Jacquline’s Flexibility

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This is the opening chapter to a short series based on a very flexible girl in the high school color guard and her college age instructor. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne

Jacquline was the smartest girl in the color guard, and many thought the hottest. She certainly was the most flexible, able to fall instantly into a full split or bend into just about any position. Jacquline was also perfectly proportioned with shapely legs, curvy hips, perky breasts and a firm ass. Add to that a cute voice, beautiful eyes, and a gorgeous smile, Jacquline had the perfect package.

Aside from color guard, Jacquline’s passion was for science. She was studying to be a veterinarian and always seemed to be learning when she wasn’t tossing a flag or practicing dance routines.

Jacquline had dated guys, but like many high school relationships, hers had been pretty tame. Her boyfriends always wanted to take things further, and Jacquline knew it, but she was very focused on her grades and her college plans, so she tended to keep guys from going too far. Making out in the car or on the sofa was usually about as far as it went.

It was rumored that Jacquline was a great kisser and could do amazing things with her tongue. Recently, she had gotten hot and heavy several times with one particular boyfriend and had perfected her blowjob skills by giving him head every time she needed to cool him down at the end of a date.

The most Jacquline had ever let him do to her though, was touch her breasts one day after school when they were having a really hot kissing session in the color guard storage room. She had taken off her shirt, and a few minutes later, reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Her boyfriend was transfixed in anticipation as Jacquline glided the bra straps off her shoulders. When he saw her perfect breasts for the first time, he nearly fainted, and Jacquline rolled her eyes.

“Good grief,” Jacquline thought to herself. “High school boys are so immature. I need someone different.”

Because she was so intelligent, all the high school guys just seemed too childish for Jacquline. She needed someone a little older and more experienced. Someone like…

…Jacquline’s color guard instructor.

Her instructor wasn’t a teacher employed by the school system. He was a college student who had been hired as staff by the music director to teach the flag girls their routines. Several years older than Jacquline, the instructor was much more what she was looking for in a guy: smart, creative, mature, and gorgeous.

What Jacquline didn’t know however, was that he was just as interested in her. He had enjoyed watching Jacquline grow up over the past four years from a really cute freshman to a very hot senior. Now that Jacquline had turned eighteen, he wanted nothing more than to fuck her in all kinds of creative positions that the flexible flag girl could get into.

One day during an after school color guard practice, the girls were finishing the opening routine. Jacquline was doing rifle work during this section which ended with a toss. The instructor made sure Jacquline was placed near the front sideline so that it would be easy to watch her. For today’s practice Jacquline was wearing a tight green t-shirt tucked into a small pair of light blue soffe shorts that she had rolled over several times to highlight her shapely legs and rear.

After a few times rehearsing the toss, the guard instructor walked over to Jacquline.

“Hey Jacs,” he asked, “just how flexible are you?”

The question caught her off guard. “How do you mean?”

He answered as if he had just thought of the idea. In reality, he had been planning to have her do this all along. “As you catch the toss, I want you to fall immediately into a full split.”

Jacquline raised her eyebrows. “Are you serious?”

“Sure Jacs,” he encouraged her. “You can do it. I’ve seen you fall into splits many times.”

“Doing a split isn’t the problem,” she smiled slightly, “it’s tossing and catching a five while I go down.”

He just loved how Jacquline had said “go down”. He was so horny for her that everything she said seemed naughty.

“Well if any flag girl can do it, you can,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try,” Jacquline said as she went back to her position on the field.

We ran the opening routine once again. As we Sinop Escort got to the final part of the routine, Jacquline tossed her rifle high. It rotated five times and then landed completely horizontal in her hands as she spread her legs wide and instantly fell hard into a perfect full split. Jacquline smiled up at the instructor for approval.

“How was that?” She asked.

The instructor’s cock was as hard as the rifle in Jacquline’s hands.

“Wow, that was amazing,” he said, very impressed. “You made that look so easy.”

Jacquline cocked her head to one side and smiled cutely. “Well, I am very flexible.”

“I’ll say,” he said, starting to wonder if Jacquline was actually flirting with him. Playing it off for now, he turned to the rest of the guard. “Let’s run it again, girls.”

For the rest of the rehearsal, the guard instructor kept intentionally running the end of that routine over and over to enjoy watching Jacquline fall into full splits again and again. It was a huge turn on for him as the hot, flexible flag girl became his personal eye candy. He made Jacquline spread her legs wide so many times that he felt like he could come just watching her.

Every now and then after a great catch, Jacquline would smile and give a little wink to her instructor followed by an occasional “come hither” look. Every time she teased him it made his cock twitch. Jacquline knew he was making her do this on purpose so he could get off on watching her do splits over and over. The thought of being objectified in this way was kind of a turn on for Jacquline. There was a slightly submissive element to being told what positions to get into and Jacquline found she rather enjoyed it.

It didn’t help either that every time Jacquline fell into her splits, her panties were riding up her tight little ass and gripping her pussy. A few times her instructor even saw Jacquline discretely place the head of her rifle between her legs and grind it up against her pussy, rolling her hips in tiny circles as the horny flag girl humped her own color guard equipment.

