It’s Never Too Early Ch. 01

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I woke up to the slight creaking of my bedroom door. With the lights off and windows shut, it took me a moment to adjust to the dark. A willowy figure stood still at the door like a ghost out to haunt me.

“Whose there?” I inquired groggily.

“Hi, Dan.” That voice was all too familiar.

“Hi, Liz?” I sat up on the bed and switched on my bed lamp, suddenly alert. “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry I woke you,” she replied apologetically. She still stood at the door, hesitant, as if unsure of what to do next. This certainly unexpected, I thought to myself. She was in her attractive yellow pajamas. She looked so young and innocent and yet at 19, she was only 2yrs younger than me.

“What’s wrong, Liz?”

“Nothing. This is a mistake…. I shouldn’t even be here.” She turned to leave.

“Wait,” I called out as I jumped out of bed. I approached her, bare chested and with only my briefs on. “What’s the matter? What mistake?”

She turned back to face me, eying my bare chest anxiously. I moved in closer, towering over her.

“Nothing really,” she answered in a flippant tone. “Just girl stuff.”

“Girl stuff. Really! You must then have confused my room with my sister’s.”

“Exactly.” She turned to leave again.

I caught her by her hand and swiveled her back to me. “You have completely ignored me this whole week, ever since you got here. And now you end up at my doorstep. This definitely isn’t girl stuff.”

“Let me go, Dan.” She struggled to get free but couldn’t match my strength.

“You haven’t yet told me about what brought you here. Do tell, and I’ll let you go.”

“Let me go and I won’t scream. Jackie is just next door.”

“Yes she is, but we both know she sleeps like a log. And even if she does wake up, it will be fun seeing you explain your presence here.”

“Please let me go,” she pleaded as she stopped resisting.

I grabbed her by her slim waist and held her against me. She stared up at me silently, her big, black eyes questioning my intentions. Her petite form felt warm and soft against me. I felt a sudden need to strip her of her pajamas and carry her to my bed.

“I can give you what came for?” I whispered. I ran my fingers down the spine of her back.

“No,” she murmured feebly.

“Isn’t this why you woke me up in the middle of the night?” Her waist felt so delicate in my arms.

I picked her up like a bag of feathers Demetevler Escort and lightly dropped her on my bed. She neither spoke nor tried to resist. All she did was stare at me as I went back to close the door. I sat at the edge of bed and studied her as she lay there silent, and tempting.

She had a pretty, oval face whose standout feature was a slightly pointed chin. I leaned in and gave subtle kiss on her small mouth. She shut her eyes in anticipation. Her lips were soft and moist.

The small pair of peaches on her chest moved in rhythm with her gentle breathing. She had her tiny well-manicured hands on her flat belly.

I slowly unbuttoned her top and exposed her small rounded breasts. I went in for a deeper kiss, enjoying her eager response. Her eyes opened slowly as our tongues entwined. She seemed so eager to please. After a while, I set her lips free.

My fingers tenderly caressed the nearest of her breasts. It was firm yet at the same time supple. She sighed faintly as I brushed my lips against her chin and down her lean neck. I couldn’t wait to get to her alluring breasts. My tongue gently stroked her puffy nipple as I fondled her other tit, making her squirm and moan.

My hand moved down her chest, past her belly and down to her waist. I savored the feel of her soft skin under my fingers. She wore no panties as I pulled down her pajama shorts and revealed a small patch of hair covering the slight depression between her thighs.

She shyly tried to cover the curvy depression with her hands but gave up when my fingers found there way to the smooth opening of her pussy. She lay back and fondled her breasts as my fingers toyed with her clit.

I got on the bed, kneeling beside her and pulled down my briefs. My cock, now exposed and free, swung up and down in her face. She didn’t look away as she seemed enthralled by its short but thick form.

“Hold it in you hand,” I commanded.

She timidly poked at it with her thumb.

“Never seen a cock before,” I teased as my hand went between her legs. She gasped when I stuck two fingers into her pussy. I stabbed at it until she let out soft whimpers. She responded in kind by grabbing my cock and rubbed at it roughly.

