Instinct and Immorality Ch. 08

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*** All persons engaged in sex in this story are at least 18. Thank you for reading.


Mia, 46, mom, sex worker

Rick, 28, Mia’s son

Katie Kim, 29, freelance financial crimes investigator and recovery specialist.

Roxy Schuster, 41, boat pilot, ex-sex worker.

Luke Schuster, 19, Roxy’s son

Jahanna Schuster, 18, Roxy’s niece, OnlyFans model

Ryan Schuster, 43, Jahanna’s father, Roxy’s brother

Chapter Eight

I was exhausted from the soft swap with Diane and her son, and needed to get some sleep. But, as my mother always does when she has no customers at work, she called me up.

“Ricky, what are you doing?”

“Mom, I am going to bed. Are you still at the massage parlor?”

“Yeah, but it’s dead. I haven’t had a customer all night.”

“Then you should take a nap. Anyway, it’s very late, talk to you tomorrow.”

“Wait, Ricky. Are you in your room?”

Uh oh. This was a phone sex call. My mother still hasn’t calmed down from our Saturday evening at the sex club. One would think that several hours of group sex with a room full of people would satisfy her sexual cravings. But it’s just the opposite.

“Yeah, just got out of the shower.”

“You cum yet?”

“Are you still horny, mom?”

“Very. I need to get off.”

My mother introduced me to phone sex during her last stint in prison. And while she’s normally a very poor phone conversationalist, she’s great at phone sex.

She’s much kinkier on the phone, and most of the fantasies that come out of her mouth are illegal, even in Nevada. But she cums very fast, so this will take about three minutes. In fact, I don’t even have to talk.

“Okay, let me lie down first.” I laid on the bed, got comfortable, and turned the floor over to my mother.

“Okay, ready.”

I heard the sound of her vibrator flip on, followed by a soft moan.

“Ricky, I love you.”

“Love you too, mom.”

“You know what I love most about you?”


“The taste of your cock.”

Well, I don’t know what to think about that. I mean, that’s the thing she loves the most? It felt like an insult. But this is phone sex with my mom, and she’s going to say a lot of shit that is going to offend me.

“You do?”

“Oh yeah. You’re my only son. I wanna suck your cock, baby. I love the taste of your cum.”


“I want you to fuck mom hard, Ricky. Just shoot your fucking cum inside mommy and don’t stop. I want to be your cum dump. And I want you to eat it out of me.”


“I want to marry you, Ricky. Will you marry mommy?”

“Yes, mom.”

“Then ask mommy to marry you.”

Since her latest release from prison, my mother has several new and surprising sexual fantasies. One is about marrying me. I was shocked when she said it the first time, but I’m used to it now, as she’s bringing it up in all our sexual encounters.

“Will you marry me, mom?”

“Of course I will, my son. I want to be your mother and your wife.” Mom sounded like she was about to cum.

“We’ll move to an island, baby. Just you and mom. And you’ll get mommy pregnant.”

“Yeah, mom.”

“I want to be pregnant all the time, Ricky. And I want you to fuck me when I’m pregnant.”

Perhaps it’s hormonal, as my mom is forty-six, but she has acquired a very intense pregnancy fetish. It’s now one of her favorite fantasies, especially over the phone.


She was on the verge of orgasming and continued with her kinky list of sexual fantasies.

“I want you to be rough with mommy, baby. I like it when you’re rough. Treat me like a fucking whore.”

“Oh yeah, mom.”

“I want you to whip mommy, Ricky. Tie me up and whip mommy hard. That really turns me on, Ricky.”


Now that we are into her BDSM fantasies, mom turned up the speed of her vibrator. And her orgasm started. And when her orgasm started, so did her rape fantasy.

“I want you to rape mommy. Hard, up my ass. It really gets me off when I imagine you’re raping mommy.”


My mom speaks incoherently during her orgasms, as it really scatters her brain.

“I want to be gang banged and pissed on and coated in cum. I want all your friends to fuck me. Spit roast your fucking mommy with all your friends and then piss all over me. I want to fuck everyone. I want to move to an island and be pregnant all the time and have fucking incest babies with all your friends and their families.”

When she orgasms, her dirty talk makes absolutely no sense, and I’ve quit trying to analyze it. But her orgasm was almost over, and it was a good one.

“Oh fuck, Ricky, I just want to marry you and move to an island and stay pregnant forever. I want to marry everyone. And fuck everyone. I just want to fuck everyone.”

