In Pam’s Control Pt. 02

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Beautiful Ass

This is a continuing true story of my wife Pam, and her Domination of me. This is the first week after she decided to give it a ‘trial run’. Please read Part 1 to understand how it all started. Thank you all for your kind words after chapter 1. For those of you who are not into female domination please read another story…this is not for you. I thought about changing categories, but it is indeed a loving wife, who indulges in her husband’s fantasy. I also agree it is a fetish… Enjoy!


On Saturday morning I awoke early. It was a little after 7, and I still had a raging hard on. Pam was asleep, and I was quiet so not to wake her. It was a warm late September day. I removed my panties, and took a nice hot shower. I thought of last nights activities, and knew I had plenty of chores to accomplish. Pam told me to wear the well worn panties she wore the night before. I found them at the side of the bed, inhaled their magnificent scent (they were a tangy combination of ass, pussy, and a bit of her golden nectar) I put them on one leg at a time, and slid them over my stiff cock. I went downstairs to the kitchen, and checked for breakfast items. Pam likes egg whites, with whole wheat toast, and Lipton tea. As luck would have it, we were out of eggs. I dressed in jeans and tee shirt, over my panties, and bought eggs at the corner market. While leaving the store, I met a female neighbor out for a run. We made small talk, and I found it erotic talking to her in my panties. This was all new to me, and I loved it! When I returned home, Pam was still asleep, so I made myself some coffee and read the paper. About an hour later, I heard Pam coming down the stairs. She was wearing her short silk robe with fluffy slippers. I stood to greet her,

“Good morning Mistress, are you ready for breakfast?”

She sat on the kitchen stool, and smiled. “Are you ready to serve it?”

I hurried to the kitchen to start her eggs, and put the tea pot on to boil. “Egg whites and whole wheat on their way,” I said cheerfully.

Pam called me over to where she was sitting,

“Scott, if this is going to work, you must follow directions. I told you, while you are in the house you will serve me in panties, and only panties!”

I told her I had to run to the market for eggs, and forgot to take my jeans off. I opened my top button, to show her I did have her panties on. She slid her hand down my panties and held my cock. It grew in her hand.

“On our special weeks, you must remember to strip to your panties when you come in the door. I hope never to remind you again.” she said a bit sternly. I started to apologize, and she squeezed my cock.

“Don’t talk, just listen. I appreciate you going out for your Mistresses breakfast. But a good slave husband would have known about the eggs and anything else I might want. Do you see what happens when you are not prepared?”

I was a bit embarrassed, and said,

“Yes Mistress, it will never happen again.”

While saying this, I felt my cock leaking pre cum. Pam removed her hand from my cock, and held it out, with a drop of my juice on it.

“Clean your mess from my hand and strip to your panties.”

I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to clean it with a towel, or what? I reached for paper towels, and she said

“No towel Scott, show me how sorry you are” She then held up her hand to my face, I hesitated a little bit, but licked it clean.

“Good Boy Scotty, now what do you say?”

I stripped off my pants and shirt, and said, “Thank you Mistress.”

Pam then walked toward the stairs and said

“Have my breakfast ready when I come down …oh and honey, always have my tea ready in the morning, or whenever I awake.”

I was in a total sub zone. “I will my Mistress,” as she went upstairs. I heard the shower start, and tried to figure when to start her breakfast. When I heard it stop, I started the eggs, and toast. The tea was to a slight boil, and ready to pour. I covered her breakfast, and she soon came down.

She wore tight dark blue jeans that rode low on her waist. Her white top had a short stop at her belly button. She wore a half boot, with open toes, and about a 4 inch heel. Her dirty blonde hair rested at her shoulders. I remember thinking that with those jeans; she must be wearing a thong. She was sooo hot! Pam sat at her dish without comment. I didn’t know what to do, so I started cleaning the dishes.

She sipped her tea, and picked at her eggs and said,

“In the top drawer of the cabinet, there is a nice pink apron. Put it on to protect your sensitive skin”…she giggled.

I put it on, and tied the strings, and she again giggled,

“This is beyond my dreams! I wish I could take a picture of this.” and then slyly said “I could couldn’t I.” I was nervous about her really doing it, until she laughed

“Don’t worry Scotty… I am only kidding.”

Pam then told me about the days events.

