Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 04

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As a reader, you should know this explores my life as a bisexual man, and includes both hetero and homosexual sex. It recounts an evening shared with my lover Eric and wife Tina. It was especially noteworthy, because she found greater comfort with the relationship I shared with Eric; she even discovered an empathy and affection for him. We all actually bonded over the mutual interests, we shared.

Eric was at the house, waiting for Tina to get home; the three of us planned to have dinner. “She should be getting home soon, Do you mind helping with some stonework…I just need to move it from the garage and stage it along the path? There’s beer involved.”

“Yea, no problem, you know I’ll help move some stone…what’re ya serving?”

“Got a couple pilsners, an IPA and a witbier.”

“Mmm…the wheat…I’ll take the wheat beer.”

I went in to grab a couple beers and he had already started. We finished with the stone and quickly polished off the first round. I returned and handed him another. We walked through the garden for a bit, before he leaned in to kiss over my neck. Things moving fast, we left most of our clothes in a pile and worked our way over to a chaise lounge. I was on top, kissing him and rubbing a hand over his dick…it was poking out of some tight, little briefs, he was wearing. We both had a thing for sexy underwear, briefs, boxers…whatever looked good…but these were beautiful on him. It was almost a shame to ruin the image, but I pulled them off, anyway. Face to face with that beautiful dick, it tightly hugged his body; and my whole body was pulsing with desire. He spread his legs a little wider and I found a comfortable position, on my knees. I cupped the balls and stroked him, slowly at first. I’m mesmerized by the sensory rush of its pulsing warmth…the weight of the balls…the swollen head, blushed with purple. In my hands, but inches from my lips, I carefully treasure every inch, as my hand caresses and strokes over the length.

I press it into my face to feel its life; and tease it with few flicks of my tongue. Eventually I took it in my mouth and continued the stroking, but used my lips to do the top half. It’s safe to say that this was working for both of us. His cock surged when I pushed a finger through his muscle and stroked into the heat. I pumped my face down over him, again and again. Each time it filled my mouth, our desires were heightened. I had it poking at my throat…his breathing and groans grew with intensity and I stopped just short of orgasm. We were lovers, I could read his body, especially his moans; I wanted to make it last…we both loved to edge till the orgasm was huge…explosive…amazing. “Fuck…that’s it Rob…suck that thing…dude…fuck…we need to stop…too close, already…dude, let me do you. I fuckin’ need some’a that beast.”

When I took his place on the chaise…I could hardly take my eyes off that big dick, glistening with spit and swaying under its considerable weight.

He stretched his mouth wide and took the first couple inches between his lips, but I felt his hands grab at my ass to pull me deeper. Inch after inch, it slid back and forth through his lips. Deep groans emerged from my throat as he fucked his face. “Fuuuucccckk…thass nice…real gooooood!”

From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse through the glare of the window of the back Bomonti Escort door. It was Tina; and I could just make out that she had her skirt raised, with a hand between her legs…she was watching and enjoying everything. I don’t know how long she’d been there, but I thought she was probably in heaven…I know my wife. She was turned-on and watching two guys making love, two guys that she considered hot. She always made sure I knew she had the hots for both of us…after all, we were almost fucking twins (I think it was a way she could show her approval for Eric). Anyway, I know her pussy was dripping and that clit was on fire. I didn’t know whether she’d come out and masturbate for us, or just quietly watch. It didn’t matter, but I couldn’t help but think I could use some pussy, too (but, I knew I could count on some smokin’ sex that night…first with Eric and then with Tina). She’d be fucking crazy horny.

As my mind wandered back to cock, his needs were being satisfied. But Eric was always wanting, always longing for some girth to stretch or poke. “Robbie, I wanna feel that dick of yours…you gotta put it in me…I wanna ride.”

“Buddy, ride all you want…I’m always ready…look at this fucker…its ready.”

“Dude, I need it…in me…fuck, I needed it in meeeeee!”

