Jamaican Queen Ch. 03

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“There she is girls, and she’s all ours,” Vanessa smiled to the two older women joining her in the hot tub.

I had just stepped out of the house through a sliding glass door and was discarding my robe. I could hear the loud gasp as the three older lesbians got their first look at me in the bathing suit that Vanessa had chosen for me to wear.

It was a shear white one-piece (barely) suit. The suit had two thin straps that held up a bikini-like top attached by a few strands to a thong-like bottom. My ass was in full view. My pussy was barely covered by a shear white, 2×4” triangle. The material in the strong sunlight was so shear that at certain angles it became see-through.

The way the two fiftyish—and over-weight—women stared and gaped made me feel like an object of pure lust. It disgusted me to have these two butch lesbians look me over like a piece of meat, one prepared just to sate their unnatural appetites.

I strode to the hot tub under their glare, feeling naked. Strangely though, I felt my body was also aroused by it all. And I also felt proud, in a strange way, that I was pleasing Vanessa by impressing her mannish friends so much.

As I climbed into the tight quarters of the hot tub, I thought the two homely and squat women’s eyes would bug out. I had to lean over quite a bit getting in and it showed off my breasts in all their glory. My breasts are quite large for my slender frame. As my weight fluctuates even 3-4 pounds, I often find them going from 36C’s to D’s.

In climbing into the tub, I also had to turn from them somewhat. My naked ass—much to my embarrassment—was placed squarely in their faces. They were delighted with this.

Sitting down next to Vanessa, I was face to face with the two older women who had grossed me out so much in the past.

One was Billie Jean. Billie Jean was about 5’5”, squat, probably 175 pounds, with wide hips and a full gut. She wore her hair like a man’s. It was even parted on the side and combed up in the front into a little pompadour. It appeared she wore some kind of gook in it too, like older men do.

Billie Jean was a manager in our IT department. She had given me looks and made eyes at me since I joined the company. I always hated going down to her department because of the ogling and occasional remarks she’d make about me transferring to her department so we could, “work together.” She’d always say it with a smirk, emphasizing the phrase so as to stress its double meaning. Then her eyes would slide down my body in a very sleazy and demeaning way.

She was a true redneck from Alabama where I’m sure alternative lifestyles were not so appreciated. She had served as a sergeant in the women’s army. Coming to the Bay Area was liberation for her and her lustful needs. I had a good idea of what she had in mind for me, if she ever got the chance. I was determined, up until this instant, she never would. In fact, I had always tried to make sure she never saw anything but disgust and disdain from me…until now…in this hot tub…as Vanessa had me parade myself before her…all but naked to her lecherous view.

The other woman was Mi Ling. A somewhat obese, slow-witted, Chinese woman who was new to the U.S., Mi Ling worked for the Janitorial Department. I had seen her many times mopping the cafeteria floors at work. Often, as I’d get on line to be served, I would catch her staring at me. She would seem to just stop in her tracks, cease her mopping, almost frozen in place, and just stare at me. I’d never seen such lust in a woman.

Mi Ling was also extremely butch and man-like. She wore her hair in a crew cut, and wore no make-up, whatsoever. Mi Ling was also quite fat. At about the same height as Billie Jean, she was probably 200 plus pounds.

The Chinese woman’s lustful stares would always give me the chills. As I would walk past her with my meal, she would look me up and down, and especially stare at my breasts. I found it extremely gross. I also feared that someone else would notice the blatant way she was checking me out, and perhaps think there was some feeling or interest in return from me.

I found both Mi Ling and Billie Jean repugnant. And now, here I was, at Vanessa’s command, almost undressed before them, modeling a few strands of nylon that exposed me for their pleasure.

All this ran through my mind. Then I wondered, “So, why then are my nipples stiffening under the gaze of these two homely lesbians?”

Vanessa put her arm around me in a very showy way, to impress the two gnome-ish lesbians that I was her property.

“Billie Jean, Mi Ling, you both know Leasa from the Marketing Department, don’t you?” Vanessa phonily inquired of her homosexual companions.

“Oh yeah, we sure do!” Billie Jean drawled loudly, laughing as she did. Mi Ling’s eyes went to slits as she giggled slightly, definitely getting the joke. They knew me alright, but not as well as they were hoping to get to know me today.

“She’s a beauty, isn’t bursa evi olan escort she?” Vanessa asked rhetorically, as she turned my face to hers, cradling it in her large hand, and began kissing me deeply—all for the show of impressing her lesbo comrades.