“Today Steph needs me to help her pick out her new kitchen. Her contractor will be at her house at noon. We will then go to the movies, and have a manisa escort bite to eat. So, I should be gone most of the day. This should give you ample time to clean the house, and do the laundry. I will be famished when I get home, and would expect a full hot oil massage. If my plans change, I will call you. I would like dinner out tonight, so see to it.”

I was listening in awe. I never thought Pam could be this assertive. She left her dish, clicked her heels to me, and said

“Kiss my toes if you understand.” I got on my knees with my panties and apron, and kissed her red painted toes for a few minutes. She stopped me with a pull of my hair, and swayed that beautiful ass out the door.

A bit about Steph: She lives about three blocks from us. She is married to an actor, who has had a pretty good career. He is not a lead guy, but has appeared in four movies, and a few commercials. They are both in their late 20’s without children. James and Steph are both very good looking. Steph is small, about 5 ft 4 with a super tight body, long blonde hair, and perfect breasts (I think some work was done in that department!) She is always in heels, and works in the same building as Pam. She looks a lot like actress Hayden Panettiere, from TV show Nashville. I only met James once, but Pam and Steph have been friends for a few years. Our house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and den. I started up stairs. First I pulled the sheets and pillow cases off our bed. Dusting the furniture was next, adding lemon juice to bring it to a shine. I used Windex on all the windows and mirrors. At one point I saw myself with dust swifter in hand, my white satin panties, and pink apron. It was quite humiliating, but my cock raged on and I was eager to please Pam. The bathrooms were next. I scrubbed the toilets, sinks, showers, floors and left a vanilla candle lit, for a aromatic scent. About two hours had passed, and I was getting tired. I sat down for a few minutes, when the phone rang.

“Hello my pantied husband, how are your chores going?”

I was happy to hear her voice, “Fine, just finished the bathrooms.” I said.

“This is so crazy. Just think you are cleaning our house, and I am free to do as I please. Don’t worry, I am in Steph’s bathroom, no one can hear. We picked out the perfect counters and cabinets, and I helped her get a discount. It seems Chaz , the contractor , has a bit of a crush on me. We celebrated the deal with a bottle of champagne. He offered to look over our house, and do a make over. But don’t worry darling, he is not coming today…perhaps another time. We are going to the movies soon, and then out to eat. Stroke that cock a couple of times and then hang up”

I stroked it a few times breathing hard into the phone, and hung up. Wow, Pam has really learned how to pull my triggers, I thought. I completed cleaning the entire house. But the laundry and shopping still had to be done. I went into the hamper and pulled out all of Pam’s lingerie. A weeks worth of panties, hose, stockings and bras had to be hand washed. After sniffing each garment, I placed them in the sink. I thought of each day, and what she wore and the scents drove me crazy. I filled the sink with cold water, and a few shots of woolite. I had read it works best. I hand washed all her garments and hung them all to dry. Just the sight of them hanging there almost made me cum.

Next, I polished and cleaned all her shoes and boots (about 16 pairs!) I also found it necessary to sniff those. Then I went into her wardrobe closet, and took out all her work out fits. There were some covered in dry cleaning plastic bags, so I put those back. After dressing, I took all her clothes, and mine also, to the dry cleaners a couple of blocks away. It was now 5pm, and I thought my chores were complete. I still had to order Pam’s lingerie, and shoes. Once online, I found the web sites Pam had left for me. This was cruel punishment…all the lingerie was so sexy! I didn’t care what anything cost; I ordered thongs, bikini panties, thigh high stockings, garters, panty girdles, seamed stockings, and sky high boots and shoes. I knew Pam was size 6 and they would fit just right. I checked out the items, and my bill was $1890! I didn’t care, I was on fire. My last chore was to do the wash. We have a small washer and dryer, and I loaded it up. After changing the sheets and pillow cases on our bed, the phone rang again.

“How’s my maid husband doing?” she sounded a bit tipsy . “I am just about done Mistress, how was your day?”

“It has been quite relaxing. We shopped, saw a movie, had a light lunch, and a few drinks. I am exhausted, and my feet are killing me. I shall be home soon for my massage, and to check your house cleaning. I really hope it’s up to Mistresses standards.”

“I think you will be pleased Mistress, and I will heat the oil for your massage.” I thought I heard Steph giggling close by.

“See you soon my pet.” Pam said with a laugh. Then she hung up.