And…done. She turned off her vibe, took several recovering breaths, and sighed. Marriage, pregnancy, rape, golden showers, and gang bang fantasies are very exciting for my mother. But grup seks yapan gaziantep escort this is the first time I’ve heard about moving to an island.

And while I love my mom, the last thing I want in this world was to be trapped on an island with her.

But it was all in kinky fun, as her phone sex is much more extreme than in person. Most of the things she fantasizes about doing, she would never really do. Except for the golden showers and gang bangs.

But with phone sex, you need something to compensate for the lack of physical touch. And for her, the sick fantasies fill that gap.

“Ricky. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

* * *

It was Monday morning, and after a very wild night, which included phone sex with my mother, I still managed to get up early. I was at the Lake Mead Marina, on the USBR research boat, and waiting for my pilot, Roxy, to arrive.

Roxy is a forty-one-year-old ex-stripper and hooker that loves to tell me her sex stories. I hear them every day, and lately, she has come clean about her long history of family relationships.

But I wasn’t at work early because I wanted to hear another sordid Roxy incest story. I was looking for money. A lot of money.

And I have just come into the possession of a modern-day treasure map. The map was two pages of coordinates from the GPS tracker on an otherwise innocuous Lake Mead dive boat.

And the reason why it was a treasure map was that those coordinates matched up with the GPS coordinates from a USBR deep water survey of Lake Mead.

And that boat just happened to be rented by the Russian mobster, Dmitri Sadakov, the owner of the Blue Coron Hotel and Casino. Sadakov was the FBI’s prime suspect in the disappearance of Alina Kuznetsov, her mobster father, and Jarvis Karo, the man who stole $2.6 billion in a major crypto rug pull.

But why was a Russian mobster looking for something on the bottom of Lake Mead? And why was he following the deep underwater currents? Whatever was down there must be worth a lot to him. Perhaps as much as $2.6 billion.

But he’s got a problem. Because the lake is low, the currents have changed quite a bit since the last USBR survey. And only one person knows that. Me. I know, because I am working on the new survey.

While I was anticipating an exciting treasure hunt on the bottom of the lake, I’ve just encountered a major roadblock in my plan. Roxy was walking up the dock with three other people. The members of her family that were currently sharing her bed. The Schuster family.

“Hey Ricky,” said Roxy with a just-fucked smile, “I’d like you to meet my family.”

She hopped up on the boat and turned around to help them on board.

“This is Jahanna, my niece. And my brother, Ryan. And you’ve already met Luke, my son.”

I shook their hands and looked quizzically at Roxy.

“Um, what’s going on?”

“Oh, they just want to spend some time on the lake. It’s no problem, is it?”

Both Luke and Ryan were each carrying a 12-pack of Coors, and one of them was already opened.

But that suddenly didn’t bother me, because Roxy’s niece, Jahanna, was much prettier than advertised.

Her long straight blond hair was shiny and parted on the right. Her cheekbones were high, and her radiant blue eyes were framed with nerdish wire-rimmed glasses. And her shiny porcelain skin seemed to be without a single pore.

“No problem at all,” I smiled. “Welcome aboard.”

“You got a frig here, man?” asked Ryan.

I was expecting Roxy’s brother to look like “The Hills Have Eyes”, but he was actually handsome, especially for his mid-forties. In fact, he looked a lot like her son, Luke. So much so, I could only think the worst.

“Yeah, we have an ice chest down below. Go help yourself.”

Ryan and Luke disappeared into the cabin, and I was still basking in Jahanna’s beautiful glow. She was holding two plastic grocery bags filled with chips and assorted snacks, and wearing a strapless white crop top with her tiny nipples blazing.

“Where should I put these?”

“Down in the cabin is okay.”

Her white toothy smile and piercing blue eyes made my heart thump and my palms sweat. Unfortunately, her aunt was staring right at me and could read my mind.

“Get your tongue back in your mouth, Ricky.”

“Roxy, she’s very pretty. Does she go to school?”

“Yeah. Most popular school in America. OnlyFans U. Wants to do regular porn, but I talked her out of it.”


“Because porn pays shit and I don’t want perverts like you jerking off to her for free. Anyway, here’s the deal for today. Just do your job and ignore everything else. We’ll try to stay below, but I can’t guarantee it.”

“Got it. But I thought you kicked Luke out of your house?”

“He snuck in early this morning. Home is where the pussy is, Ricky. Anyway, where are we headed today?”

“Flamingo Reef.”

“Weren’t we just there last week?”

