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There were three of them. Two older women, in their early thirties, and the youngest girl about eighteen I would think. There was no way to pass them, and no way to open the door I had come through, from this side.

I’d better explain I suppose. My name is Ray and I’m eighteen years old. This is my first job and it’s very responsible. I have to sweep the floor, clean the fitter’s machines, and most importantly, make everybody’s tea for break and lunch.

And that is why I am where I am now. To make tea I have to go to another part of the factory for hot water. And that is in the section where only women work. This was the third day I have been coming in here, and to be honest, it scared the shit out of me. The girls were worse than guys for whistling and shouting rude comments, but this was different; none of them had ever approached me before. I suppose if I’d been with my mates I’d have been my usual mouthy self, but here I am on my own with three very attractive women. I was tongue tied, shy and embarrassed.

“Well, Chele, what d’you reckon?” Said the blonde directly in front of me to the other older woman.

“He’s a bit scrawny,” Chele replied, ” but I suppose he’ll do, Sue.” And both looked past me to the young girl who was standing behind me.

“What do you think, Jenny, will he do for you or shall we find someone else?” Jenny came round and stood with the other two women.

As she looked at me I could see she was embarrassed like me. “I think he’s nice, but will he want to?” She asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” said Chele, “he will want to, we’ll make sure of that.” Now add puzzled to my being tongue tied, embarrassed and shy.

What have I got to do for Jenny? Or why was I okay for her? And why was Jenny blushing?

Sue stepped forward and took the big teapot I was carrying and went over and passed it to the women standing at the side listening to what was being said with great amusement.

“They will sort your tea out for you, ” she said, ” but we’d better find out who you are. So, what’s your name?”

My mouth was so dry I could only croak an answer “I… I… it’s Ray”

Sue took hold of one of my hands and gave it to Jenny; she took the other one and led me after Chele. For all my nervousness I could still appreciate the seductive way Chele was walking. Each cheek rising with every step. Her full knee-length skirt swung around her hips. Her high heels accentuating the slimness of the ankles and the curve of her calves. She led us through a door and I found we were in what must be the women’s restroom.

It was very pleasant with easy chairs and even a sofa. They took me over to the sofa and sat me down. The three of them stood in front of me.

“Well, could you fancy us?” Sue asked.

They seemed to know what they were doing, especially the older girls. The way they stood swinging their hips they were certainly sexy. I saw Jenny watching and trying to copy them, but her movements were a bit stiff. Even so it was Jenny who I couldn’t take my eyes of.

In spite of my nervousness the view I had was beginning to make me feel horny, and a movement had started in my trousers. Chele nudged Sue and pointed to my crotch. They both grinned. Chele pulled me up.

“Jenny, hold his other hand. ” She instructed.

So there I was, both arms held by two girls. Sue stood in front of me and I couldn’t believe it as she undid two buttons on her blouse. The cleavage appeared, her breasts were large causing a deep, shadowed valley. There was a hint of white lace around the mounds of her breasts. Now I was really beginning to become aroused, I could feel my Willie pushing against my trousers.

Sue’s hands came out and began undoing the buttons on my overalls. My face grew hot, I’m sure it must have been as red as a red traffic light. Jenny and Chele took the overalls off my shoulders, and Sue pulled them down and off of my legs. As she bent forward to do this, looking down, her blouse parted wider, showing even more of her magnificent breasts. Now she pulled my T-shirt off.

Sue looked at Jenny and said, “Right, your turn.”

Jenny went as Bayan Escort Gaziantep red as I was and replied, “Oh, no, I cant.”

Sue pulled her forward saying, ” Oh, yes, Chele and I are only here to help you.”

“But what do I do?” Jenny asked in a strained whisper.

“Oh, Jenny, what did we say we were going to do?” Chele asked in exasperation.

“Well, we were going to initiate the new boy by stripping him.” Jenny replied.

“And…” Chele paused for effect, “…if you liked him you were going to have sex with him.”

Jenny went an even deeper shade of red. And me!!!!

You guys will know what happens when your cock gets very cold. It shrinks doesn’t it? Well, shrink — mine bloody disappeared! In fact, it became inverted. I kid you not; it went so far inside I’m sure I could have given myself a blowjob from the inside.

Jenny step forward, undid my trousers and dropped them, and then my underwear. All three of them looked down to see my non- existent Willie. Sue and Chele burst into laughter; Jenny’s eyes widened in surprise.

Sue said, “Looks like we have some work to do.” And they promptly sat me back down on the sofa.

“Ready?” Chele asked.

“Oh, yes.” Said Sue.

