Jackie’s New Job Ch. 02

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I slipped from slumber to wakefulness peacefully, easily, feeling wonderful. I look around a little disorganized and realize that I am back on Marianne’s couch in her Village apartment. The events of the past two days seemed far away, almost unreal. I sat up on the makeshift bed that I had used for the last six months.

This sofa became my home thanks to the kind friendship of Marianne and the disastrous crash of my career. She had fed me, given me shelter and held my hand through almost a year of unemployment. When I was blackballed from every decent job in the City through my own stupid actions she supported me. I owed her.

I stood up from the sofa getting my bearings again. I was in a t-shirt and panties. I heard the noises from her room indicating that she and her guy were awake and about to join me. I put coffee on.

Marianne had picked me up at the airport last night when I returned from my job interview in Houston. It had been late and she had her boyfriend with her. She dropped me at the apartment and they went out. I heard them come in much later, followed soon by their noisy activities in the bedroom.

Dale came out first dressed only in his boxers, and made directly for the bathroom. Marianne followed. She came in to retrieve a cup of coffee first then went to pee. Dale took a seat at the table and I handed him a cup. He smiled at me.

“You look cute today,” he said.

I knew he referred to my sleepwear but I didn’t care. He had seen me in panties and t more than once now. The privacy in a little one-bedroom walk up is limited.

“Hey you!” Marianne cut in, “don’t be making passes at my roommate.”

She was dressed much the same as I, a little tank top and panties. Dale must be having a good morning I thought two half-naked girls in sight.

I got up and walked to my purse. I bent over, showing a little panty I’m sure, and grabbed the bigger bundle of cash from my bag. I handed it to Marianne.

“My God! What did you do, rob a bank?” she cried.

“No, I got the job and this is a signing bonus. I want you to have it. Call it back rent.”

“I can’t take this Jackie! You’re broke and need it more than me,” she said.

“Believe me Marianne, I won’t be needing it, besides, I have some more in there.” I assured her.

“God damn!” Dale cut in, “what kind of job did you get?”

Marianne looked at me sideways. I gave her a little wink. “Personal assistant to a Texas oil man,” I told him, “good salary, lots of travel and all expenses paid.”

I was damned if I was going to tell him that I had hired on as the private whore to a horny Texan.

“I leave next Saturday. There is a lot to do in the mean time and I might need your help M.”

Dale left for work a little later and we had time to talk. I told her all about the trip. I told her about the airplane, the limousine , Mel the driver bodyguard and then about the interview. When I got to the part about the question and answer session she was curious so I had to relate many of the actual questions.

I told her about standing in the center of the room and stripping naked. Her mouth hung open as I told her about it.

“Marianne we knew that was what the job was about, why the shocked look?”

She swallowed and replied, “I just can’t feature you doing that! I mean you are always so proper and ladylike.”

“That wasn’t the worst of it honey!” I told her. “The way I look at it I am fucked here, no job and no prospects. I am fucked there too, but at least there I get well paid for it.” I told her about the compensation package.

“Wow! Do you need a helper?” she laughed.

I told her the rest of the story, about the dress, how revealing it was, and diner and David hiring me. I didn’t tell her about flashing the man at the next table at David’s suggestion.

“Ok girl, so now we have to go shopping!” she bubbled.

“Nope, no shopping, all I take is what I wear.” I answered her.

“You’re kidding! You go with nothing?” she said unbelieving.

“Yep, just the clothes on my back. He said to come in the “clothes I was wearing”, I’m not sure if he meant any clothes I chose to wear, or the ones I had on at that time. I’m not taking a chance. Those,” I pointed to the discarded skirt and blouse, “are going to the cleaners today.”

We talked some more and I filled in all but one detail that I knew I had to address soon. Finally I worked up the nerve.

“Marianne,” I began, “I’m not real sure how to ask this or if you will take it wrong.”

“Just blurt it out girl!” she said.

“Well one of the things he said I had to do was shave,” I think I was blushing, “you know, bare down there.”

She laughed, “All men are perverts! Dale likes that too.”

Big eyed I asked , “Are you bare?”

“As a babies butt!” she replied with a grin. “Dale shaved me the first time and damn, did it make him horny! Now we do it a couple of times a week, when you’re working in the diner late.”

