It’s About Time

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Hairy Pussy

I was lucky to get a flat share with Jenny. I had been looking for many weeks for somewhere to live when I moved to work in London, without much success, when I bumped into her in a bar. She was an old college friend who I had not seen for years. Jenny lived in a flat in a Victorian block which she shared with two other girls. As luck would have it, one of the girls had moved out in a hurry and there was a spare room. I made an appointment to see the room and, despite the fact that it was a real mess, it was perfect. Jenny and I agreed the terms and I arranged to move in the following week. Later, over a glass of wine, she explained that the previous tenant had left suddenly to go back to Denmark and that she had given instructions to put her stuff in boxes and send it on. Jenny said she would help me pack everything up when I moved in.

Jenny and I had never been that close at college. She was on a different course to me but we had met socially through mutual friends and I thought she was pleasant enough, so I was really looking forward to moving in with her. The following week I arrived with my possessions and we got to work boxing up Helga’s things. It was not a short job and we filled several boxes. Finally, after a couple of hours of hard work, we were nearing the end with just one more set of drawers to empty. It was then that we made a surprise find. At the back of one of the drawers was a stash of old porn magazines and an assortment of sex toys. We both giggled uncontrollably and settled down on the sofa to look through the porn. It was old-fashioned continental hard-core stuff from the 1980’s which caused us to giggle even more. As we turned the pages, Jenny suddenly stopped and pointed at one particular girl.

“I quite fancy her,” she said, “except for all that fanny fur.”

I was somewhat taken aback and looked at her in slight surprise. She pretended not to notice and continued to turn the pages, until again she stopped at another picture and said, “Mmm, she’s nice too, but look at the size of that bush!”

Sensing my incredulity, she continued. “It’s hard to believe that girls wandered around with so much untamed minge in those days. You’d think they hadn’t invented razors.”

I looked at her in amazement but at that moment grabbed my hand and thrust it down the front of her shorts. I was shocked by her boldness, but could not stop myself from exploring a little. It was smooth and quite hairless. I pushed a little further down and felt her wet pussy lips. I pulled my hand out quickly and made an excuse to leave.

“I think I need to take a shower. I am a bit sweaty,” I said, as I hurriedly left the room.

She smiled, knowingly. In the shower, I allowed the hot water to cascade over my long brown hair as my hand drifted towards my hairy pubic bush. I was not sure what to think. I had to confess that part of me was quite thrilled at the thought of touching another woman. I had never regarded myself as gay but I had occasionally been curious. On the other hand, all of my sexual encounters so far had been with members of the opposite sex. That said, I was not seeing anyone at the time and was by no means prudish. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the shower door opening. It was Jenny and she was naked. She entered and kissed me full on the lips before proceeding to gently chew on my nipples. If I had any doubts, they soon evaporated. My mind was made up. This was what I wanted and I was determined to enjoy it. We caressed and stroked in the stream of water for several minutes, each of us lathering soap on the other and gradually brushing over the other’s cunts, before slowly inserting a finger.

Suddenly, Jenny switched off the water and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

We left the Göztepe escort shower, dried ourselves quickly, and I followed Jenny to her bedroom. My heart was racing and my stomach quivered in anticipation. A towel had been laid out on the end of the bed, next to a large vanity case. Jenny pushed me backwards towards the bed and down onto the towel. She knelt between my legs, parted my lush public hair and ran her tongue along my wet pussy lips, causing me to squirm and groan loudly. And then she stopped. She grabbed a handful of my hairy bush and said,

“It’s about time all this came off!”

I did not argue. I had always allowed my pubes to grow quite long but I had to admit that I had neglected my usual monthly trims in my search for a job and somewhere to live. I raised my head to see Jenny fishing in the bag for something. A small set of electric clippers sprang loudly to life and she proceeded to run the blade rapidly up the inside of my legs and around the bottom of my stomach. A large clump of light brown public hair was released and fell gently on to the towel. She had already moved down and began to mow upwards again, leaving a long stripe of white skin that had previously been covered in hair. As she manoeuvred around my increasingly wet pussy lips, she allowed the vibrating machine to rest momentarily on my throbbing clitoris, causing me to squirm with pleasure again. Relentlessly, she continued until there was a large pile of fluffy brown hair on the towel and very little on me. She instructed me to turn over and kneel on the bed. With my arse pointing to the ceiling she spread my knees and used the clippers to buzz off the hairs around my hole. Waves of pleasure washed over me and was aware of the growing wetness of my nearly bald pussy.