The guest bedroom has a single mattress. I set that up as the massage table. I also lit mavişehir escort about 8 candles to enhance the atmosphere. I put on some very mellow music, to set the tone. The massage oil was placed in a pot of boiling water, and ready for use.

I waited downstairs on the couch .About 6:30 Pam came waltzing in.

“Oh my, this place looks and smells amazing!” Pam walked through all the rooms, praising my house work

“There are some things not up to par, but for your first day as my maid I am pleased. Come give Mistress a kiss.”

Pam smiled as I walked toward her. My cock made a bulge in my pink apron. She kissed me lightly on the lips, while she polished my rod through the apron.

“My Scott likes to serve his Mistress.” she said it in a whisper type of voice, as she looked into my eyes. I was hypnotized.

“For your reward, I will allow you to massage my body from head to toe for a full hour. I expect you to please me without instruction. Now put your apron in the wash, and come back here to remove my boots.”

After putting my apron in the hamper, I knelt at Pam’s feet, and waited.

“Before removing my boots, what should you do?”

I stumbled for an answer, until Pam slowly put her shoe to my face.

“I should kiss your boots Mistress.”

“You learn quickly my pet, you may begin.” Pam was now sitting on the couch.

My lips were all over the soft leather. I was making love to her boots. Licking and kissing the tops and sides, when she patted my head,

“Be a dear and pour me a glass of wine” she purred.

I got up quickly, and scurried to the kitchen.

“Your ass looks so cute in my panties” she mused.

I returned with her wine, and continued to worship her boots. She sipped her wine and held them out for me with a smirk on her face.

“You may remove them now. I think you will be very pleased with my feet tonight. It has been a long day, and my bare feet were in those boots from this morning. I also went shopping, and bought you a special gift.”

Pam’s feet were hot and sweaty, and the scent was intoxicating. I wanted so much to put them in my mouth and lick them forever.

“Sniff my feet, but don’t touch,” she said coyly.

The scent was incredible, as my nose inhaled all it could take in.

“There is a small bag from the jewelry store, on the kitchen table. Get it and bring it to me.”

I brought it to her, and she told me to open it. Inside was a small long box with an ankle bracelet. It was silver, with small hearts on it. I could never remember Pam ever wearing an ankle bracelet.

“Scott, I have read that an ankle bracelet on a married woman signifies she is a ‘hot wife’. Meaning she is available even though she is married. I have no intentions of being with others, but I thought it might be fun to wear it. It is entirely your choice. You can put it on me or back in the box.”

My heard was pounding. I was in a very deep sub zone. By me putting that bracelet on her would send my submissiveness to a different level.

I brought Pam upstairs to my make shift massage table, and she was pleased. I undressed her slowly. I started with her shirt and bra. Her breast popped out firmly, and her nipples were erect. I then unbuttoned her jeans, and knelt to pull them from her body. While on my knees I jerked at her thong, to free it from her crevices. It was red, and I almost exploded doing this. Her scent was strong, and exotic. She stepped out of it, and rested on her stomach at the table. I poured oil on her legs, and started there. As I deep rubbed her legs and feet, she moaned with joy.

“Be careful not to pull my ankle bracelet Scotty, its very delicate.”

Ok… I did it! I put it on her. I was pushing my limits, and I knew it.

“Yes, Mistress I will be careful.”

Her massage lasted one hour. In that time, I covered every inch of Pam’s body. When ever I got to her ass and pussy, I placed my fingers as far as she let me. When I got too close she stopped me with:

“I will let you know, when you may touch Mistress there. Continue my massage, and don’t let it happen again.”

After Pam’s massage she was totally relaxed, shinning in scented oils. She told me

“You will have to learn facials, perhaps manicures and pedicures also. I am sure you can go on line and get proper instruction. Would you like to give Mistress these pleasures?”

I was cleaning up the excess oil, and snuffing out the candles.

“Anything that enhances my service to you I will learn. I will search for tutorials this week, and purchase the necessary supplies. But right now my love we have to get ready for dinner, I made a reservation at Metro.” (Metro is a local steak house that Pam enjoys)

Pam was sitting on the bed, stroking her hair.

“Very nice choice, but I ate a late lunch and I am quite satisfied.”

She must have seen the disappointment in my face and said,

“But you have not eaten, and you worked so hard serving as my man maid.”

I was now folding her jeans, and shirt, and had her red menderes escort thong, and bra in my hand

“It’s all right Mistress, I could make my self something to eat later. I will call Bistro to cancel our reservation.”