I was blown away and the words were out of my mouth bursa otele gelen escort before my brain kicked in. “Can I see?”

My hands flew to my mouth to try to catch the words, but missed. Marianne didn’t bat an eye, she just slipped her panties down and I was looking at the first hairless pussy I had ever seen on a grown woman. It looked wicked, naughty and, I admit, sexy.

“I’ll help you,” she said, “unless you want Dale to do it, after all he does have experience.”

I smacked her on the shoulder, “No way in hell is Dale getting anywhere near my pussy, razor or no razor!”

“No time like the present,” she coached me, “go take a nice long bath then we groom you for your new job.”

I looked at her as she picked up our cups and cleared the table. She was acting like she was going to help me do my nails, not the most personal of all grooming.

I went and drew a bath. Soaking in the warm comfortable tub my mind reviewed the events of the past days. I was still surprised by my physical reaction to David. I had wanted him to come into my room and take me, I still did. Even now thinking of him turned me on, fired my imagination. That was when Marianne came into the bathroom.

She had her razor and gel cream, a couple of towels and some lotion.

“Ok girl, scoot down in the tub and put one leg over each side.” The big claw foot tub was the best thing in the apartment. Long, deep and wide it allowed a person to stretch out and relax.

“Well come on, lift that hairy thing up here for me.” She teased.

I placed my forearms on the tub bottom and hooked a leg over each side and then floated my middle to the top.

Marianne didn’t say anything, she just squirted some gel into her hand, reached over and smeared it on my pussy. Just like that I had been touched by my first woman.

She used her hand to work the gel into a lather and cover all my bush. Then she rinsed her hand in the tub and took up the razor. She looked at me, then at my pussy. She took the first long slow stroke. It surprised me how fast it went. Or at least I thought she was done.

“No, we still have to get all the little stray hairs around your lips. Open your legs as far as you can.” She told me when I started to let back down.

I looked at her, “Well you want it right, don’t you,” she asked acting a little put out.

I did as I was instructed and opened wide for her.

She held my lips apart and slipped the sharp razor over them, removing any visage of hair and stubble. She pushed her finger into my crease to open me and force my folds open and then spread her fingers to pull my flesh tight.

I was unnerved by the touch, the intimacy of it. I had to say something just to keep from freaking out on her.

“One of David’s questions was if I had ever been with another girl, I guess now I can tell him yes.” I blurted out.

“You’re kidding!” she cried, “you mean he really asked you that? Wait a minute! You mean that you never have?”

In my embarrassment I got defensive. “Yes and no to answer your questions,” I said huffily.

“Girl are you in for a treat!”

“You mean you have?” I asked shocked.

“Well hell yes! It was my minor in college didn’t you know that? I know we weren’t roommates long but I thought you knew that I liked girls too. I just never made a pass at you because you seemed to be such a tight ass.”

She was done and had removed her hands from me thankfully. I dropped back into the water to rinse off and hide.

“Stand up and put this lotion on, it will really help,” she instructed me. “I’d do it for you but you’re still a virgin!” she laughed at me.

I stood and dried then applied the soothing lotion to my pubes. Marianne watched fascinated. I slipped my robe on and made my way to the living room.

“Look Jackie,” she said, “I’m sorry if I hurt you with my teasing. You have become my best friend and I just want you to be happy. I know all this is scary for you but to tell you the truth I am so jealous I could scream. I wish it were me.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just hugged her. She had saved me from living on the street as a homeless and unemployed nobody.

The next few days passed fast as I made arrangements to store the things I just couldn’t give up and gave Marianne the rest to keep or sell. I used most of the thousand dollars I had left to buy Christmas gifts for my parents, sister and brother and shipped them off to Little Town, Nowhere, USA.

Thursday I was pretty much done with all the preparations except the manicure that was scheduled for the next day.

My mind was a turmoil of new thought and fears as the departure date for my new life approached. Marianne had been very supportive and helpful, allowing me to talk as much as I wanted and even keeping Dale out of the apartment for two nights as we spent our last few days together for a year.

I had shaven again, not out of a real need, but for the practice. While I was doing escort bayan it I couldn’t help but think of Marianne’s hands on me that first time and some of the things she had said.

