I Visit London!

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I was apprehensive about going home with Darleen, I mean she had told me her family knew about her orientation and accepted it, but I was still too introverted to face others who would know about me. At times I regretted agreeing to go home with her for the weekend, but now felt committed as she was the type of woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

We drove up on the Thursday after work; I was a bundle of nerves of course and wanted to get it over with. The traffic was really heavy going into the city at time just crawling along. At last we arrived in Southall and she pulled up outside her mother’s house. Looking over at me and smiling she said, “Well here we are” and got out of the car. I took my time getting my suitcase out of the back so as she could greet her mum first, before introducing me.

Her mum was very nice giving me a welcoming hug, taking my case stood aside so we could enter her home. The table was set for tea, and after taking off our coats were invited to sit down to have something to eat and a cup of tea. We spent the rest of the evening chatting, or at least I should sat Darleen and her mum did most of the chatting, I managed to relax as her mum was very pleasant and welcoming towards me which was a relief.

The butterflies started doing a number in my tummy again when Darleen announced we were going to bed, and after saying goodnight to her mum, led me into her bedroom. The room was bright and cheerfully decorated, with an old fashioned brass double bed dominating the center of it.

We started kissing as soon after she shut the door, I was worried about her mother hearing us but it was a three bedroom house, and the room we were in was across a hallway the bathroom. Her mother was in the master bedroom which was next to it, in a way it gave us a measure of privacy, still it worried me when she started kissing and undressing me.

I had brought a night gown with me and suggested I put it on but Darleen just laughed saying, “what for” as she continued undressing me. We got under the covers where we could cuddle up to one another, I loved to feel her naked body against mine, and we could rub our hands over each other and explore the hidden places we both had. Her caresses soon had me aroused; she was quite impatient and lay on her back with her legs apart inviting me on top. I pressed my pussy against hers and began the clit to clit humping we both loved, for the time being worries about being heard dispersed as I enjoyed the pleasure starting to surge through me.

She was moaning softly as her arousal surfaced then with a small cry announced her orgasm, followed shortly after by my own. I collapsed on top of her, letting the delicious feelings subside for a moment before rolling off her. We rested for a few minutes, kissing each other lightly as our hands outlined the curve of each other’s buttocks, occasionally finding their way into the valley as if to check the wetness to be found there.

Soon we both felt the rising need inside our bodies, and she gently pushed me onto my back and mounted me. She started slowly with me, grinding her pussy against mine with more force. I loved it; I opened my legs and lifted them over her back and locking my ankles behind her hips held her against me as she fucked me. She increased the speed of her thrusts in concert with the arousal coming to the surface, I tried to match her by pushing back against each one until with a cry felt my climax burst over me. For a moment I was lost in the pleasure surging through me, with no thought about being heard.

In the morning I awoke early with a need to pee, and slipping on my nightie crept across the hall to the bathroom and relieved myself. My return woke Darleen who in turn went for her morning constitutional; she remained naked and returned to join me in bed. We must have spent at least a couple of hours just petting and kissing each other, enjoying finger fucks as we masturbated each other. Soon I heard the sounds of her Eryaman Escort mum in the kitchen, and then a short time later there was a knock on the bedroom door. Darleen called out, “come in” and her mother entered with a tray with tea and toast on it for us. I could have died from embarrassment; thank goodness I at least had my nightie on.

Later we got up and dressed and joined her mother for some breakfast, her mother was a lovely lady, quite chatty asking if I slept alright etc… I found it a little embarrassing to answer her, but realized it was just the host’s way of making one feel at home.

We didn’t do anything that day being Good Friday just hung out at home and after lunch other family members dropped in. I met her two brothers and a sister, the sister was fine and seemed pleased to meet me, but her brothers were a little stand offish. Also later in the afternoon, one of her Aunts dropped in and she stayed for quite a while chatting with Darleen. She was as I found out also gay, and they talked about other friends of theirs a lot, what they were doing now, who was with whom now etc… There wasn’t much conversation that affected me so I just sat and listened mostly, a rather boring day for me really.

That evening after supper the three of us, Darleen her aunt and me took the ‘Tube,’ (the London Underground Railway) to another part of the city, where they took me to a bar that catered to lesbians mostly. Although the clientele was mostly gay, there were others there who were not, as well as some men. Apparently there was a ‘following’ of people who liked to hang around these places.

It was strange at first to see women with arms around each other, kissing one another on their lips the way couples would. There was what seemed like all kinds of women there, young and old, dukes and butches as well as a lot of very feminine and sexy ladies. There were the pipe and cigar smokers among them too, and the language from some of these women, they were worse than sailors with frequent use of the ‘F’ and ‘C’ words, but nobody seemed to care.

