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My stomach clenched as your plane landed on the runway, it landed with such precision and grace I thought to myself as I took another big gulp of coffee, but even this couldn’t settle my nerves. My heart began to race and my whole body was clammy with sweat. I did not know why I felt like this, we have been chat room lovers for months now, but I suppose its because of meeting you for the first time and the excitement that tonight will bring. My nipples started to harden with the thought of touching your skin for the first time. But I must suppress this feeling, as you will be here soon.

I watched as your plane taxied to the gate and the passengers got off. I watched till every last traveller was off the plane, but I could not see you. My heart clenched with the thought that you had changed your mind about coming and that I would never get to see you up close. A tear fell from my eye and I began to pick up the pieces of my shattered soul when I felt it, your warm lips upon my neck and your arms wrapped around me. I was in heaven once more. I quickly swung around to look at you for the first time and to say hello but your beauty took the words from me. I have seen pictures of you but nothing could equal the magnificence standing before me.

You smiled with your beautifully sensuous lips and mine followed. You did not speak you just took a hold of my hand and led me to a near by seat. I swallowed hard to try and get my mouth to work but before I could talk you bent down and laid your amazingly soft lips upon mine. My body shivered with this seemingly innocent pleasure and my heart began to race once more. The kiss ended and your lips curved into a smile. With our fingers still entangled you spoke for the first time, but I was too enchanted with your beauty and the pleasure you had just bestowed upon me to hear the words. You motioned to look behind me and as I turned I saw a group of onlookers, obviously stunned by the show you and I have just given them.

You grabbed your bags, hauled me up and headed to the exit. With all the excitement I managed to find my car and put your bags in the trunk, and then we both climbed in to the front seats. I went to turn the key but the sensation of your fingers running down my face and neck deluded me for a second. I turned to glance at you but I knew there was no need to speak, as I knew by the look on your face what you were thinking because I was thinking it too.

I gave you a short cheeky smile and proceeded to start the car. I had booked a hotel room for the night and we quickly drove straight for it. I want to be in your arms so much, I contemplated running a few red lights, just to get us there a bit faster. Though before I knew it we had booked in and were opening the door to our suite. It was just how I had imagined Escort Ataşehir it. I had arranged with the hotel staff to have champagne and strawberries on arrival but to my surprise you had organized to have the bed scattered with red and white rose petals. It looks as if it was pulled out of a magazine and brought to life just for us.

You didn’t even acknowledge the champagne or the sheer beauty of the room; you just dropped your bags at the door, grabbed my hand, pulled me inside and flung me onto the sweet smelling bed. You climbed on the bed next to me, wrapped me in your arms and nuzzled your face into my neck. Our arms entangled around each others bodies as our lips intertwined, our tongues danced around each others mouths until I did not know who’s where who’s. My nipples hardened as you accidentally brushed them with your hand on the way down to unbutton my shirt. You tediously undo one button at a time, savouring the moment, but your eyes will not stray from mine. For an instant I am lost in your eyes, until I feel your hand reach under my shirt and caress my nipples, which stood at attention awaiting your touch. I now felt the effect you where having on me as the moistness builds in my panties. My pussy is now burning and throbbing for your touch.

You lay me down softly and relived me of my jeans, which is the prison that has been holding my lustful pussy captive. You lay next to me, propping your head up with one arm as you reach for my womanhood. I gasp with the soft caress you bestow upon me. You gently rub your fingers up and down the lips of my pussy, to moisten me further. With one quick movement your fingers are inside of me, I buck with pleasure, and you withdraw your fingers. Again with one swift motion you enter me and withdraw but this time you don’t leave my body completely and I buck with pleasure once more. You continue the assault on my senses slowly and methodically until I start to push myself against you, wanting and needing more, then you start to accelerate your movements causing my whole body to shake uncontrollably. My breathing becomes more rapid now as you take control of me. I moan loudly with the immense delight your touch is giving me. You withdraw your fingers and I open my eyes to see you repositioning yourself between my legs. A cheeky smile creeps across my face because I know what you now have in store for me, and I welcome it whole-heartedly.

You have set not only my heart but also my senses on fire and I tingle from head to toe. Your sweet lips kiss my thighs, it sends shivers down my spine and I squirm from the sensation. You look up with a mischievous grin because you know that you are teasing me. I pull you up so you are lying on top of me so I can kiss your sweet lips and I also smack Ümraniye escort you on your naughty arse, you wiggle in defiance as my hand collides with your tight, supple arse, but in some mischievous way I know you like it. You have left a sweet taste in my mouth as you descend one more to my throbbing pussy, but now you take no time to tease, you push your tongue into the opening of me and drag it up to my highly sensitive clit, you open your mouth wide and suck in all the juices that you have made me create and then you bite down hard on my clit and make me scream. I love the sensation of pleasure and pain, but of course you know that, after all, just think of the erotic situations we have been in over the Internet.