As Vanessa kissed and tongued me with building passion, I felt her hand begin to cup and squeeze my breast. I could hear Billie Jean gasp in excitement at seeing me—the blonde object of her lust—being pawed so casually by her Jamaican friend. A moment later, Vanessa flipped the thin material down and took my bared breast into her hand as we kissed. To the soft “oohs” and “aahhhs” of our lesbian audience, Vanessa began mauling my tit crudely, exciting these two hungry women to a dangerous degree.

Vanessa’s lips pulled away from mine. She then slid her tongue along my lips, teasing them, seducing them into closing back onto hers. As our lips worked away, I suddenly felt a second hand begin to grasp and manipulate my tit, roughly.

Billie Jean was now playing with my breast and tweaking my nipple, even as Vanessa sought to distract me from these incipient steps of rape with her passionate mouth.

I could feel Billie Jean pinching my nipple and pulling on it, almost as if it were a toy for her lust, mumbling to herself, “Oh wow…Oh, fuckin’ wow…Got her now…right in my hands!”

My feet were also being lifted now. I knew it was Mi Ling across from me. My feet were being spread and placed over her shoulders. I could feel her hands beginning to work away at the strings that tied the bottom of my suit to the top. Soon they were loosened and I felt my bottom thong being pulled off me.

I tried at this point to pull away from Vanessa. I could see what was happening, and I was determined to fight off this invasion of my body with all the strength I had. But Vanessa—to my right—kept pulling my lips to hers, holding my face to hers with her strong hand. And Billie Jean—to my left—held down my arm as she now began sucking and biting on my nipple. Mi Ling had full control of my legs, even as she clamped her lips down on my clitoris, her head fully between my thighs.

I struggled for a minute or two, but they were too strong for me. And so too was the heat that was being stoked throughout my body by these hideous and lecherous older women.

Mi Ling’s tongue expertly worked the lips of my labia and drew moans from me. I couldn’t believe this gargoyle of a woman could give me such exquisite pleasure. I groaned from both pleasure and self-disgust as I could feel myself building toward an orgasm under the constant and steady tonguing Mi Ling was providing.

“Ya got her goin’,” Billie Jean shouted, “Holy shit! Mi Ling ya’ got her goin’!”

I could here Vanessa laugh to the others:

“I told you she was hornier than a toad!”

In the back of my mind, I wanted to strike out at them and run away. But Mi Ling’s tongue was subduing me. To my own horror and shame, I was building to a crescendo and couldn’t resist the Chinese beast between my thighs, feasting on me.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh…!” I screamed and stiffened, arching my back and thrusting my loins forward into Mi Ling’s ravenous mouth. My thighs locked tightly about her head as I squeezed and lurched through the most powerful cum I had ever had…all at the hands—or better, at the lips and tongue—of this vile, obese janitorial worker.

But I could never deny it later; Mi Ling had now been my lover. Although slow-witted, obese and ugly, she had been a far superior lover to my husband—or to any other man I’d ever had.

After the blazing orgasm slowly subsided, I felt subdued, defeated. As Mi Ling sank back to the other corner of the hot tub, licking her lips and smiling in conquest, Billie Jean now began kissing me and whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

“Darlin’ you’re the best lookin’ woman I ever been with, ya know that,” she whispered as much to herself as me.

Billie Jean sucked on my neck, giving me a bright red hickey. It seemed juvenile for her to be doing this, but it was more her way of branding me. It was something she would be able to see—and point out to others—on Monday, proving I had been hers.

The older woman nibbled on my ear, “Been wantin’ you a long time Lease…ya know that?” she whispered. “You been wantin’ me too, ain’t ‘cha?” she queried.

As we kissed, I nodded, ‘yes’. Why, I have no idea. I’d never wanted her. I detested her. I found her disgusting. But now I was assenting to the insinuation that I had wanted her all along too, just as she had wanted me.

A big, triumphant smile stretched across her homely face, “Yeah, I been knowin’ ya did. Just takes a little time for hoity-toity types like you to come around…but ya’ did, didn’t ‘cha?”

Again, after a long agonizing silence, I nodded my agreement. I felt conquered and defeated now. I was too tired to fight these aggressive, butch dykes any longer.

I was altıparmak escort theirs.

Billie Jean left the hot tub to sit with Vanessa a few feet away.