The buzzing stopped and I allowed my head to fall onto the bed. I heard a squirting sound and felt Jenny rubbing shaving foam all around my butt hole She then proceeded to quickly shave the last remnants of hair away using a safety razor before turning me over and shaving my cunt. She wiped away the excess shaving foam with a flannel and buried her tongue in my newly shorn pussy. Within minutes, she had licked and fingered me to within an inch of an orgasm, but suddenly, to my great disappointment, she stopped and began fishing in the case again. This time she produced an enormous strap-on dildo which scared the life out of me. I begged her not to use it on me and we agreed that I should fuck her first.

I strapped the dildo on and she positioned herself kneeling on the bed. Despite my lack of experience, I soon had the giant phallus buried fully inside her and was thrusting rhythmically back and forwards, causing Jenny to scream with pleasure. She came with a violent orgasm and collapsed panting on the bed. After a few minutes, she stood up and said,

“Now, it’s your turn.”

We swapped the strap-on and I braced myself over the back of an armchair. After everything that had happened until then, it slid in easily and she fucked me hard to a wonderful climax, after which we both fell on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I was alone in the bed. I began to wonder if it had been an erotic dream, but a quick feel of my bald pussy convinced me that it had really happened. Jenny came into the bedroom with a glass of orange juice for each of us and placed it next to me before climbing back into bed and putting her tongue to work on my nipples. We were soon both aroused again and fucked each other with her wide collection of dildos and butt plugs.

Jenny said she had to get up because she needed to get her hair cut that day. I pointed out that there was not much left to cut but she giggled and pointed to her head. Even Caddebostan escort bayan so, Jenny’s hair was only just collar length and just reached the bottom of her ears. Her fringe hung just over her eyebrows, so I was surprised when she said,

“I cannot go another day with it as long as this. It has to be cut. You can come along too if you want.”

I got out of bed and brushed my hair in the mirror. It had grown down well past my shoulders and was looking a bit untidy at the ends.

“Well, I suppose I could do with getting the ends trimmed, so why not?”

We dressed quickly and left the house to walk to a small parade of shops nearby. I did not know the area at all so I trusted Jenny to know where the best hair salon would be. After a while we turned down a side street and stopped outside a small dilapidated shop with a red and white pole sticking into the street. It was obviously an old-fashioned gentlemen’s barber shop and indeed that is exactly what the sign above the shop said.

“The barber is an old friend of mine,” said Jenny. “Her name is Mary.” she continued as she ushered me inside. A middle-aged woman with short cropped blond hair looked up from behind a large chair, in which was sat a small boy, enclosed in a large cape.

“Well hello, Jenny,” she exclaimed. “Long time, no see.”

“Hi Mary,” replied Jenny. “Yes I have been just too busy for weeks now. This is my new flatmate, Sarah.” Mary nodded in my direction and smiled knowingly. We took a seat on the bench which ran the length of the shop. It was already occupied by the mother of the boy in the chair and another, slightly older, boy. I began to look around at the trappings of this alien environment and was staring at the old faded photographs on the walls and the shaving implements and strange bottles of liquids on the shelves when the first boy was released from the cape and climbed down to join his mother. He had very little hair left on his head, which he rubbed gingerly with his left hand.

“Next!” shouted Mary and the other boy slowly got up and made his way to the chair. He was quickly caped and elevated to the mirror level as Mary pumped the foot pedal on the chair. She combed his bushy hair through with a steel comb causing it to fall across his forehead and down past the tops of his ears.

“What are we doing today?” Mary asked, looking at the mother.

“Short,” was the terse reply. “Number two on top and faded at the sides.”