You cover my clit with your mouth and start to suck; the pleasure shoots shock waves though my body. I would like to thank who ever it was that taught you how to give such pleasure, I think to myself as you continue the battering of my sanity. I was floating on air until you entered me forcefully once more and shot me straight to heaven, my body bucks and shakes and my breathing becomes rapid and shallow. I squeeze my eyes shut while the quickly mounting pleasure takes hold, all I can see is a kaleidoscope of colours dancing in my head and as if I was being shot out of a cannon, I cum. I flood you with my juices, which you lap up contently while my body slumps with exhaustion.

I wake in the early hours of the morning to find you curled up like a baby on the other side of the bed. You look so peaceful that it makes me think twice about wrapping you in my arms as it may wake you but I can’t resist touching your soft velvet skin, so I move in to you and put my arm over your waist as you move closer to me. You grab my hand and wrap it in your arms as if you where hugging a teddy bear and look up into my eyes. I can’t believe that you can make my heart melt with one look. I nestle my face into your neck and inhale you’re sent, you smell like a musky rosebud just touched by the morning’s dew, so fresh and innocent. The sent of you runs though my veins like morphine and puts me on an everlasting high.

I kiss and nibble at your neck and you start to giggle from the sensation. I lift my head to see your big brown eyes sparkle at me as I descend again to kiss you bare shoulder. I kiss, nibble and lick my way from your shoulder to your ear slowly as I turn you onto your stomach and climb on top of you. I lightly run my fingers all the way down your spine from your head to your round supple arse and you once again giggle and squirm from my touch. I now pick up a rose petal and do it once more trying to savour the feeling of you in-between my thighs and the warmth of your body that is now running though me.

I now slowly turn you over Bostancı escort bayan onto your back and letting my hands run over your body from your hips to your face. I bend down and kiss your rose coloured lips; they feel like silk under mine, so soft and sumptuous. I reach for hands and pull them forcefully above your head and hold them there while I reach for my chiffon scarf. I tie the scarf first around one hand firmly and just as I’m about to tie the other you break free and wrap your arms around me tightly, pulling me towards you and I fall helplessly on top of you, my mouth opens to gladly except your tongue and you lick my lips, my mind escapes me for a second as the sensation runs though me. I grab your hands once more and tie them above your head. You start to shiver slightly as I flick my tongue over your nipple. I can feel the goose bumps forming on your skin and your nipples start to contract and become hard. I now run my tongue down your stomach to the small tuft of hair just above your welcoming pussy and I bite at it firmly. I love the way your face screws up when I give you pleasure and it makes me want you more. I slide first my hand down to your thigh and squeeze it gently, massaging your muscles with my fingers and you let a moan escape those smooth silky lips. God you make me melt. I now inch ever so slowly towards your sweet smelling pussy rubbing and caressing as I take in all the sights and sounds you bestow upon me. You squirm under my touch wanting more, and that my sweet girl is what I plan to give. I enter you softly and slowly with one finger, your juices moisten my touch, they smell so good I can hardly control myself I want to taste you so much. How can you make me feel so alive?

Now fed up with teasing not only you but myself I nibble at your pussy with force, lapping at your juices and sucking on the outer lips. I quickly dart my tongue in and out of you, but my tongue does not reach the places of you I wish to feel. Your body starts to uncontrollably quiver and shake beneath me and you speak for the first time in hours ” mmmm please make me cum now baby” is all that you are able to let escape your mouth before another wave of pleasure takes hold. I take that as my cue and I firmly insert two fingers into you bending them upward, gently manipulating your G spot and bend once more to your clit alternating between gentle bites, kissing and sucking. Your juice comes to me more rapid now so I pick up the pace with my assault. You quiver and moan, I love it. I can tell you are on the brink of Cumming so I gently slide my fingers out of your pussy and quickly insert one finger into your arse and fuck you hard and fast, you moan and shake so I fuck you harder and faster wanting to give you the orgasm you have been silently begging me for, Your pussy and arse muscles contract around my finger and you let out one last scream. I lick my lips tasting you for the last time, move toward you and wrap you in my arms, you gently kiss my lips just long enough for me to taste you and you softly whisper in my ear “I love you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32