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We were asked to dress casual. Blouse and flared skirt for Ann and slacks and shirt for me. Flats and loafers for shoes, no stockings or socks.

We parked at the curb. There were already two cars in the driveway. The house wasn’t huge, but larger than most. It sat on at least two acres of land in a small community of similar homes. I estimated it at almost five thousand square feet and four or more bedrooms.

We walked up the driveway to the walk and the front door. Ann rang the bell.

Beth answered the door. Beth lived in the house with Ben, her husband. She was dressed similarly to Ann in a blue dress and white blouse. Her flaming red hair hanging over her shoulders gave her a patriotic appearance. She greeted Ann while I looked around.

The two-story entry was tiled in marble with a chandelier hanging twelve feet over our heads and a right curving stairway to the second floor. There was a teak bench below the stairs under a suggestive Picasso print.

Beth greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Take a few minutes and then follow me into the sitting room,” she said and she walked to the right into a darkened room, leaving us alone in the foyer.

Ann gave me a confused look. I pointed behind her at the unexpected piece of furniture in the entry. Ann turned to see where I was pointing. It was an ordinary, square pine pole, about six feet high with four feet to hold it upright and four pegs for the expected hats. Two of the pegs were occupied but not with hats. The pegs held two pair lady’s panties, one pink and the other floral.

“Oh,” said Ann. “That’s interesting. An invitation?”

“More of a commitment,” I told her.

“What do you think?” Ann asked.

“We expected something different tonight. I think we know what different looks like now,” I said.

“What should I do?” asked Ann.

“Time to commit or go home,” I said.

“Fuck it,” said Ann. She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. Her pale blue panties looked perfect on a hook between the white and floral panties already there.

Ann smoothed her skirt and we followed Beth into the room on the right.

Beth greeted us again. “Excellent choice,” she said to Ann. Three other people stood up. Ben, Beth’s husband greeted Ann with a hug and me with a handshake. “Welcome,” he said.

Another man approached me. “I’m Chuck,” he said. “And you’re Art, right?” he asked.

“I am,” I agreed.

Chuck shook my hand with both of his hands, more of a thank you than a first time greeting. He greeted Ann in the same manner.

Behind Chuck was a shorter, well-proportioned female. She had short dark hair, dark prominent eyebrows, plump lips and intense dark eyes. She was wearing a loose blue skirt and a billowy white blouse that made it impossible to estimate the size of her breasts. She greeted Ann first.

“I’m Carol,” she said and shook Ann’s hand.

She turned to me. Paused for an appraisal moment and took my hand. “Carol,” she said.

“Art,” I responded.

“Nice to meet you,” she responded and stepped in for a hug.

Carol hugged more aggressively than I expected for a first hug. She pressed her chest against me. I determined that her breasts were oversized and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Over the next hour, we had drinks and then a buffet supper. After another round of drinks, Beth ushered us out to the patio. Behind the patio was a kidney shaped pool with a steaming Jacuzzi tub. She had us take off our shoes and stood the men in a line at the side of the pool. I was on one end, Ben was to my right and Chuck held the other end of the line.

Beth positioned Carol in front of Ben, Ann in front of Chuck and she stood in front of me.

“This is what I’ve planned for tonight,” she told us. Each of you is paired with someone not your spouse. For the next two hours, you should get to know your partner better. The definition of ‘know’ is quite broad and I encourage you to explore its meaning fully.

“After two hours, we’ll take a recovery break for an hour and then we’ll spend a final two hours with the other member of the opposite sex that is not your partner. Any questions?”

Ann was looking at me down the row of couples. What Beth had described was close to what we had expected, just without the expected adult game. We thought only Ben and Beth would be here. The addition of Chuck and Carol was another unexpected but welcome difference. The smile on Ann’s face told me she was game. I gave her a corresponding smile and turned my attention to Beth. I was here because I anticipated time with Beth. Time with Carol would be a bonus. Ann would have to wait to be with Ben but she seemed fine with Chuck in the interim.

Beth dimmed the lights around the patio and in the pool with a remote and tossed it on a nearby chair. She took my hands in hers and looked into my eyes. “I think you know why you’re here,” she whispered.

“I nodded.”

“I can’t wait,” she said.

