Jack , Walt Ch. 02

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[This is my second offering here at Literotica. I had several responses to my first story, and found that I loved hearing your thoughts, praise and criticisms…please let me know how you like this one!]

It had been a little over three weeks since that surreal Friday evening that I lost my anal virginity to my roommate and best friend, Walt. We had both been pretty occupied with our jobs since that evening, and each of us were also becoming more involved in traditional hetero relationships as well. I wondered what Diane and his new girlfriend Maryanne would think if they could have seen Walt on his knees between my outspread legs, the two of us fucking like animals!

We had managed to enjoy a little oral sex since then, but until today had not had time to reverse our initial roles…to allow Walt the opportunity to be the receiver of anal intercourse. We now had a weekend alone before us, and I was feverishly anticipating the chance to make love to my friend’s sexy little bottom. I only hoped that I could give him the sensations, the fullness, the unexplainable warmth and satisfaction that he had literally filled me with that Friday night.

As I entered our apartment, I heard a thump and a sloshing sound, and then a “damn” emanating from our bathroom. I opened the door to find Walt completely naked, struggling to hand a filled two-quart enema bag from the shower head.

“Damn, Jack, you’re home early…I had hoped to have this project over with by the time you got home, but I’m only half done – not a very romantic sight, I would think…”

“Actually, you look sexy as hell standing there holding the bag, so to speak”, I responded. “Why don’t you let me help with your rinse?”

“You’d do that…are you sure”?

“Sure I would. Enemas are a lot more enjoyable when you have a little help from a friend…just lay down on the rug on your back and I’ll get this started”.

Walt stretched out on the fluffy bathroom rug and pulled his knees apart and his legs up under him. Doing so made his arousal complete, and the penis I have come to crave was bobbing seductively before me. He was freshly shaven. His testicles and anal area were smooth as silk, and a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his shaft.

At my cue he raised his butt up, and I placed a thick towel under his bottom. I grabbed the KY, and squeezed a generous amount onto my index finger. With the fingers of my other hand I gently spread his cheeks apart, exposing my lover’s dark tunnel entrance. I massaged the KY around and into his anus – he was already swollen a bit from his first enema, and I cautioned him to go slowly when he released this rinse, so as not to further inflame this tender flesh.

I took the nozzle in hand and placed its tip against his puckered hole and slowly inserted the bulbous pipe – past his sphincter and into his rectum. He moaned softly as I did this…then more loudly as I opened the Ataköy travesti clamp and let the warm contents of the bag flow into his bowels.

“Oh my God, Jack. This feels wonderful”, he sighed.

“I know buddy, I love those warm and wet feelings, too”, I answered.

As the fluid slowly flowed into him I bent over and nuzzled my face into his crotch, enjoying the feel of his freshly shaved genitals on my lips and the musky smell of his arousal. I parted my lips and slowly traced the underside of his cock from the base of his shaft to the now oozing tip, paying close attention to the super-sensitive area just below the head. I was careful not to stimulate too much…I wanted him so completely turned on that he would soon beg me to fuck him.

“Oh God, Jack! Stop the flow – I’m really full!” Walt pleaded.

“No need”, I responded. “ you’ve taken the whole two quarts. I‘ll get things ready in the bedroom while you get rid of the enema”.

I left Walt to finish up his cleansing and went into him room. I was somewhat lightheaded from all of this newly discovered male stimulation, and more that a little confused regarding the complex turns my sexuality had taken. Is this the way bisexual girls feel about their same-sex desires? Does this happen to lots of guys and girls and I’m just not aware of it?

I had to admit that I now felt like a complete sexual being – that sex with a man satisfied some primal urges not fulfilled by fucking a woman. An any rate, my very erect penis told me not to worry, just go for it!

I finished undressing and pulled the sheets back just as Walt came into the room.

“How do you feel”?, I asked.

“Man, I feel wonderful. I really feel clean inside and the stimulation turned me on like crazy”, Walt answered.

The enema had rekindled the fire in both of us, and now we were about to explore a new area of our sexual awakening.

“Good. Get over here and let me check you out”, I spoke hoarsely. “I hope you are ready for your first fucking.”

“Please do me good.” Walt’s voice cracked a he spoke. “You’re probably the only guy that I will ever let do this to me, so I want you to fuck me long and hard – stick that fat cock of yours deep in my ass and fill me with your hot cum”!

We feverishly embraced, clutching each other. Each set of hands massaging, rubbing, caressing the hot flesh of the other…further heightening our already aroused states. I pushed Walt onto his back. We were both breathing heavily. I knelt over him and took his left nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking it as he moaned. My right hand reached down to his legs, and I gently stroked the inside of his thighs. He instinctively spread himself open, allowing me access to his smooth ball sac and anal region. I explored these erogenous areas with unrestrained passion – touching and licking – I wanted to consume my friend. I moved my hand up Bahçelievler travesti and softly wrapped his engorged dick with my fingers, slowly pulling back and forth on the sensitive skin of this beautiful organ. The aroma of sex filled my nostrils.

