It Started with a Gaze

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I always loved the way his eyes feasted upon my flesh as I played with myself, the lust in his eyes always made me cum hard. Little did he know, I could see him watching me, I always put on a show for him.

Him, being my roommates boyfriend, he was 6′ 2″ and just the right amount of muscle and definition. He had striking green eyes with his short cut blonde hair. I had seen his package a few times as he went to the bathroom after a sex session with my roommate. Even as it hung, drained of its seed, he was still very much well endowed.

The first time he watched me, I wasn’t sure if I was hearing things. It was a late night and I had been watching some hardcore porn, getting extremely horny and wanting to relieve myself. As it was on the laptop, I had my headphones plugged in so I could hear them fucking properly. I had thought my roommate and her boyfriend had gone out but as it turns out, she had got called into work. He was there by himself and I did not know. As I was playing with my now soaking wet pussy and rubbing my clit wildly, I hit climax and started cumming, moaning and letting the ecstatic feeling overtake my body. As the porn finished and my breathing slowed, I heard my door move and footsteps, I lay there listening intently but heard no more, I cleaned myself and went to bed.

That’s how it had started. But now i knew he was there, and i would cum harder and moan louder just for him. Even if my roommate was there, she knew I was horny and hadn’t had a man in months, so she didn’t care about my self-love. I bet she would if she knew her boyfriend was watching!

The trouble Escort Büyükçekmece began a couple of weeks later, my roommate had informed me that she was headed out of town for the weekend for a family gathering and she wasn’t taking her boyfriend. She proceeded to tell me something about her family but I was completely disinterested, instead focusing on the fact that her boyfriend would be in town alone, what if he decided to come over?

The panic subsided when he didn’t come over Friday night, i was relieved but anxious, I wanted to put on a huge show just for him. How pathetic of me. Then I heard it, the door being unlocked, I smiled like an idiot. I proceeded to put on a porn video, through my tv, to let him know that I thought I was alone, I pressed play and took of my pyjamas, I lay stark naked. I pressed pause and got up, he went into his girlfriends bedroom, I knew because I heard the door click shut. I went into the kitchen and grabbed what i needed for a good show, he was in for a treat!

I layed back on my bed and pressed play, I lay on my back, legs spread wide open, my pussy already soaked with the rush I was feeling. I only just heard the door open and seen him out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t let on though and slowly rubbed my pussy. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked off my juices, sucking and licking as if it were a big hard cock. I then grabbed a banana and poured some lube on it and started to rub my pussy with it, up and down my wet slit, rubbing a little harder on my clit, the I poured more lube and stuck it in my tight wet pussy Çatalca escort and started fucking myself slowly. Moaning as I was, I wasn’t gonna cum from it, I took the banana out of my wet pussy, peeled and ate it. The look on his face!

Next up was something different. I took the liberty of stealing my roommates vibrating dildo out of her room earlier that day after she had left. I said aloud “I can’t believe I finally get to use her dildo.” I heard a gasp from his direction but ignored it. I turned the vibrate setting to high and placed it on my clit, god the feeling, I knew I wouldn’t last long so I turned it off and placed it in my pussy, I started fucking myself hard and fast then turned the vibrate setting back to high. That was it, I started to cum hard but being a bit daring I called out his name as if I had no idea he was there.. “YES KYLE YES! FUCK ME HARD, LIKE YOU MEAN IT!! OOOOOH YEAHHHH!

I lay back spent, taking out the dildo slowly, I put it to my mouth and licked my cum off it, making small moans as if I were sucking his juicy cock. I then turned my head in his direction, smiled and winked. I seen him leave, heard the front door shut. I slept great that night.


He stopped in at around lunch time to say hey. I was walking around in a breezy mini dress, with nothing underneath, making myself horny. We had a brief chat while I made him a sandwich. He asked about my day and if I had heard from Carly, my roommate. I answered and idly chatted about nothing in particular. Then our eyes locked for an intense moment before I had to look Esenler escort bayan away, I came over and sat on the edge of the armchair, with my legs slightly spread. The way I was sitting would be putting my wet juicy pussy completely on show, but he hadn’t realized yet. I threw a pen on the ground in front of me while his back was turned, then sounding sweet and innocent, I asked if he could pick it up for me.

He bent down in front of me, eyes on the pen, but as he lifted his head back up ready to pass me the pen, he seen my pussy, direct eye contact. He had nothing but pure animal lust in his eyes then and nothing but a massive hard throbbing cock in his athletic running shorts, which didn’t really conceal much. A cock that I wanted, I decided. I started moving my hand down and rubbed my wet pussy for him, while my other hand played with my right boob, god it felt good! I seen him swallow and seen him lick his lips in appreciation. I stopped and simply stated “No way, I want a good hard fuck not my pussy eaten, and you’re gonna fuck me now.”

He didn’t say no, he hopped out of his clothes, and pushed me forcefully down on the armchair. He pushed his now fully erect 11 inch cock deep inside my tight wet pussy, goddamn! He was like nothing I felt before, he pushed all the way in as his balls slapped against my arse, as he fucked hard and fast, every stroke was ecstasy, I could feel him getting close, as was I. I clenched my vaginal muscles to make my orgasm last harder and longer, I moaned his name and rode it out with me, then he pumped his hot load into my aching pussy, 8 or 9 shots came out, god I wanted him even now as I had him. After he had finished fucking me, he kissed me hard and passionate on the lips, then left.

I sat up in the armchair and rubbed my pussy, feeling his hot cum inside me, I put my fingers in my mouth and licked them off. He tasted good, I wondered if he would be back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32