I’m Glad They Tricked Me

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I had spent the whole hot summer day power washing and sealing the deck of my house. By the time the day was over l was pretty worn out. I took a shower and then went to bed early. This was partially because I was tired and partially because my wife had a friend named Amber visiting and staying at our house.

I like Amber for a while, but she can eventually wear on my nerves. She is not at all bad looking though. Actually in some ways, she is like my wife, Cadence; both are slender and petite with brunette hair and smaller curves. Amber has a good sense of humor, but her laugh is a bit annoying.

As I laid there in bed, I could hear my wife and Amber doing the girl talk thing. They talked about mutual friends and acquaintances, about their respective jobs, and several other topics that I did not always follow. Right as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought I heard the conversation turn to boys and they may have even said something about sex, but I had probably not heard them correctly.

Meanwhile in the living room, Cadence and Amber were talking about boys while Max slept…

Cadence asked Amber, “Do you have a boyfriend or any prospects right now?”

“There is one guy that I can tell is interested in me, but I don’t think he’s quite right for me. He is kind of cute in a geeky way, but he is too serious and I’m afraid he is looking for a woman that will do his bidding like his mother does for his father. He is nothing like your husband.”

Cadence knew that Amber had a crush on Max back when they started dating. She said, “My husband is pretty great.”

“Max is still good looking too, even though it has been probably ten years since I last saw him. I hope I’m not being too forward, but he is an all-around good catch for a husband. It makes my task of finding a man more difficult when I compare them to him.”

Cadence felt a slight twinge of jealousy at these comments, but she had to admit that Amber had a point. She knew that she was lucky to have Max, especially since Amber and at least one other girl had been interested in him too, unbeknownst to Max. She steered the conversation to something safer, just in case Amber was holding a grudge against her for taking Max for herself.

Eventually the conversation circled back around. Amber admitted, though Cadence already assumed, that she was still a virgin. She said she actually didn’t know much about sex at all.

Cadence asked, “What was it like the first time? Did you like it or did it just hurt?”

“The first time we had sex it was very exciting leading up to the moment, with all the kissing touching, and undressing. When the time came for him to enter me, I was nervous though, and it did hurt at first. After a little while, it was much better, and now sex is awesome. We know each other so well, that we can always give each other orgasms.”

Cadence and Amber were both starting to get a little excited as they talked about this intimate topic. Normally, they would not talk about this sort of thing, but it seemed the lateness of the night was lowering their inhibitions.

Amber blushed and asked, “What does an orgasm actually feel like? I’ve never had one.”

“Oh, girl, you are missing out! An orgasm is very difficult to describe, but it is like a warm, lovely, powerful shudder or spasm that is centered in your clitoris. It makes my whole body warm and tingly. That’s still not really a good enough description. You just need to experience it for yourself.”

All this talk of orgasms was making both women crave one, even though only one of them knew what she was really craving. Both of them could feel moisture building between their thighs.

“I am 36 years old with no Şerifali Escort prospects, and I’m starting to think I may not find the right man,” said Amber. “I want to save myself for my husband, but what if I never get married and go to my grave without experiencing sex? If only I could marry a man like yours.”

Cadence’s mind had started going a direction she never would have expected only moments before. She cautiously said, “What if you had the chance to experience sex with someone a lot like Max, but you could not marry him? Would you do it?”

Amber was not sure exactly where Cadence was going with this, but she nodded slowly, “I think I would at this point.” She thought to herself that she would be happy to have Max, not just someone like him. If only that were possible. Her mind went there for a minute, thinking about what it might be like to get naked and have Max touching her, even inside her. She was getting wetter by the moment as she fantasized. Suddenly she realized Cadence was talking.

“…He is sleeping right in the next room. I’m not too keen on the idea of sharing him with another woman, but I want you to experience sex. Actually, it is a favor for him too, because his sex drive is way higher than mine. I can tell he wants more sex than I can give him.”

It sounded like she was trying to convince herself that it was okay. Amber was shocked at her friend and also excited about the idea, if she was honest. Still, this was her friend’s husband they were talking about. A fling was not worth losing a good friend. She said to Cadence, “Oh, I could never do that to you,” maybe a little less convincingly than she meant to.

