned in a porn film.

She smiled. “That is much better.”

“Is that stimulating you?,” I asked.

“Yes, it is very pleasant,” she replied.

At this point I started to notice the delightful aroma coming from her body. I inched my face a bit closer but tried not to make it too obvious. My cock was straining against my shorts, but I feared if I started wanking now that she might get angry.

She lay back further and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the experience. “Put your finger inside my vagina and feel how moist I have become.”

Jane spread her legs much further, fully exposing the entrance to her vagina. I pushed my finger slowly into her, and noticed the enjoyable wetness within her.

“I see what you mean. You are very wet.”

She put her finger inside herself and scooped up some of the moisture. “When I play with myself, I use the wetness as lubricant on my clit,” she said and she rubbed her clitoris gently. I noticed she was breathing faster now, and she was not the only one.

Her other hand went up to her breasts and she rubbed them through the clothes. “This is making my nipples hard,” she said. She lifted up from the couch and pulled the night-dress up over her breasts, then took it off completely.

“That’s better,” she said as she lay there completely naked.

I was in heaven. My fingers were still buried into her pussy, and now I had a full view of her breasts. They were gorgeous. Firm, and topped with pert brown nipples that stood out against her pale soft skin.

“Are you alright,” she asked.

I laughed a bit. “Remember that erection, well it is even harder now.”

I stood slightly, so that she could see it straining against my shorts. To my surprise, she put her hand against it. “Boy, that is a good one.” She lay back down. “Take your shorts off if you want.”

I didn’t wait for a second Kurtköy Escort invitation. My shorts were off in an instant, and I stood over her with my cock pointing straight out. Jane reached out and put her hand fully around it, pulling me back down near her.

“Will you keep rubbing me?,” she asked. Jane began rubbing my cock with one hand, while fingering herself with the other.

I put two fingers back into her as the stroking on my cock increased. Drops of pre-cum were flowing out now, making the experience more enjoyable. Her hand went right up to the tip of my cock, swirled around the opening collecting my juices, then stroked back down to the base.

My cock had never been harder, so strong it almost hurt. Jane was panting now, and although I had no experience I could clearly tell she was going to have an orgasm.

Her nipples were rock hard as I began stroking them. I was difficult to concentrate as I fought the urge to cum all over her face. Fearing that this might stop her, I took her hand away from my cock.

“I am going to cum,” I warned. “The stimulation is too much.”

“Ok, I’ll leave your cock alone for a moment.” She sat up a bit and turned her pussy towards me.

“Will you lick me?” she asked. “I haven’t been licked for a long time.”

I dropped my face down on to her pussy and put my tongue between her lips. Although I could not be sure I was doing it right, the way she moaned as I licked her clitoris indicated that she was enjoying it. Her delicious dampness flowed over my face as I probed her vagina with my tongue.

Her hand found my cock again, and I feared I might not last much longer. Just as I thought she was going to wank my off, she pulled on my dick and directed me towards her waiting cunt.

Oh, my God, I though. I’m about to get laid for the first time. I pulled off my shirt, the only garment any of us was wearing. I positioned myself between her legs as she lay back on the couch once more. She pulled her pussy lips open wide, and I put my cock between them. Jane reached around my back and pulled me forward. I could not believe the delightful feelings that I experience as my dick entered a woman for the first time. She looped her legs around my back, exposing her pussy to my pounding cock.

Despite all the excitement, I managed over five minutes of thrusting before I came. Strong spasms throughout my lower body pushed my sperm into her and she groaned.

After coming we lay together for a few more minutes until my hard cock went back to its normal soft self.

Jane stroked my hair gently. “That was nice,” she said through a smile. “I’m delighted that I was your first.”

She held me close once again. “And just to keep that smile on your face,” she said, “there is plenty more where that came from.”

Jane and I spent several more months together before she went on to graduate and moved away.

Our last night together was as good as the first.

Now years later, she is just a memory. But, what a memory. As I sat watching reruns of old TV shows, I spotted the episode that had got me laid all those years ago.

Another smile crossed my lips.

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