I grunted as her hands stroked my joystick like pilot flying a chopper in a stormy night. Impatiently, I placed myself down next to her and Otele gelen escort turned her on her side facing away from me. With her butt pressed against my pelvis, I rubbed her pussy with my whole palm. She cried out my name repeatedly. Just as I was about to stick my cock in her-

“Fuck,” I muttered as I turned slightly and grabbed a condom from the top desk drawer. Better be safe than sorry, Danny boy.

She turned her head towards me as if curious as to why she could not feel me inside her. With the gumboot in place, I teased her pussy open and slid in like a knife slicing through butter. She winced as I forced it all in and left it in for an instant. Then it become a rhythmic thrusting motion as my erection and her pussy came together to provide us with unbridled waves of ecstasy. Her butt pressed back against me expectantly at every thrust.

After a couple of more pokes, I pulled out of her. Fervently, she ushered me on top as she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide open. We locked eyes as my cock penetrated her soft fleshy wetness. Her eyes closed halfway as her mouth opened slightly to release a slow moan. My thrusts were slow and deep as she straddled me with legs. I kissed her hungrily, my thrusts becoming more urgent.

She hugged me tightly as if in need of an anchor, her fingers digging into my back.

Finally, I threw a final pitch, going as deep as I could. I felt the cum flow from my cock in spurts, providing that momentary, explosive rush of ecstasy that sent me into seventh heaven. At last, I fell on my back next to her-both of us sweaty and breathless.

She gathered whatever was left of her modesty and covered herself with my bedspread.

“Shit! I’m famished,” I sighed exaggeratedly and added cockily, “why don’t you get your cute butt out of bed, run along to the kitchen and fetch me a tasty snack.”

She gave me an incredulous stare. I sent back a goofy smile.

“I should probably leave, just in case Jackie wakes up and decides to pay me a visit.”

“In the middle of the night? Is that like a lesbian thing, you and her are into.”

She punched me in the gut playfully before reprovingly stating, “that is your sister, Dan. Get your mind out of the gutter, perv!” She didn’t bother to cover herself up again. Her lovely breasts were left exposed and my cock took notice.

“What? She Balgat Escort may act all prudish but you never know…. A piece of advice for you two: Make sure you delete my laptops’ browser history before handing it back.”

She brought her hands to her face in embarrassment. “That was all me. In my defense, your sister is kind of a buzz-kill when it comes to sex… as you say. And I was just satisfying my curiosity.”

“How have you two been friends for this long? You are like oil and water.”

“We have a lot that keeps us friends. She’s the closet to a sister as I have.”

“How adorable for you two,” I said teasingly. “Its a pity then that you can’t share your love of anal sex with her.”

She jumped out of bed, clearly livid, and grabbed for her pajamas. I got to them first.

“You are a real first-class prick, Dan. Give me back my clothes!”

“I was just kidding,” I asserted, feigning remorse, “but my browser history doesn’t lie, Liz. Its no shame if you want it in the butt.”

She came at me, kicking and thrashing irately. I tried to subdue her, avoiding her soft punches. Finally, I held her against me with her hands behind her back. She barely hid her anger as she glared at me. It was a good thing that she was petite, or else.

“Its never too late… or in your case, too early to start taking it up the ass,” She looked up at me in alarm. She could feel my erect cock brushing against her thighs.

Before she could object, I had her bent over my desk. We nearly knocked my laptop to the floor.

“Dan… please don’t. Aah!”

“Don’t fret, Lizzie. That was just my finger.”

Her anger faded away as my finger playfully toyed her asshole. Even I was surprised at how receptive she became to my hand rubbing her butt-hole. She stiffened as I rubbed my cock against her butt-crack.

“Should I… or shouldn’t,” I teased her butt-hole with the tip of my cock.

“Please Dan. Just stick it in,” she sounded desperately horny.

“You sure.” She nodded eagerly. “No you are not.”I dropped down to her pussy and shoved my cock in. She cried in surprise but recovered enough to moan out as I stuck my finger up her ass. I held her head down as and slammed her against the desk. There was no patience in my thrusts and I could feel myself climaxing within minutes.

I pulled out my cock just in in time as spurts of cum landed on her bent ass. I had to steady myself against the desk as my knees buckled. I set her free with my limp cock in hand.

She grabbed one of my covers and wiped herself. Silently, she put on her pajamas.

“Maybe next time… you’ll get more than just my finger.”

“Next time my ass!” The door slammed behind her. My sis must have got a few bites from a vicious tsetse fly, was all I thought.

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