Is It Really So Bad?

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There were just fifteen seconds left on the clock when Brent dashed down the court towards the net. It was up to him, he knew that nobody else had a chance of tying this up so they could go into overtime and win. The crowd knew it as well and the college gym was on their feet cheering loud enough to rattle the bleachers Considering he’d been playing for almost the entire game the fact that he still had enough energy to run full speed was startling in and of itself but then watching him avoid the defenses and charge the net was startling. The ball left his fingers just as the buzzer rang and bounced nearly perfectly off the backboard. Then it hit the rim and juggled itself back and forth before spiraling the rim and then popping out of the net.

“Damn.” Brent mumbled beneath his breath but outwardly he smiled. It had been an incredible game and this wasn’t even a particularly important game. What was important was that everybody had given it there best, especially him. It had been a good game for him as well with twenty points and seven assists. Besides it was time to shake hands and congratulate the winners.

It only took a few minutes for the two teams to shake hands and congratulate each other. Normally Brent would have joined the rest of them in talking to the cheerleaders or even going to speak with some of the fans. You never knew who might be watching a game, talent scouts didn’t just scour the best of the best they were everywhere. Today he just wanted to get into the shower and wash off a hard afternoon of sweat.

The showers were still empty when Brent got into the showers pulling his sweat soaked uniform off and tossing it onto a nearby bench. One of the nice things about being the first one to the shower room is you could turn on two of sometimes three of the shower trees and get soaked from both angles so Brent did that, turning the water up as hot as it could go which was just enough to turn his milky skin pinkish. Lathering quickly he let the hot water soak the stress from his mind and body until it seemed like nothing else mattered. Just like he’d planned he was stepping out of the shower with a towel around his waist just as the first of his teammates entered the locker room Avrupa Yakası Escort with their usual bluster hardly even noticing that they’d just lost the game and assuring him that nobody thought it was his fault. Someone had to try to save the day and there was nobody out there like him.

Brent smiled and quickly thanked the team for their support and pulled on a pair of loose fitting jeans that hung just beneath his hips, not really sagging just not wearing a belt. He loved the way it showed off his abs. A black dress shirt that he didn’t bother buttoning and a pair of worn black dress shoes completed the look and he stepped out of the locker room towards his destination.

He was headed halfway across campus to a spot that was supposed to be closed down for the night but he knew that it wasn’t. He was going to meet a friend of his named Kevin in the art room. Seras College was big, or rather spread out was a more accurate word. It had started off as several separate facilities and bit by bit the college had acquired in practice if not deed most of the land between the various classes so it took Brent several minutes to cross the campus.

The art building did look like it was abandoned and for a moment Brent contemplated going back to his room and waiting for Kevin to give him a call telling him all about how he’d gotten drunk and forgotten all about their rendezvous. Instead he went to the door that was supposed to be open and grabbed the handle. Just like it Kevin said it would be it was unlocked, or rather there was tape over the openings so the door wasn’t closed. Since getting out wasn’t the issue Brent pulled the tape off as he entered the building.

Down the hall there was just one light shining from beneath a doorway making it the obvious direction to head. There was no way of knowing if that was Kevin or some professor who’d decided to put in a late night so he made sure to move quietly down the hall. He gently pressed an ear to the door but heard nothing. He was about to knock when he remembered his cell phone and quickly shot Kevin a text message asking what room he was in. The noise of the phone dancing against a hard wood desk was all the response Brent needed Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan to open the door.

True to his word Kevin was sitting in the art room behind an easel pointed at stage. Brent had never been in the room before but he’d seen rooms like it on television. He knew what was expected of him but there was something he needed to do first so that was what he did. He walked up to Kevin and two men embraced lovingly. Then they kissed deeply before speaking a single word. The two remained like that, close for almost a minute before Kevin found his tongue long enough to remove it from Kevin’s. “How the game go.”

“Lost. I almost had to be late. If I’d made that last shot we would have gone into overtime. Would have beat them to.” Brent replied almost smiling.

“You didn’t have to throw the game, you could have just texted me that it was gonna be a little while longer.” Kevin responded with another kiss.

Kevin was pulling the unbuttoned shirt off of Brent’s broad shoulders when Brent replied. “I didn’t throw the game.” He said flatly. Kevin paused slightly in the middle of unfastening the player’s pants and stared up at him. “Don’t give me that look.” He mumbled and Kevin continued to slow in undressing him. “Okay okay. I didn’t blatantly throw it. I left it up to chance. If I’d really wanted it I could have dodged that last guy and dunked instead of throwing it from the free throw line. Is it really so bad that I wanted to hurry and get to you?”

Kevin answered him with a kiss as his pants dropped to the floor. Brent hadn’t bothered with boxers and the worn shoes had been chosen at least in part because he could just step out of them. So he did and then he was nude. It was his turn though and he started kissing down Kevin’s throat and over his shoulders. Kevin kept in decent shape but he wasn’t hard like the athlete Brent was. Instead he was just soft enough that Brent could leave little bite marks in his flesh. “I waited all day for this.” Brent growled breaking his contact with Kevin long enough to pull the black t-shirt over head. From there his lips traced down his spine kissing down every few inches. At the same time his hands were smoothly Escort Avrupa Yakası traveling over his partner’s chest until they found the top of his jeans. Just unfastening the button he slipped his hand inside and wrapped it around Kevin’s cock teasingly stroking him a few times before dropping his pants to the floor and helping him out of them.

As soon as the pants both men were nude they turned back to face each other in another kiss that ended with them jockeying back and forth to see who could go down on the other first. After a few moments of feinting that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a wrestling match they decided to compromise and come down to a sixty nine on the stage. Brent ended up on top and like always he had to struggle to hold the urge to thrust his hips down. He silently noted that was why they both hated being on top. It was incredibly hard to keep his head straight with Brent’s lips and tongue flicking expertly in every direction. In the way that only two lovers can he knew how to make Brent’s body twitch and quiver, every sensitive spot had been dedicated to his memory and he loved feeling Brent’s buttocks clench or feel his chest tighten. Brent was doing as best he could but Kevin was taking advantage of being on bottom and thrusting his hips back and forth and focusing his every thought to where his hands were working along Brent’s back and butt.

Just when Brent thought for sure he was going to bust Kevin stopped. The two of them didn’t need to speak. Brent moved to his hands and knees and gripped the edge of the stage. Kevin gripped Brent’s hips and pushed his cock against the basketball player’s ass. Like always there was that tense moment of pushing against the tight ring of muscle and the delicious pain that came for just a moment before the pleasant feeling of being full took over. Brent sighed. Kevin laughed and started fucking his lover’s ass. One hand moved to his Brent’s chest pinching and twisting at his nipples, the other wrapped around his cock pumping in time with their hips. If Kevin had wanted to he could have kept Brent in agonizing pleasure at the very edge of orgasm nearly indefinitely but he was feeling merciful. He only teased him for about ten minutes before letting Brent cum his own orgasm only a few seconds behind.

The two men separated quickly letting the glow fade. “I thought you were supposed to paint me.” Brent asked with a slight laugh.

“I will. I just started with your insides is all.” Both men laughed at that.

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