It’s Your Birthday!

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Big Dick

What were you thinking? It’s your birthday! Why did you go to that show all by yourself? …Because you had planned to spend the evening with your man, but he got held up at a job down south, so instead you went to the concert by yourself. No big deal, it was fun, but now riding back on the train from the city you feel lonely and a little down.

Though that cute guy across the aisle keeps looking at you. You get caught looking yourself, and you blush, smile, and look down. He slides over, and small-talks you up. He’s cute, tall (probably – you can’t tell really since he’s sitting) dark hair, goofy smile, ears that are slightly too big, nose slightly too small. But a nice square jaw, and man, he has just the amount of brawn to him that makes you tingle.

The train seems slow this evening. He talks away, turning to smile at you every time he says something that he thinks is funny, checking to see if you are enjoying yourself. The train lurches into a stop and he is thrown gently against you. His big hand pops out to protect you, and then comes to a rest on your knee.

You look at that hand. You imagine what it would be like to feel it between your legs, rubbing you slowly, and you have a sneaking suspicion tonight you aren’t going to be a good girl. Hey, it’s your birthday. You can do what you want.

He’s looking at you now, and you grab his shirt with one cute little hand and pull him close to you, kissing him suddenly and deeply. He nose-gasps – you Sinop Escort know, breathes in quickly through his nose, since you are occupying his mouth. But he settles into it, and pretty soon you two are making out at the back of the train like teenagers.

He’s got his hands all over you. He pushes you up against the end of the seat – hard. His hand slides up the back of your leg and under your ass, squeezing you firmly. You kiss him back, running your hands over his legs, which you can tell are strong. You let one hand slide over his crotch (real casual like) and you can feel a massive hard on. You press more firmly against it, rubbing him through his pants. He breathes heavily against you. You undo his crotch and slide your hand down past the elastic of his underwear, you take him in your hand, and stroke him. It’s all hot and hard and throbbing in your hand. And it is just a lovely size. Your head is swimming with visions of him filling you up.

You push him back, and pull his cock out. You take him in your mouth and he groans loud enough that you are worried the people towards the front of the car will hear. But that doesn’t stop you as you slide slowly up and down that beautiful shaft, feeling it pulse with each pass of your lips. You are gentle and slow – you don’t actually want him to cum, you just want to get close enough to his cock to imagine it inside you.

The train is at another stop, and suddenly you are telling him this is your Sinop Escort Bayan stop! You almost missed it in your cock-filled daze. You grab his hand, and lead him towards the train doors. He follows, trying to close his pants with one hand around his raging boner.

You lead him to your car, and while you fumble with the keys, he takes control of you. He pushes you up against the car, pressing hard up against you as he kisses you. He slides his hands under your ass and lifts you and you obligingly spread your legs. You kiss him back as he presses his cock against you.

He lays you gently back on the hood of your car. His hands slide up your legs, up under your skirt, lifting it as he goes. He reaches your panties, and grabs then with both hands and rips them open. Then he’s on his knees in the semi-lit, mostly empty parking lot, licking your pussy like it’s the best birthday cake he ever tasted.

He slides his tongue along your clit, over and over, making you wriggle and moan on the hood of your car. And then suddenly he has a finger inside you. Then another. Then a third. Then he’s licking your pussy and finger-fucking you furiously. It feels so good, you grab his hair in your fists, and moan out loud not caring if some late night dog-walker hears you.

And then you are cumming, squeezing his head between your thighs. But he forces his way in, and keeps licking you, pushing you past an orgasm, and into another. Finally you Escort Sinop manage to push his head away. He looks at you grinning, his chin soaked with your pussy, and tells you you are the best pussy he’s ever tasted.

His smile vanishes and he grabs you, and turns you over, flipping you as easily as a pancake. (You are certainly feel like a hot griddle with smacking drops of water popping off it.) His hands are on your ass, your hips, your stomach, your tits. And then his cock is pushing hard and thick against your pussy lips. You cry out, begging him to put it in you. But he doesn’t heed what you want. He smacks your ass and tells you how much he loves it. He loves your curves, your cute little tits. He tells you he loves your smile, and the sounds you make when he licks your pussy. And then he grabs your arms and holds them behind your back, and finally he slides his cock into you.

He fucks you slowly at first, then more quickly. And then he pulls out, still holding your arms behind you, and smacks your ass again.

And then he’s fucking you like a maniac. Pounding it into you. Pulling your hair, twisting your nipples. You wonder what you’ve got yourself into. But it still feels so good. You love being fucked so hard. You cum again on his cock as it thrusts deep into you. But seeing you cum from his hard thrusting cock is all he can take, and he’s suddenly pushing you down hard against your car, cumming inside you, holding you as his cock throbs and squirts, forcing you to take all of him.

And as he pulls out, his cum drips from you, and from his cock. As he zips up he smiles at you. You smile shyly at him and tell him it’s your birthday. And he says, “oh, if I had known that, I would have brought you a present.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32