“It’s Just A …” Pt. 04

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Author’s note: The goal of this series of cumulative vignettes is to briefly (in 1000 words or less) capture the tension that rises right until the moment of an erotic coupling… which is then purposefully left unresolved. The emphasis is more on the buildup than on the climax, so keep that in mind as you play along!


As I had suspected, my chance encounter at the grocery store with my deaf client Steven – and his open-minded girlfriend Cassidy – soon led to more. What began several weeks prior as my truly innocent intentions to meet Steven and his friends at the movies had somehow evolved into me sucking his dick… twice. Meeting Cassidy – who was fully aware and fully approving of those indiscretions – then led to me being pulled into a text group with the two of them.

I had to frequently delete that thread from my phone so my husband didn’t accidentally find it… my new friends willingly shared the details of their sex lives, their favorite positions, and the riskiest places they’d ever made love.

In a matter of days, those raunchy texts became replaced by raunchier pictures – mostly of Steven’s alluring cock, although Cassidy sometimes added some risque selfies of her own. Although they begged me to do so, I didn’t contribute any personal photos to that exchange, as I had always prided myself on my modesty. Then again, I wondered, am I really still that modest? What happened in the theater was an excusable lapse in judgement, but I knew rus escort exactly what I was doing the second time that I throated Steven’s cock.


A couple weeks after that group chat had started, Cassidy texted me one afternoon: Hey. What are you doing for dinner tonight?

Nothing planned, I replied. Why?

Double date, she wrote back. Steven and I really want to see you again – and we also want to meet your husband.

Anyone with 100 yards of me could’ve easily seen the look of panic that overtook my face. No way, I texted back. That is way too risky.


As it turned out, Cassidy was just about as persuasive as her boyfriend. I made them both promise about 500 times that they would not divulge a hint about what had happened between me and Steven… but once they repeatedly agreed, I reluctantly accepted her invitation.

I tried to approach my husband as casually as possible: “Hey hun?”


Trying to reference Steven in a nonchalant way, I continued: “Do you remember that young deaf guy I met up with a couple months ago to watch a movie with him and his friends?”

My husband had never fully embraced the questionable integrity of that social gathering: “Yeah …”

Before my husband could ask any questions that might force me to lie, I quickly followed up: “Well, him and his girlfriend invited us to double date with them tonight.”

My husband’s eyebrows yenimahalle escort raised: “Oh, he has a girlfriend?”

I breathed more slowly, suddenly and thankfully relieved at how that piece of information was apparently quite disarming to my husband. Confidently, I stated the mostly-truth: “Oh yeah – he’s had a girlfriend for a long time. Her name is Cassidy… she’s really nice, I met her once.”

Nevertheless, my husband seemed reluctant: “I don’t know babe, I was just kinda hoping to stay in tonight…”

“Oh c’mon,” I coddled him. “It’s just a double date…”

My voice trailed off as my mind began to wonder: Actually … is it just a double date??


A couple hours later, as we arrived at the restaurant and we all shook hands, I couldn’t help but feel the awkwardness of knowing the dirty secrets that the 3 of us were withholding from my sweet unassuming husband.

As we talked over dinner, I reflected on the reality that he truly was a fantastic lover – there was nothing about him that had driven my mouth onto the stick between Steven’s legs other than (apparently) it being available, and it (apparently) fulfilling some forbidden desire of mine. Subconsciously wanting to boost my husband’s ego, I stepped way out of my own comfort zone and actually initiated a comment about sex during a lull in the conversation: “Steven and Cassidy, I know that young love is fun, but there’s nothing like having a spouse who knows exactly how to work every part of your body.”

Whereas my husband whipped his head around, stunned – he knew very well that I never brought up that subject – my comment elicited an even bigger reaction from Cassidy: “Oh really?? Mmm… tell me, mister, what’s the favorite part of your wife’s body to ‘work’?”

As my husband stammered to figure out how to answer that, Steven abruptly excused himself from the table, signing that he urgently had to pee. His departure made me realize that I too had the same pressing need, so I also stood up and told the other two that I’d be right back.

As I walked toward the bathroom, though, Steven somehow noticed me trailing behind him, and – in the very same moment that I realized what my actions might be unintentionally signaling – the gleam in his eyes indicated that he suddenly had another agenda. That sparkle in his eyes helplessly drew me in like a moth to a lamp. After glancing over my shoulder to confirm that my husband was out of my line of sight, I obediently followed Steven into the men’s bathroom.

He really did have to pee, but I eagerly knelt on the floor in front of him while I waited for him to finish.

You are a very naughty girl, he signed to me as he flicked the last drops out of his rapidly-hardening cock.

I am a very naughty WIFE, I corrected him. After a brief pause, I signed an honest question: Were you expecting this to happen tonight?

No, Steven signed back, I really didn’t. It was just a double date… but I can see you’re hungry for another type of dinner.

I rolled my eyes at him… but then I smiled… and licked my lips… and eagerly curled my tongue around his tasty sausage.

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