Informing Rene

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This is my submission for The Nude Day Story Contest 2022. I hope you like it.


“O.K.” said Rene, “help me up, Daddy.”

“Are you sure you want to practice here.” Paul asked as he glanced at his daughter, “The ground is not all that even.”

“If I don’t practice on uneven ground, I am gonna have trouble next week.”

Paul had to admit that was true. His 18 year old daughter had her first professional stilt walking gig next weekend at the Pirate Festival in Vallejo. And although she’d been walking around on stilts since she was nine, she had just bought a new set of stilts that put her a full foot higher than her old three foot pair and she did need to practice with them on uneven ground where someone could spot her until she felt comfortable. So here they were, at the park so she could practice where he could spot her.

Paul glanced around the park again before letting his eyes rest on his daughter sitting on the ground with her stilts strap to her legs. He smiled at her, amazed once again at her beauty. At 5′ 4″ she could be called petit except that her shoulders were broad for someone her size and her arms and legs were heavily muscled for a woman. Paul also knew that her butt under her jeans was taught and muscular and her T shirt hide a flat stomach but did nothing to deter that fact that her bosom that was almost too much for her height. With her long brown hair done up in two braids, the spray of freckles across the bridge of her nose and her clear blue eyes she looked like the stereotypical farm girl next door.

Rene saw the love in her father’s eyes. The rest of his face was not ruggedly handsome but not ugly either; cute she would say with expressive blue eyes in a way that showed his experience and age. She also noted the broad chest and shoulders and flat stomach covered by his t shirt that was slightly tight on him. In contrast he always wore baggy jeans but she knew from seeing him naked in their apartment and when they went camping that he had well sculpted legs and a “killer” ass. Her gaze traveled back to his face framed by the ear length hair just starting to turn salt and pepper, wishing that even one of the boys who had asked her out over the last couple of years could come even close to her father in looks, intelligence or compassion.

Rene held up both hands for him to help her get “high” as they called it. Paul smiled, recalling Rene at two, her arms in almost the same position with the same look on her face of utter trust. His blue eyes became misty but with a mental shake of the head he brought himself to the present. The toes of his sneakers held down the tips of the stilts as he grabbed her by both wrists. In a practiced move which involved him leaning back, her bending her knees and keeping her back straight, she pulled up putting her head 9′ in the air.

“Pretty tall,” he said.

“Yea, and heavier than my old stilts, too.” Rene said stepping forward.

Paul took a quick step to stay at her side just in case she went down. “Well, at least at this height your boobs look in proportion” he smiled up at her.

“Well, finally” Rene said not the least bit embarrassed, after all it was a running joke between them for a long time now, ever since she went from nothing to 36 DD between 6th grade and 8th grade. “Which reminds me,” Said Rene with a smirk, “I need to go bra and panty shopping again.”

Paul cocked an eye at his daughter “Don’t tell me you’ve changed sizes again, I don’t think I can afford it.”

“No, but last time you did laundry, you put one of my bras in the drier and now the underwire is all wonky”

“O.K. But this time you and Josie can go by yourselves,” referring to Rene’s oldest and best friend. “Last time I went into Victoria’s Secret with you, I got all these dirty looks. Sometimes I wish your mom was still around to help you with things like this.”

Rene smiled at her father, “Dad, you’re the best mom a girl ever had.”

Paul smiled at the statement, noting again how mature and sophisticated his daughter’s sense of humor was. Over the years, Paul sometime he felt that he was out of his depth trying to raise a beautiful daughter on his own but he was proud of the result.

During the course of the banter, the two had walked nearly half way around a circle that would bring them back to their starting point after thirty minutes of stilting. “Dad,” Rene said suddenly in a much more serious tone than she had been using.

“Getting tired?” he asked looking up at her. Then, noticing her look of concern, he lowered his chin to see what had caught her attention. Not more than ten yards away a young woman, perhaps in her late 20’s, blonde about his daughter’s height but not as broad in the shoulders and with yet a bigger chest was arguing with a young man who towered over her. “None of our business, honey” he said. Just then the man grabbed the blonde’s arm and pushed her against a tree. “Stay here,” he growled. Then picked up his pace to cover the distance between himself and the Hd Porno altercation.

“Is there a problem here?”

Turning his head to look at Paul but not letting go of the young woman. “It’s none of your business” he said, unconsciously mimicking Paul’s earlier statement.

