In The Closet

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Her slut of a mother was off in the Bahamas or wherever else she damn well wanted my fathers my money to take her. Leigh would say that my bastard father was away screwing whatever French maid would accept him. Despite our feelings for our step parents there was a very easy flowing relationship between my step sister Leigh and myself.

Back up a bit. My parents got divorced very early on – my father was always too damn devoted to work to care about mother or I. She left him and took a massive slab of his financial worth but father cared little – in fact he was already lining up number 2. Leigh’s father was a small time carpet retailer who couldn’t keep his hands to himself (or to his wife) which left of course to her leaving him and dragging Leigh with her. It was during her move that she walked into my fathers office to apply for a job. She probably gave great head for she got the job and soon more than a simple boss/secretary illicit affair began. This is where mother left but father cared little for as I said he was lining up miss tarts mother.

I remember meeting Leigh for the first time. It was at bullshit thanksgiving and let me tell you I would have fallen off my chair if I wasn’t so keen on hiding my arousal. Leigh is simply stunning – 5’10 pert breasts and a tight arse, face like sunshine and hair the colour of honey but her temper was anything but sweet.

Before I knew it her bitch of a mom had moved in but with her came Leigh. I was considered the luckiest guy at school by all my piers thinking about what it must be like to live with such a goddess but if only they knew what a heinous bitch she really was.

Weeks turned into months and I knew a thing was developing between Leigh and I – a very destructive love hate relationship, you know the kind where you cover your true feelings for a person with sheer animosity? well that was it to a tee…for a very long time…until…

Dad and Leigh’s mom were going through a rough patch and both went out on the town to drink there misery away, Leigh was out with whatever guy amused her at the time and I was at home finishing an assignment. Well that was my excuse – I really didn’t want to spend the night with Melissa, my current girl and a dead bore. Mental note that just because a chick has a fuckability rating of 9 doesn’t mean she will intrest you indefinitely. Anyway – all that is beside the point. At about 11 the front door slammed and Leigh came in. I could hear her whimpering all the way to her bedroom so I knew something serious was up. I decided it was time for one of those caring brother moments as opposed to upsetting her more so I got up and opened my door before walking down the hall and knocking.

“yes” she said which I simply took as an indication to come in.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a tight red pleather mini skirt, a tank top and jacket with tears trailing mascara down her face. I sat on the bed next to her.

“want to talk about it?” she just shook her head and turned to me, her head on my chest, her sobs racking her body and shaking mine and all I could do was pat her back…

Little did I know what was at the core of the problem for a few weeks. It turned out she felt that boy Johnny was the one, she was opening up to him, telling him Ataşehir escort bayan personal things the likes of which I never even suspected of existing. One of which was her sexual preference – it turned out Leigh was bi and that all Johnny could do was joke about girls who did girls and turned into a real prick. The picture was starting to build and all I could do was wonder what unexpected thing would happen next.

Fortunately our school were pretty open about sexuality and the whole thing blew over without too much pain caused to various parties involved. Leigh got dragged into a certain circle at school – a social group as it were of females that she could identify with in that very special way.

One of these friends came up with the idea of destroying poor Johnny and she naturally told me all about it since I was there for her that night. Eventually Johnny got caught with something he shouldn’t have and since he was 18 he was out of the way for good. Leigh was terribly happy and felt I deserved a reward.

I was rewarded that very weekend – One of her “friends” Sonja was coming over to discuss some assessment and Leigh asked if I could be perfectly quiet under extreme pressures. I said it depends on the pressure. She said “me and Sonja fucking right in front of you”. Considering if I said “no” then I wouldn’t get my reward which I decided I wanted very much so I admitted to being able to stay quiet.

Leigh secreted me in the cupboard – the slats of the door providing a clear view of the room whilst being totally ambiguous due the dark nature of the room. The door rang and Leigh went to answer it. I breathed deep and sighed readying myself for what was to come.

Leigh and Sonja came in and had no sooner shut the door than were reaching for each other – mouths joined in a long desperate passionate kiss.

Sonja’s hands rose and quickly undid Leigh’s buttons, sliding the blouse from her shoulders, her chest bare almost made me groan. It made Sonja groan, her kisses trailed down Leigh’s neck and chest to tease her nipples. Leigh struggled with her skirt but was soon free of it – totally naked. Leigh helped Sonja out of her top and skirt and I really sat up and took notice. Sonja is a fiery redhead, with a temper to boot but definitely sexy – her body much fuller than Leigh’s, more curvaceous and wholly awesome. Leigh sat back on the bed and worked her way up it – on her back maintaining eye contact with Sonja all the way till her head rested on the pillow.

Leigh’s hands began to rub her chest, her breasts and her stomach. Sonja sat on a stool at the end of the bed staring into Leigh’s eyes. Soon Leigh’s hands found her breasts, holding and squeezing, cupping and running her fingers up to her nipples that she pinched.

Soon her hand found her crotch and she began to massage her womanhood – Sonja looking on wishfully as her hands mimicked Leigh’s, touching herself while she watched my sister finger herself.

Leigh soon stopped and rolled to retrieve something from the draw, Sonja and I waited with baited breath and were soon rewarded. Leigh had in her hands a string of pearls that she proceeded to run all over her body before her hands took the pearls down to her sex, grasping either end and running Escort Ümraniye the pearls up and down between her neither lips.

I almost dropped the ball then but stopped myself sighing at the last moment, Sonja however openly sighed as she stared at my step-sisters display of auto-erotica. Her fingers that were lightly rubbing at her self increased their intensity and pace to match Leigh’s gusto with the string of pearls.

