In Bed with The Boss Man Ch. 04

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SO. The day of the first match had finally arrived. I felt excited and a bit apprehensive because, although I’d met most of Tony’s team, I hadn’t had a chance to practice with them or anything. What if I messed up? I really did want to impress Tony ‘cos he was my boss after all and I really had the hots for him. I’d impressed him in the bedroom (and a few of his mates along the way- fuck I could still feel Brian’s stiff cock inside me, or was it Ricky’s – ok I’m a complete slut,) but sex wasn’t everything, was it …?

We were changing together and the comments were rowdy.

“Well Andy, your big chance,” said Joe who had grabbed the place beside me as he entered the locker room.

“What about it?” I said as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my jeans. I wanted to appear confident even if I didn’t feel it.

“Come on , you don’t fool anyone. I can see you’re nervous,” he laughed as he stood up to strip off his jeans. “What you need is something to relax you. Have a sip of this,” and he pulled a hip flask out of his kit bag and unscrewed the top.

His blue eyes twinkled through his blond fringe as he passed me the flask.

“Hey, save me a drop,” shouted Ricky, who had just come in. He looked fit in a tight jumper and black Adidas running pants. They showed off his body so well.

“Now what are you up to?” smiled Tony as he came across to find a peg next to me. “I can’t leave you for 2 minutes without you get into trouble.”

“Ok Boss. We were just relaxing him ready for the game,” said Joe.

“Yeah, I know your way of relaxing, ” said Tony.

“No drink until after the game, and if we win, the drinks are on me.”

With that everyone cheered and laughed and I passed the flask back to Joe. He made a pout of disapproval and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve been wanting to give you something since we met in the lift. Fancy coming to the bog?”

With that he paused and then bust out laughing. I felt my face redden and punched him on the arm. It had served to release the tension in the room which was what I needed but as I got changed I kept sneaking glances at Joe and he was always looking at me and smiling. Once I saw him lick his lips and cock his head towards the loo door. That smile and those piercing blue eyes were so hot. What could I do but give in.

As if reading my thoughts Tony came upa nd pushed a jersey into my hands.

“There you go dude,” he said as I unfolded a green and cream rugby top with the number 12 on the back.

“You won’t be starting for us but I’ll sub you on after a bit, depending on how it goes. OK? Now try it on for size. We all like to wear them a bit tight to show off our pecs. Mmm, fits you like a second skin,” he said as he pulled it down over my tight , fit, young body. It certainly showed off my guns as the short sleeves cut into my arms. My pecs felt a little constrained as the tight material hugged my body. As I looked around I saw that the “snug” look was one favoured by the whole team. They certainly all looked hot in these close fitting tops, and the white shorts showed off everyone’s packet to perfection.

“I’m off to chat to the ref and the other team captain. See you later. Just follow the other guys if I don’t get back in time. Hey and don’t worry so. You look so nervous. Find something to relax yourself.” He smiled and was gone. The door closed behind him and I felt just as tense and a little lonely.

As requested by Tony I was to wear my lucky red jock underneath and as I pulled it on, stuffing my meat into the pouch, I caught Joe’s eye again.

He had just stared with mock wide eyed surprise and again licked his lips. I had blushed and turned away. He was certainly doing his utmost to keep my attention and as I sat down to pull on my socks he walked over and stood right in front of me, his cock and balls trapped in a tight black jock, just inches from my face.

“Well you certainly fit that well,” he said and rubbed my neck with a free hand. “Hope you aren’t too tense and tight. Not good before a game.” (Was he pulling my head towards his packet? here in front of everyone?)

He crouched down at my level and leaned in to my ear with his mouth. “You know I’d love to release a bit of that tension before we start. What do you say?” and he kissed my neck as he stood up.

Had anyone seen his blatant come on to me? I looked around but they were all engrossed in chatting and at various stages of changing. No-one seemed aware of what had just happened, no eyebrows raised, no knowing smiles, just the guys banter and joking around.

Joe had walked off towards the toilet and turned as he was about to disappear around the corner. He smiled and winked and with a flick of his long hair indicated that I should follow Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort him.

Well Tony had said I should find some way to relax and he was the Boss.