Paul was not an imposing man at first glance. At 5’6″ he was at least 4 inches shorter than young man and at 42, twenty years older. But his shoulders were broad, his neck thick with muscle and his biceps and forearms had a definition that was the envy of many who noticed them. Perhaps though, the one thing that should have given anyone a pause was his eyes, which were blue when he looked at his daughter but had now turned slate grey.

“I’m making it my business. Now, why don’t you let her go before you do something you regret?”

The young man’s grip must have loosened at this exchange because the blonde suddenly gave her attacker a push and broke free. Completely ignoring the older man he turned back to his prey and raised his right hand as if to slap her. His surprise when something grabbed his wrist was evident in his face. Turning his head he remembered the interloper. Letting Paul pull his body around he balled his left hand into a fist with every intention of knocking “the old guy” on his ass. To his surprise, without quit knowing how it happened, he found himself flying through the air and landing hard on the ground.

Before he was just annoyed, but now he was mad. He scrambled to his feet with every intention of pounding someone into the ground. Suddenly there was a huge flash behind his eyes and intense pain in his face.

Paul stepped back after the quick jab to the nose, he thrust his left hand forward delivering three fingers to the solar plexus and, as the punk bent over, clubbed him with both hands on the back of the neck. Then stood there panting while making sure that the idiot didn’t get up again.

“Daddy” said Rene behind him.

“I told you to stay!” Paul said, noting that Rene was no longer on her stilts. But not all that concerned knowing there were several ways for her to get down safely.

“I was worried”

He looked back at the blonde, “Are you alright? Is there anyone here to take care of you?”

Taking her eyes off the prone body of her attacker she looked at Paul and shook her head.

Paul saw the fright in her blue eyes. “Maybe you should come with us until you feel better.”

The blonde woman’s glance took in Paul and Rene before quickly walked around the man laying face down on the ground and put both hands around Paul’s arm with a surprising strength. She maintained the contact as Rene led them over to her stilts which she had left on the ground, then towards the street where they had parked the car.

Paul was helping the stranger into the passenger side of his ten year old Toyota 4 Runner when they heard the sirens coming from somewhere. “Someone must have called the cops” he said looking into her eyes “Do you want to stay and swear out a complaint? I’ll stay with you.”

“What will the cops do to you for hurting that guy?” Was the response, then taking a deep breath she put out her hand, “No, I don’t feel like dealing with police. Thank you for saving me. I’m Sharon.”

Paul almost smiled. Then reached out and gave her hand a firm handshake. “I won’t say my pleasure, because I didn’t really enjoy it, but you’re welcome. And I don’t mind not dealing with the police. I’m Paul Howe and this is my daughter Rene.”

“Well, I appreciate it” Then turning her gaze to where Rene was standing behind her father “It’s nice to meet you, Rene. You are very lucky to have a father like Paul.”

“I think so” responded Rene, her dimples showing as she smiled at Sharon. “And don’t let his humble persona fool you; he’s a hero in every sense of the word.”

“Shut up you.” Paul said fondly opening up the back door. “Get in, I’ll grab the stilts.”

Rene slid in and Paul shut both doors then grabbing the stilts he walked around to the back of the SUV and used his key to lower the window.

Sharon turned around and said over the seat “You’re a stilt walker, like in the circus?”

“Kinda. I’ve got my first real gig next week, but not in the circus, just a “walk around” at a fairground.” Rene answered as Paul opened the driver side door and got behind the wheel.

“Where to?” asked Paul looking at Sharon.

“I’m not sure. I live in Walnut Creek and took the Bart in but I’m not sure I’m up to going home by myself quit yet.”

“Dad, why don’t we drive Sharon home?”

Paul turned to look at his daughter.

“Oh please Paul, I’ll pay you.” Sharon put her hand softly on Paul’s arm just below his shirt sleeve.

Paul switched his attention to Sharon, almost absently noticing the high cheek bones, silky hair and full lips. “You don’t have to pay me but I wouldn’t say no to gas money. Things are tight right now.” He said starting the car. “In fact, we’ll need to get gas before we leave town or we’ll never make it.”

“O.K. I’ll fill your tank, that’s the least I can do.”

“It’s Türkçe Altyazılı Porno a deal,” said Paul putting the car into gear.

Sharon let her hand linger on Paul’s bicep a moment longer before she turned back to Rene. “A walk around?” She asked picking up the thread of the previous conversation.