“You’re driving me e nuts, damn it!”, he cried.

“I’m just getting started, my friend”, I responded. “I want you to turn over on your stomach now. I want to take your virgin ass as you took mine”.

As he rolled over I took a position on my knees between his spread legs. A shaft of sunlight from the bedroom window shone perfectly on Walt’s bottom. As I spread his cheeks apart, it illuminated the inviting nether region that I needed so badly to explore. Panting raggedly, I kneaded his bottom as I lowered my mouth to his crack. I extended my tongue into this crevasse, tasting the saltiness of a man’s ass – the soapy cleanliness had been overpowered by the musky aroma of his sexual arousal.

My tongue sought its objective. With my hands I pried his cheeks wide open so that I could see my prize. His anus was red and slightly swollen from the two enemas, and I knew that bathing this delicious rosebud with saliva would soothe him. I nestled my nose into his bottom and licked slowly back and forth across the delicate skin.

“Oh God…Oh God…Oh my God…”, he repeated.

As he thrust his loins back into my face, I attacked his hole…licking and slurping, kissing, probing into my friend with my tongue. I could not believe the heat that was pouring from my lover. He bucked wildly as I invaded his most private place.

I managed to back off in time – to regroup – to regain my senses.

I rested my cheek against his bottom and began to prepare him for my cock. Although it had been only a few seconds since I paused, Walt begged me to continue. I took the bottle of Astroglide and squeezed a copious amount of lubricant into his crack, and began to massage the slickness around and into his bottom. I slipped one wet finger past his sphincter.

Walt now seemed to be more in control and ready to enjoy this to the fullest. In a calm voice he asked me to please go slowly so that he could savor each new sensation that I brought to him. I added a finger and proceeded to explore the rectum, much as I had explored my own so many times in the past. I marveled at the sponginess of the tissue, the shape and size of the prostate gland, and of course the heat, the wonderful heat that would soon lovingly encase my swollen penis. I stretched my fingers apart and twisted them back and forth…he was dilating nicely…he was almost ready.

We had talked earlier and decided that, even though he first took me face to face in the missionary position, I would enter him the first time in doggie fashion. I knew that my cock, which curved downward when hard, would provide increased pressure on his prostate in this position.

“Walt, Bahçeşehir travesti it’s time for us to fuck…are you ready for me to fuck your hot little asshole”?

He rose up on his knees and wiggled his rear end at me. Reaching between his legs he parted his cheeks and inserted a long skinny finger into himself. Rotating it in small circles he answered lewdly “Yeah, I’m ready for some hot cock, Jack. Fill me up with that sweet dick of yours…give me the nasty buttfuck that I need so bad”.

I crawled into position behind my friend, devoid of all rational thought as animal instincts took control of my actions. I applied more lubricant to my swollen cock and nestled in behind him, rubbing the purplish head of my organ up and down the crack of his butt. I was dripping pre-cum continuously. With one hand on Walt’s shoulder, I guided myself to his hole..

“Is that it, lover? Is that your entrance?” “Is my dick at the rim of your butthole ready to go inside you for the first time?” I wanted him to tell me what he was feeling…I wanted him to tell me in the most vulgar terms what he wants and feels….

“Push that cock into me NOW! Fuck my ass, Jack…fill me up with that beautiful dick of yours”.

As I slowly pushed forward, I felt his anal ring further dilate to accommodate the thickness of my cock. A muted “umph” told me that the head had passed that magic point, and that I was now inside my lover, my friend, in a very special way.

I wanted to go slowly, but we each pushed against each other at the same time. In one long, smooth stroke I was imbedded im my roommate’s bottom.

“Jack, I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life”, Walt whispered. “I don’t want these feelings to ever go away…you feel so good inside me…so hot, so damned hot…promise me that you will always do this to me…fuck me now, Jack…fuck me now…”

I slowly drew back, bringing the tip of my penis out to his opening, and after a brief hesitation, I plunged back into him. He cried in ecstacy not to stop, and I was in heaven as I savored the tightness and warmth of his rear end. I felt the boiling in my testicles as they ached for release. Back and forth we moved against each other, our genitals mashing together in a sexual rhythm as old as life itself…

All too quickly it happened. I crossed that threshold and felt my climax approach. Sensing this, Walt screamed “hold my cock, I’m going to cum”. I reached around and grabbed his throbbing penis and jerked the slippery organ between my fingers.

We humped together in a frenzy, trying to extract every single bit of pleasure from this incredible joining of our bodies…I felt the familiar tingle as my semen started its journey, and with the first spasms of orgasm, I felt Walt’s cock explode in a torrent of hot cum, shooting all over my hand and the now sweaty sheets below. I thrust deeply into my lover’s bowels, splattering his inner walls with what seemed to be endless ropes of hot cream.

With that, it was over. We collapsed but remained joined together. My cock had no intention of deflating, and Walt was very content to keep me snugly inside him for a while. Exhausted, we drifted off to sleep.

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