I brought home a bottle of wine for us to share, knowing that Dale wouldn’t be in until late. We put on some music, broke out the snacks and settled in for a girls night.

When we are almost done with the wine I finally worked up the courage to ask her what had been on my mind for days.

“You say that you have been with women before, can you, well if you could give me some pointers I might not be so scared.”

“Ah, shit Jackie,” she mumbled, “you just do the things that you like to have done to you.”

“Come on Marianne, please?” I pleaded about half drunk. “I mean how do you even get started? Do you just throw her on the bed and dive between her legs?”

“Is that what you do with men?” she asked, “No wait, I take that back. Men are not a good comparison, they’re animals. They have their value, nothing beats a great fucking, but they suck at making love.”

She went on, “Are you sure that you have never been with a girl?”

“I think I would remember it if I had!” I told her.

“You have to be slower, softer than with a man. You have to let her guide you more. I mean with a man you know what he likes, stick it in your mouth and he’s happy!” she laughed.

“Believe me,” she said, “you won’t have any trouble reading your partner.”

“I don’t know M,’ I said, “I guess I’m just so nervous about never doing it and I don’t want to blow this deal by running off screaming the first time it happens.”

“Stand up Jackie,” she told me as she rose from the settee.

I stood and watched as she walked to me. Standing in front of me she ran her hands up my bare arms. I shivered and instinctively drew back.

“Relax,” she cooed.

She did it again and I stood still for her. Her hands traveled up my arms and over my shoulders to cup my face. She removed them and did it again. I noticed her shiver this time. She stood with her hands on my cheeks and leaned forward. Her lips just barely touched mine.

“Softly,” she said, “always softly.” Her lips pressed a little harder and I felt her mouth open. Mine responded.

“Gently,” she said, “always lead her gently to what you want.”

Her tongue touched my lips and she moved a little closer to me, making contact with her breasts on mine.

I opened my mouth and allowed her inside. It was like nothing I had even felt or tasted before. She didn’t push me, just held her tongue in me and me in her arms as the heat rose in us.

Then she broke away. “That’s all there is too it,” she said.

I was still standing there, still numb from the sensation of her lips and not sure what to do next. So I tried it with her. I moved into her and took her head in my hands. She didn’t resist, allowing me to pull my mouth to hers. This time her lips parted and my tongue entered her.

I moved my hand to her arm and traced it over her bare skin. My sense of touch seemed to be magnified and I felt each fine hair of her arm, As I moved it back down her I brushed her breast with my palm. Her lips sucked on my tongue before drawing away to nestle against my neck.

“Is this a lesson you want to continue?” she asked in hot breath against my neck.

“Please,” I whispered.

“Unbutton my blouse,” she said quietly.

My hands moved to her blouse and I began to fumble with her buttons.

“Easy, just relax and let things happen,” she whispered again.

She turned slightly in my arms making it easier for me to reach her fasteners. I took a deep breath and undid them slowly, one at a time, my hand trembling.

“Now move your mouth to me.” She instructed.

I lowered my head to her bare breasts and took her right nipple in my lips. It was a different feeling than any I had ever known. The softness and hardness together was only female. The heat of her body was fragrant with sex, with desire. I mouthed her nipple, sucking and licking her. She had said to do what I like, so I did, I pulled her tight nipple out with my mouth and sucked on it. She moaned and pulled her breasts hard to my face.

“Kiss me again,” she said.

I moved my mouth to hers, leaving the sweet taste of her breast behind. Now her mouth was hotter, her breath warm with the inner fire of her. I plunged my tongue into her as my hand returned to her bare chest and hers pushed my shirt up to touch mine through my bra.

“Come with me,” she told me and turned to her room.

I followed, not thinking, just wanting.

In the room she pulled my shirt over my head and reached behind me to unfasten my bra. The bra fell between us and I was bare. She slipped her blouse off and then took me in her arms and hugged me to her. I had no idea how soft, how smooth and how warm a woman’s flesh could be. I dissolved into her and our mouths joined again.

She laid back on the bed and beckoned me to her. I mudanya escort moved as if in a trance.

“Take my shorts off,” she said.

My hands found her zipper as I stared into her face. She was calm, much calmer than I was. I shook all over, from fear or need I couldn’t tell.