I got up nervously and made my way through the bodies, all in various stages of dress and undress. Joe was just disappearing into a door marked Gents as I turned the corner and I hurried after him. The glimpse of his bum in that tight black jock had been all the incentive I needed. He was so hot. What a great, firm ass. I could imagine how my tongue would feel, eating him out. Yummy! Perhaps he’d suck me. That would be sure to help, if I shot a load.I pulled at my packet as I pushed the door open and walked in. It was a large room with basins and urinals on one side and a row of 6 cubicles on the other. It smelt clean and well tended.

So where was Joe? I had this tent in my shorts and my nipples were straining the shirt material. Where was he?

“Hey Joe,” I whispered. “Where are you?”

With that he stepped out of the end cubicle, stark naked. Fuck me, he looked hot. His body was hard and firm, muscles pumped on his chest and torso and he was covered all over with a light dusting of short, golden hair. His legs and thighs were huge and as he turned back to re-enter the cubicle, I could see his meaty, round ass beckoning me. His waving, flag pole of a cock led the way and I was drooling as I followed this godlike man. What a vision and I had him to myself for at least five minutes.

His kit was on the floor and he dropped to the seat and pulled me to him as I entered. It was too quick to even lock the door and before I knew it he had my fat, hard cock out of my shorts and in his warm mouth. His lips and tongue were working on my cock and fingers grabbed my butt and pushed hard against the crack. He was rough and urgent with his groping and sucking, realising too that we had such a limited time.

“AGGHH” was all I could say as he stood up and kissed me roughly, forcing his sensuous tongue between my willing lips. We explored and flicked urgently together until he turned me round and pushed me forward. I felt fingers roughly pushing under my clothes as my shirt was hastily lifted and my shorts were pulled down.

“Oh Andy I want you so much” he moaned into my ear as he bit my neck and roughly jerked on my dick. He rubbed the pre cum off his fingers and into my mouth with one hand as the othed probed and forced its way into my man hole.

“AGGH, Ohh, ohhh Yes, oh yes. Mmm that feels so good. Take me now, I want it now. Please, ” I moaned as his hands and lips set my body alight.

The next thing I knew he was in me. I could feel his stiff, hard tool working up inside my chute as he pushed and bucked insistently.

“OOOWW, aghh, o o oooohh.” I didn’t want it to stop. It felt so good as he pushed inside me and I was carried away on a wave of lust. I began to work in rhythm with his mighty thrusts, pushing back as he bit my neck and clawed my body with his fingers. We quickly found a frantic pace and I felt his balls bang against my cheeks as he moaned, “I’m almost there, oh oh aghhhh.”

With that I released my own load over the cubicle wall and sagged forward as he pulled out. As I turned to kiss him, he ruffled my hair. “That should help but you can always see me later if you need some more.”

Then he was pushing past and was out of the door and on his way back to the changing room before he was missed. I staggered out, my legs still shaky, and splashed cold water on my face. I straightened up my kit and was just in time to meet the other guys heading out of the changing room onto the pitch.

“Come on lad, ” said Brian, “Don’t want to miss the kick off.” We ran out to a cold but sunny day. No time to feel nervous now. I took my place on the touch line and the whistle went. We were off.

By half time I had calmed down and enjoyed watching the tight , firm bodies of both teams as they rucked and mauled their way to a 9 all score line. Tony had played well, winning more than his share of possession and surviving scrum after scrum with a hard determination. He motivated the rest of the team and stood out as a natural captain.

He stood out in other ways too, as his hard arse , encased in tight white cotton shorts, left little to the imagination. I could clearly see the lines of his black jock and it pulled his manhood up and forward in a very provocative manner.

He was getting more than his share of attention from the opposition who seemed to be closely marking him and I notice more than one guy giving him the eye in a flirty way, usually with a smirk or a wink and a quick comment that I usually couldn’t hear.

After half time I was subbed on and it wasn’t long before I was pounded to the ground in a hard tackle. A guy from the other team grabbed me around the waist as I attempted to side step him. I was pulled to the ground and the wind left my body. God that hurt, and it took a couple of seconds before I recovered. The other guy was still laying on top of me and he cupped my cock as he stood up. He gallantly pulled me to my feet and as he did so he leaned in and whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “Wanna meet me in the shower later? You are one horny son of a bitch.”