“But I still feel bad, and you need to eat properly to keep up your strength to serve Mistress. I have something better than steak for you to eat.”

Pam with that evil grin on her face parted her legs. I didn’t need any instruction. I was on my knees lapping my queen’s pussy in seconds. She opened her legs wider, to expand my feast. Her juices covered my face, and I savored my dinner. After about twenty minutes, my tongue hit her ‘g’ spot, and Pam screamed in ecstasy. She clamped her legs around my head, and exhaled in delight.

Pam had me stand up, while she remained seated on the bed. She playfully nibbled at my cock through my panties. It was leaking pre cum. She then took her red thong, and scooped some cum on the red string.

“Ready for desert?” she purred.

She held it in her hands, and said “Come and get it.”

I got on my knees again, and she fed her cum covered thong into my mouth. It had Pam’s juices from the day along with my juice. I sucked it dry from her hand.

She held them up and said “These will look cute on you! If you continue to please me, you might come with these on tomorrow night. We shall see. Now go clean up, and run me a bath. Oh, I forgot to mention, I want the Sunday Times with breakfast in the morning.”

Pam knows that I hate the Times. All these years, I would never buy it for her.

‘Yes Mistress I will see to it.”

Pam sat in the hot bubble bath, sponging herself gently. I stood by the door waiting for further orders. She was stunning. Raising her legs as she bathed… Her moves were slow and deliberate. Her silver bracelet was dangling from her ankle.

“Scott, all this is working out perfectly. Your little pp seems happy, and I am enjoying my new found power. After my bath, I will explore a bit more on line. Tomorrow, I will let you know what I expect from you next week. Now come here and wash Mistresses hair.”

I knelt at the side of the tub and took the hand held shower, and gently rinsed Pam’s hair. She closed her eyes as I worked in some shampoo, massaging her scalp.

“You have magic hands. I almost feel guilty that I have you all to myself. Would you like to serve another Mistress?”

I continued to wash her hair, and replied “No Mistress, only you.”

“Pam opened her eyes and said “Good answer. But you would serve another if I asked?”

“Yes Mistress, as you wish.”

Pam closed her eyes again and said “Good boy Scott that makes me very happy. I have no plans for you to do so, but it is very hot to know you will comply. Now rinse my hair, and towel me dry.”

Pam stood, and I toweled her body dry with a plush white towel.

“Go get my robe, and put it on me. I would like a small glass of brandy at the computer. I will not need your services for the rest of the evening. You may go to bed, and get your rest.”

I put her robe on her, and then went down stairs to pour her some Remy Martin. I made myself a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and left her brandy at the computer table. When she came down, I kissed her good night, and went to bed. I was very tired, but my mind was wandering. What was that about serving another Mistress? I also thought about Steph laughing in the back ground on our phone conversation. Does she know about our arrangement? And god only knew what Pam was doing on the computer… I wandered off to sleep, with a throbbing cock.


It was a cloudy Sunday morning, and I got out of bed at 7AM. I slid on Pam’s red thong. It barely covered my balls, and my cock was totally exposed. The back stuck up my ass like dental floss. My only thought was to please Pam, so I might be able to cum that night. I put on sweat pants, and a T shirt. Pam was sound asleep, as I made my way to the news stand. I begrudgingly bought the Sunday Times. It was a total turn on, doing things I would not ordinarily do. In fact, the last couple of days have been a total turn on. Pam had certainly done her research well. She knew how to push all my submissive buttons, and had obviously enjoyed her role as my Mistress. I wondered what she discovered on the computer last night, and what time she came to bed.

The first thing I did was to strip to my panties (I would never make that mistake again) I set up a plate of fruit and yogurt in the fridge, and had her tea ready to boil. I had no idea what time she would awake and wanted everything perfect. I went into the den to get Pam’s glass she left the night before, and a note was taped to computer:

Dear Scott, I never knew there was so much material on submissive fetishes. I must say, it is quite erotic! So far you have been a perfect submissive husband. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. I will push your limits even further, and we can evaluate where we stand at the end of the week. I was up very late, and do not want to be disturbed. You may wake me about noon. You may lay out my gym clothes, along with my spin shoes. I was talking to Steph last night, and there is a new hot instructor at the gym! James is away a few days, so I invited Steph to dinner tonight. I am thinking a nice pasta dish, with a salad, and a nice red wine. See to it. We will talk later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32