it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 13

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it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 13.

What was a boy to do, what am I going to do ?. I was so consumed with sex well, young lust for the most part that I have created a situation ripe for disaster. You know the saying: “don’t shit where you eat”. I feel I’ve done just that and my only hope is that my shit will be like fertilizer and something beautiful will grow from it.
One one hand it’s not like Mom and I have talked and worked out “the details” of how, when, where or even IF we would continue our rendezvous. Sis wouldn’t expect a different late night routine so maybe things would work out ?.
This kept going through my mind during and after Sis and I cleaned up from our last session.

Mom arrived home and the three of us performed the usual routine of dinner, which Mom seemed to be unusually quiet while we ate. Afterwords we all went to the living room and watched some TV.
Being a horny teenager I couldn’t help but eye the two females around me.
Mom kept on her business dress, complete with high heels and glasses, which was driving me crazy.
Sis wore her typical jogging shorts and a tank top, looking so delicious.
I thought who wouldn’t want a couple of hot females under the same roof. I let my previous worries slip away and fantasized about these two who I loved the most and having one then the other or even……………….!, I shook my head and thought “not likely”.
It was a nice thought and it would be so HOT !, I was getting myself worked up.
As we sat watching TV I looked at Mom who was still quiet and contemplative. She finally got up and went to her room to shower and change which would give Sis and I an opportunity to talk.
I was about ready to speak when her phone beeped and she started texting, I just sat back watching TV until Sis finished and I was getting ready to speak when Mom came out of her room.
There she stood freshly scrubbed, her long dark hair glistened with moisture and she had that short robe on. I looked over at Sis who was on the couch, already scantily dressed she had her knees up to her chest and feet planted apart, which drew my eyes right to her crotch.
I looked back to Mom as she walked to the couch and sat down, her robe riding up showing plenty of leg. She just sat there looking pensive.

I couldn’t take it anymore as my earlier thoughts about each of them, combined with their attire and posture, was causing my cock to rise.
Being a teen I was used to the frustration of observing some eye candy while conjuring up sexual scenarios then go pound one out.
I jumped up and, “I’ll see you all later”, bursa eskort I said.
Neither of them said a word as I headed out the door.

I walked as my girlfriend and I texted back and forth for a little bit then wrote she was busy with “family stuff” and she had to go and we would get together soon. After her and I finished texting I started to put the phone in my pocket then pulled it out and typed: “want 2 meet up ?” and pressed send.
The anticipation of getting a quickie with my sisters friend didn’t help my condition, then my phone beeped: “cant”, she replied.
That answer actually helped soften my raging hard on.
“2 bad”, I wrote.
“tell me bout it”, she replied.
“another time”, I wrote.
She replied with a string of smiley face emoticons.

I just kicked around a bit more then went back home. When I walked in I heard Mom and Sis talking in the living room, I turned heading towards my room when Mom said, “Could you come in here”.
I walked into the living room thinking, “oh boy, what is it”. I sat in the chair across from the couch where Mom and Sis were sitting.
Mom had a different demeanor now, she seemed “pleasant”, I glanced at Sis who also had a pleasant look on her face. Seeing their faces and manner put me at ease. I wasn’t currently in the mood to speak, let alone listen but I resigned myself to sit there and get through whatever this was.
Mom seemed almost thrilled to talk as she looked at me and began to speak.
“Prior and recent…uhhh, happenings have created certain….mmm, challenges for us and while this still brings ….uhhh, implications for the near future, things are what they are and they can be dealt with”, she said.
I sat there thinking “why is she dragging out whatever it is, just spit it out and lets go on”. My eyes were focused on the couch and not on either of them but I noticed Mom and Sis look at each other then Mom looked back in my direction.

Mom said, “Honey, it was decided that we should share”, she said.
I looked up at her with a blank stare and said, uh huh” as I continued to look at her while waiting for clarity.
I glanced at Sis who had a smile on her face then she rolled her eyes, looked at me and said, “She knows…..WE KNOW !”.
The blood felt like it drained from my body as I went numb. My eyes darted from Mom to Sis and in between. I searched for a sign that what I heard and was thinking was actually something entirely different, something I haven’t caught on to yet.
Mom spoke up, “Honey it’s OK”, she said.
I looked at Sis who just nodded her head at me, she glanced at Mom then bursa escort bayan got up and walked to her room. I turned my head to follow her as she passed by me.
Looking back to Mom, “it’s time for bed”, she said, as she cocked her head towards the bedroom door.