Every now and then, Jacquline would catch her instructor looking as she discretely masturbated herself with her rifle. She made a point of flashing him a little secret smile as if to say “I know EXACTLY what you’re doing.”

At one point, the flag girl closed her eyes and moaned softly, her legs quivering as she held her full split.

“Mygod, did she just orgasm?” the instructor thought to himself.

The slightly naughty look Jacquline gave her teacher after she noticed him watching told him that he would never know for sure.

At the end of rehearsal, Jacquline took her time packing up her guard bag, making sure that she was the last one on the field. After the rest of the girls had left, and Jacquline was sure no one was around, she called to her instructor.

“So, did you enjoy undressing me with your eyes?” Jacquline said playfully.

“What the…” The instructor stopped mid-sentence when he turned around and saw Jacquline in her full split again, this time with her hands on her hips and flashing a very cute smile. She had purposely arched her back to make her perfect breasts stand out underneath her t-shirt.

“I sure enjoyed it,” Jacquline said as she crossed her arms at the waist and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. “It really turned me on to have you telling me what to do with my body and then making me do it over and over again…just so you could watch.”

He tried to respond but was transfixed by Jacquline’s rack. Her young teenage breasts were so perky and pushed up beautifully by her bra. She was wearing a really cute bra too, light blue with white flowers.

“Well…are you just going to stand there?” Jacquline asked placing her hands back on her hips. “Being in this split puts me at the perfect height for you to use me.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Use you…how?”

Jacquline rolled her eyes and smiled. “Come on silly, what do you think flag girls are for? We love gripping a long…hard…pole.”

“Ohmygod, this is really happening,” he thought to himself. The instructor’s cock twitched as he walked over to his student, their eyes locked on each other. As he stood directly in front of Jacquline, the flag girl reached up and began undoing his trousers.

“Just to warn you,” Jacquline said, unzipping his pants and tugging them down, “I set new standards for giving blow jobs, so brace yourself.”

He swallowed hard.

Jacquline reached into his boxers and pulled out his rock hard cock, flashing a smile and tilting Sinop Escort Bayan her head to one side.

“Ready?” she asked, almost as a dare.

He shivered as Jacquline gently handled his member with her soft hands, delicately caressing his long shaft. Unable to put two words together, he nodded quickly and prepared to have his cock teased, sucked, and drained by his fantasy girl.

Looking up at her instructor with beautiful doe-like eyes, Jacquline took hold of his large shaft and guided it towards her beautiful soft lips.

“Let me show you how good I am with THIS pole,” the flag girl said giving his trembling cock a few slow pumps as a tease. He felt Jacquline’s warm breath on his member as she parted her lips and teasingly licked the head.

“Oh,” he shivered at the first touch from her moist tongue. Jacquline smiled to herself as she gave his pulsating shaft tiny little licks and kisses, just to tease him for what was to come.

Then, taking her time, Jacquline ran her warm wet tongue slowly up and down his shaft, starting with the sensitive underside of his trembling cock, moaning in pleasure as she played a cruel, cruel game with his nerves.

“Oh Jacs…” he shuddered as she tortured his member. “Jacs, what are you doing to me?”

“Shhh,” she whispered between her little kisses. “Just enjoy it.”

Jacquline absolutely loved the control she had over her instructor. “Men are so adorable,” she thought to herself as her continual teasing pulled desperate pleas and whimpers from him. “All it takes is a cute girl toying with a guy’s member and we can have anything we want from them.”

Jacquline, eager to show her instructor what other tricks she knew, took just the head of his cock in her warm, moist mouth and began swirling her amazing tongue around and around, hitting so many nerves at once.

“Oh fuck, Jacs!” he gasped as the senior girl had him completely under her control. As Jacquline continued to swirl her tongue around his cock, she slowly began taking more and more of his shaft into her mouth, essentially spiraling down his rod with her tongue like a corkscrew.

“Mygod,” he whispered to himself, overwhelmed by the sensation of his member being enveloped by the flag girl’s warm moist tongue. His cock was large, but Jacquline didn’t seem to have any problem taking it into her mouth, her soft lips closing firmly around the shaft.

“Mmmm,” Jacquline moaned as she began bobbing her head back and forth in a steady rhythm.

He looked down and saw Jacquline’s doe-like eyes staring up at him. She looked so submissive in a full split with her shirt off as she went down on his cock.

“Mygod she’s good at this,” he thought to himself as Jacquline’s eyes stayed locked on his as if she were looking for her instructor’s approval.

It was all an act though. Jacquline was the one in charge, and they both knew it. She was playing a game with his sanity as her amazing tongue fluttered, then swirled, and then gripped his large hard shaft sending huge jolts of pleasure through his entire body.

“Mygod, Jacs,” he was practically begging, “please don’t stop.”

“Um umm,” the flag girl shook her head as she began bobbing faster and faster.

“Oh…my…god…” he gasped as the teasing became torture. His fantasy girl was giving him the blowjob of a lifetime. For years the one thing he’d always dreamed of having was Jacquline’s beautiful warm, moist mouth sucking on his fully erect cock, and now it was really happening.