“Ya, you know. I dress in costume and walk around on stilts to add to the festive atmosphere. Not much, but everyone has to start somewhere.” Rene responded.

“Yes, I do know.”

“Oh? Are you in the entertainment business?” asked Rene.

Sharon’s face was that of a deer caught in the headlights. The silence was palatable.

“Sharon is an actress.” said Paul unexpectedly after a few moments of silence.

Fear was returning to Sharon’s face.

“Dad, did you recognize Sharon from a movie?”

Paul looked at Sharon “It’s O.K. I don’t have any issues with what you do nor do I expect any benefit from it.”

After studying Paul’s face for a moment Sharon smiled, “I believe you. You are a very unusual man.”

“I’m nothing special.” Paul watched the road.

Rene look confused.

“You may not think so, but I do. ” Sharon voice carried warmth.

“I don’t understand” said Rene into the silence.

Sharon continued to look at Paul. Now her eyes carried a question.

“It’s your business, Sharon.” Said Paul, “Like I said, I don’t have any issue with it, as long as nobody’s getting hurt. Nor do I try to shield Rene from reality. You seem like a nice person and that’s all I or anybody should care about. If you don’t want to tell her, I’ll never say anything.”

Turning back to Rene, Sharon said “What your father is too polite to say is that I am a porn actress.”

“Oh.” said Rene blushing. “And, Dad, you recognize Sharon from watching porn?” she sounded incredulous.

“Don’t give me that, you’ve caught me watching porn and have been too polite to say anything.”

“Then you wouldn’t have any issues with me becoming a porn star?” Rene asked impishly.

Paul looked at his daughter through the rear view mirror. “I’ve never pretended that sex did not exist. I’ve tried to be open and honest about it and let you have enough freedom to find it on your own and to be available for questions if you had any.”

“That’s not an answer.”

Paul sighed wishing that his daughter wasn’t as perceptive as she was, “I’ve never tried to stop you from doing anything you ever wanted. However, I want to point out, with no disparagement on you Sharon, that, like movie stars, the number of porn stars are minuscule compared to the number of porn actresses and the shelf life of a porn actress is even shorter than that of a regular actor. And once their career is over they have nothing to fall back on. Which is why I’m encouraging you to go to college now and become more than I am. You have a good head on your shoulders and your brains will get you further faster than your looks ever will.”

Sharon, who had been a silent during this exchange, finally responded “Rene, I have to agree with Paul. What I am going to do once my looks are gone has been on my mind a lot. I’m going to be twenty-five in two months. And, believe me, that’s old in this business. I’ve been working in porn for 2 years now and most girls only last 4 or 5, tops. I’ve managed to save some money but I have no idea what I’m gonna do once I can’t make movies.”

“It’s not just age either,” continued Sharon, “it’s a matter of exposure. Once everyone has seen you, you stop getting movie offers or you’re asked to do things I’m not sure I want to do. They’re always after the ‘fresh face’.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Rene asked in a quiet voice.

Sharon looked at Paul again.

“It’s up to you again.” said Paul. “If you don’t feel comfortable say so, we’ll drop it right now.”

“How about you ask your question then I’ll decide whether I want to answer it.” said Sharon to Rene keeping her eyes on Paul.

“Do you like it? Sex I mean. Is it fun? Some of my friends say that they do it but only because their boyfriends want them to.”

Sharon’s eyes showed pleasure and relief as she turned her gaze to Rene, as if she expected something much different. “Oh, yes. I love having sex as often as possible. I’ve had partners who were only interested in their own pleasure but for the most part sex is wonderful.”

“Did it hurt? The first time I mean, did it hurt as much as they say?”

Sharon blushed in a way Paul thought was endearing, “That was a very long time ago. But yes it did hurt the first time but not too much. The man who took my virginity was much older than me. He was very gentle and made sure it was pleasurable for me. I will always remember that night with fondness.

Sharon turned to Paul again this time with amusement as she watched him struggle to keep some emotion off of his face. She figured it was relief of knowing his daughter was still a virgin.

“Oh, what happened to him?”

“Rene!” Paul spoke up “That’s not a proper Brazzers question.”

“That’s an interesting perspective,” said Sharon looking at him “talking about how much fun sex is, in front of her father no less, is a proper question, but asking what happened to my old lover isn’t? Most people wouldn’t agree.”