Beth turned around, backed up to me and nestled against my body. I put my hands on escort vip her hips. She took my hands and put them around her waist. She reached behind her, held my hips and began to rub her cheeks against my crotch. The thin material of her skirt and the absence of panties allowed her to squeeze my cock between her cheeks. I moved my right hand up until it was holding her right breast.

I felt Beth relax against my chest as I palmed and squeezed her breast. “Unbutton my blouse,” she whispered.

I wanted to ask, “Here?” but a quick glance to my right answered my question. Ann’s shirt was already open and she was engaged in an embrace with Chuck. Carol was standing in front of Ben. Ben’s slacks were around his hips and Carol was slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

I unbuttoned Beth’s blouse and pulled it from the waistband of her skirt. She leaned forward, removed her blouse and tossed it aside, on top of the remote. “Unhook my bra,” she whispered.

When a woman asks you to unhook her bra, you do it. Braless, Beth melted back into my chest. My left hand joined my right hand holding one of her naked breasts.

Almost inaudibly, Beth moaned, “Fuck.”

I paused my activity with her breasts.

“I didn’t ask you to stop,” she whispered.

I returned to massaging her breasts and kissed the side of her neck. Her hands slid between her cheeks and my crotch and palmed what she found there. “Oh my,” she moaned.

Beth undid the button on the back of her skirt, slid down the short zipper and let her skirt fall to the patio surface. She turned, stepped back two steps and stood in front of me. I stared and licked my lips.

“Okay?” she asked.

“Magnificent,” I responded.

“Your turn,” she said.

I quickly removed my shirt, pants and briefs. “Magnificent, indeed,” said Beth.

I glanced down the row again. I confirmed the size of Carol’s breasts. Ann and Chuck were missing. Beth took my hand and led me to the pool, down the steps and into the pool until we were about waist deep. I leaned against the side of the pool. Beth pushed her body against mine and pushed my erection between her legs where she could hold it between her swollen labia. She kissed me. I kissed her. She leaned back and I kissed her breasts. She shifted her hips back and my erection popped up, free of her pussy.

“Get up on the edge of the pool,” she whispered.

I used my hands on the edge of the pool and lifted myself from the water and sat on the edge with my legs in the water. Beth pushed my legs apart, put her head between my legs and my erection in her mouth.

When I got my breath, I took a look around. Ben and Carol were walking toward the house. I could see their naked asses shifting as they walked. Ann was sitting on the edge of the pool across from Beth and me. She was leaning back on her arms, her body arched from her shoulders to her ass on the tile. Chuck’s head was pressed between her thighs.

A particularly deep suck on my cock by Beth brought me back to the moment. I leaned back on my hands and arched my back, trying to resist the urge to explode in Beth’s mouth.

“Beth,” I gasped.

“I know,” she said. “I think we should take this inside.”

I helped her up on the side of the pool and, hand in hand, we started for the house. Inside, she led me through the kitchen leaving wet footprints on the tile floor, through the room we were in earlier, through the foyer and toward a room on the other side.

“Here?” I asked. “Not upstairs.”

“This is the owner’s bedroom,” she said.

“But Ben and Carol,” I commented.

“They’re upstairs,” she said.

She led me into a huge bedroom with a four-poster king-sized bed, television, stereo, sofa, chairs, library and an adjacent bathroom. We stood, naked, in front of each other and next to the bed. The bedcovers were turned down leaving a bottom sheet and a half dozen pillows in view. Beth pushed her tits in my direction and said, “Well.”

“Better than well,” I responded. “Incredible.”

I leaned toward Beth and scooped up her right nipple with my lips. “Fuck,” exclaimed Beth. She turned us and pushed her breasts harder against my face. I fell backwards, over the sideboard of the bed. I landed on my back on a satin sheet onto the warmth of an enveloping waterbed with Beth sprawled on top of me. The warm surface of the bed surrounded the back and sides of my body through the satin sheet and Beth’s hot body and large tits covered the rest of my body.

“Oooh,” I exhaled.

“Surprised?” asked Beth.

“Pleasantly,” I replied.

“Ever fucked on a waterbed?” Beth asked.

“No,” I admitted.

“I hope you like it as much as I do,” Beth said before she kissed me.

Every move we made was magnified by the bed. Beth rolled us over part way and the waves of the bed rebounded from the bed frame and pushed us the rest of the way. Now on top of Beth, I kissed her again. Her legs separated and I fell between her thighs, my knees attempting to find purchase on the unstable surface of the bed.