I grimaced with the pain in my side and he ran off to take up position for the throw in. I found myself alongside him in the line out and as he jumped for the ball I used his shoulder to push up and gain extra height. He grabbed my shorts to pull me down and they slipped low enough to reveal my naked arse and the tight , red jock.

“Wow man. Lovely colour,” was all he said as I hastily pulled them up and re-tied the draw string.

He ran off after the ball and I resumed the game, aware that he was checking me out constantly during breaks in the play.

He was a good looking guy, about 28 and 6′ tall at least. I liked his brown wavy hair and the stubble on his hard jaw. His arms were strong and muscled and I knew he was firm chested and flat stomached from our roll on the ground. His strong thighs stretched his shorts in a very inviting way and I licked my lips just thinking of what must be in his ample packet. He was muddy and sweaty from the game and I was intrigued by his firm butt cheeks. Jock or briefs? Whatever he wore I wanted to be there when he stripped off after the game.

Ten minutes later , with 15 minutes still to play I was tackled again by another player. He brought me down with a crash, but not before I had passed the ball to Joe who ran it over the line for a try. I tried to stand amid the cheers but my ankle gave way and I collapsed to the ground in pain. I was limped off by a concerned Tony and made my way to the changing rooms to rest until the game ended. I told him I’d be fine and he went back to resume play for the last 10 minutes but I wasn’t alone for long. Before I knew it in came the stud from the opposition together with another older guy (38) in a tracksuit.

“Hey dude, what happened to you? the cute guy asked, as he came over and sat alongside me on the bench. “This is our physio, Scott. He thought we should see if you needed help.” With that he put his arm on my shoulder in a friendly gesture.

Scott moved me sideways so he could lift my leg onto the bench and I lay back onto my new friend for support.

“Don’t expect you’ve done any lasting damage but you can never be too careful with sports injuries,” said Scott as he gently undid my boot and pulled it off. He eased down my sock too and pulled it off my throbbing ankle. “MM, looks like frozen peas and a hot water bottle will do the trick. Steve, can you take care of him while I go get what I need?”

“Sure thing man,” said Steve and he pulled me back protectively onto his chest. As Scott left the room Steve snuggled into my neck with his chin. God it tickled and despite the pain I felt I was getting horny.

“Mm boy, you are something. Took quite a knock out there. Sorry to see you leave the field like that but I feigned an injury of my own so I could follow you. You are hot and if I’m not mistaken you’re up for some fun. Am I right?” He ran his hand over my chest, feeling my nipples as he did so, and finished cupping my balls.

“Yep, I thought you had a good packet when I felt you up on the pitch. You must have 7″ in here.” With that he nuzzled my neck again and kissed me hard by my ear and jaw. God he’ll raise a hicky, I thought as he sucked away. Mm It felt good and I sighed as he pulled my face round to kiss me hard on the lips. Just then Scott came in with a first aid box and some ice in a bag.

“Don’t mind me boys,” he laughed. Anything to take your mind off it eh. I got you a pain killer, an injection to take away the pain. OK?”

With that he jabbed it in my arm and rubbed it hard. “Just wait a bit till it takes effect.You’ll feel great in no time.”

Then he got to work gently moving my ankle and decided it was a sprain rather than a break and I’d soon be right as rain.

“Just stay off it for a while” he said and he sat on the bench with the damaged foot on his lap. I could feel him running his hands up and down my calf and then my thigh as if massage in those areas would help. He was smiling at Steve who still held me firmly against his chest with both strong arms wrapped around me. I had begun to feel strange. Not so much pain and decidedly horny. I could feel my meat stiffening in my shorts and was really enjoying the feel and smell of the hard guy I was leaning on.

“What do you think doc? Should we test out how much movement there is?” said Steve. “I think I detect some stirring and we wouldn’t want our boy here to overdo it. Not if we can help him out.”

“Good idea ,” said Scott and he squeezed my leg hard as he ran his hand all the way up my thigh until it disappeared up the leg of my shorts.

God that felt hot and I was really getting turned on.

Steve leaned in for another kiss and this time forced his tongue to the back of my mouth. One hand cupped my neck and I could feel pressure applied to my wind pipe. The other hand pulled roughly at my left nipple, squeezing and pulling until I was gasping in pain. Mm, rougher than I normally liked but it felt that every nerve ending was on fire. I loved it.

