It must’ve Been the Alcohol

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My life to this point had been pretty much by the book. I worked hard, got good grades, and managed to land a nice job right out of college. I had recently become engaged to my girlfriend of four years, and we had just purchased our first home together. It was a fairly modest condo in a newer development, but it was certainly better than renting. It was at this point that my life was completely upended and turned on its ear.

Being new to the development meant lots of visits from some of the residents who had moved in before us, oftentimes accompanied by some sort of baked good or alcoholic beverages to welcome us to the neighborhood.

One of the neighbors I clicked with the most was a middle-aged man named Tim. We talked about sports for a good forty-five minutes, and he told me he had turned his basement living room into a mini home theater and that I should stop by sometime to watch a game with him. I told him that sounded great, since I hadn’t even had a chance to get the cable hooked up yet, and had planned to try to watch from a bar, so we made plans to watch from his place later that week.

When game day arrived I picked up the obligatory six pack of cheap beer and headed across the street to Tim’s place.

“Hey, glad to see you found the place alright!” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, only got lost a few times on my way!” I responded.

“Well, the theater room is downstairs, and there’s fridge down here too so you can keep those cold.” he said as he headed down the stairs.

The layout of Tim’s place was more or less the same as ours, with a few modifications downstairs to accommodate the theater setup.

“Wow, man, this is pretty sick. I might be hanging out here more often than you bargained for.”

Tim chuckled “Yeah it was a pretty long process but I’m happy with how it turned out.”

We settled in on the couch and watched the game on his giant flat-screen TV. I finished all six of my cheap beers, and Tim was kind enough to let me have a few of his craft beers and before too long I was feeling pretty tipsy. No problem, I thought, I’m walking right across the street anyway. Perfect setup.

“That game was pretty disappointing, huh.” Tim said.

“Yeah, blowouts are never very fun to watch, even when your team wins. I just wish I’d been able to see last week’s game. I only saw the box score.

“Oh, I record every game and have them archived on my computer. Want to watch it now?” he offered.

“Oh, yeah, if it’s that easy sure.”

He grabbed a wireless keyboard from the coffee table and changed the input on the TV to a different port. When the picture finally loaded it was his computer, but open on the screen was a paused video player of an older looking man with a younger looking guy’s legs and arms wrapped around him.

“Woah what the-” I let out before I could really process things.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry I must have forgotten to close this out.”

“Oh, uhh, yeah that’s all good…” I said, averting my gaze. I could feel the redness in my face deepening.

“If you want to leave, I get it. This is probably pretty uncomfortable for you.” Then I saw him look down at my groin. “Although, maybe it’s not that uncomfortable for you?”

At that moment I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was probably half erect, and my face became so hot you could’ve fried an egg on it.

“Wha-? Nah, I think it’s just shock or maybe the alcohol or something I dunno.” I stammered out.

“Alcohol usually has the opposite effect in that regard” he said with a chuckle. “Here, why don’t we turn it back on and you can make a reasoned assessment?”

Then he clicked the play button on the video. The older man was slowly and sensually fucking the younger guy, who was moaning in sheer ecstasy with each slap of the older man’s balls against him.

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe not. But I became entranced by the rhythmic slapping, Erenköy travesti coupled with their shared moans and groans. Periodically the older man would lean down and they would kiss passionately.

“See, I like slower, more sensual videos. The hard core stuff is so soulless to me. I love it when you can see how much each one is enjoying it.” he said.

This snapped my focus on the video and I looked over at Tim. I don’t know how long I had been fixated, but in that time he had gotten completely naked, and was slowly stroking his cock. It was probably about the same size as mine, so around 7-8 inches, but it was substantially thicker with a tuft of black and gray pubic hair. I again became aware of my own erection, only this time it was painfully hard, and leaking precum in my jeans.

“You’re more than welcome to join me, if you’d like.”

Join him? In jacking off to gay porn? What the hell was happening?! Things had gone completely off the rails. Still, my cock was absolutely aching, and it had been a few days since I’d gotten any release. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe not, but next thing I knew I had undone my jeans and pulled out my cock.

“Wow, very nice tool you have there. But if you plan on finishing, you’re probably going to want to take off your shirt, unless you don’t think walking in with a huge cumstain on your shirt would arouse suspicion”, Tim said.