Slowly they began to unbutton their blouses, yet still managing to the edges together. I only got brief glimpses of cleavage and bits of lacy bra. I saw enough to see that Sue’s bra was white, and Chele’s was red. They turned around and again, slowly dropped their blouses off their shoulders and onto the floor. What a view, both of them standing in front of me, giving me their backs, legs spread apart, there bra straps crossing the back. They looked over their shoulders at me smiling.

Willie began to have a mind of his own and started to stir again. Sue put her hands on her bum and started to pull her skirt up.

I’m beginning to enjoy this, I thought.

Higher her skirt went, and then that darker band of her stocking tops came into view. Willie was definitely on the rise at this time. Now Sue’s skirt was above her arse, and they turned, giving me a full head-on view of their magnificent breasts for the first time.

Both of them had big tits. Sue’s were slightly bigger, and her lacy bra allowed me to see her nipples. They were big to match her tits. Chele’s bra wasn’t see through but, oh my, how her nipples stuck out against the silk. Now they are caressing their tits through the material. My cock was throbbing, the head twitching. I had never been this aroused.

Now, almost in sync, their hands dropped to their skirts and they started to undo them. Slowly, they pushed them down and then let them fall to the floor. This was the start of my love affair with stockings and garters. They were standing, legs open, hips swaying, and the smooth silky look of their stockings ending at the darker colour of the tops. Those stockings and garters were like a frame around that centre of pleasure. Sue’s knickers matched her bra, lace, allowing just a hint of a view of the dark triangle at her pubes. Then their hands went between their legs and began rubbing.

I sat forward and reached out towards them.

“Oh, no.” Said Chele, and then added, “No touching us. Go on, Jenny, go and sit beside him.”

I’d almost forgotten Jenny, but she came forward bashfully, still blushing. She did look good, a contrast to the other two as she was still dressed.

She sat beside me and I could see her looking at my dick.

“Can I touch it?” She asked on a whispery breath and all I could do was nod.

She reached out and touched me, but only with her fingertips and very, very gently. At her touch my dick seemed to swell even more and twitched harder. Jenny mustn’t have expected that because she jerked her hand away a moment, but she soon put it back. More assured this time, her hand stroked up and down my quickening stiffness, although she didn’t close her fingers around me.

“What should I do now?” She asked.

“Whatever you want.” I replied, and then added, “As long as I can too.”

She smiled shyly and said, “Oh, yes, please.”

I reached out and cupped her breast; it barely filled my hand, but felt good, soft yet firm and her nipple was like a tiny hard button against my palm. I felt her shudder, and saw her eyes close and she smiled. I leaned forward and kissed her for the first time, her lips were sweet and slightly open.

“Will you get undressed?” I asked.

“Only my top and skirt.” She answered, standing.

As she stood I realised we were now on our own, I had not heard Sue and Chele leave. I felt more confident to be alone with Jenny though.

She slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and as it opened her small breasts, inside a white bra, came into view. She slipped it of her shoulders and stood a moment for me. Her hands were sort of hovering over her breasts as if she were going to cover them. She looked at me and I think she must have seen in my face how much I liked what I saw because her hands dropped and she gave me that shy smile of hers.

Now her hands were at the side of her skirt undoing the button at the waist. She pulled the zipper down and with a hand on either side of her skirt she began to push it over her hips. Slowly her tummy came into view, and then a hint of white lace. She stopped a moment and looked at me before carrying on. Now I saw her garter belt, and then the top of her knickers and then her skirt dropped and pooled around her ankles.

How I wish I had a picture of her at that moment. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and even now I don’t think I have ever seen a more sexually exiting sight.

Jenny sat back down beside me; we put our arms around each other and started to cuddle and kiss. Our hands seemed to be freer now and we began to feel each other. Jenny held my cock and began rubbing up and down it.

My hand was filled with her sweet little tit, so firm, but soft through her bra.

“You can take it off now if you want.” She offered.

I reached behind her and found the clasp; the trouble is no one had ever shown me exactly how it unfastened. I bet all you guys remember the first time you tried too. After what seemed an age of trying Jenny was giggling, but took pity on me and reached round to free the clasp. I pulled it off her shoulders and at last I saw her tits free. They looked so proud and upstanding; her nipples were like a small pair of tits on the end of her mounds. They felt alive and twitched as I touched them.

“Oh, that is really nice.” She whimpered.

This was the first time I had seen tits, apart from pin-up photos, and it was definitely the first time I had touched them. I was like a kid in a toyshop.

“Lick my nipple.” She ordered and so, obediently, I leaned in, taking one into my mouth, licking and suckling before she started to moan and I pulled back thinking I was hurting her.

“No, no.” She stated a little breathlessly.

“Don’t stop.” She added and so back I went, licking, sucking and nibbling.