“Fuck me,” said escort rus Beth.

A suggestion I was happy to fulfill if the bed would cooperate. Every time I shifted onto one knee or the other to align our bodies, the bed accentuated my movement and I missed her target. Beth began to giggle. “Don’t move,” she suggested. “Let me help.”

She reached between us, took my erection in her hand and guided it between her labia. “Now,” she said. “And don’t be gentle.”

I pushed forcefully and slid deeply inside her. The resulting tsunami almost tossed me off her. Beth kept us together when she wrapped her legs around my waist.

My attempt to create a rhythm within Beth resulted in a chaotic exercise as the natural wave frequency of the bed and my attempts to stroke within Beth conflicted with each other. The bed was a living partner with its own agenda. I couldn’t change the bed’s frequency but I could change mine. Beth hung on and I slowly matched my rhythm with the bed’s rhythm. The three of us, Beth, me and the bed, reached a mutually agreeable frequency. I stroked into Beth, she responded and we waited for the bed. We rode the wave together into the next cycle.

Very slowly, painfully slowly, I increased my pace. The bed’s pace matched ours until we were rocking together. The bed reinforced every stroke. The bed doubled every stroke and halved the energy required. Beth and I laughed and fucked, fucked and laughed with the bed, riding the waves of surf over and over. We hung on and played with every wave. Beth laughed until her eyes rolled back in her head and her body began to tense. The change in her body’s flexibility threatened our connection with the bed but I was able to adjust and keep the rhythm.

However, Beth’s orgasm destroyed the coordinated effort. Instead of riding the waves and troughs of the waterbed we were suddenly in a tempest, a typhoon at sea. I was unable to keep contact inside Beth and spent my orgasm all over Beth’s stomach, chest and breasts. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed my emission between our bodies and we rode the settling waves to a mutually calm conclusion.

“Damn, that was fun,” commented Beth between gasps for air.

“It was, wasn’t it?” I agreed.

“It was until you spewed your cum all over my body,” commented Beth.

“Under the circumstances,” I said, “it was the best I could do.”

“Next time,” ordered Beth. “You stay inside me. Whatever you have to do, you cum inside me. Got it?”

“Nothing I’d like better,” I agreed.

“Now we need a shower,” suggested Beth. “See if you can get out of the bed without damaging the sheets. We’ll need them for later.”

I carefully lifted my body from hers, freeing us from the mucilage holding us together. We managed to get out of the bed. Beth took my hand and let me toward the bathroom.

The bathroom was immense. The bedroom and bathroom comprised the entire left side of the lower floor of the house. On one wall was a long counter with a pair of larger than expected sinks with tall, curved faucets. At the far end of the counter was what had to be a commode suite. There were facing toilets on two walls and a bidet on the side wall between them.

The other side of the bathroom was a brightly lit walk-in shower at least twelve feet in length and five feet in depth. The near side wall was floor to ceiling, tinted glass with an entrance at the far end. There were two dual purpose shower heads at right angles on the two corner walls. Beyond the shower area was a soaking tub with Jacuzzi style jets large enough for at least four people if not more. At the far end of the bathroom was an open door leading to a wooden paneled room with two levels of seating that I took to be a sauna.

Beth led me to the entrance of the shower. She paused to start the showers and set the temperature. “Give it a second to warm up,” she told me.

We walked into the hot shower spray. I was initially disoriented. The outside glass wall wasn’t transparent. It was a full-length one-way mirror as were all of the other walls. Our naked bodies were reflecting hundreds of times from the mirrors. “You’ll get used to it,” laughed Beth.

She took a poof and a plastic bottle of body wash from an almost invisible shelf. She squeezed a generous quantity of lotion onto the poof and looked at me. “Rinse that stuff on your chest off and let me wash you,” she ordered.

I turned to the showers. The hot water felt incredible. The feeling intensified when Beth began to scrub my back with the lotion-soaked poof. She washed down my back, over my ass and the backs of my legs. I turned around and she completed the same tour on my front ending with my cock this time instead of my feet.

“I really like this,” Beth told me as he hefted my penis in her hand. “These too,” she added as she fondled my testicles in her other hand.

Reluctantly, she released my genitals and added more body wash to the poof. She handed the poof to me and turned her back to me. She stood in the shower rinsing the mess from her chest while I washed escort elit her back. I spent an appropriately long time cleaning her ass cheeks and the tight sphincter I found between them.

