It’s About Time I Said Yes

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Having been chatting on line for some time now, finding someone to share a sexual fantasy was not a hard thing to do.

His name was Chris. He was just as interested in having hard core sex as I was. And, sharing me with his friends worked well for us both.

We had been chatting on and off for some time now. Two, maybe three years. He knew I was on the edge, but then I would chicken out at the last minute. He got pretty pissed off, and I can’t say that I blamed him. But, finally, I was ready. I saw him on line, and told him that. He laughed at me, and said I would only back out again. I promised him I would not. Not to take any chances that he would humiliated once again in front of any of his friends, he said that the first time, it would have to be one on one with him. If it all went well, then my fantasy would come true.

A day was chosen. Only two days away. Hopefully not enough time for me to think about it, and back out, for what would be my last chance.

He had given me specific instructions on how I should be prepared for him. My skin smooth, and my pussy shaved. I hate doing that, but I had to prove to him I was serious.

It was Monday morning. We both had the day off. We agreed to meet in the late morning in the parking lot of a shopping center near his condo. I would follow him in my car to his place.

I was up early and in the shower. I made sure my legs and pussy were shaved close. Following my shower, I used a light scented lotion. Not too heavy, but enough to arouse a desire in him. Dressing was casual. Jeans and a blouse. Of course under that I had on matching bra and panties.

He lived about 45 minutes away from me. I kept my nerves as calm as I could. But the excitement was building inside me. As well as between my legs. I knew by the time I got to him, I would have soaking wet panties.

Pulling into the parking lot, I saw his truck. He spotted me as well, and smiled. We had exchanged pictures, so I had an idea of what he looked like, as he did I. Neither of us were disappointed.

I pulled up along side his truck and he got out. He smiled, and leaned down to my window. “Nice to see that you finally decided to join me.” he said with a grin.

I smiled back and said “me too.”

He jumped back in his truck, and told me to follow him. It would be a short ride to his place.

He pulled his truck into a nice condo complex. Nice cars in the parking places, with neat grounds.

He directed me to park my car next his truck.

I got out of the car, and he was there taking me by the hand, leading me into the front door. He lived on the first floor, so we were inside his place in just a matter of a minute. He threw his keys on the table in the entrance way, and put mine there as well.

Looking around, it was defiantly a man’s place. Nothing frilly and no knick knacks. Very basic and easy to keep clean. Before I could walk too much further, two big brown labs came bounding into the living room to greet me. One had his nose between my legs sniffing. Chris laughed, and had to pull them both away, putting them in another room.

He knew I was nervous, and I knew he was horny. He grabbed me by the hand Sinop Escort and sat me on his big cushy couch, pinning me down with his body. His lips were on mine, and his hands were squeezing my tits. I could feel his cock hard against my leg. It did not take him long to get my blouse unbuttoned and pulled out of my jeans. And, with one swift move, he moved my bra up over my breasts and had one in his mouth. I let out a moan, and he knew he had me.

Before I knew it, he stood up grabbed my hands and pulled me up with him.

“The bed,” he said, “is much more comfortable.”

His bedroom was like the rest of the house. A man’s bedroom. Big flat screen tv, with porn DVD’s stacked up next to it. The bed was a king size. And, as he had told me, there on the head board, were wrist restraints.

I stood there, holding my blouse closed around me. I knew it would do me no good to try and be modest now, but by nature that is how I felt. I watched as he turned on the tv and slipped one of his DVD’s in. I remembered one of our conversations, him telling me how he loved to have a porn flick playing in the back round while having sex. He came back over to me and took off my blouse. And reaching around the back of me, with one quick flick, my bra was off as well. It did not take him long to undo my jeans and pull them and my panties off. All were tossed in a pile.

Again, like down stairs, he took me in his arms, this time, backing me to the bed and pushing me down. I was laying down, with him on top of me. Once he knew I was on the bed, he stood up, took his tee shirt off and jeans. His cock sprung out big and hard. The size of his cock took me by surprise. I guess I never asked how big he was, and he never volunteered the information.

He got on the bed, and pushed me to the middle. His mouth devouring my tits. His hands roaming down my legs to my pussy. He laughed when he felt how easily his fingers could move into me so easily. I was that wet! And how nice his fingers felt. I spread my legs wide for him. His fingers pushed up inside me. Two, then three, moving in and out of me. His mouth never left my nipples, biting them harder and harder. Waiting to see how much he could get away with. So far, I was letting him bite harder then I had ever let any other man. And, I was loving it. I was arching my back and pushing my hips up and down as he finger fucked me. I was in heaven, and he knew he had me. There was no turning back. Ever.

He pulled his fingers out, and smeared my juices all over my mouth, and then shoved his fingers inside my mouth. “Suck my fingers, and taste your own juices.” he said to me. “For the rest of the day, you will be my whore.” “My slut. You will do whatever I tell you to do.” I nodded in agreement.

He looked down at me, and with once quick move, he slapped the side of my thigh, hard. “That is not how you answer me, is it?”

“No sir” I replied.

“That’s better my little slut.” “Now, again, you will do whatever I tell you to do?”

“Yes sir” I said, with my voice shaking.

“Good girl”

He rolled off me, and took his cock in his hand. “You know what you are to do, so get to it!” I crawled Sinop Escort Bayan between his legs, and took his cock in my mouth. “Mmmmmm, that’s a good girl. Take it. Lick it like a nice fat lolly pop. And watch your teeth!”

