In Public Ch. 01

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Bruce and Jeff grinned as they looked around the empty movie theater… it was unlikely that anyone else was going to come anyway since it was just before the movie started. They’d already missed most of the previews…

“Oh my, a private showing,” whispered Bruce into Jeff’s ear, making him shiver, “How special are we?”

“Maybe we could do something to make it even more special…” winked Jeff back at his boyfriend. The two of them had rather made it their business of late to find interesting places to have sex in, especially when there was a chance of getting caught. In fact, the greater the chance, the greater they found their enjoyment to be. This was the first time they’d been able to have a movie theater completely to themselves, every other time there had been a couple of other people there… this was going to be great.

There wasn’t a super high chance of getting caught in an empty theater, but they weren’t quite brave enough yet to try it in a theater where there were other people. Especially not last time when two of the people in the theater had been children. Bruce and Jeff had met after college at a bar and had immediately hit it off. They’d been one of those urban legends where a one night stand actually turns into a relationship, and now a year later they were living together and having the time of their lives. However, they’d found themselves in a bit of a sexual rut lately; not that they weren’t enjoying sex with each other, but both of them had found themselves yearning for a little bit more excitement. They’d found it when they’d been unable to keep their hands off each other in a restaurant the other week and had gone to the bathroom to consummate their Etiler Escort excitement.

No one had walked in, but the knowledge that someone could have had excited them both greatly, they talked about it afterwards and agreed that they wanted to find more situations where they could tempt company. It gave them both a thrill that neither had ever had during sex before; with each other or anyone else. Not to mention that it gave them the most interesting places and positions as they adjusted to whatever locale they were in.

And now they were finally going to get to try it in a movie theater, during a feature film. Bruce was already partially hard as they sat down in their seats, gleefully pulling up the arm rests. The moving arm rests had been part of the reason that they’d been patronizing this particular movie theater, hoping to get lucky. As the movie started they settled down, almost as though they were going to behave and just sit and watch. Jeff snuggled into Bruce’s arms, his hand on Bruce’s knee… even that light touch made something flutter in his groin and his hand tightened on Jeff’s shoulder.

For the first half hour of the movie they were somewhat engaged, just teasing each other as though there were other people in the theater, working up their courage to make the next step. Both of them were rock hard with anticipation as they snuggled, both of them trying to work up the courage to make the next move. Surprisingly it was Jeff who got there first, unable to contain his excitement anymore it made him much more brazen then usual. Bruce gasped in surprise as Jeff’s hand undid the zipper on his pants and he sprang free into the theater. Because Jeff Escort Etiler was under Bruce’s arm it was easy for him to slip down and put his mouth where his hand already was, sliding his lips and tongue over his boyfriend’s dick.

Shuddering with excitement, Bruce put his hand on the back of Jeff’s head, trying to stifle his moan as he was swallowed completely. It was fantastic, the thrill of being in a public place with the movie playing, the possibility of a movie usher walking in, and the pleasure of Jeff’s mouth on his dick. Jeff moved slowly, savoring the taste of Bruce’s dick, his mouth accustomed to swallowing him whole, although this was a slightly different angle then he usually was at. Bobbing up and down he couldn’t help but keep one eye on the lookout, a little nervous and rather surprised at his own brash move.

His heart pounding madly, he sucked hard on Bruce’s dick, sliding his tongue around the head and into the peehole before descending on its full length again. One hand played with Bruce’s balls, squeezing and tugging them gently.

Inside his head a voice was going “Hurry hurry hurry hurry…” in response to his worry that they would be caught. Even though he wanted to go slowly and enjoy their exciting situation, he was too afraid. Sliding one finger under Bruce’s balls, he began to press it into his boyfriend’s asshole, feeling him lift his hips off the seat slightly so that Jeff could slide his finger in.

Although Bruce was much more inclined to hold onto the situation, despite the chance of getting caught, he was so excited by their surroundings and what Jeff was doing that he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Jeff’s finger Etiler Escort Bayan wriggled in his tight ass, reaching up to press against his prostate and making him moan. A surge of fear went through Jeff as Bruce’s breathing got louder; his own dick was straining against his pants despite his trepidation though, and he was sucking frantically now.

Bruce’s ass was tight around his finger, clenching and unclenching as Jeff hummed over Bruce’s dick, letting the vibrations wash over it while Bruce moaned with pleasure. He began thrusting upwards in his seat, pressing Jeff’s mouth down onto his dick; Jeff moved his finger with Bruce’s thrusts, invading his ass and pressing against his prostate.

With a gasp Bruce threw back his head and tried to muffle his groans as he began to cum, spilling into Jeff’s mouth, his orgasm seemed to go on forever. It was incredibly pleasurable, the fear of someone walking in right now fueling the intense ecstacy. With a slight gasp, he finished, sagging on the seat and moaning slightly as Jeff’s finger dug deeper.

A sound at the side of the theater alerted them and Jeff quickly pulled his finger from Bruce’s ass, shifting slightly so that it looked more like he was searching for something on the floor as Bruce quietly pulled his pants together. An usher was looking up at them as Jeff sat up, looking rather disheveled. They pretended to ignore him and went back to cuddling, hoping that he would leave.

Half an hour later he was still there.

“Damn…” whispered Bruce, “Think we got caught?”

“They can’t prove anything,” Jeff whispered back.

“I just wish that I’d been able to do the same for you,” sighed Bruce, his hand gently brushing against Jeff’s nipple.

“Now stop that,” Jeff chided, “You’re going to give me blue balls again! You can make it up to me next time.”

Bruce’s blood surged as he thought about the fact that there was definitely going to be a next time for this.

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