I had absolutely no idea what this coded exchange meant, but clearly Mary did, She nodded, picked up a large set of clippers from the counter, fiddled with a small piece of plastic and stood behind the chair as she pushed the boy’s head down so that his chin rested on his chest. With a loud pop, the clippers burst to life and I immediately thought of the events of the night before. My knickers were rapidly becoming wet as I looked at Jenny who was watching Mary intently. In no time at all, she had sheared nearly all the hair off the boy’s head with rapid movements of the clippers, leaving only a short pelt of dark stubble all over. She then picked up another smaller set of clippers and set about shaving even closer up the back of her caped victim’s neck and high above his ears. She finished off with a few strokes of an open razor that she had stropped on a leather strap that hung on the back of the chair and turned to the mother, who nodded in approval. The boy was released and all three headed for the counter by the door where the mother paid Mary and left.

Mary locked the shop door and put the closed sign up before returning to the chair. She smiled and looked at us both saying, “That should us some privacy. Who’s first?”

I had a slightly uneasy Escort Bağdat Caddesi feeling in my stomach but was relieved when Jenny jumped up and sat in the chair. She exchanged a few pleasantries as Mary spread the large blue cape over her and secured it behind her neck before pumping the chair up once more.

“What are we doing today?” said Mary.

“The usual please,” Jenny replied. Mary looked a little puzzled.

“Remind me, Chelsea or Flat-top?”

“Chelsea please, number 2 on top, short to nothing at the sides and back.”

More code, I thought. I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to Jenny. Mary, proceeded to comb Jenny’s fringe down onto her forehead and then lifted the clippers as before and pushed her head down to here chest. In no time at all large clumps of hair were raining down onto the cape leaving short brown stubble all around the sides and back of her head. The clippers were raised onto the top of her head and again clumps of hair fell.

Mary turned the clippers off and said, “I’m getting hot. Let me just pop out the back and get some drinks.”

I looked into the mirror at Jenny. So far, only the long fringe that hung over her forehead was left untouched. Mary returned with three glasses of wine and, to my surprise, no clothes on.

“That’s better,” she said as she leaned across Jenny to pick up the clippers again. The small plastic guard was removed, to reveal the steel teeth of the blades. Mary then pushed Jenny’s head to one side and again began to force the clippers up, rotating away just above the top of her ear. This was repeated at the back where the steel comb was used just below her crown to create tapered lengths. Finally, Mary moved to the other side of the chair and began shearing off the remaining stubble. She then sprayed the long hair on Jenny’s forehead with water and brushed it back so that it stood on end. Using the steel comb again, she shortened the hair from the front to the back so that it blended gradually with the very short hair behind and at the sides.

There were a few strops of the razor, before some firm strokes around Jenny’s ears and up her nape revealed nearly bald skin. Mary then took a pair of toothed scissors and snapped them in and out of the long quiff causing a few more clumps of hair to fall past Jenny’s eyes. Some wax was applied to what was left of the fringe and it was again combed to stick up. After a few more snips here and there, it was over. The chair was lowered. The cape removed and severed hair rained down on to the floor below. Jenny stood up, beamed at her image in the mirror and then kissed Mary full on the lips while running her hands over her naked breasts. She then turned, walked over to me and kissed me full too, saying, “I think we are a bit overdressed.”

She looked so different and I could not help feeling her neck. It was smooth and quite hairless. She gently undressed me and slid off my knickers. Mary walked behind me and ran her hands over my breasts and down to my dripping wet cunt lips.

“Mmm, nice and smooth,” she murmured. “Now it’s your turn”, she whispered.

Slowly, I moved towards the chair and Mary followed with the cape. I had a feeling that I was not about to just get my ends trimmed today. Nevertheless, a strange attraction lured me into the chair. I sat down slowly and the cape was twirled around my naked body and fixed tightly behind my neck before I was pumped up in front of the mirror.

Mary stood behind me with comb in hand and began to comb roughly through my thick brown hair. I felt strangely aroused and began to feel even wetter around my crotch.

“It’s about time all this came off!” she exclaimed before picking up the clippers and saying, “What are we doing here, Flat-top or Chelsea?”

I hesitated before answering, still thinking that I could ask for a slight trim around the ends, but then I realised that she was not talking to me.

“Shave her to match her pussy,” replied the now naked Jenny. The clippers sprang to life and my cunt melted.

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