“Enough,” said Beth eventually and I washed the backs of her legs, down one side and up the other. I continued up, moving my hands and the poof towards her front. I soaped up her breasts from behind, dropped the poof and cradled her slippery tits in both hands. Beth cooed and leaned back against me. My clean cock began to transform into an erection and tried to settle in between her ass cheeks.

Beth ended the emotional moment. “You have more to do,” she said as she bent over to retrieve the poof. With her approval, my erection took advantage of the opportunity and slid into her again from the rear.

“Fuck,” expressed Beth but she made no effort to stand upright. I grabbed her hips and watched in the mirrors as I fucked her a thousand times with each stroke.

“Yesss,” agreed Beth.

With all the visual stimuli, I didn’t last long. I don’t know if it was the position, the hot water, the myriad of reflections or whether Beth did something with her vaginal muscles that all women seem to know, but this time I came inside her.

As I stepped back and fell out of her, Beth retrieved the poof and handed it to me. “Finish, please,” she said with a smile.

I washed her front with emphasis on her breasts again, down her left leg to her feet again and up the right leg to finish between her legs. I moved my hand without the poof to palm her pubis. I got a handful of our combined mucus for my trouble. “Thanks to you,” commented Beth, “that’s going to take more than the poof to properly clean.”

She pushed down on my shoulders and then head until I was sitting on the shower floor tile between her separated legs and pushed her pussy in my direction. “You owe me one,” she said.

She was so close the details of her lady parts were out of focus but her intention wasn’t. I pushed my face, tongue extended, between her labia and sucked the residue of our coupling from her. The flavor of our combined effluent was stimulating and, surprisingly, my cock responded. So did Beth. Later, we endeavored to clean up the mess again.

She handed me the poof and I did a final scrubbing with my hands, holding her in my arms and kissing her.

Beth moved to the exit of the shower and turned off the water. “That was refreshing,” she commented.

I walked up to her and she took my unusually quickly resurrected erection in one hand. “Are you sure you’re not nineteen?” she asked.

“I can’t explain it either,” I told her.

“Well, we can’t let it go to waste.”

Beth headed for the bedroom. I followed her since she hadn’t let go of my erection.

I climbed into the waterbed, rolled over once and settled in the embracing warmth on my back in the middle of the bed. Beth crawled over to me causing me to rock gently with the rebounding waves of her movements. She straddled my hips and slid down on my erection inside her. She began a determined pounding on me with her hands on my chest. Every time she pushed down, I moved down into the bed. The displaced water rebounded from the foundation of the bed and pushed me back up, deeper into her. She was obviously familiar with the result and quickly adapted to the rhythm established by the bed.

She was able to control the pace and adjust her speed and determination, a determination that began to drive me towards an inevitable conclusion. Before I got there, Beth erupted, coating my pubic hair and abdomen with fresh, hot secretions. That set me off and I pulsed a half dozen times inside her.

Beth rolled off me. Lying alongside me, she asked, “Happy ending?”

“Another shower happy,” I admitted.

Beth laughed and bounced off the bed. “Great idea,” she agreed. “We have just enough time.

After the shower and a failed attempt at another quick happy ending, we donned light cotton robes that Beth found in a closet and headed back to the living room.

Chuck and Ann were already in the living room, wearing robes similar to the ones we wore. They were sipping large balloon glasses of a deep ruby wine. “Where did you find that?” I asked pointing to the glass in Ann’s hand.

“There’s a collection of glasses and a large open bottle on the counter in the kitchen,” Ann informed me.

I headed for the kitchen. “Me too,” called Beth as I exited the room.

I returned with two glasses of the same adult beverage Ann and Chuck were drinking and handed one to Beth. She had taken a seat next to Chuck on one of the sofas and Ann had moved to the other sofa. I sat next to Ann. “You look good,” I said to Ann as I sat next to her.

“Just good?” she asked.

“You have that post coital glow that I love to see so much,” I told her.

“That’s better,” she said. “How about you?”

Beth looked up, anticipating my answer.

“Beth is a remarkable partner,” I answered.

Beth grinned and returned to talking to Chuck.

“And the bed is something else,” I added.

Ben and Carol entered the room at that moment wearing the same robes as the rest of us. Ben pointed to the glass in Beth’s hand. Beth pointed to the kitchen and Ben left to get refreshment for Carol and himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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