Paul smiled, acknowledging the truth in her statement “True. Most probably wouldn’t agree. But sex is just…” Paul made a vague gesture “sex. Icing on the cake. Fun if done between two consenting and compassionate adults. Heavenly, when between two people who truly care for each other. That is information that a young woman is entitled to. That is what I hope that Rene learns when it is time. Love, on the other hand is personal, and old loves can leave scars that people may not want to talk about.”

“Is that why you haven’t been with anyone since mom left?” Rene’s voice was very gentle.

“How do you know that I haven’t been with anyone?” Paul’s voice was steady but Sharon noticed that his face was hard.

“I know.” Rene’s voice was barely above a whisper.

Sharon was literally holding her breath feeling she was intruding in a very private moment between father and daughter. Paul pulled off in front of a gas pump. Turned off the engine and unbuckled but didn’t get out.

“I love sex,” he said gently, “but it’s not the be all and end all that some people think it is. I had a wonderful partnership with your mother. When she left and the way she left, well, I have a hard time seeing that kind of partnership twice in a lifetime and am unwilling to go through the negotiations for anything less.”

“Don’t you miss it?”

“Sex? Sometimes,” Paul glanced at Sharon and smiled “but then that’s why they made the internet!”

Sharon barked a quick laugh, punched Paul on the arm and the moment was past. He reached down pull the lever to pop the gas cover, then got out of the car and started walking towards the kiosk. Sharon stuck her head out her window and shoved a credit card at him. “Paul!” He turned around and walked back. “My zip is 94563.”

“563, got it. Thank you.” Paul said as he took the piece of plastic.

As Paul walked around the back of the car, Sharon turned to Rene. “If it’s not too painful, can you tell me what happened to you mother?”

Rene glanced at her father through the back window. “She left, when I was 9 and moved to Virginia. She married this guy named Brian. I don’t know why they separated, they never argued or fought. I mean not ever, not before they divorced, not during, not now. Neither mom or dad ever talks about it.”

“Do you see her?”

“I’ve spent the last 3 Christmas’ with her. She’s flow out here a couple of times to visit.”

Paul opened up the door and climbed behind the wheel. “Thanks.” He said returning Sharon’s credit card.

“Least I could do.” repeated Sharon.

Sharon turned to Rene and started to ask about school and friends and boys and fashions. The rest of the trip was taken up by conversation that seem near and dear to a woman’s heart no matter what her age while Paul listened and smiled. Because of traffic going through the tunnel it was almost five by the time they pulled up to the two story Sharon indicated was hers.

“Won’t you come in?” asked Sharon.

“We really should be getting home” Paul tried to demure.

“Dad,” said Rene from the back seat “I’ve got to go pee.”

“O.K. but then we should be going. We should think about stopping and getting something to eat, too.”

“How about I order us Chinese?” offered Sharon as she unlocked the front door and stepped inside.

Paul and Rene followed her into a spacious foyer that opens up into a large well appointed living room.

“We really…” started Paul.

Rene held on to her father’s hand looked up at him with pleading eyes “Please, Daddy.”

Sharon back tracked and wrapped both of her hands around Paul’s other arm. Paul was starting to think Sharon liked to touch him. “Please, Daddy.” She said in the exact same tone of voice that his daughter used.

Paul glance from side to side first into his daughters blue eyes and then into Sharon’s equally beautiful and equally blue eyes. “How can I resist” he said gently without taking his eyes off Sharon’s. “Yes, thank you. We would be honored to stay.”

“Oh goody, I just love winning!” Crowed Rene. “Now where did you say that bathroom was?”

“Through that doorway, there” Sharon responding, pointing towards the back of the house “through the family room on the right before you reach the kitchen.”

As Rene scurried off Paul looked around. Although Paul saw hardwood floors everywhere else, the foyer was nothing more than a 5 by 10 tile floor open on two sides. Directly opposite the door was a set of steps leading up to the second floor and the hallway Rene had taken where was the afore mentioned family room with sliding glass doors to a covered concrete patio with some wrought iron patio furniture. To the right past the stairs was the entrance to a dining room with a wood table and chairs. To the left a wide opening and three steps led down to the living room with a couch, a couple of comfortable looking chairs, a rug with a coffee table and a fire place. The décor was tasteful without being formal, it looked comfortable and lived in. His eyes fell on Sharon who was watching him as he took the house in.

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