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Big Tits

Her card was real. I put it down on the counter, and looked up at the grinning owner.

“Well, Happy Birthday to you, Anya. Big day for you yesterday.”

She nodded, and shrugged. “Thanks, old man.” A little bashful, but that soon resolved into her usual air of arrogance.

And goddammit, I was thirty two. Not old man material just yet.

I grinned, and looked at the punk who had turned eighteen the day before; she wore her hair cut short since its long, brunette origins, now shaved shorter on the sides to form a neon blue mohawk that almost matched her ice-blue eyes, and kept the remainder of her hair dyed black that she kept ungelled and brushed back, with light grey being the dominant color of her makeup. Despite the change in her hair, she was still recognizable with just light makeup and a slightly thinner jawline.

The new punk’s smile widened further I handed back her ID, and walked over to my rack of folders; sketches, ideas and half-formed tattoos put to paper and stored. Grabbing the one marked ‘Standby’, I pulled it out and flipped it open, idly flicking pages as I walked back to Anya.

“I do remember talking to you a few months ago. Still brunette that time. This’ll teach me to toss ideas with any cute girl that walks in.” I teased, arching an eyebrow. “Offering to tattoo to a minor – just the offer – is already a misdemeanor, darl. Given where we planned on putting it, that might have been a felony, too.”

Pointing at her with a comic parody of a stern look, I waggled my finger at the red cheeked punk. Well, I hope it was a stern look: my grin was best described as ‘shit eating’ rather than ‘shit spewing’. “Naughty girl.”

She shrugged and raised a fist, knuckles pointed towards me. Her hand reached up to mime winding up a jack-in-the-box, which slowly extended her middle finger.

I laughed and pulled the sheet of paper from the folder, tossing it to her; the same sketch we had come up with after a few idle hours discussing her first tattoo; a simple pair of wings rendered in a tribal pattern, to stretch across her back from shoulder to shoulder. “No worries, darl. Lets get you started, ‘kay?”

Anya let out a small giggle and stepped forward. “Okay.”

Reaching out, I clapped a hand down on her shoulder, and looked her straight in the eyes. “You can still back out, if you want. No sweat, you can even keep the sketch. So tell me: still wanna do this?”

She stuck her jaw out and set it, growling at me through a grin. “Fuck you, old man.”

I matched her expression. “Good girl.”

-:–:– : –:–:-

We had stepped into the actual tattoo room after she had finalized the design; a decently sized, well ventilated and most importantly sterile room. The walls were covered in photos of previous works and sketches of potential Samsun Escort tattoos where it wasn’t mirrored for inspection of present work or taken up by the storage or sterilization of my gear. I took a clean white towel from a cupboard, ripped off the packaging and passed it to her.

“Free towel, it’s yours. Put it on the seat and lay on top of it, get comfy because a tat like this might take a couple hours.” I said.

Anya paused for a full five seconds. Maybe she hadn’t processed what was about to happen? I chuckled. Teens.

Eventually she spoke again: “Uhm… the fuck you on about?”

“Use towel. Wrap yourself.” I caveman’d, pointing at the white bundle in her hands. “Unless you want to show off.”

Turning around I busied myself with preparing the basics; rubber gloves, ink, fresh needles and a little bit of body paint to sketch out the final draft on her skin.

Finished, I turned around and found that she still hadn’t moved, though now I could hear a faint click click click just behind that vacant expression of hers. “What?” She asked.

Typical. Ink-wise, she really was a virgin, wasn’t she?

“You’ll need to take your top off, darl.” I instructed, pointing at my sketch of her future tattoo, which had been placed on a woman’s bare back.

“Oh.” Her slack jawed expression revealed to me the source of the clicking; a little tongue piercing. Barbell style.

I briefly fantasized what it would be like to get a blowjob from her.

Kinky. Or painful. I wasn’t a fan of teeth.

“Okay, tell you what; I’m going to turn around and count to fifty. By then you should be on that chair, top an’ everything underneath off and to the side. If not, you’re gonna have to do it in front of me. ‘kay?”

“Fuck you. Bet you’d just watch through that mirror.” Anya snorted, and grabbed the hem of her top before I could even make good on my deal. She pulled them off, revealing a blue bra the same hue as her hair. As an afterthought, she reached down below her belt and pulled up the waistband of a matching pair of panties, letting her tongue dart out teasingly as she turned towards the chair.

I chuckled. Fucking tease.

The punk slid onto the chair and undid her bra from there before lying down on the towel, slapping her ass when she had settled in.

“Done, old man.” She mocked, grinning at me in the mirror with both her painted middle finger nails gleaming. I took my queue to snort and pulled over the dolly cart of ink and gear, my face was set into a grin as I was treated to a view of her topless back and tightly packaged rear. Glancing slightly down, I confirmed the little slice of sideboob that I could see peeking out from underneath her armpit.