He flipped around and rubbed spit over the tip, “Fuck…that should be good.” Straddling the chaise, he positioned himself over top. His asshole was tight, but I spread his cheeks and teased it by running the tip through the crack. As he pushed downward, my dick bent under the pressure, until it parted the muscle to push inward. “Ooooohhh…fuckin’ put it in me…that’s it put it…it…put it in meeeee…yesssss!”

Once the head was inside, his tightness worked its way down over the shaft. Its grip was so fucking tight and firm around me. Eric screamed, “Fucccck thatsssss good!” as his sphincter enveloped all of me.

“Fuck!” I exhaled as he sank it deep in his belly, all the way to the balls. Once it was all in and he was resting on me, he moaned and sat for a few seconds to just enjoy what he was feeling. “Mother fucker! That is so fucking sweet!”

He bounced up and down over me, in what could, I guess, be described as a reverse-cowboy. “Need it Robbie…pound me with that beast…pound it hard…fucking pound me…meeeeeeeee…yessssss!” With his dick flopping wildly, I could see she was rubbing faster. I wish the door had been opened and I could hear those hot little moans, that I love…I knew she was probably getting real close.

I loved the warm hardness of that cute muscled butt. rubbing against body. I met his ass by raising my hips to better feel it…and drive my dick deeper. “Fuck…I’m going to fucking cum…in you…cum in you!”

“Shoot your load in me…that’s it…shoot yer load deep in meeeeeeee! Fuck that’s it…gimme that load…all that hot cummmmmmm…yesssss!”

He rode me till I finished, but the cum explosion and the pressure of my dick pushing at his prostate, was too much. He stood, with cum trickling from his ass, and finished himself. He screamed, “Fuck yeah,” when he felt his relief spray out over the patio. I could see that Tina stopped, but left her hand down there…I couldn’t see the quiver, but she was cumming…I knew she was cumming, too.

He collapsed onto the chair, squeezed Bomonti Escort Bayan up next to me and kissed me with his tongue. I looked back to see what she was doing and she was gone.

That night, we grilled and had an incredible evening together, the three of us, my wife, my male lover and I. Throughout the evening, she could be described as aggressively flirty. My earlier thoughts were correct…some major, hot sex lied ahead, but she never said a word about what she saw, until he left. We both confessed…she told me that she watched everything and I admitted that I spotted her. “You should’ve come out.”

She laughed, “I thought you might’ve seen me…couldn’t really tell…we were both busy.”

Later on that evening, she went further and admitted we were hot to watch…she could see what Eric meant to me. Her exact words included, “…he’s fucking cute as hell.”

I asked, again, if she wanted to join us next time. “No, I’m just not ready, Rob…not yet.”

“Watching you and Eric…first and foremost, it was fucking amazing…you boys are so hot. More importantly, I guess I’m beginning to better understand things…we’ve only been married 12 years…I know…I know…you can label me a slow learner. It’s taken me awhile, but it’s all making more sense. You know, I’m ok sharing you…you mean the world to me.”

“We complete each other, Tina…I feel the same…and we’re pretty fuckin hot, too…when we’re together.”

“I know honey…we are. But what I mean, your needs are part of you. You need him as much as you need me. Eric needs to be a part of your life…just like I am.”

“You deserve both of us…”

“Tonight I understood Eric…we have so much in common. I was there, riding with him…I saw the passion in his eyes. I have that same passion. I could feel his need…I felt your cock, deep, up in my belly. Yes…I was masturbating in the doorway, but I was there riding you.”

“Ya know…I was thinking about your pussy when I spotted you…how wet it gets.”

“By the way, you guys better let me watch again, sometime.”

“You got it…I know we’d all get off on that.” “Will you touch yourself for us?”

“I’ll do anything, honey.”

Later in the evening, we were on the patio with a glass of wine and just talking quietly…enjoying the tail end of a beautiful summer evening. Out of nowhere, “Sweetie…I ummm…have some unfinished business here.” As she’s say that she spreads a bit to rub the glass through her legs.