“Yeah, grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan but I want to send the camera down and take a look.”

* * *

I was sitting on a bench on the stern and pretending to look at my laptop, but instead, I looked directly into the cabin.

I don’t like to spy on people having sex, but this wasn’t my fault. Roxy deliberately left the cabin door open, and I had a clear line of sight into the small alcove with a queen-sized bed. The tiny bedroom was only five feet high and six feet wide.

And right now, there were four people having sex in it. The Schuster family.

The beginnings of this incestuous family originated with Roxy and her brother more than twenty years ago, when they started smoking pot together. They would get buzzed every night and screw, even with their mother sleeping in the next room.

Both Roxy and Ryan eventually started up incestuous relationships with their own offspring before engaging in this full-family reunion. And what a jaw-dropping reunion this was.

The sexual energy was glorious as these two couples rolled around right next to each other. Jahanna loves to suck her father’s cock, and every time it went into her mouth, her eyes lit up like she had taken a bite of her favorite ice cream.

And Luke was mesmerized with his mother’s pussy, using every opportunity to put his tongue in it, like he badly needed to get back inside his mother’s womb.

He kept licking Roxy’s mons pubis, which has two small, inverted crucifix tattoos on each side of her labia, which she got when she briefly lived with a Satanic cult in northeastern Nevada.

“Oh fuck, baby,” groaned Roxy as Luke’s tongue crawled deeper inside her, “get in there. That’s where mommy wants it.”

Meanwhile, Jahanna has developed quite a taste for her father’s balls. She suckles them gently, swallowing one at a time, before returning her mouth to her father’s crown and swallowing it deep into her throat.

There wasn’t much room on the bed, and they were all bumping into each other as they twisted and changed their positions. Jahanna moved her pussy up to her father’s mouth and offered it to his lips. And he is a very spoiled father.

So far, the two couples have stayed mostly monogamous. Father with daughter and mother with son. Except for an occasional bump or misplaced hand, Jahanna and her father had not touched Roxy and Luke.

But Roxy was moving the goalposts. She had enough of just watching her gorgeous niece, and her lesbian side had gotten the best of her.

Roxy was on her back, legs wide open, with her son’s tongue deliciously planted way up inside her pussy. I’ve never seen any guy try to lick that far up into a woman’s cunt. But Roxy has had a thousand tongues up there, and seemed more interested in looking at her niece’s backside.

She contorted her body until her face came within inches of Jahanna’s beautiful ass, and as her father was licking the tender skin all around Jahanna’s vagina, Roxy pushed her face up to her cute little anus, and licked it deep, just like in a hardcore anal lesbian movie.

Roxy has confessed to being with a lot of women, but always made it sound like she was more bi-comfortable than bisexual. But as my mother always told me, people are more flexible with their sexual orientation the more excited they get.

Jahanna looked back to see her aunt licking her anus, enjoying the unique experience of having a tongue in each orifice.

Roxy then went in for a taste of her eighteen-year-old pussy, and moved her lips in between Jahanna’s very youthful labia, bumping against her brother’s tongue.

Luke, with a good seven inches, got on his knees and offered them to Jahanna’s mouth. She took her lips off her father’s cock and switched them onto Luke’s. She bobbed on her cousin several times as she grabbed his shaft and stroked it.

And that’s all Luke needed. He ejaculated in his cousin’s mouth, and she sealed her lips around his squirting shaft and collected his cum on her tongue.

“Luke,” groaned Roxy. “Shoot some in me. Quick.”

Roxy laid back down and Luke snatched his cock out of Jahanna’s mouth, and in a split-second, shoved it right into his mother.

Jahanna, still holding a mouthful of cum, finally swallowed it, then turned her attention back to her father’s cock, which was oozing precum. She went back down on her father, her eyes once again gleaming as his seminal fluid coated her tastebuds.

He resumed gorging himself on his daughter’s beautiful camel toe, and only licked it for a few more seconds, when he removed his tongue, put his head back on the pillow, and orgasmed in her mouth.

She lifted her mouth off and watched the cum shoot up, then put her mouth back over it to savor the taste of her father’s sperm before swallowing. And she got every drop.

“Oh, baby,” sighed Ryan. “My beautiful baby girl.”

If it wasn’t grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort for Roxy deliberately leaving the cabin door open, I wouldn’t have believed any of this. And since the family was taking another beer break, I picked up my laptop and went to the winch to set up the underwater camera.

