In Your Office Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: This is the final, climactic chapter of a female teacher-male student tale that’s been long on buildup and short on relief. Reading Chapters 1-3 isn’t strictly necessary to enjoy this chapter, but they do provide context for the intense lust on display, along with certain devices such as the dirty note you’ll see soon.

Enjoy. 🙂



“Ms. K, can you go over this audition tape with me?”

“Ms. K, I need some extra reeds…”

“Ms. K, what do you think of taking a year off to do something totally different before college?”

Liz ran a hand over her long dark hair and glanced around her office, still crammed with papers and books and packed with enough high school students to equal a fire code violation. At 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, she should have been blissfully alone at her desk, working on next week’s rehearsal plans. Of course, this was the day kids had decided to mob her.

Auditions, instrument supplies, life advice — everything was fair game today, while her head ached from last night’s beers and throbbing music. Not to mention the argument with Rob, when he’d refused to really talk with her…or look her in the eye…or do anything related to sex. And that embarrassing midnight call to Ryan Sullivan, because she’d just had to reassure him about his recommendation. Was that before or after she’d stroked her pussy, moaning, feeling his muscled body on top of hers? Oh, right. In between. Before the second time, after the first time. Shame and lust sent shivers through her skin, reminding Liz just how violently she’d come when she’d imagined Ryan fucking her.

And the dreams she’d had all night long, onstage, bringing the audience to their knees with her saxophone playing, while every piece of clothing slid off her naked curves in front of thousands and… Fuck. The buzz of her alarm at 4:00 am, waking her to write Ryan’s damn recommendation, had sealed the deal.

“What?” She frowned up at Shannon, the clarinet section leader, who was holding out a thick envelope. “You want a recommendation, too?”

Shannon blinked. “I, uh…”

“Sorry,” Liz said quickly. “Of course. I’m happy to do it. For a great student…contributing to band all four years… “

She took the manila envelope and Shannon’s stapled resume. God, she had to get all these students out of here before Ryan showed up at 4:00. Not that there’d be any repeat of Wednesday morning, with his warm hands massaging her shoulders, slipping down to cup her breasts, rolling her eager nipples into hard points while she did nothing to stop him…

Liz shook her head quickly, then smiled up at Shannon, who was giving her an odd look. She and Ryan just needed to have a short but firm chat about boundaries. Maintaining appropriate student-teacher relations for the rest of the year, while she ignored the hot, slick ache between her legs. In the meantime, she needed a break.

“Shoo.” She waved Shannon towards the office door. “Go outside. It’s a gorgeous day. Go soak up some sunshine. Pretend school’s out already.”

Shannon looked surprised, but she left, clarinet in hand. One by one, Liz urged the rest of the students out of the band room.


At five minutes to four, the basement hallway was completely quiet. Most doors were locked, most classrooms dark. Everyone wanted to be outside, relaxing in the April sunshine. As he walked down the hall, Ryan eyed the spirit posters, the math department bulletin board, the 1970s paint job. Six weeks, and he’d be out of here.

A couple teachers sat grading at their desks, their doors open. On the way downstairs, he’d nodded to some people he knew. But nobody was going to look twice at a senior collecting a recommendation from his band teacher.

He wouldn’t look twice either, if it weren’t Ms. K. What the hell had been up with that phone call last night? She’d sounded like she’d either just gotten laid or she’d run a marathon. All breathless and sweaty. Firm tits heaving. Toned body glistening. Trying to pull herself together. We should probably talk in person, Sullivan. Either way, it was hot as fuck and pretty confusing.

At the band room door, he turned the knob. Shit, he was sweating.

The big room was empty. The chairs were a mess, switched around for jazz band at the end of the day. Sheet music for “Now’s the Time” still sat on her music stand, and the door to her office stood open a crack.

Ryan knocked lightly, then pushed the door all the way open.

She was asleep.

Yeah. Ms. K lay sprawled in her swivel chair, her head tilted back, breathing evenly through full lips. Her dark hair was scattered over her shoulders. Her tailored black dress — collared, buttoned down the front, knee-length — clung to her ripe curves and cinched in tightly at the waist. She’d kicked off her low heels, and Ryan’s eyes traveled up long, lightly muscled legs. Her knees had fallen apart just enough that his mind went straight up her creamy thighs to wet hot heaven.

Next Samsun Escort to her, on the desk that was a total disaster again, sat her phone. A timer ticked down from 2 minutes, 36 seconds. She must have planned to wake up right before he came in.

