It Started with a Dance

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We ended up at one of the clubs inside the casino. I watched the people around us and I could see she was getting more than a few looks. Why wouldn’t she be I thought with a smile? She was something to look at. She looked more than good in her red dress. It was long enough to almost hit the floor but slit up both sides practically to her waist.

Her legs, smooth, soft, and tone flashed suggestively in and out, the slits of the dress falling around them as she moved. Her thighs blending into her hips, full, and curved just right to stretch the soft red fabric. It clung its way up her body from there, covering her while leaving nothing to the imagination. Flowing over her taught stomach without a wrinkle, stretching defiantly over her full, firm D cup breast, culminating at the low-cut neckline, showing just enough to suggest at what awaited underneath.

Then there was her face, anyone watching could not help but to notice how beautiful she was. Her soft, inviting skin, over her neck, flowing, past a defined jawline, over flush cheeks and stopping at her eyes. Nobody would ever get past her eyes. They were a clear, captivating grey green you would have a hard time tearing your gaze from. But eventually you would look away, if only to watch her move.

She swayed her body across the floor and it brought her to people’s attention and I was proud to have her in my arms. I was enjoying being the guy with the girl. It was awesome to watch her move. She had a way about her that would leave anyone mesmerized when she let go. The term “care free” is one that I would have never used to describe her, at least not until tonight.

She danced with an abandonment of anything going on in her life, at that instant it was just her, the music and the emotion that was driving her body to move.

Nothing else existed in that moment, not even me. I was an object, a prop that she draped her body around but her eyes were closed and she was lost in herself. I was just along for the ride and I was ok with that because as I knew she would, she eventually came back to me. She opened her eyes and smiled, almost as if surprised to find me there holding her, watching her. She smiled and then took off in my arms, this time including me, laughing as we moved.

I love to watch her smile and laugh as we slid around the floor. As the night passed we drank, shouted our conversation over the pulse of the music and we danced. She moved in and out of my arms losing herself to the night, wrapping herself up in the music. Releasing the bad energy she had been carrying in her for who knows how long. It was truly the perfect way to end the night.

We went back to the room after a while. She stopped me at the door and turned me so that we were facing each other. I wrapped my arms around her waist, slowly sliding fingers over the silky soft material that had hid what I lusted for all night. She snaked her arms around my neck, trailing long, sharp nails across my skin, running them up the Samsun Escort back of my neck, smiling knowingly.

My eyes closed as my lips parted just enough to let escape the sound of barley contained lust. Then she kissed me. This kiss was not one of suggestion, she was not kissing me goodnight. She was telling me in electrified silence that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her, and that I would have her. She played her fingers thru my hair as we stood wrapped up in each other.

I tried to take in everything about her but it was a senses overload.

I felt her pressed against me, pulled up tight to me, her body, soft wonderful goodness wrapped around tone, sculpted muscle. I could feel her excited, taut with anticipation, the energy moving and flowing as I held her to me. I inhaled her scent and basked in the heat she gave off. She smelled awesome and I was almost drunk with it. I listened to her slow but heavy breath and the little noises she made as she kissed me raise more than just goosebumps on my skin. They were the sounds of desire, of an almost primal need. She breath out whimpers of yearning, inhaled gasps of lust as we kissed.

I wrapped up all me senses with everything about her and it had my head swimming. I came back from ecstasy just enough to reach back and push the door the rest of the way open and she moved us in. She walked us backwards thru the door and I took the liberty of kicking it closed behind her. Our lips never parted from each other and our hands never stopped moving.

She guided us backwards and I bumped into the bed falling back on it, wrapped in my arms, she followed me down, landing with a pleasing oomph on top of me. I scooting back, getting all the way on, dragging her with me. She laid herself along my length, following me as I scooted. She fit her body to mine and we fit well. Every curve had a hollow and everything that touched felt as if it belonged together.

She kissed me voraciously as I wrapped my arms around her, needing to pull her into me tighter, wanting nothing between us. My hands traveling, exploring. Fingers intertwined with her hair. It was soft and silky but disheveled from my attentions. I grabbed it, fingers lost in golden strands. I pulled on it just enough to extract a whimper before moving on. My hands followed the curve of her back, over her ass, full and firm, the slits in her dress parting around her legs to bunch up between them to leave most of her sensual and inviting thighs exposed.

I found smooth, hot, and captivating skin pulled tight over lean muscle. Moving first one, then the other, both fitting just right under her almost perfect cheeks, cupping them, squeezing a moan out of her. She opened her legs more, rendering the skirt of the dress almost useless as a covering. I took my cue and roughly pulled at the material, bunching it up in my hands, pulling it up, exposing her to the waist as she wriggled and moved to help me with the front. She parted her legs, Samsun Escort Bayan free of constraints now, inviting my thigh to find her, giving herself something to caress herself on, grinding herself on me.