I lay my head back, out of the tub, onto the pavement. I heard water stir and then a shadow blocked the sun. Water began dripping onto my face. I opened my eyes to look up at Mi Ling slowly maneuvering herself over me, straddling my face with her cellulite-laden thighs. Her twat was hairy, its lips thick, sagging from her pelvis. Like a nightmare, she began lowering herself onto my face.

“No…please…Oh God, no!” I began to whimper, hoping Vanessa or Billie Jean would come to my rescue. But they just sat in their lounge chairs, stunned, watching Mi Ling straddle my face.

I tried to fend her off by pushing my hands against her thighs, but she was far too heavy. In a moment, my face was buried in the folds of her labia. She ground her hips forward and back, rubbing my face into the warm wetness of her vagina.

I continued to try and resist, but soon realized Mi Ling was not in the mood to take “no” for an answer, not from the young blonde she felt she had already pleasured in just such a way:

“You turn, now…” she whispered, hoarsely.

After struggling for a minute or so longer, I found myself beginning to lick the rotund, bear-like woman.

“Ughhh…Ughhh” she grunted over and again, with each stroke of my tongue.

Soon, I was working my tongue over her moist lips and deep into her now drooling hole, much as I had done for Vanessa a few nights before. Never in my life would I have dreamt I would ever service this horrible beast of a woman. The very woman who had made my skin crawl just weeks before when she’d even look at me.

Now Mi Ling was sitting on my face, using me for her sexual gratification. The other two women watched in stunned silence as Mi Ling continued grinding her cunt into my face, just using me as a tool to get herself off with.

My tongue and lips were now working feverishly on her bulbous clit. Like her, it was thick and fat. I worked it over and over with my tongue, thinking the sooner I could bring this elephantine woman off, the sooner she would stop smothering me with her hairy twat.

As Mi Ling grew more excited, I thought she might kill me, either by smothering me under her flesh or drowning me in the copious secretions that began flowing from her over sized gash.


Mi Ling exploded all at once. In the throes of her orgasm, she thrashed about so, that she moved forward and positioned her ass over my face. As the orgasm subsided, she brought her ass slowly down over my face. I fended it off slightly with my hands, but—though I can’t explain why—as she held it there, I spread her cheeks slightly, and let my tongue continue to pleasure her, licking away gently at her anal ring. She grunted again in pleasure, holding her self still for several minutes while I continued.

I will never be able to explain it to myself. But, somehow, I just wanted to give this miserable specimen of a woman as much pleasure as I could. Why? Please, don’t ask. I could never give a coherent answer. I suppose I felt she had taken me, like no man ever had, without asking, without pleading, she just took what she wanted of me, and I had a grudging respect for her strength of will…a strength of will that had subdued mine. Suddenly, the woman in me responded to her strength, and gave up to her what she had rightly won…won by just taking it.

Finally, Mi Ling rose shakily from tub side and staggered over to the other women, then plopped herself into a seat, still breathing heavily.

Billie Jean came back into the tub and sat across from me. She was now totally naked too.

“Come here, Leasa,” she commanded.

I looked groggily over at her thinking, “Aren’t they done with me yet?”

I continued looking over at her for several long seconds, then she reached over, grabbed my hand and pulled me through the water to her. I seemed to glide through the water as if I were flying in a dream.

I landed softly, my thighs straddling her hips. Our faces just inches apart. Then I leaned toward her, planting my lips on hers, initiating our kiss. Our breasts crushed against each others as we hugged passionately. Her hand stroked my hair as we kissed over and over.

Billie Jean whispered, “I love ya’ babe…”

“Me too…” I heard from another voice…one that I knew was mine.

I leaned forward and sucked deeply on her neck. I was determined to brand her as she had me. I worked on giving her a hickey, which she was gladly receiving. Her hands were now under my thighs and stroking back up under my ass. As I continued nursing at her neck, she rubbed my ass cheeks, cupping them with both hands. Billie Jean held me as she would a child (even though I was a good deal taller than her), cupping, stroking, and squeezing my buttocks as she gently rocked me gemlik escort back and forth.

Exhausted, my head lay on her shoulder even as I continued to nurse at her neck. I could hear her whisper triumphantly to Vanessa and Mi Ling—as if speaking of a child in her arms:

“She sure is affectionate now, ain’t she?”

“Ah yes, BJ,” Vanessa replied, “She’s yours now…I told you she was easy.”