* * *

“MOTHERFUCKERS!” shouted Jahanna before jumping from the boat and into the lake, nude, with a beer in her hand. She let go of the beer, came up to the surface, and thrashed her arms around.

“Daddy, I can’t swim!”

There are incestuous families, and then there are drunken incestuous families. Who jumps into a lake with a beer and then realizes that they can’t swim? Jahanna is very sweet, but she’s dumb as a wall.

And that pretty much sums up the Schuster family. Fortunately for Jahanna, she was quickly followed by her father, who was wearing a life jacket. He jumped in and she held onto him for dear life.

Luke, in nothing but a life jacket, jumped in feet first and swam awkwardly toward Ryan and Jahanna.

Jahanna wrapped her legs around her father and held on tightly. Like Roxy said, she is a daddy’s girl, and not just the kind that is up for a little late-night incestuous fun by rolling around in the bed with her father.

It’s a full-blown romance. She even wears a gold band on her ring finger.

I did my best to keep my eyes on my laptop, which was displaying the video feed from the underwater camera. But trying to concentrate with a naked Jahanna slobbering all over her father was hopeless.

But Roxy, who once made good money stripping, does not like to be upstaged by new talent. She was trying to keep the attention focused on her.

“Bitches, get your cocks hard!” shouted Roxy, who dove into the water headfirst, almost landing on her son. She came up laughing and immediately wrapped her legs around Luke’s waist.

Jahanna adores her father and kisses him frequently and lovingly. But sex while floating in a lake is challenging, and she was having trouble putting his bigger-than-average cock inside her.

But finally, he was in, and she tenderly kissed her father’s lips as her young pussy stretched to accommodate his Germanic bratwurst.

I always thought mother-son sex was the most passionate form of incest, but Jahanna’s affection for her father is something to witness. Women that commit incest almost always do it furtively, leading double lives, where they compartmentalize the relationship to a few passionate moments in the cover of the night.

They are like guys, wanting to get off without all the emotional accoutrements. But Jahanna considers her relationship with her father to be like a marriage, and seems proud of it.

And her bubbly and affectionate love was stirring Roxy’s competitive juices. And Roxy is competitive about everything. She even seemed to be competing with her brother as to who had the better romance with their child.

Roxy put her hands behind Luke’s neck and kissed him with one eye on her brother. The two couples were floating within a few feet of each other, when Roxy reached over to Ryan, grabbed his life jacket, and pulled father and daughter shoulder to shoulder with mother and son.

Roxy, with her hand on her brother’s life jacket, leaned toward him for a kiss, and Jahanna gave them the room to do it.

The Schusters are an attractive family, which makes this moment so astonishing. But, as I found out at the sex club, a lot of very attractive people indulge in the rush of incestuous sex, just like people use opioids. And they get addicted to it in the same way.

Roxy kissed her brother flush on his lips. It was a very demonstrative kiss, especially considering how much Roxy bad mouths her brother to me.

And all the while, Ryan kept his cock inside Jahanna, who seemed a little jealous when the brother-sister kiss lasted too long. So, she broke it up with a question.

“You guys had a lot of sex when you were young?”

“More than a lot,” said Roxy. “Your father taught me everything I know about sex and drugs. Of course, he didn’t know anything else.”

Roxy was searching for something under the water line. And judging by Jahanna’s expression, she found it. She put her hand right where the father and daughter were connected.

“Holy fuck, Ryan,” she said loudly, “you’re too big for this little pussy.”

Roxy once again leaned into her brother for another kiss, like she was trying to steal him from Jahanna. But this time, Jahanna wasn’t sharing.

She pushed her lips into her father’s mouth, and Roxy could only salvage a kiss to her brother’s cheek. She kept her lips in the ready position, waiting for him to finish with his daughter. But it was a long wait.

This was trouble, as Roxy was drunk. She let go of Ryan and reached for her son. As usual, Luke was hard, and Roxy wrapped her legs around his waist and got into penetration position.

But sex in a weightless environment isn’t easy, and they struggled to line up their genitals. Roxy and Luke slowly drifted from Ryan and Jahanna.

“Luke, move your shoulders back,” said Roxy. After some awkward thrashing in the water, he got it inside.

“Okay, baby, you’re inside.” Roxy then looked over at her brother.

“Okay, Ryan, whoever shoots first, wins.”

While seemingly stated in jest, Roxy wasn’t joking. Ryan broke his kiss with Jahanna to let her know that the game was on.

“Come on baby girl, let’s win this.”

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