Ryan took in the sight for a long minute. Damn. His dick was so achingly hard that he reached into his pants to adjust it. One tug would take care of the black belt tied around her slim waist. The big buttons down the front of her dress were begging to be slipped through their holes one by one.

Exhaling, he leaned down and touched the inside of her wrist. “Hey,” he said softly.

Ms. K stirred, mumbled something that sounded like “Nuh-uh,” and relaxed again.

Ryan put a hand on her shoulder and shook gently. “Ms. K? You all right? Uh, it’s time to wake up.”

Her eyelids fluttered. Then her dark eyes opened wide.

Liz rubbed her eyes a few times, groggily. No, this wasn’t a horny dream. Ryan Sullivan really had shown up early. He was leaning over her, though he’d taken that hand off her shoulder. She caught a faint whiff of masculine scent, met blue-green eyes. His eyebrows were raised, waiting for her to answer.

“Ms. K?” he said again.

Liz could have sworn he looked concerned. About his recommendation, she told herself. Or how the clock wasn’t ticking fast enough toward graduation for his entitled ass. She should be sitting up straight and getting herself together. Handing Ryan his recommendation, lecturing him on the behavior he’d better exhibit for the rest of the year, and hustling him out of her office.

Instead, she held that blue-green gaze for a minute, then stretched.

Ryan shoved his hands in his pockets, rocking back on his heels.

“Your alarm’s about to go off.”

Liz peered up at him. Yep. He was nervous. He wasn’t sure what she’d called him in for, and that cool expression was masking a world of nerves. She’d worked with students long enough. She could see it at a glance.

Reaching over, she tapped her phone to stop the alarm. Then she picked up a thick envelope from her desk.

“Your recommendation, Sullivan.”

When Ryan reached for it, she didn’t let go.

“Should I be scared?” He flashed a grin, but he wasn’t fooling her. “What did you say?”

“I said,” Liz kept her eyes on his, “what you already know. You’re very capable, Sullivan. Capable of more leadership than you’ve shown so far in rehearsal. You’re able to take on challenges that you haven’t during high school. You’re used to being comfortable, and you need to get outside your comfort zone. You’re an advanced musician with the ability to go far — if you care enough to put the effort in.”

She released the recommendation and crossed her legs, scooting back a discreet inch or two in her swivel chair. She was sitting, Ryan was standing, but his bulky body was occupying her space. Being this close to him was driving her temperature sky-high.

“Thanks. I think.” He ran a hand over his buzzed blond hair, glancing at the envelope, then back up. A minute too late, Liz caught herself staring at his hard muscles. She forced her eyes back to his. There was a very long pause while they looked at each other. “So do you nap on the job every day like this, Ms. K?”

Liz brushed dark hair off her flushed face, aware that Ryan was watching every move. Jesus, her skin was prickling with sweat. “Not every day, Sullivan. Only when I wake up at 4 am to write recommendations for students who give me three days notice. Especially after—”

“After what?” Ryan said quickly. “What happened?” He glanced around the office. It was a mess again, but he didn’t see the picture of her boyfriend anywhere.

“Not important.” Liz shook her head.

Ryan took a step closer.

“I told you, Ms. K. I’ll do something for you in return.”

“Ryan, I want you to understand something,” she said in a softer tone. His body tightened. She’d switched to his first name. Those two syllables, coming from her lips, had his cock ready to bust through his jeans. “It doesn’t have to all be about owing and being even. ‘I do this for you, you do that for me.’ Life doesn’t have to work that way. Not always.”

He wanted her to be right. He so wanted her to be right.

His mouth felt dry suddenly. He licked his lips. “I like finishing what I’ve started.”

“Okay.” Liz sucked in a breath. “Then I guess there is something you can do for me. You can explain this.” She felt in her purse, pulled out a white envelope with Elizabeth typed on the front, and dropped it on her desk.

Shit, Ryan thought. The note. The note. This was about to be the best day of his life, or the worst day of his life.

“Looks like a white envelope.” He shrugged, trying to stay neutral. “With your name on it.”

“Why’d you write it, Sullivan?” No answer. Liz tipped her head to the side. “We both know it was you. Why’d you leave an anonymous note on my desk talking about my tits?” Wait. What? That wasn’t Samsun Escort Bayan how she’d planned this lecture. Heat flooded her body as Ryan blinked down at her, stunned. But her mouth was taking over, leaving her brain far behind. “Why’d you want to come up behind me in my office, the only place I have any privacy in this school, where I deal with hundreds of people every day?” She leaned forward. “Why would you unbutton my blouse? Unzip my skirt? Take off my bra and bend me over my own desk? Finger me and—” Jesus. Blood rushed to her face. Ryan’s jaw had fallen open by now.