Cadence was nodding her head, first hesitantly, then more firmly. She assured Amber, saying, “Max would not cheat on me, so we will have to trick him, and I think I know how.”

Amber realized that she was serious. Actually she looked so certain that she might even try to coerce Amber to bed her husband.

Cadence continued, “If you get naked and lay down with him while he is sleeping, his body will make the decision for him. Once he wakes up enough to realize it is not me, it will be too late, and he won’t be able to stop. Yes, that is how we will do it.” Cadence clapped her hands as she finished saying this. Then she said, “What are you waiting for? He is sleeping in the other room right now. Take off your clothes and go have sex with my husband! I’m going to watch, but don’t worry about me.”

At this point Amber was convinced, and admittedly horny, so she obeyed her friend. She walked to the bedroom where Max was sleeping and stripped off all her clothes. She quietly approached the bed to make sure he was sleeping, and then hesitated once again. She looked back toward the door where Cadence had followed. Cadence was motioning for her to go ahead.

Max was sleeping on his back, and Amber realized as she looked at him, that there was already a bulge in the covers at his crotch.

Cadence came up and whispered, “He often gets erections while he sleeps. Go ahead and touch it, use it.”

So Amber tentatively climbed onto the bed and under the covers. She scooted over to where Max was, until their bodies were just touching. She slowly stretched out her hand under the covers until she touched what was making the covers bulge, Max’s erect penis. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but when she looked over, Cadence gave her a thumbs up. Amber slowly stroked the hard member through his boxer briefs, and heard Max sigh quietly in his sleep. She looked at his face, to make sure he was still sleeping. When she confirmed that he was, she reached inside the flap of his underwear to touch the actual Göztepe Escort flesh. It was incredibly soft skin while being quite a firm appendage. She continued to stroke him ever so gently, savoring the feel of his hard penis and imagining that he was dreaming of her.

She liked touching him with her hand, but she wanted more. She decided to let him feel her naked body against him. She put one leg over his legs so that her crotch was pressed against his thigh, just below the erection. Then she put an arm across his chest, so that one boob with an erect nipple was pressed against his arm and chest. She ran her hand slowly up and down his body, admiring his firm muscles, until she again reached his crotch. She once again stuck her hand in his undies and started stroking his penis. He moaned slightly, but she continued to touch him, no longer caring if he woke.

Amber was getting so wet that she decided to go for it. She laid her slim, naked body completely on top off him, with her vulva just below his penis. Her hard nipples were poking him in the belly as she opened the flap of his boxer briefs and pulled out Max’s rock hard shaft. She guided his manhood right to the opening of her slit, and let it rest there while she gathered herself. She noticed Max’s breathing had intensified, but his eyes were still closed. She sat up somewhat to get a better angle, and then slowly guided Max’s penis inside her vagina.

She marveled at the feeling as the head passed inside her, but then there was resistance after a bit. She assumed this was her hymen. Cadence was watching, and knowing what was going on, came and whispered to her friend to just push on and then stop for a little bit after she broke through.

Amber did as she was told and the sharp pain that followed did make her catch her breath. After pausing for a minute or two, she started to slowly grind on top of Max until she was feeling only good feelings. Max groaned again and murmured something that sounded like, “Oh baby.” Either he was having a dream or he was about to wake up.

As Amber’s pleasure intensified, she started to move more aggressively, bouncing atop Max’s body while moaning and grunting softly. Max woke up enough to reach both hands up to grab her back and butt while thrusting up to meet her own thrusts. Then his hands started roaming around, touching all over her back, arms, and breasts. Once his hands found her boobs, his eyes popped open.

Now that he was starting to wake, he could tell by the boobs that it was not his wife in bed with him. He had a very confused look on his face as he recognized Amber, but there was also lust in his eyes. He searched the room and found Cadence sitting in a chair only a few feet away. She waved and smiled at him, nodding her head in encouragement. She actually seemed to be enjoying watching then go at it.