I slipped her shorts down her legs and off her feet.

“Now the panties,” she said.

As they moved past her sex I could see that she was wet and swollen, ready for me. When the panties cleared her feet she opened her legs to me, drawing back her knees and exposing herself fully. I marveled at the sight of her and could feel my tongue on my lips as I did.

“Taste me,” she said needlessly as my mouth lowered to her.

There are no words to describe what she tasted like. Sweet, tangy, sharp, hot, wet all leave out the essence of the nectar of her.

She tasted like Marianne, the wonderful friend I had grown to love like a sister. She tasted like the most thrilling experience of my life, and like the safety of home. She tasted like excitement and I got instantly drunk on her. I ran my tongue through her tentatively, brushing her lightly from bottom to top. Her hood was pulled back and her clit standing, waiting for me.

I licked it slowly, carefully at first, then with more eagerness.

Her hands held my head and I heard her voice from far away. “Slow and easy, go slow and easy. Right there, lick right there. Now suck a little. A little harder. That’s it, right there, just like that. Now use your tongue, slip it inside me and fuck me with it. That’s right, Oh God yes just like that. Now breathe on me, all over then suck my clit again. Yes, fuck yes just like that.”

Her words led me on as I made love to her, learning her body and her desires. I worked slowly as she liked and I cared not how long it took. My hands held her thighs and the feeling of her flesh under me was thrilling. My breasts pressed into the bed and my nipples felt the course fabric of the blanket. Each time they moved my body tingled with excitement.

Marianne started to move her hips against my mouth and her instructions stopped. I felt that she was nearing her orgasm and I was overjoyed to bring it to her. I was only interested in her fulfillment, her need at that moment.

Her body tightened and her hips arched up to me. Her hands pressed my face tighter to her and she came. I tasted that new sensation too. She flooded my mouth. She covered my face. I sobbed, from the happiness of her release and the pain of knowing that it was over.

I lay with my head on her thigh, my own body quivering as she settled down from her high. Then I felt her pulling my head up. She guided me up the bed and rolled me over. She removed my shorts and panties then moved on top of me supported on her arms over my waist.

“That was not the scary part,” she said, “this is,” and lowered herself to me.

The first touch of her lips on my bare flesh sent electric shocks through me. I vibrated and jerked at the sensational touch of her lips on mine. Her hands worked inside my legs and parted my sex. She blew on me and the warm breath sent tingles running from my pussy to my brain.

“Oh,” I moaned. Then her mouth covered me. I didn’t know. I had no idea what it could feel like. Almost instantly an orgasm shot through my body like none I had known before. I groaned loudly and worked my hips to open myself more and have more of me covered by her mouth. She pulled back.

“That’s just the beginning,” she said.

The next minutes are lost to memory, except for the feelings. The events, the actions, are gone, but the feelings remain clear and vivid. I throbbed with one orgasm after another as she taught me things about my body that I didn’t suspect. Her tongue and mouth brought me to places that left me suspended in heaven, then crashing to earth again. I panted and cried, I whimpered and cursed as she worked a magic on my sex. Even though she never left my pussy she made love to my whole being. My legs curled around her back and I held her as if my life depended on it. At that moment I would have died if she stopped.

Finally drained of ability to think or act I fell back to the bed exhausted.

She moved up to me and we tenderly kissed again. My mouth still tasting of her and her mouth still wet with me. We cuddled up and fell asleep.

I heard a noise that woke me. The door latch. Dale had his own key. He had one long before I had moved in and often used it if he were coming over late. I started to jump from the bed but Marianne put a hand on me, holding me there.

“It’s Dale,” I said in a loud and urgent whisper.

“Stay here,” she asked.

“I can’t! He’ll be in here in a minute and see us!” I told her in a panic.

“I know,” she went on speaking close to my ear so he won’t hear, “I want him to find us together. It will make him so horny he will be wild!”

I owed Marianne, I owed her a lot. The look of fear in my face registered with her and she said calmly, “Lay back down baby, it will be alright, I promise.”

I put my head back on the pillow next to hers and closed my eyes against my horror.

“Oh shit!” I heard as the door opened.

“Dale,” Marianne said in a conversational voice, “Jackie and I were just taking a little nap while we waited for you.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32