He was right, so I followed his lead and soon enough I was sitting naked on a couch stroking my cock to gay porn less than 3 feet away from another man.

“Mmm. The climax is coming up”, he said.

I noticed the older man picking up the pace slightly, and driving his cock as deep as he could with each thrust. Then with one hard thrust I heard him start grunting in a way every man is familiar with. He was cumming inside his young lover.

With that I lost it and began erupting shot after shot of cum all over my chest and stomach.

I looked over at Tim and noticed he too was cumming, but he wasn’t watching the screen. He was watching me. His load was as big or possibly even bigger than mine.

“Do you have a towel so I can get cleaned up?” I said, suddenly feeling incredible shame and confusion.

“Towel? No, not close. Here, this’ll help.”

With that he leaned over and started licking up the cum off my stomach, swallowing it all. Then he ran a finger up my cockhead to get the last drop.

“Mmm. That was great, wasn’t it?”

I started dressing quickly, still feeling equal parts bewildered and ashamed. Again, what the hell had just happened?

“Uh, yeah, sure. I should head out though. Thanks for, uh, letting me watch the game and stuff…”

“No problem, same time next week?” he said with a grin.

“Oh, uhh… Maybe, I don’t know…”

“Well, my door is always open.”

And with that I made the walk home. Somehow it felt twice as long, stuck in my head about what had happened. Could I ever go back there? Did I enjoy it? No, that couldn’t be it. It was just the alcohol. That’s it. I was just drunk and things got out of hand. It could’ve been anybody and the same thing would happen. Plus it’d been almost a week since I’d gotten off. That’s all it was.


The next week passed by without any incident. I had only seen Tim once in passing. We waved at each other as I left for work one morning.

I was convinced things were back to normal. To prove it to myself, I decided to take him up on his offer and come over again for another game, but this time I wouldn’t drink, and so nothing weird would happen.

As last time, the game turned out to be a blowout, and as it was wrapping up I was getting ready to say my goodbyes and head home.

“Well that sucked again”, I said.

“Yeah, oh well. Can’t win em all.”

I was starting to get up when I noticed he had already changed the input on the Beşiktaş travesti TV and a different video was on the screen. This one was an older man and a younger guy standing in a sauna, making out while the older man held both of their cocks together and stroked them against each other.

I froze in my seat, this time conscious of the sudden rush of blood into my cock, and afraid of standing up and making it obvious.

“Gonna stick around, or you have somewhere you need to be?” he said.

“Uhh, I should get going…”

He had already begun removing his clothes, revealing his rock hard cock again, this time fully shaven, as though prepared to be shown off.

“You’re more than welcome to stay”, he said with a wink.

Again, I could feel my cock aching in my jeans. How was this happening again? I was sober, and I had even jacked off the night before! Why was this turning me on so much?

I couldn’t help but watch the video, their two swollen members rubbing together, occasionally oozing precum onto each other. I was once again entranced, and once again I needed release.

I begrudgingly began to undress again, when Tim stood up.

“Do you like what they’re doing there, with their cocks?”

“I dunno, I guess maybe…” I stammered out, redness again encroaching on my face. It was easier to feel less uncomfortable about it the less I thought.

“Well the real thing is even better.” he said.

“Wha-” I let out.

“Stand up and come to me.” he gestured to the spot in front of him.

Almost as though I were a robot obeying a programmed command I stood up and walked over to Tim.

“That’s it.” he said. He reached his hand out and pulled me closer until I could feel his cock against mine. It was at this moment I realized he was probably 3-4 inches taller than me as well.

He took both of our cocks in his hand and started rubbing them together. I was looking down, watching as I felt his cock ooze a little glob of precum out onto mine.

“This is my favorite kind of foreplay. It’s such an intimate moment to me, to feel the other’s sex against yours. Pure, and pent up.”

I looked up and felt him pull me closer into him until our bodies pressed together, smearing precum on each other as he pressed his lips against mine.

At first I resisted his kiss, as my mind scrambled to comprehend what was happening. But after seconds of failing to do so, my wall of resistance crumbled, and I melted into him. I felt his cock throbbing against me as his tongue explored my mouth.

When he finally broke the kiss I thought I was going to pass out.

He walked us over to the couch and had me lie down at one end. Then he positioned himself behind my head and guided me up over the armrest, so I was staring up at his hanging cock and balls.

“Open up for me like I know you want to.”

