James Pt. 02

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These events are hard to record in writing, not because they are distant in time and place, but because they reawaken such strong erotic feelings in me that I have to take several breaks in typing to relieve my arousal.

It was not long after the first encounter with my shy college friend James that we agreed to meet again. We each confessed to having fantasies about the previous events; I was having trouble getting the thoughts out of my mind, as well as coming to terms with my new found obsession with another man’s penis.

We discovered that we each had come to learn something about ourselves. I had found myself surprisingly turned on by the thought of being submissive, while James was able to express a more dominant side than he was able to publicly. As a result, our second and further encounters we began to take on more defined roles, which led to me learning to satisfy the demands of another.

I understood that no longer could I expect to take control as I had previously, now I was expected to serve and give pleasure to another, and the idea excited me immensely.

The second time James and I got together, we spend an entire night at his apartment. Gone was the fumbling newness of the first, it was almost Halkalı travesti straight down to business. I saw him bulging through his jeans as he sat down, and immediately dropped to my knees in front of him, took his cock from its hiding place and felt it stiffen further in my hands. It was magnificent, standing strong and firm, soft and hard at the same time. He gently pulled my head closer and I let my mouth engulf him. All I wanted was to give pleasure and I began by moving my tongue around his throbbing head, before taking it as deep as I could in my mouth, and gently moving my head up and down, drawing moans of pleasure from James, as he lay back in his chair.

I wanted to take it deeper but was having a difficult time finding a rhythm. I took off his jeans and underwear and continued using my tongue and lips as skillfully as I could manage. His tugging at my shirt indicated that I should get undressed, and so I stood and walked to his bed and let him undress me and himself. I felt his hands begin to caress my body, as he stood behind me I could feel his erection pressing against me and, more than anything, I wanted it.

James laid me face down on the bed, and climbed on top. This time I had Levent travesti no control over the impending impact, but he poured lubricant on me and spread my legs further apart. In spite of his thickness, he easily slid inside me, and I enjoyed the wave of pleasure as he buried every inch into me. I felt his weight on my back as he began thrusting, and his breath on the back of my neck getting heavier. I began to whisper encouragement. “Fuck me”. This had the desired effect, and James began pounding me harder, as my pleasure built inside

“I want to cum inside you”, he whispered. I wanted nothing more than to give him pleasure, and release, and I found myself moaning along with him as I felt his body tense, and he filled me with his load.

As I lay there feeling his weight on top of me, his cock still hard and deep inside me, I knew that from that moment on, I wanted to be available to him whenever he needed an eager recipient of his desires. When he called, I would obey, and offer to him whichever part of me he desired for his own pleasure.

Over the following days, our text conversations revolved around how we would make this arrangement a reality. It was only a few evening later than I received Şirinevler travesti a message from James saying that he was in town and would like to stop by for a visit.

My apartment was in a building that was mainly offices and deserted most evenings, and had a series of flights of stairs that lay mostly in darkness. When James arrived I guided him to a dark stairway, dropped to my knees as requested and began unbuttoning his jeans.

I withdrew his already partly-stiff cock and began working on it with my lips and tongue, feeling him stiffen fully as I sucked, taking his thick cock into my eager mouth as deep as I could.

James soon responded with encouragement, his hands on the back of my head indicating the rhythm I should maintain. All I wanted to was to satisfy him, for him to depart happy so I could know I had done a good job.

I made eye contact as I sucked and licked his thick, hard cock, and although my mouth was not the only part of me that was hungry for it, I provided the service that was requested of me.

Although I was prepared to received my first mouthload of cum, once James was about to orgasm, he pulled out of my mouth and covered the lower part of my face, my neck and even my chest with big drops of cum.

He smiled as he wiped himself against my cheek, adjusted his clothes, and left me there on my knees. After the door closed, I went back up to my apartment, and didn’t clean myself off until I had stroked my cock to a powerful orgasm of my own.

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