This was mind blowing. My hands were free now and I dropped one onto her knee. For a moment she clamped her legs together, a natural reaction I think, but then she relaxed and her legs opened slightly allowing my hand to slide up her nylon-covered thigh. It seemed almost instinctively then that her legs opened wider.

My hand was at her stocking top and next upon the bare flesh of her thigh. Although her flesh was cool, it felt as if there was heat coming from the area. My fingers razed over the material of her knickers, I could feel the soft mound between her thighs. Through the material I could feel her hair. Jenny took hold of one of my hands, pushing it against her.

“Rub there.” She commanded on a tight breath.

I felt the line of her pussy, the lips swollen and damp. My finger slipped between them and as I reached and touched the engorged button she shuddered and moaned really loudly. Her hand was really stroking hard on my cock and it was my turn to moan with pleasure along with her. Jenny’s clit was throbbing almost in perfect rhythm with my pulsating cock.

Her pussy was really wet now. Jenny reached down by my hand and pulled her knickers away and pushed my hand onto her bare pussy. Now I could feel her lips spread apart as I ran my hand up and down. As my fingers passed over her slit I felt a little bump and Jenny shuddered every time I touched it so I now concentrated on that spot, rubbing and pinching it.

“Oh, yes, keep doing that.” She pleaded.

“I will if you play with my balls now.” I replied, and her hand crept down, gently cupping my balls. She stroked and kneaded them sending shafts of pleasure through my rampant dick.

I slipped my finger inside her cunt, but kept my thumb playing with her clit. We were both moaning with sheer pleasure, but it couldn’t go on much longer; I was desperate to slip my cock inside of her.

“I have to fuck you soon, Jenny.” I moaned, and all she could do was nod agreement so I started to push her down on the sofa

“Wait.” She stopped me with that damning word.

She reached over to her handbag and brought out a small wrapper.

“Sue said we had to use this.” She said, opening the wrapper and took out a French letter.

“I don’t know how to use it.” I said, blushing again.

“It’s ok, Sue showed me. So, just wait while I put it on you.” I stood in front of her and she slowly rolled the condom down my shaft. That was an incredible feeling again.

She lay back and opened her legs wide, my first real look at a pussy. The lips open wide and inside pink and shiny with her juices. I knelt between her legs and thrust my cock towards her open cunt. After a couple of wasted pushes Jenny put her hand down and held my cock and guided it to her hole.

I slid myself into the intensely warm, wet cavern and almost instantly came into contact with a barrier that would allow me to go no farther. Jenny flinched as I attempted to push in again I slipped in a little way, but it then got harder to push it in and Jenny flinched and moaned.

“Wait a moment, let me do the pushing.” She asked of me and I stopped.

Jenny very slowly, gently pushed against me, increasing the pressure a little bit at a time until I felt something tear. My cock slipped forward in a rush and I was right in. For a moment neither of us moved, instinct guiding us to wait, let her interior adjust to the intrusion I stayed still and so did Jenny for a moment, and then she started to slowly move back and forwards.

“Now…” She said, “…fuck me hard.”

I started to thrust into her as hard and quick as I could. Oh, what a feeling. Nothing had ever felt as good as this. The excitement was building faster and faster, and I think it was the same for Jenny as her movements became quicker, wilder, and her moans were louder.

Jenny’s scream as she came was right into my ear and made my head ring. Her body went rigid and her legs, wrapped around my ass, pulled me in as tight as possible. My own dam burst a second later and it felt as if I’d put my cock in an electric socket as my dick pumped and pumped the hot lava of my release into the condom. I felt her cunt grip and relax over again as if she wanted to burst the rubber and pull my cum into her.

Gradually we both relaxed, but it was a wonderful feeling lying on Jenny as my cock slowly softened. Then it slipped out and fell between her legs. I rolled off and lay beside her. I was surprised when she reached down, picking up my cock by the base and pulled the condom off. She rubbed her hands up my wet cock.

“Sue and Chele said I had to taste it in case I want to suck your cock another time.” She said with an impish grin and then licked her hand covered in our cum.

“Well, I’d better do the same in case I want to suck your pussy” I said, putting my fingers deep into her hole.

I put my fingers into my mouth and tasted the lovely combination of both of our juices, slightly salty, but nice. We lay quietly for a while, but then we were disturbed by the shrill sound of the factory’s horn signalling the end of lunch.

We got up and dressed in silence, both of us reluctant to I think. We made our way to the door and as we reached it Jenny turned and hugged me.

“My parents are out tonight if you would like to come round?” She phrased it more as a question than a statement, an anxious look in her eyes.

Well, Readers, where do you think I spent that evening and many more after it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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