Brush in one hand, pot of paint in the other, Samsun Escort Bayan I settled into the stool beside her. “Alright, lets get started; I’ll paint it on so you can have a look at what its going to look like finished.”

She murmured her consent with a faint “Mmm.” and settled down. “Before my next birthday, alright?”

“Hey, you can’t rush perfection.” I countered, which earned her a chuckle that shook her back as I tried to aim the brush. Despite her bravado, Anya shuddered when I first touched her back with the cold wet paint, sucking in a surprised breath.

click click click click…

I moved quickly with the paint, the shape of the tribal wings already in my mind; it wasn’t a particularly big tattoo, and neither was it complex; just black in in sharp, curved lines. But it was a special tattoo, because it was a first. And I would never want to disappoint a girl with her first.

-:- -:- – : – -:- -:- –


“Hold steady for a little longer…”

I finished off the last of the ‘feathers’, in actual fact diamond-like shards of black ink, and eased my gloved hand off her back.

Anya sucked in a big breath as she felt the incessant buzzing and rapid biting stings of the tattoo machine halt. The girl shifted on the retooled dental chair that she was prone on; arching her back like a cat stretching in the morning. I lifted the tattoo machine from her bare back, leaving the half finished wing on her shoulder blade to sit as she readjusted herself and settled back into the heavily modded seat. Soon, the only sound in the studio was the click click click of her nervous tic.

“Wooo. Took ya long enough, old man.” Mock-snarled Anya, who lay topless in front of me.

“Can we take five?” She asked, quickly snatching up the towel and using that to protect her modesty.

Twisting in the seat, she sat upright with the white fluffy towel wrapped around her torso, tucked into her armpit in one corner and bunched in her hand in the other. Her eyes wandered, this time to a mirror behind her. Eyes widening as she caught sight of the tattoo, she probably had that same epiphany that I realized was common among all people who got their first tattoos: the realization that it would be there.


I licked my lips once, and nodded as I shuffled back to grab a bottle of water. “No need, we’re done. Want a drink?”

Anya nodded. “Uh… What you got?”

I gestured to the stocked bar-fridge behind me. “SI got OJ, Coke, Sprite…”

“No beer?”

“I already carded you, kid. Water it is.” I laughed at her upraised fingers, unoffended; with that mocking smile between them, it meant nothing to her, and so the gesture was of equal value to me.

Walking to my fridge, Escort Samsun I opened it and went about quickly pulling the bottle from the door shelf. Turning back, I held it out for her. “Here.”

“Thanks.” She got up and reached out, completely forgetting the towel. It slipped off her body like flowing water, leaving her tits to the wind as she took the bottle from my hand. They bounced slightly as they were put into plain view in front of me.

Wow, what a pair. They looked about the same size as my balled up fists, and still had that youthful tightness to them. I couldn’t help but stare.

“Uh, okay, that wasn’t intentional.” I managed to spit out.

Anya just grinned and set the bottle aside. “Neat trick. You do that to every girl that comes in here?” She asked, reaching up to cup her breasts and giving them a teasing squeeze, pinching her nipples in the process. “Hey, I’ll let you touch ’em if you give me half off.”

Now it was my turn to give her a middle finger, stained black by the ink, before I laughed and tossed the needle into a disposal bin. “No deal, little whore. Try again some other time.”

“Awww, just look at what you’re missing out on.” Teased the punk, wiggling her tits one more time before returning my gesture twice with her tongue bar and rack on full display. We shared another laugh from our reciprocated vulgarity – damn, she was really growing on me there – and as I finished cleaning up Anya got up and pulled the bra from her pile of clothes.

“Hold up, there.” I interrupted her there, drawing a questioning glance from her.

“What, changed your mind?” She turned to me, bra still undone but wrapped around her chest, a victorious smirk stretched across her face.

I was already producing a care kit from the bottom of the dolly trolley. “Eeenope. It’s bandage time. Don’t be in such a hurry. Seriously, aftercare’s important if you don’t want to fuck up that tat.”

Rapid fire, I rattled off the basics of aftercare; get saran wrap, keep changing it daily, use medical tape to secure it. Websites and stuff that would help her were presented on an aftercare card. Checkup in a couple days, I’d give her help there no charge.

“Be careful, I don’t like people treating my art like shit.” I warned her.

Anya chuckled, grabbing her bag and wincing slightly as she slung it over her shoulder. “Thanks, old man. You ain’t bad.”

I arched an eyebrow at her.

“Don’t be quick to judge.” I said as I rung up the job. “Six hundred.”

Her jaw dropped. “You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

“Yeah, I am.” I grinned, giving her the middle finger again while my other hand banged away at the register while I calculated in my head. “It’s still two hundred, and that’s already discounting for the show.”

Anya bopped me on the shoulder. She had a good right hook.

“Oh fuck you!”

[Author’s Notes]

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Ink. For those who are here for a fap, yes there will be sex later on in the story. For this chapter, though, it’s character building and teasing.

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