I moved my tongue around his cock. Licking it up and down. Swirling it around the pee hole, and moving all the way down, and then back up. He was groaning with pleasure. His cock tasted good, and his scent was a clean man scent. I could taste his pre cum in my mouth. I lapped it up. “Take it deep” he said, as he pushed my head down almost choking me. I panicked, and started to gag. He pulled my head by my hair and laughed. “Come on, do it again. You were doing so well.” I smiled and went back down on him. Moving my head up and down sucking on it. He was moaning. I thought he was going to cum. But, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up and off him.

He moved himself on me, and started kissing me once again on the lips. Moving down my neck and biting my tits again. Then shoving the breast into his mouth. First one, then the other. Moving his mouth down my stomach and finally reaching my bald spot. He pushed his nose into my pushy and took a deep breath. Pushing my legs apart, he started eating me. Tonguing me. And, again, finger fucking me. He was taking my lips between his teeth, and pulling them out. Then he found my clit. He sucked on it, and bit it lightly. It sent me over the edge. I have never had an orgasm that intense before. And, somehow I think he knew it. I was panting and trying to catch my breath. He never stopped. He kept licking and nibbling on me. His tongue was everywhere. I knew his face had to be soaking wet by now.

It did not take me long to find out. Before I knew it, he was up and over me, rubbing his face all over me. I could not only feel my juices but I could smell the scent of hot wet sex.

He rolled off of me. “Turn around, face the tv, and get on your knees. You are going to feel me fuck you like the bitch you are, while you watch the movie.” I turned, but not fast enough for him. He gave my ass a hard slap. I started to pull away, but before I could move too far, he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me back. “O no, slut, you are mine.” SLAP, again I felt the sting again and again. Then he grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head back. I could feel his cock hard and pressed up against me.

“NOW,” he said, “the fun really begins. And with one quick push, he cock was in me to the hilt. He pulled it most of the way out, and then thrust it back in. It was done with such force, I was sure I would be sent flying across the room. But, by the way he had me by the hair, I knew he would not let that happen.

“Feel what I do to you” he said, “and keep watching the movie. Do you see what he is doing to her, that’s just what is going to happen to you.” I looked up and saw the girl on the bed, being fucked hard. She was fighting it, but I was not. He was pounding me. Hard. I could feel every inch of him in me. “Tell me how much you love this. Say you want me to fuck you hard. Say it!”

“Fuck me hard, Sir, I want you to fuck me. I love it.”

“Mmmmm, now that’s a good slut.”

Once Escort Sinop again his hand came down hard on my ass. Once, twice, three and then a final forth time. “Yes, now there is a nice red ass.” he said.

He pulled his cock out of me. I felt him rub it up and down the crack of my ass. Then, he pushed one of his fingers in to my ass, and his cock back into my pussy. He worked them in and out together. Again, he moved his cock to my hole and spread my juice around it. This time, he put in two fingers. I told him, I did not think I was ready for that, and he just laughed. He leaned down to my ear, and whispered, “you are very ready for this. Just watch the girl on the screen. You are going to get just what she is getting.”

Just then, I felt his cock press up against my hole. He pushed it in. Just a little. Then he pulled it back, and pushed it in further. I could feel the pain, and tried to move away, but he would not let me. “Just hold on little girl, you are going to love this. Trust me.”

“Yes sir,” was my reply.

He moved his cock around, pushing it in deeper and deeper. Somehow, it passed the point, where it stopped hurting, and began to feel good. I actually found my self pushing back. “See baby, I told you. It’s nice, isn’t it.”

“Mmmmm,.” was all I could say.

One final push, and he was in. I could feel his balls pressing up against my ass. Then he started the rhythm of moving in and out of my ass. The feeling of his cock, hard, and thick inside me, was so good. I never knew it could be that good. The girl on tv was enjoying as much as I was. Chris was filling me up more than any other man had before.

He was moving faster now. I was sure he was not going to last too much longer before he filled my ass with his cum. And, that is just what I wanted. I wanted him to cum hard.

It did not take long. He gave one final push and let out a deep growl, pumping his sweet cum into me. I could feel the heat of him spreading through me. Filling me up.

He held his cock inside of me, making sure every drop was in me. Finally, he moved away from me, falling back with his head on the pillow. He patted the bed next to him, meaning for me to lie down next to him. We ere both out of breath.

“How is that sweet ass of yours?”

Taking a deep breath, “fine,” I replied.

As we laid there, I could hear the movie in the background.

Just the, I heard the door bell ring, and Chris looked down at me, and smiled. I thought it was from the tv, but he got up, and said

“hmm…must have some company.”

“I did not think we were having anyone else over today?” I said.

“Well,”he said, its me that does the thinking here. Just remember that girl. If I say you and I are going to have company, then we will have company.”

“But” I said, “I don’t think I am ready for that. I wanted just one on one first.”

He turned around and put his jeans on. I started to get up to grab my clothes, but he moved faster then me. He pushed me down, and before I could try to get up again, he pushed me up against the head board, locking first my right wrist then my left, into the restraints.

“There now” he said. “You just relax up here for a few minutes.”

He moved towards the bedroom door, just as the bell rang again. With a quick wink, he was gone. I just laid there feeling his cum leaking out of my ass, knowing there would be more cum to come…

To be continued…

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