Now that Max was satisfied that his wife was onboard, he let his lust win out. He leaned his head down and kissed Amber’s breasts, taking a hard nipple in his mouth. This caused Amber to yelp in surprise and pleasure. She continued to ride him and rock back and forth on top of him as she felt a new feeling building inside her.

She tried to say, “I think I’m about to have my first orgasm.” What actually came out of her mouth was, “Ohhhh!” She could feel her vaginal walls contracting around Max’s penis and her clitoris felt tingly and warm as it rubbed against his pelvis.

Max felt her tighten around his shaft as her orgasm began, and that was enough to send him to the edge as well. He made a few hard, deep thrusts and exploded his semen deep inside Amber’s vagina. She cried out softly in surprise and pleasure as she felt jets Ümraniye Escort of his fluid shoot deep inside herself.

After all of the aftershocks of pleasure had stopped, Amber began to climb off Max, and Cadence handed them both some tissues to clean up.

Once Amber caught her breath, she spoke shyly to Cadence, “That was an amazing feeling. Thank you for sharing.” She turned to Max, “Thank you for your part as well. I’m sorry we tricked you, but we didn’t think you would go for it otherwise.”

Amber hugged each of the others. Max could not help but notice how her hard nipples poked against his bare chest when she hugged him. He could feel his penis growing toward an erection once more as she lingered in the embrace and kissed him firmly on the lips. Amber left for the en suite bathroom, grabbing her clothes as she went.

Cadence came over to the bed where Max lay, and started to remove her own clothes. She also pulled off Max’s underwear, since Amber had only opened the flap, while trying not to wake him. Once both were naked, she climbed on top of Max, taking the place that Amber had only recently occupied.

Cadence whispered in his ear, “I hope you don’t mind that I tricked you. It was a pretty nice trick though. Watching you two have sex made me just a little jealous, even though it was my idea. More than anything though, it made me horny.”

She slid her crotch up to meet Max’s growing erection and continued to whisper, “Can you feel how wet I am?”

He could actually feel heat and wetness where her vulva was touching his penis. Max smiled a big smile and then kissed his wife passionately. She wiggled around on top of him, rubbing their genitals together nicely. Then he flipped her over on her back and plunged his now rock hard penis inside her tight vagina. She gasped and grabbed onto his back to pull him harder and deeper.

Since Max had just ejaculated about five minutes before, he figured he should have some endurance. He started slowly stroking his full length in and out of her. The feeling of his member surrounded by warm wet flesh felt indescribably good as he slid fully inside.

About this time, Cadence noticed Amber standing in the bathroom doorway, looking both interested and uncertain. She noticed Cadence looking at her and headed quickly for the door out of the bedroom, looking embarrassed.

Cadence stopped her, saying, “You can watch us if you want to.”

After only a few minutes, her need became too great and Cadence told Max to go faster. She pulled a vibrator from a bedside drawer and reached one hand down to use it on her clitoris.

Amber was standing beside the bed, watching intently. She occasionally caught glimpses of Max’s penis entering Cadence’s vagina, and wow, was that hot! She felt her own wetness growing once again, despite the fact that she was sore from her first sexual encounter.

Max continued to pound his erection inside Cadence. She met his thrusts with her own body and kept the vibrator on her clitoris. Max reached one hand up and toyed with her nipple, and that was the final straw.

“Oh yeah!…Oh, that’s nice!…Ohhh!” She exclaimed.

She came almost violently, with shuddering and thrashing. It was all Max could do to stay inside her with the way she was moving. Seeing and feeling her climax caused Max to reach his own peak, and he spurted a huge load deep in her vagina.

Amber could not help it, she had slipped a hand down inside her panties to stroke her own clitoris as she watched these two practiced lovers in their passionate embrace. She had never masturbated before, but the scene was too arousing for her to just stand and watch without touching herself.

After Max and Cadence finished, Max rolled off, beside her. Then they both looked over at Amber and saw her hand in her pants and her face flushed. They smiled and Max patted the bed beside him. Amber climbed on the bed, so the three of them laid in bed together and relaxed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32