My hands moved up her thighs, over her panties, wanting to feel all of her. She felt me hard against her, she moved to rub her leg on me. Her tongue sliding between my lips, her breath and soft cries of need and lust colliding with my exhaled moans. Her hands were in my hair, pulling me to her. She bit my lip, fighting for control because I knew she wanted me inside her just as much as I did. Gaining some self-control, eventually she straddled me, arching her back as far as she could as she sat up, prolonging the touch of her lips to mine before we broke apart.

Her palms on my chest, rising and falling with exertion. Her own breath coming in heavy pants. Her thighs on each side of me, knees on the bed, dress bunched uselessly around her hips she looked down at me hungrily but in control now. Sitting over me with the smile of a predator, she was a cat, playing with her catch before she consumed it. I stared up at her, the need to control fighting with the desire to be consumed by this creature. My hands moved to her waist, sliding slowly over her hips as if promising to return as she started to slowly move, grinded herself down on me.

I watched her eyes, hypnotic and intense with concentration. Her fingers spread on my chest, helping her balance, my hands on her waist helping her move. I was trying to push thru my jeans, I was so hard against her wanting to be inside her but refusing to stop what we were doing to make it happen. She moved her hips back and forth, rubbing herself on me rhythmically. I pushed up, knowing she was wet even thru our clothes. I could feel her thru my jeans, almost nothing between us but still enough to keep us apart. She stopped her movements all of a sudden, she smiled as I looked up, expecting, not knowing what she would do next.

Looking down at me teasing, watching my face, her eyes on mine, she reached down, torturously slow, grabbed her dress, pulled it over her head and let it go in midair. It fell to the bed next to us, instantly forgotten as I took in her naked perfection. All her beauty there for me to feast on. Her breast big, heavy and full. Soft skin, and alluring, white against her tan. They hung just perfect, nipples hard tempting little rocks, darker but still a soft pink. Calling to be taken into my mouth, reaching down to me, enticing.

She planted her hands anew on my chest, looking down at me, her breast dancing between us she resumed to move.

I watched as she swayed, slow at first finding her rhythm again almost instantly. She hung her head in concentration, closed her eyes and moved her hips as I pulled her down to me as hard as I could. She was grinding herself on me, panties soaked with her juices. My hands wrapped around her waist, pushed myself up into her, rubbing myself Escort Samsun against her, hard but still fully clothed, finding my place nestled between her thighs. Her paced picked up and I matched her, stroke for stroke with enthusiasm, grinding ourselves into a frenzy like adolescences on her parent’s couch.

Her breathing changed, coming faster, her soft moans of pleasure morphing into whimpers of need, little short gasps of anticipation as she dug her nails into my chest almost painfully. Bunching up my shirt, undoubtedly leaving scratches but that was the last thing on my mind. I reached around her a little, sliding my hands over the smooth skin of her back and pulled her to me, fighting against her momentum, she was pushed herself against me for leverage as she rocked her hips back and forth. Forcing her closer, I reached up to her big, swaying breast and took one of those perfect little nipples into my panting mouth. She inhaled sharply as I surprised her with a playful little bite and moaned with pleasure the next moment as I sucked on it.

I played my tongue around, flicking it, alternating this with mischievous little bites, being rewarded with whimpered cries of delightful pain. She picked up her pace, giving up some leverage to give me more of her breast, pushing her nipple to me now, wanting, needing to feel my mouth wrapped around her. I took in as much of it in as possible. Her hips were moving as if there was nothing between us, her grinding strides getting longer, harder, and faster contradicting her cries that were getting shorter, sharper, and louder.

We came together, her breathless screams drowning out my muffled moans.

With her nipple still in my mouth, my cries came out around her hard little button. As we both expelled the last shred of shared energy, we clung to each other, her pausing mid grind, nails dug in to my chest thru my shirt, me freezing mid stroke, pushing myself into her, lost in my release. I was gripping her waste so hard I had to be leaving marks. Each lost in our own orgasm, waves of pleasure rising and crashing over and over. Eventually after what seemed like an explosion of sensation eternally paused in time, we started to move together again, gradually, each clawing out every last drop of unmeasurable pleasure we could before the inevitable collapse.

She fell to me like a loosed puppet, her nipple slipped slowly out of my mouth as I fell back onto the bed, having been holding myself up a little to take her in. She slowly unclenched her fist now trapped between us, letting my shirt go. Moving her palms from their place, putting them flat on the bed, resting one each side of my head she lay herself flat against me. Her naked body, save for soaked thru panties, pressing down, her nipples still hard, against my chest, still completely clothed. Her legs were straddling me, her face now buried in my neck. Our breath, both heavy but slowing as we lay there. She lay on me, panting, my arms making their way around her. She eventually spoke, her voice muffled against me.

“What?” I asked, still trying to gain some semblance of control over my breathing.

She put her seductive lips to my ear and as she lay there, breath out the words,

“Take your fucking clothes off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32