I sat there for a minute before walking into her room. I was still in disbelief as Mom was coming out of her bathroom with something in her hand, “come here, there is something you need to know”, she said.
She showed me a pregnancy test, my eyebrows raised and I said, “Sis” ?. She shook her head and my mouth dropped open.
“You mean, YOU”, I said.
She nodded, “that’s right, daddy !”, she said.
“Are you sure that it wasn’t….., I started to ask then she cut me off.
“He had a vasectomy long ago, so long that I forgot about the possibility of even getting pregnant”, she said.
I didn’t know what to do or say but along with my expanding disbelief came a certain stirring inside, this was kind of HOT !.

“Honey, I’ve known about you and your sister for quite some time and she’s the love of your life, isn’t she?”, she asked.
“YES”, I said.
“And with what happened between us you love me to, don’t you sweetie”, she asked.
“VERY MUCH”, I said.
She looked down and smiled while lightly shaking her head side to side, then in a soft tone like she was talking to herself, “the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree”, she said.
“How’s that”, I asked.
“I guess I expected you would follow in your fathers footsteps, maybe its genetic”, she said.

All kinds of scenarios were running through my head at that point. What exactly did she mean, what was she referring to and is it even in context to anything I’m thinking.
“Mom, what are you talking about”, I asked.
“I figured you and your sister to fall for each other, that’s what happened with your father………… and I”, she said.
My eyes went wide, did she say what I thought she said, is she saying what I think she’s saying.

You mean you and Dad are……BROTHER AND SISTER ?”, I said, as Mom nodded her head yes.
I stepped back and sat on the bed, my head was spinning yet, oddly I thought, I was also filled with desire and some pride. I mean Mom was still young at 33 yrs old so having a baby, MY BABY, at her age was fine.
She sat down next to me, her robe riding up exposing her smooth legs caused a natural reaction in me, I was getting hard.
“Lets lay down and relax, I know this is a lot to take in”, she said.
Se got up and switched off the light as I stood up to undress. I looked on görükle escort the other side of the bed as she stood and took off her robe while silhouetted in front of the window. Seeing her profile made me even harder.

We crawled in bed and she scooted closer to me and reached out, brushing my cock with her hand.
“MMMM baby, just like your father, nothing can keep you “down”, she said while squeezing my boner. With that she lowered her head down and positioned herself.
“This will relax you and help you sleep”, she said, as she took me into her warm wet mouth.
She began to gently take me in and out.
I place my hands on each side of her head and let out a barely audible, “ohhhhhh mommaaaaa”.
She was soothing my aching cock, gliding her tongue along the bottom of my shaft, teasing my head with the tip of her tongue then sucking me back in which cause me to loudly moan, “OHHHHHHHHH GOD THAT FEELS GOOOOOOD”.
She worked harder with every moan and grunt I was making. With many years of practice she enjoyed the appreciation she received for her talent. It was feeling really good and the pressure was rising, I knew my cock was swelling in her mouth but I had control and was intent on enjoying this.
She really knew what to do and I could of taken it longer than she was able to give. Appreciating the the work she was doing and my pressure building caused me to moan, “OH MOM YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO SUCK COCK”, I said.
I was holding off but she was getting tired.
She started to tease my balls with her fingers and as my breathing picked up she pulled back and began to suck hard on my head while working her tongue on my frenulum.
My body tensed up so quick from the sensation I thought I would spring up and off the bed. My hands dropped from her head and what was in once in my control was now in hers. The pressure instantly built like a wave behind the column of cum that already filled my shaft, “I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING”, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !”, I shouted, as an eruption of boiling hot liquid shot into her mouth.
The pressure was greater than I thought, as I blasted it almost hurt yet the relief was oh so good.
“OH MY GOD, UHHHHHHH”,I said, as another blast of molten lava sprayed in her mouth. She continued to suck and tease as I clamped down then, “OHHHHHHH BABY”, I said, as yet another spray of white hot cum seared the inside of her mouth.

She finished swallowing the loads I shot into her mouth, made sure I was clean then laid down turning her back to me and I scooted up behind her, reaching an arm around and squeezing one of her boobs and nestled in for the night.
“Sweetie, in the morning when you wake up with your usual “condition” your sister is going to take care of you, OK”, she said.

Yeah I thought, the fertilizer I laid has started something beautiful to grow……………………………

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