Intersexed Man Fucks Girlfriend Ch. 02

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The morning brought Jill and I into a lazy Saturday morning. She woke up rolling over and messaging my penis, while spreading my skin with her fingers to gain access. My dick was semi hard from the regular morning hard on, and as she began to wet her finger with my dripping of pre cum, she rubbed the head of my penis causing my shaft to begin enlarging. At three inches, there was only so much enlarging my cock could do, but the blood rush engorged me and I found myself ready for a serious session of sex with her.

She took her finger and dipped it into my front hole, and slowly fingered me, as she ran across the back of my shaft, up inside of me. I felt my ball beginning to swell from loading up another wad of cum for her to pull out of me, and my cock became rock hard, showing itself between the lip/sack skin.

She had other plans though. She jumped up throwing the covers off and told me I had to wait until that evening, she wanted me hard all day, and ready for what she was going to plan. I was in shock, I just stared at her like she had to have lost her mind!

“You have gotten to be kidding me girl, you got me all worked up, and you want me to wait all day?”

She just smiled at me and walked across the room to find one of my shirts to put on as she headed for the kitchen. I watched her ass move just below the hem of my long blue dress shirt, well long on her anyway, and she disappeared for the other part of the house.

I looked down at my cock, pulled the skin aside on both sides, watched his head pop up and out, and I just felt lost on what to do. I took my thumb and forefinger and rubbed him for a bit, but wanted so desperately to sink my cock back into her mouth, my jacking off was just not gonna be good enough.

I got up grabbing a pair of jeans, and found her already making coffee. She had not fastened the shirt up the front and her firm breasts where hanging freely, and the cleavage was sending me back into a sexual spin. I sat at the counter watching as she began to talk about who knows what, and I just could not get over how sexy her ass was.

She smiled at me from across the counter, handed me a cup of coffee and said she had some phone calls to make. She went to the bathroom dressed and left. I sat there stumped but went on with my day.

Around 8 pm she called and told me to pick her up, she wanted to go out to a bar and have a few drinks before she took on sucking my dick and having me fuck her some more. I laughed and said fine and drove over to pick her up.

I got to her front door and she had me come in. As I came in she went strait for my crotch. She rubbed me through my jeans, rubbing against the medical prosthesis I wore, and narlıdere escort I could feel my cock getting excited from the stimulation it could feel from laying behind hit, and getting the direct pressure. She smiled at me and told me it was time for her to take me threw a new journey as well. So off we went to the bar.

The bar sat off a little alley, down in the city. I had never been there before, but could tell Jill was right at home. She walked in and started immediately talking to a large guy. This guy towered over me at 6’2 against my 5’10 frame. Shit he was huge!!

She introduced him to me and his name was Jack. We all sat at the bar for a bit, and I talked with Jack, finding him to like the same football teams that I liked and having the same hate for the same ones as well. We all drank for a couple of hours, and though I am not much of a drinker, I asked Jill if she wanted to burn a joint. We all three agreed to go into the alley and smoke a joint together and off the stools we climbed.

Once in the alley I pulled out a rolled joint from my cigarette pack and we lit it up. This stuff was some wicked stuff and I found the buzz hitting me strait on. Then I felt Jill rubbing my groin with her hand. I stood there as she cupped her hand into my groin and rubbed around getting me hard, wet and horny. The pre cum was oozing out my front hole right into my briefs and my cock was stirring like crazy trying to reach its way out from my lip/sack skin.

She looked at Jack, and spoke to me, ” You know Jack wants to play too” she then got on her knees right there in the alley, and unzipped my jeans. Because of the way my cock sits it cannot be pulled out of my jeans, my jeans have to be pulled down….makes pissing standing up impossible unless I have shorts on and can just move them aside let my cock head hang strait down. But my dick sits too low , not quite on my pelvic bone, so she had to pull my jeans down right there in the semi dark alley. If not for the little light on the side of the bar to light the alley you could not see a thing back there. She took her head and leaned up between my legs and stuck her tongue out, using her hands to move my skin aside, she tucked that tongue in there and began to lick and stab at my now hard cock. I thought I was going to just die. There she was, giving me head in the alley! And Jack standing there watching in amazement. My dick was not long enough for her to really pull back from for him to see that good. But he knew her mouth was full of cock and I could tell it was turning him on.