I opened my mouth and he guided the tip of his cock into my mouth.

“Mmm that’s a good boy.” he said.

I felt my cock twitch at those words. “Good boy”.

“You like it when I call you that?”

I don’t know what it was, but I really did.

“Good. I’m glad you want to be my good boy.”

As he began sliding more of his cock into my mouth and throat. I gagged several times, but eventually he was able to guide a good amount of his cock in and out.

“Mmm that’s it. Look how much precum you’re leaking. You’ve needed this longer than you know. I’m glad to be able to show you your true self.”

My true self? What did he mean by that? Was he trying to say I was gay or something? I mean, sure, I was enjoying what was happening, that much was beyond debate. But I was still into women, that hadn’t changed… Had it?

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up off the couch.

“C’mon. I have something else I want to show you.”

He led me into a bedroom just off the living room, and had Avcılar travesti me lie down. He placed a pillow at the foot of the bed.

He knelt down and pulled my waist until my ass was at the edge of the bed. He lifted my legs up and pushed them back. Then I could feel his tongue running circles around the edge of my hole before he really started working it.

Before I could stop it, a moan escaped my lips, as he began to work a finger in, and before long two. I was melting into a puddle as he worked my hole like an instrument.

Then he stood up and grabbed a bottle of lube out of a drawer in the bedside table. Oh shit, I thought to myself, he’s really going to fuck me.

“I don’t know about that…” I said. “That might be too far…”

“Too far?” he said. “Too far what?”

“You know… Gay… I’m not- I mean-”

He chuckled. “Look at yourself. Look at what we’ve done the last two times you’ve come over. You put up barriers to try to resist, but those crumbled with minimal effort, and the real you came out. You might not think you’re gay, but your body says otherwise.”

Was he right? I mean, I had never been as hard or as turned on as I was in that moment. Never with my fiancee or any previous girlfriends. I tried to rationalize last week by blaming the alcohol, but I was stone sober today. The only thing I was drunk on was lust.

“Let’s see how your body responds to this final test. Then you’ll know for sure.”

He squirted some lube on his hand and began rubbing along and into my hole. Then he put a generous amount on his cock.

“This is going to hurt at first, but I’ll go slowly until you’re ready.”

I nodded, sheepishly. My heart was racing. The final test? How will I know? Everything was happening so fast. Like a whirlwind of pleasure and lust.

And then I felt pressure at my hole. Gripping my hip with one hand, and guiding his member with the other, I could feel immense pressure and a sharp pain.

“That’s it, just a bit more. Open up for me. Let me in.”

I tried to relax my muscles, but the pain kept coming. All of a sudden I felt a jolt, and I could feel his cock head press past. I had been breached. I had been broken.

“There we go. That’s my good boy”

My cock jumped again at those words, precum oozing into my stomach.

He continued to press in, slowly, occasionally pausing to allow me to adapt. Eventually he made it all the way in.

“How does that feel?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. It still hurt, but it also felt like pleasure in a way I was wholly unfamiliar with. Like a wholeness filling me.

“It feels amazing…”

He chuckled. He started pulling out and, facing much less resistance, began pushing back in. Slowly he began to fuck me. I could feel his balls against me at the end of each thrust.

I closed my eyes and fully laid back. It felt like my whole body had decompressed.

Slowly he began to pick up his pace. Moans became unavoidable, as they left my mouth with each slap of his balls against me.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the sight. A man was fucking my asshole while my cock leaked like a runny faucet and I was in ecstasy. The feeling far surpassed any sexual experience I had ever had.

I looked up into his eyes, and he leaned down and we kissed, deeply. I wrapped my legs around his waist. It was the only signal he needed.

He began thrusting harder and faster. I broke our kiss to moan out in pleasure.

“I’m going to cum. If you don’t want me to cum inside of you, say so now. If you say nothing, I will assume you’ve accepted the truth of your homosexuality.”

So this is what he meant about final test. Well, in that case, I guess the answer is easy.

I locked my legs harder around his waist and kissed him deeply with both hands on his face.

I felt him thrust a few more times and then I felt a burst of warmth deep inside of me. Another man was erupting his seed into my bowels, and I couldn’t have been happier about it. Without touching it, I felt my cock start spurting uncontrollably as well.

After a few more thrusts, Tim collapsed onto me. Panting, he looked at me.

“That’s my good boy.”

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