“Look at them my love” Said Leigh. “Look how shiny they get in the light, don’t you want to taste them?” uttered Leigh in the most sexy voice imaginable. I could see that they were indeed getting shiny with Leigh’s moistness and I felt myself wanting them more then ever but I was horrified to step out of the closet knowing it would all end. Sonja was almost drooling at the pearls, I knew Leigh’s smell was invading her nostrils, driving her mad as this sexy creature hungered for my sister.

Leigh partly abandoned the pearls to reached up under her pillow an withdrew a green vibrator. She gave the pearls to Sonja who immediately smelled them, running them over her face before tasting them with her tongue. Leigh began to run the vibrator all over her body, switching it on low as she ran it over her nipples. She took some of her wetness and rubbed it on her nipples before applying the vibrations and finally blowing on her chest to peak them.

Finally Leigh moved the vibrator between her legs and threw her head back moaning and writhing on the bed. Sonja leaned forward in anticipation waiting… waiting… Finally Leigh started to shudder, her legs splaying open and her arm working the vibrator on herself with haste. With that she thrust her hips upwards and let out a groan as she came. As she calmed down Sonja moved to get of the chair but Leigh stretched out her foot to stop her and shook her head. She took the now still vibrator and sucked it into her mouth, taking it in and out as she gazed into Sonja eyes. Sonja moaned but stayed on the chair until Leigh was finished. When she put the vibe down next to her (taking her time mind!) she wiggled her finger at Sonja who literally attacked her with a passionate fury. They kissed passionately and despite the fact that she had recently come Leigh was giving as good as she got. My body was starting to cramp, I needed to move around but daren’t considering what would happen if I was caught. I settled for some minor comfort adjustments before I stared with avid fascination at what was occurring less than 10 feet away. They were a tangle of long legs and caressing arms and between them I heard the buzz of the vibe as it came into life. Sonja’s head flung back before her lips crashed down on Leigh’s, I guessed that the vibrator had struck a tender cord on her sensitive flesh.

Sonja began to move back and forth above Leigh – no doubt my step sister had the vibe within her friend, their mouths inseparable before the pleasure got too much for Sonja – her head flinging back and her throat grunting out in pleasure – soft feminine noises that turned me on even more. Leigh began to talk.

“Do you like that Sonja? I know you think about my step brother when we do this” That made her moan out “Think about him sliding in and out of you?” more moans before Sonja managed Bostancı escort to talk

“Oh god no one could do this to me as good as you!” before her lips crashed down on Sonja’s – the noise of the vibrator alternating between loud and soft as it moved in and out of her. Finally Sonja rose up – straddling Leigh I could clearly see my sis holding the vibrator up as Sonja moved up and down animalistically, her head thrown back, her hands pinching her nipples as she came over and over again. Leigh’s eyes were glowing as her friend came all over her hand, she went to let the vibrator go but Sonja stopped her “No leave it in – god leave it in” the muffled noise of the vibrator deep within her soon had her shuddering again – her muscles spasming as she orgasmed again and again – each time her cries filling the room, each cry filling my sister with yet more lust.

Finally Sonja fell to the bed beside Leigh – exhausted but willing to accommodate Leigh. Leigh saw her tiredness and took it upon herself to rise – straddling Sonja’s face she buried her face in the red heads sex, licking her madly making the lust in Sonja re-ignite. Sonja mouthed at Leigh with renewed vigor – Leigh moaning into Sonja’s pussy as she finally found relief. Sonja’s hands soon found the vibe and without turning it on plunged it into Leigh’s soaked pussy. Leigh groaned more at the intrusion before Sonja began to slide it back and forth giving Leigh what she obviously wanted. After a few moments Sonja turned the vibe to full getting a huge squeal from Leigh – the squeal obviously going into Sonja who in turn moaned back into Leigh’s clit. Leigh was obviously in heaven, I was in hell, my cock almost bursting out of my pants but it could hardly turn away.

Sonja then wet a finger by sliding in briefly into Leigh alongside the vibe before she pulled it out and worked it into Leigh’s tight anal bud. Soon it slid all the way in and Sonja began moving it back and forth, deeper and deeper, the vibrator deeper and deeper, her tongue on Leigh’s clit faster and faster before Leigh began moaning out louder than before – her moan pushing Sonja to the brink and beyond before both girls came – Sonja sighing softly into Leigh’s pussy, Leigh head up on all fours screaming like a banshee.

In the aftermath they lay together quietly for almost an hour – I was in purgatory, my legs numb and shaking involuntarily. Finally Sonja rose and dressed – my step sister on her side watching her getting ready to go. Sonja bent and kissed Leigh full on the lips before she made her own way out of the house. Leigh waited to hear the front door close before she got up and walked to the closet. Letting me out she stood naked before me – my legs trembling from the exertion and anticipation. Leigh fell to her knees on the floor in front of me telling me as she unzipped my fly.

“Come on me” Three simple words said so sexily. My eyes closed and my thoughts drifted back and forth over what I had just witnessed as my hand moved back forth over myself. I remembered Leigh taunting Sonja with the thought that it was me fucking her, I obviously smiled or something because Leigh knew what I was thinking and said provocatively.

“she knew” my eyes opened wide in shock but too late as I exploded all over her naked body – my hand moving back and forth with blinding speed, drawing my orgasm out for ages, my ejaculate all over my step sister. Her eyes closed, I zipped my fly and stumbled from her room, stumbling on my numb legs back to my room, collapsing my body somewhat sated but my mind on fire…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32