Interrupting Her Story

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I walk into the office as see you staring intently at the computer screen, your fingers lightly tapping on the keyboard. All of the lights are off, with candles glowing all over the room. The computer glows and hums softly…otherwise it’s completely quiet. I know what you are doing, I’ve seen this many times before. You are working on your writings, your erotic collection of stories of things you’ve done, we’ve done, or we think about doing. I stand there and watch you for minutes, marveling at how you immerse yourself into your writing, completely unaware of what is going on around you. You look so beautiful in the candlelight. I decide that this story will not be completed at this time.

I quietly walk up behind and you and kneel down behind your chair. You continue to type, reading your hot words on the screen. As I am on my knees, I reach to the back of your neck with my lips. Lightly, ever so lightly, my lips graze the small hairs on the back of your neck, as you shiver from head to toe. Your body tenses, my hands come up your sides, and my fingertips make their way up your bare arms, reaching the sleeve of your tshirt, and come to rest on your shoulders. “Mmmmmm…” is all you say, so I figure you want me to continue.

I continue to place soft kisses on the right side of your neck, up and down between your ear and your tshirt. My left hand tickles the other side of your neck, barely touching you, sending shock waves throughout Şanlıurfa Escort your body. Your back arches as a sigh escapes your lips. As you sit in your desk chair I can see your legs moving slowly, as the heat rises inside you. You reach up and take off your glasses, and as you do my lips leave your neck and begins kissing up your arm, moving from your shoulder and to your elbow.

The kisses move up and down behind you: your shoulders, your neck, your bare arms. Just enjoying touching your smooth, soft skin. I could tell you are enjoying it, but I feel you want more. My hands slide around in front of you, slipping under your shirt, and touching your stomach. I make slow circles going up your body, pushing your shirt higher and higher. My hands reach the bottom of your breast and I realize you had decided not to wear a bra for this evenings writing. I enjoy tracing the underside of your breast, feeling your breath coming in short waves. My fingers slide up and touch you every where. Every where except your nipples. Your shirt lifts up and your nipples pop out, hard enough to cut glass. I continue kissing your neck, looking down at your chest and watching my fingers circle around, getting so close to your nipples.

After what seems to be an eternity, I hold up your breasts, and more index fingers begin flicking your nipples, rolling them around, and lightly pinching them between my thumb and finger. Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan You moans and deep breaths drive me on, making me want to please you. You must not want to wait, however, as your hands slide down your body, into your shorts, as I see your fingers working their magic. I grab your chair and spin it around and look at you for the first time since I came into the room. You smile and ask me what’s next. I ask what do you want, and your smile gets even bigger. You lift yourself up from the chair, just high enough to slip your shorts off, exposing yourself completely to me. I look at you as if confused, but I know what you want. I just want you to make me! You grab the back of my head and push me between your legs, as I smell your excitement. My tongue darts out and licks your lips, long and soft from the bottom to the top. Another sigh, another gasp, and another lick from me. You are so wet from my earlier teasing and from your own touching, and just want to taste you. I greedily begin to lick and suck you, tasting your hot liquid. I look up and see your one hand touching your breasts, continuing the attack on your nipples I had begun earlier. You have your other hand at your mouth, sucking on the fingers that had just been where my tongue currently is. Both of us tasting your juices at the same time. The pure look of ectasy on your face drives me wild, and I begin to lick with even more passion. Escort Şanlıurfa

You lips are open and wet, glistening, sweet and inviting. My fingers reach up and spread them apart farther, as my mouth clamps down at the top of your box, and my tongue slides into you and out, rubbing up against your clit. Sometimes long rubs, sometimes short flicks. Keeping you off guard, but always right on the edge. How many times have you come? One? Two? More? Maybe not at all…maybe your just holding it in waiting for the big one. It’s too much. I want you now.

I quickly lay back on the floor, shocking you with my sudden movement. Very quickly my pants are gone and I start to rip my shirt off over my head. When I look back up, you’ve already pounced and are on top of me, grabbing my penis as you guide it straight inside of you. Slowly you slide down onto me, feeling every inch fill you up. But you don’t want it slow for long, as you start riding me faster and faster, rubbing your clit up and down my body. Your chest is heaving, bouncing, as I reach up and hold onto you. Your eyes are closed and I can tell at this time I’m just here to get you off. Luckily, it doesn’t take long, as my previous efforts have you ready. You start screaming, riding your climax out, getting as much feeling out of it as you can. You collapse on top of me, and I hold you to my chest as Istay inside of you. After a moments rest, you begin to move your hips again, and raise up just enough to look me in the eye. You lick your lips, and bite your tongue just a little. What an exotic look. That’s it, I can’t take any more. I explode inside of you, filling you completely.

I catch my breath, open my eyes, and look at you. Sorry for interrupting your story!

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