Then Jill stands up abandoning my cock, leaving it hanging in the cold air, all wet from her mouth. I could ödemiş escort shit! She tells me that Jack wants to see it too. So Jack shoves me against the wall, leaning me there, and takes his rough hands, and parts my lips/skin, and his rough finger pulls my cock out and he begins to jerk it around, and then leans down to see my private parts. I was shocked, and even a little scared from the change of things. I had never had a man do this to me, had never had a man do anything remotely like this to me, and I was just paralyzed not knowing what to do. Jill just smiled and told me it would be ok, that Jack was a good guy and an awesome fuck, and we would all get off from this.

Jack pulled his 8 in cock out of his jeans and had Jill begin to suck it as he rubbed my cock in his fingers. He inserted his one finger into my front hole, and began to twist it around to feel my insides, he said it felt just like a wet snatch to him, but could feel my cock shaft upside there too, like a long thick line going up inside under the skin of the front of my hole. I could feel him hit that part of my cock, and it made me hard as hell! My cock was screaming from being manipulated at the base where it seldom every gets rubbed off at.

After Jill sucked Jack hard, he came around behind me, he leaned against the brick wall, pulled me to him, with my back facing him, and Jill got on her knees in front of me. She took my dick into her mouth, and then I felt Jack take his cock and begin to rub the head near my hole and were Jill’s tongue was traveling around as she licked on my dick and his at the same time. Then I heard Jack say in my ear, I am going to slip my fucking meat up inside of that hole of yours and fuck you like a bitch while Jill sucks on your dick. I tried to pull away but he held on, and Jill’s mouth was going to work on my cock like no tomorrow, I felt the mushroom head of his prick as he took a hand and began to aim for my hole, then I felt it make contact, and knew at any second he was going to put me on his dick.

Sure enough, he held my hips and shoved that monster into my front hole sliding it slowly all the way up inside of me! I could not move, I could not think, my head was spinning as he impaled me on his cock. Jill had stopped sucking my dick to watch me take the cock inside of me. As I did my own cock sprang in an upwards direction and because the skin was shifted so that the lips/sacks could spread wide enough to take that huge cock meat inside of the hole it is all attached to.

Jill then smiled, took her hand and began to rub on my cock giving me a hand job as Jack began to fuck me slowly at first. Then she got her tongue back between seferihisar escort my legs and licked on Jack’s cock shaft as it would pull out of me, and then on my cock as he would go back inside of me.

He started talking to me all dirty, asking me if I liked being a bitch for him. And asking me if I liked having a pussy hole and a cock too. I felt shame, and I felt arousal, and I wanted to get off in the worst way I have ever wanted to get off.

Jill worked her tongue on my ball as it was filling up, and Jack just kept slowly humping his meat up inside of me. I was going wild with lust for them both!

I felt my cock begin to spasm with Jill’s mouth sucking on it, and licking the back area where she would find Jack’s shaft slipping in and out as he pumped into me. He was breathing hard, as I was. I felt my hole tighten up around the thick dick meat up inside of me, and then I felt the tip of my cock head swell and I began to unload into Jill’s mouth, and the come was shooting out of the opening just inside of my hole running down the back of my shaft all into Jill’s mouth. My one nut was emptying a tank of spunk all over her face, and all over Jack’s cock! He began to slam into me hard, making me ride his dick like there was no tomorrow. He just kept pumping hard, stabbing his cock wickedly into my waiting opening. I was shaking as he took me repeatedly, hammering his cock in and out of me as fast as he could. I stayed there in position, spread, standing there getting fucked and sucked at the same time in the dark alley! My dick began to shrink right up as the load emptied out of me. Jill got up and watched Jack continue to take me from behind. He finally swung me around, leaned me against the wall and fucked me like a gay bitch against the wall. He pulled my legs wide, sunk back up into me , spreading my hole open for him to fill, and just humped his ass over and over into my hole. I stayed there spread taking the fucking he was giving me. He then sunk deep inside of me, I felt his cock head swell and begin to shake, as he got ready to dump his load up inside of me. His balls began to jerk and unload his spunk into my waiting and hungry hole. He was using me for his need and I stood there with my legs spread allowing him to, right in front of my girlfriend.

As soon as he was done dumping it in me, he pulled out, Jill licked him clean again on her knees, and then took her tongue and ate his jizz out of my hole as it began to pour out of my hole. She sucked my dick some more, taking it deep inside her warm wet mouth and I could not believe how it came right back to life. I was getting another hard on that was going to make me go crazy. My head was stoned from the weed, and my head was stoned from the fucking.

Then Jill began to suck on Jacks cock, and I watched as that monster began to grow yet again…. He slammed me into the wall and I knew, this time he was gonna go for my ass, and Jill was gonna stay there and watch as I got another fucking from another hole. My cock was going mad!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32