“AHH!!” The instructor cried out as Jacquline switched from bobbing back and forth to one long pull of massive suction. Not allowing him any time to recover, Jacquline immediately went back to bobbing at a frantic pace, enveloping his entire cock over and over again.

“Oh fuck!” He trembled as Jacquline curled her tongue around his shaft and gripped it tight, giving her instructor another long pull of massive suction.

“Fuck, Jacs! How are you doing that!?!” He felt like he was going to explode as the flag girl alternated between giving him full rapid pulls and long slow suctions. It was torture, and he never wanted it to end.

Continuing to suck massively on his over-sensitive member, Jacquline reached behind her back with both hands and unhooked her bra. Her instructor stared in amazement as Jacquline glided the bra straps off her shoulders and freed her breasts from their confinement.

Tossing her bra aside, Jacquline quickly went back to torturing his shaft with her tongue. She cupped her cute, firm breasts and looked up at him with Escort Sinop timid eyes.

“So, what do you think?” Jacquline asked between licks and sucks. “Aren’t my breasts amazing?”

“Mygod Jacs…those…AH!…those breasts…AAHH!…are perfect.” He could barely get the words out, his entire body trembling as Jacquline continued her all out assault on his member. Her flexible legs still in their full split, Jacquline began kneading her breasts and squeezing her nipples, moaning in pleasure as her amazing tongue wrapped around the over sensitive head of her instructor’s cock and sucked it hard.

“AHHH!!! Oh please Jacs…this is tortureAHH!!!” He begged in desperation. “Please don’t stop! PLEASE keep going!!!”

Jacquline loved having so much control over her instructor. During color guard practice, he was always in charge and telling her what to do. Now, she had complete power over him. One tiny lick, one little suck, and he was trembling with torturous pleasure, begging her to send him over the edge. Jacquline could have asked him for anything she wanted at that moment and he would have done it.

“Men are so simple,” Jacquline thought to herself as she sucked and licked and relentlessly teased. “All girls have to do is torture a guy’s cock and he’ll become a trembling, begging, mess.”

“OHGOD!!! JACS!!! PLEASE!!!!” Abandoning all dignity, the instructor cried out to the sky as the teenager put her arms around his waist for leverage and forced his shaft all the way down her throat.

(gluh gluh gluh gluh gluh) Jacquline’s head bobbed back and forth, forcing her instructor’s cock to hit against the back of her throat with each thrust.

“OH FUCK!!!!!” He screamed as the flag girl deep throated his huge shaft, taking in everything as her head bobbing went into overdrive.

(gluh gluh gluh gluh gluh)


(gluh gluh gluh gluh gluh)

Jacquline kept going, refusing to let up. She absolutely loved pulling these wonderful screams of ecstasy out of her instructor, and she wanted him to never forget who it was that made him beg for it.

Then, Jacquline swallowed.

“OHMYGOD!!!!!” he screamed as Jacquline’s throat closed around his tortured cock, causing every sensitive nerve ending in his member to be hit at the same time. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Jacquline literally pulled the orgasm out of him with the most amazing suction from her mouth and throat. He tried to pull back out of reflex but Jacquline held him tight, forcing his liquid to fire down her throat again and again.

“AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!” he let out a primal scream as his fantasy girl drained every last drop of liquid from his unbelievably over-sensitive cock. Jacquline looked up at him with her doe-like eyes, watching her instructor have the most powerful orgasm of his life.

“Ohgod! Ohgod!!!” He said over and over as Jacquline continued to suck on his completely drained but overly sensitive shaft, the lances of pleasurable agony so intense that had she not been holding him, his legs would have given out.

Jacquline brought him down slowly, bobbing her head in ever slower and longer pulls, each one sending little aftershocks of pleasure through his entire body. He twitched and gasped with each stroke as the teenager gradually slowed down to bring him back to reality.

Finally, she pulled away, letting his cock go and leaving him a whimpering, trembling mess.

He shuddered, unable to speak as Jacquline unwrapped her arms from his waist and got up from her split with just as much ease as she had spreading her legs earlier.

The instructor fell to his knees, exhausted and unable to put two words together.

Jacquline smiled and rolled her eyes again.

“Men are so cute,” she said, putting her bra back on over her gravity defying breasts.

“Jacs…” he finally managed to speak. “That…was…”

Jacquline put her hands on her hips and finished the sentence for him. “…amazing, fantastic, unbelievable, the hottest and most intense blowjob you’ve ever had?”

All he could do was nod.

Jacquline giggled, put her t-shirt back on, and picked up her color guard bag. Leaving her instructor on the field, exhausted and in complete awe, the high school flag girl turned to walk away, looking back over her shoulder at him.

“You’re welcome.” Jacquline said, flirting with her eyes. Then, as if she were telling him a secret, she added. “You should see what other positions I can get into.”


A lot of time went into writing this chapter, so if you enjoyed it, please give it some stars. I’ll always write more if the ratings are good because it means people are enjoying themselves. Please have fun reading my other stories as well, and I hope all of you remember to love yourselves as well as others. — xoxo Daphne.

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