“Yeh, she can’t say, ‘no’, huh?” Billie Jean responded.

Then she whispered in my ear, again as if to a babe:

“You just can’t say ‘no’, can ya’ babe?”

I was too weak to argue with them even though I knew that to these old, lesbian hags my silence was seen as nothing less than assent.

“Alright ladies, play time is over,” Vanessa announced, “I have a date to get to tonight. Bring ‘blondie’ up to my bedroom so I can finish with her.”

In short order, I found myself upstairs in Vanessa’s bedroom, spread out on her bed, my arm draped over my eyes. I was exhausted and ashamed of my behavior in the hot tub with the two old lesbians. I wanted to forget.

Vanessa was beautiful naked. Every thing about her was long, sleek, muscular, and black. Her ass jutted out, large and muscular. She was like a panther—stealthy, vicious and dangerous. I was still in some kind of erotic awe of her.

As I lay on the bed, Vanessa strode to her dresser and pulled out a crude object with belts and buckles hanging off it. I made it out to be a grotesquely huge, black phallus. She stood along side the bed and carefully strapped and buckled it on. When she was through she stood before me with this long, ominous projectile jutting from her loins.

Vanessa positioned herself on the bed and knee-walked herself toward me, nudging my thighs roughly apart as she did so. My thighs were now spread widely apart, and between them knelt this Amazon with her enormous, surrogate, black cock.

“Beg me to fuck you, you white slut!”

I was stunned! Vanessa had never spoken like that before. The words had spit from her mouth, vicious and embittered.

“’Nessa, please don’t,” I whimpered.

Slap! Slap! My powerful ebony lover slapped me twice. First with her open hand, then again with the back of her hand.

“Don’t make me bitch-slap you again, Leasa,” she spat, “Now, beg!”

I was frightened. No man had ever done that to me before. No man would have dared.

Slap! Slap! Before I could even respond, Vanessa dealt me another ‘bitch-slapping’.

“Please Vanessa, don’t…” I whined.

“Then beg—or you get more, you white tramp!”

“Alright…” I surrendered, “Please…fuck me.”

“That sounded unconvincing,” Vanessa insisted, “Convince me—or I swear, I’ll take a belt to you if I have to!”

I was now very frightened. I had never been treated so roughly. Most men I’d ever known worshipped me. They wanted only to please me. Now I was in the presence of a woman far more powerful than any man I’d ever known. She was too strong, too dominant, for me…I did what I felt I had to…

“Please baby, fuck me!” I shouted.

“More,” the dominant Jamaican woman demanded.

“Please Vanessa, fuck me…make me your whore…oh baby, make me your white whore!”

I could see I was pleasing her, so I continued:

“Oh baby, make me your slut…I just want to be your white slut…please baby, fuck me…break me open…I want you to own me!”

I had no ideas where these words were coming from…but I was responding to them too. My body was hot now, hot and wet, for this gorgeous creature to penetrate—to penetrate hard, fast, and repeatedly.

Vanessa was also aroused by my exhortations. She began working the huge bulbous head of the surrogate, black dick into the folds of my pussy lips. I was extremely wet by now and slowly she worked the huge object into me. Soon she was laying herself on top of me, her fantastic, powerful hips now pumping the long, mahogany cylinder into my juicy womb.

“Ummph…Ummph,” I grunted with each painful invasion of the oversized weapon. But her rhythmic penetration of my inner loins began to incite an incredible heat through my entire body and mind.

“Ohhh…Ohhh, “ I was soon moaning aloud…very ‘aloud’! I could hear the two aging dykes downstairs giggling as they listened to their ebony companion ride her blonde mare, breaking her in as a soon-to-be domesticated beast of burden for the entire Bay Area lesbian community.

“Ohhh God! Ohhh God! Vanessa, fuck me hard…make me yours…make me your slave…I’m just your slave, darling,” I began moaning aloud, while wrapping my legs around her piston-like hips.

I wanted Vanessa to take me, own me, use me…whatever made her happy. This black queen was giving me such tremendous pleasure that I just wanted to be with her forever, to be hers forever. I never really would consider a man again. Vanessa was now changing that forever, with each incredible thrust of her hips.

All I could think at this point was to wish that somehow, through some freak of nature, this incredible female could give me a child. I wanted more than anything that this could be her dick that was now invading the inner-most depths of my womb, and that she could now be impregnating me with her magnificent essence—her child.

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