“Hey guys ..” was all I could say before Scott took over the kiss and bit my bottom lip hard, drawing blood. I realised my shorts were undone and grasping fingers were roughly pulling at the top of my jock in an effort to uncover my rapidly growing manhood. Fuck this was fun. My ankle throbbed slightly with pain but my “rescuers” seemed intent on doing me more damage.

They roughly turned me over onto my front, all the time applying pressure to my throat. Scott straddled the bench I was lying on and grabbed my balls with one hand while he yanked off my shorts. He slapped my butt cheeks hard and I could imagine him pulling out his cock. It was certainly what I had in mind in my heightened state of arousal. Steve was scooting towards me along the bench with his hard 8″ prick in his hand.

“Just you open wide for daddy, you hear, I know you’re gonna like this.”

With that he plugged my mouth with his knob at the same time as I felt 7″ of stiff man meat enter my rectum.

I wriggled and positioned myself as best I could but the combined weight of these two hard, muscled men was too much and I had to leave it all to them. I seemed to be removed from reality, only aware what was happening to me but unable to intervene if I wanted to. What had been in that jab?

To my surprise I felt myself stiffening even more down below. Fuck, this was incredible. I had never been so hard. I felt as if it would snap off. I was some cock slut eh, I thought to myself.

I tried to pull off Steve’s cock and come up for air but he pulled my hair and slapped me roughly on the face as he renewed his pumping with urgency.

“You be a good boy for your uncle Stevey and you won’t get hurt,” he said and renewed his thrusts. My arse pummeling was becoming more urgent too, and Scott was slapping my butt hard and moaning with pleasure. I could feel my bum cheeks glowing red and despite the pain, or probably because of it, I was getting more and more turned on. I felt so hard I urgently wanted to cum but every time I reached for my cock rough hands pulled mine away.

“You sure do have a tight hole boy. This is so good. MM You were right Steve, he’s a great fuck.”

“Ugh, oohhh, mmmnn,” was all I could mumble as my tight butt took more and more of a hard fucking. I felt tingles run through my body and a heightened awareness all over. My nipples pulsed with the rough groping and twisting they were receiving. Fuck, I was about to explode without touching myself.

At that exact moment the ref walked in. “What the fuck is happening here,” he said as he viewed the scene in disbelief.

So we were in his changing room. No wonder I hadn’t recognised it.

The guys were too far into the action to stop and continued face and arse fucking me harder and harder. “AAgghhh,” moaned Scott as he unloaded into me. “He’s a hot fuck ref. Want some of this action?” asked Steve. I felt a huge load of cum explode in my mouth and pump down my hungry throat.

The ref had pulled down his shorts and was rubbing an increasingly lengthening cock. It quickly stood up from his body and he moved into position as Scott pulled out of my arse.

“OK mate he’s all yours,” and the guys pulled up their shorts and left the room.

“Mm, you are one hot piece of meat,” said the ref as he positioned his 8″ prick at the ring of my leaking hole. He pushed in with a moan as he sunk completely into me and that is how Tony found us when he opened the door.

“Fuck man, I thought you’d be at the hospital by now.”

“No worries man, he’s in good hands,” smiled the ref, before he collapsed on the floor from Tony’s punch to the head. I knew he could be jealous but I really got a buzz from a guy feeling so protective to me. He never did find out about Scott and Steve, and the hicky/love bite marks he put down to bruising. The ref recovered and left without his fee, keen to avoid a fuss.

We returned to the hotel but I couldn’t take part in the bar celebrations for winning. I lay in bed and accepted the private “good wishes” of a select group of visitors. Joe spent a long time checking that my bum hadn’t suffered on the pitch, and when we were interrupted by Brian I had to demonstrate exactly what I’d been up to with the opposition. They were both keen to climb into bed with me, and you know what a cock slut I am. How could I refuse them? As luck would have it I had just waved them goodbye when Tony came along to check up on me. He was keen to stay and “comfort” me and I let him. After all, he is the Boss man.

. . . . . . . .

Please let me know what you think of this story. I’d appreciate any feedback so get in touch. Cheers.

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