“I, sort of, knew you would…”

She giggled “Well you need to sit yer ass down over there, on that lounge chair, and fuck me like you did with Eric. So fucking horny…I need it badddddd!”

I sprawled out over the chair while she straddled me and centered herself over my dick. With one hand on my shoulder and the other on my chest, she hovered over it while I teased her by dragging the tip through the slit. I dipped into her and spread juices over her labia.

Both horny and anxious, I poked her, pressing only the very tip between her lips, triggering intense moans. The patio’s dimly lit, but I could just make out the pinkness, poised to swallow my dick. I held myself firmly at the entrance, while slowly, sensuously, she sank the entire length into her pussy.

Once she felt it all the way in, completely impaled and poking Escort Bomonti at her cervix, she started a slow, rhythmic grinding. Accompanied with our moans, she moved her hips back and forth and started riding faster. Riding harder, her breasts were bobbing wildly; I reached up to grab for some…she squealed when I pinched at her nipples. Her hand dropped to work her clit…love to watch her masturbate. “Gonna ride you just like…Eric…fuck you hard…hard…you need it from both…of…us! Must feel so goooood in his assssss. Fuck my pussssssy…gonna ride that big dick…ride…big fuckking dickkkkkk!”

“Sweetie, let me turn around…and fuck you, just like he did.” She flailed around until she could guide it back to her pussy and remount. Now, I could admire that beautiful, rounded butt; I couldn’t help but grab a handful, one each side. I moaned, “Mmmm…Look at that hot ass…fuckkkk!” While she was riding, I could hardly take my eyes off it. Our sex glistened on my dick and I could watch it disappear into her, each time she lowered herself to my lap. “Love that tight fucking pussy…on my dick…squeeze me…ride me…ride me…fuck meeee! That’s my girl…that’s it…fuck me!”

She worked it long and hard, because I could make out a sheen on her back; I leaned forward to run my tongue through the saltiness of the sweat. I grabbed her hips and said, “Let me help, babe!” As I rolled my hips against hers, the moans grew even louder.

She begins to gasp each time my cock bottoms out, deep in her belly. That was it…she threw her head back and screamed as orgasm shot through her, “Ohhh, fuck…shove that thing in me…hard…pound me…that’s it pound me…gonna ride ya…till I cummmm…cummmming…cumming. Fucckkkkk meeeeee!”

I just kept ramming till she finished; I was close but still a little shy. I plunged it as deep as I could manage and sat there as she caught her breath. It didn’t take long before she flipped around to finish me off, running her tongue up through the sex coating. The head was swollen and gleaming.

“Mmmmm…I’m pretty fuckin’ tasty.”

“Yessss, I love…love your taste…like to watch you quiver while I lick…that tight…wet pussy. Like to bury my face between your legs…lick you fuckin’ dry.”

Her hand still wrapped around the shaft and stroking, she raised up to share with me. I sucked sex from her tongue, before she quickly returned to resume. I felt a huge tension mounting, an intense throbbing in my dick, as seed boiled up to a release.

She engulfs it again and her tongue darts over the tip. She drives me deeper and I can feel her groans through the shaft. She strokes and sucks, as my hips pump into her…fucking…using her mouth. I grabbed at her head and fucked into her.

“Tina…fuck…fuck yeah!” I tightened my grip, arched my back and buried myself as deep as I could.

I scream, “Gonna cummmmm…cummmming! Her lips tighten around me, as I spray seed into her, “Cummmming…I’m cummmming…fuccccck!”

She loved having cock in her mouth…the feeling of cum warming her tongue made her wet, but, this time, it would have to wait. She was so exhausted…cashed and half asleep, I helped her up to bed and kissed her goodnight.

The next day I had coffee with Eric. “I never noticed her, but, then again, I was enjoying myself…for sure! But it does sound fucking hot…next time, she should join us or we’re giving her a dildo. Do you think she’d let us watch?”

“She will…sure of it.”

“Mmmm…Robbie…and we can do it all for her…sounds fun!”

“Wouldn’t mind watchin’ you work a tight pussy…sounds really fuckin’ hot!”

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