“Is this your idea of a joke?” Her voice dropped. Lower now, breathy. Bedroom voice. God, she had to get control of herself and it wasn’t happening. Ryan was standing right in front of her, a deep flush on his cheeks. “You decide to give your band teacher a little mindfuck because you’re bored in school.” Stop, Liz, stop. “Then you barge in here demanding a recommendation, throw a bunch of binders away in the name of doing something for me, feel me up because I ‘just need to relax,’ and– shit.” She ran her hands over her burning cheeks and fisted them in her hair.

Ryan stared. His heart was thudding in his chest.

“So you read it?” His whisper was strained.

“I started. I didn’t finish.”

“Don’t you want to know how it ends?” he asked in a low voice. Sweat trickled down his forehead.

For a minute, the only sound was the ticking of the clock on the wall.

“Sullivan—” Liz tried to clear her throat, but she couldn’t. “I have a lot more to lose than you do.”

What? No. No. They weren’t having this conversation. She was not looking into Ryan’s blue-green gaze, locked on her and moving slowly over her hands still buried in her hair like he wanted his hands to be there instead. When had her nipples gotten so hard? And so obvious, the ripe buds pressing through her dress?

Ryan took another step closer. Liz couldn’t keep her own eyes from roaming over his muscled body. No question: that was a definite bulge in his jeans. She was checking it out. He was watching her check it out.

“You could get me in a lot of trouble if you wanted to, Elizabeth.”

Her skin prickled. “I’m not interested in trouble,” she whispered.

“I’m not either. I’m not going to tell anyone.” Ryan’s voice was husky now. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Those brown eyes were looking right into his. Fuck, he ached to bury himself inside her.

Taking a chance, he reached out and brushed a strand of dark hair off her face. When his fingers touched her cheek, her eyelids flickered. His balls tightened. Her skin was so soft.

Abruptly, she stood up, pushed back the swivel chair, and walked out of her office.

Ryan stared after the sway of her curvy hips as she crossed the band room. He’d fucked everything up. He’d read her wrong. He’d—

With a soft click, she closed and locked the band room door. A flick took care of the lights. She walked back towards Ryan in her office, long legs flashing, and closed and locked the office door too.

Oh God, Liz thought. She was going to hell. Cupping the back of Ryan’s head, feeling the softness of his short hair against her palm, she stretched up towards him, her lips parted. Her other hand found his muscled shoulder. Ryan’s face was a mix of shock and lust. His hands slowly settled on her waist.

Liz paused halfway. The palms on her waist, squeezing lightly, sent rushes of need through her body. “Your girlfriend…”

Ryan’s mouth twitched. “We’re just good friends.”

All the times he’d played out this moment in his head, they’d been animals, jumping on each other. Going straight for the groin. But the way she was leaning in, he knew Elizabeth was about to give him the softest kiss in the world. And he wanted it so fucking bad, he’d lose all control if her lips touched his.

Ryan pulled back and put a finger on her lips. He was so turned on, it hurt.

“Uh-uh-uh,” he whispered. “That’s not what the note said.”

She stared at him disbelievingly. He didn’t blame her. What the hell was he doing, pushing his luck further and further? But sticking to the note was the only way he’d keep it together. Otherwise, he’d lose his shit as soon as she touched him.

“We can go out of order.” Her full lips were so close to his. Her breath brushed his face. Her hand on the back of his head, lightly stroking, was about to drive him insane.

“No, Elizabeth.”

“No kissing in the note? At all?” She raised an eyebrow. Her perfume was all around him, teasing him with exotic scent. “That’s pretty rude, Ryan. I hope that’s not how you usually do things.”

He let out a breath. “Turn around.”

Now she raised both eyebrows. But her nipples ached, confined in her satin bra, and her wet, wet panties told her that turning around was a damn good idea. Slowly, she swiveled to face her desk.

Fuck. Ryan closed his eyes for a second — just a second, because he had to see Escort Samsun the curve of her ass, her long dark hair, the conservative black dress just begging to be ripped off that lush body. She’d listened to him. She was trusting him. He had her. Now what the hell was he going to do with her?

He backed up until he stood by the door. It only took about three steps. Her office wasn’t that big.

“I take you in your office,” he said softly. “It’s where we want to fuck.”

Liz sucked in her breath. The note. That’s how it started. She hadn’t read the damn thing since Tuesday, but those opening words were burned on her brain.

“You’ve had a long day,” Ryan continued, “and you think you’re all alone.” His mind raced, trying to remember what the hell he’d actually written. It’s not like he’d memorized his own note. But he had to do this, and he had to do it right. He kept his voice low and calm. “You’ve kicked off your shoes. You’re just trying to relax at the end of the week. You don’t know I’m behind you, watching everything.”

He pulled his polo shirt over his head and dropped it on the swivel chair. Sweat trickled down his forehead. He thought he saw a little shudder run through Elizabeth’s curvy body. But she didn’t turn around.

“But you know I’m behind you…” He stepped close to her back, close enough to smell her spicy perfume. “…when I reach around you and start unbuttoning your dress.”

Liz bit back a moan. Her nipples were hard points, pushing against fabric. If Ryan slipped a hand up her thigh, he’d find that her panties were soaked. Instead, his hands closed over her shoulders, rubbing lightly. His slow strokes down her chest had her skin prickling. She could feel the heat of his body behind her. When he worked the top button through its buttonhole, she couldn’t hold back a gasp.

“Yeah,” he whispered. “You gasp, but you don’t stop me from undoing every…” He undid a second button. “Single…” A third. “Button.” A fourth. His fingers brushed the belt at her slim waist. He undid that too.

Liz stared at the wall in front of her, at the diplomas hanging over her desk. The words were spinning. Her dress gaped open, exposing her creamy breasts. Instinctively, she pushed her hips back until the curve of her ass met a hard, hard bulge. Ryan’s whispered “Fuck!” only made her pussy pulse. Juices gushed into her panties. No, she wasn’t doing anything to stop him. Not at all.

Hands pulled crisp black fabric down her shoulders and slid quickly to her breasts. When Ryan’s warm palms squeezed her tits through her bra, slipping inside the satin cups, Liz let out a whimper. Behind her, he groaned softly. Even better than he’d remembered. So full and round, with the hardest nipples. No bell to interrupt this time. Nothing to get in the way.

Squeezing her thighs together, Liz gripped the edge of her desk. Whatever that note had or hadn’t said about kissing, hot lips were teasing her neck now. Ryan was trying to keep it together, she could tell. But his throbbing cock, twitching against her ass through layers of clothes, made it obvious: there was a lot of passion waiting under that cool surface.

“You need this right now,” he whispered between licks on her neck. “I know you do. Don’t you, Elizabeth?” Her neck was so smooth. This was real. This was right. His hands were full of his teacher’s luscious tits, soft flesh spilling between his fingers. Her nipples were puckered with excitement. He gave the tight buds a firm pinch, and she gasped.

“What do you think?” she murmured. “Do I?” Oh my God, she was squirming against him, actually squirming as Ryan massaged her needy breasts.

“I think…” he nipped her neck, and she jerked with excitement. “…That you need to get fucked.” Not in the note, but she’d asked. She let out a low cry, and he stiffened. Every noise she made got him harder. His cock strained at his jeans, ready to explode. “Badly. So badly. Your hot little pussy needs cock, doesn’t it?” He gave her voluptuous breasts another squeeze to make his point, rubbing both thumbs over puffy nipples, and she groaned. “You’re not getting enough. Rob wasn’t doing it for you.”

“Ryan!” she gasped.

Hell, he’d gone this far; he wasn’t stopping now. Whatever the fuck he was doing, it was working. She was creaming herself right under his hands, grinding against his throbbing cock. Jesus, what came next in the note? Undressing her.

“I pull your professional little dress off your voluptuous body, but you’re not making it easy…”

He grunted when she thrust into his rock-hard erection. Easing her black dress down to her waist, he exposed the creamy skin inch by inch. Her back was toned and smooth. Liz let her eyes slide closed when she felt Ryan’s fingers on the clasp of her bra.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Oh God… “

A quick push on the hooks, and black satin straps slipped down her arms. Her bra fell on the desk, on top of forms and recommendations and a box of reeds. Palms found her breasts again.

“You’re moaning now,” Ryan breathed. That part he remembered from the note, and was she ever. “But you don’t turn around. Not even when I get you naked.”

He worked the dress over her hips. It crumpled to the floor, leaving her only in black panties that clung to her heart-shaped ass.

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