Being a Friday evening there was quite a crowd there, the bar was very smoky and the hub bub of conversation and laughter made it a very friendly place. We met and were joined by other friends of theirs who I had to assume were also queer, and I also found out some ladies were actually married to men. I obviously had much to learn about some people’s needs at that time.

Soon someone started thumping away on a piano and a bit of a sing song started, people would call out the names of tunes and if they were known, then the room would resound with the music and women singing, (or trying to sing) to the music. For some of the popular war time songs they had their own words made up, which of course could not be sung in more public places.

Later on as the drinks were flowing the noise level went up accordingly, some started to dance things like the Charleston, and of course the good old “Legs up mother Brown” where there was a lot of flashing of stocking tops and knickers. It was a fun night and I really relaxed and enjoyed the camaraderie, not feeling so out of place with Darleen.

The public bars closed at 10 PM in those days, and shortly after we made our way arm in arm to the ‘Tube” station the take the train back home. Her Aunt got off at another station to go to her home, and we continued on to where we were staying. Darleen’s Mum was waiting up for us when we got there and made us all a cup of tea before we went to bed.

I admit to being a more than a little groggy in the morning but it had been a fun night, the best I’d had in a long time. As before her Mum had brought us a cup of Tea in bed, and after we got up and she made us some breakfast. We spent a leisurely hour or two just reading the papers and chatting then after a light lunch went out shopping.

It was actually window shopping but I loved it; London Sincan Escort seemed to be such a lively city with people hurrying to and fro, stopping to chat to others for a minute.

After a light lunch in a pub we took the ‘Tube’ to another part of the city, where Darleen wanted to visit other friends. The lived in a Flat on what seemed like the top floor of the building; we went in and took the stairs up where she knocked on this door. Her knock was answered by someone in her mid thirties, a lady with a rosy complexion and dirty blond hair. She gave out a squeal of delight and they hugged and kissed one another, expressing joy at seeing one another. I was introduced to Florence, who greeted me warmly with a smile and a hug then stood aside for us to enter the Flat. As we did a voice called out, “Who is it” and I looked down the entry hall to see this beautiful lady standing there.

She was gorgeous, with jet black hair, perfect features wearing a crisp white blouse and black skirt and block stockings, covering what looked like a perfect figure, I guessed of either Italian or Spanish descent. Darleen called out “Margaret” and went to meet her, arms outstretched so when the met they hugged and kissed one another warmly. She led us into their living room where we were introduced to each other, she had a warm friendly face, and her dark eyes seemed to flash as she spoke calling me ‘Rosalyn’, instead of the Rose or Rosie I was used to.

She called to Florence to go put the kettle on for Tea as we settled on to her couch, Darleen on one side of her and me on the other. I noticed the difference in their accents; Florence had that gentle middle class polite accent, whereas Margaret’s was more of the cockney accent of East London, from where she was from as I was to find out later.

Once it was ready Florence brought it to us on a tray and placed in on the coffee table in front of us, then returned with a platter of pastries. Margaret poured Tea for all of us, something she enjoyed as the hostess. We enjoyed it as we chatted, or rather Margaret and Darleen talked about things that were happening in the community, as well as the different people they knew. Margaret would occasionally look over at me as if to include me in the conversation, but there wasn’t much I could contribute to it. Anyway I was so shy in those days I was just content to sip the Tea and nibble on a pastry.

Margaret finally turned to me and asked me where I was from etc., so I answered her questions honestly even when she asked me how Darleen and I came to be ‘friends.’ I was to find she was quite outspoken. We were invited to stay for supper but Darleen declined explaining that her mother would be expecting us for home for that. They walked us to the door and before we parted Margaret suddenly said, “Well see you at the club later.” “Club” I said puzzled, “Yes it’s a private club for ladies only, you have to be a member but don’t worry you’re allowed three free visits as a trial before you have to join.

When we got to the club I was signed in, and we found a seat at the bar where we ordered a drink. The bar wasn’t very big, just a small room off the main hall that was used for social events. Being a Saturday night there was a band playing for the dance. People were still arriving and like us most would stop for a drink before proceeding to the main room to find a seat.

It was called a ‘Ladies’ club in those days, and the members were all kinds of women from the legal age of 18 to ladies in their 70’s. There was quite a mix from a lot of straight women, bisexual women and of course lesbians as well as a few transvestites. A lot of the bisexual women were married, and this gave them an opportunity to socialize with other ladies, in some cases their lovers and in others looking for love. There were the obvious lesbians too, the Butches and Dyke’s who dressed and acted like men, from their frequent use of the ‘f’ word Etlik Escort and other obscenities, smoking pipes and in some cases cigars.

As I said it was called a ladies club in those days, it was used often for different card games like Bridge and Whist drives, bingo as well as concerts on occasions and of course the dances. So the club was open all week, with the dances usually held on the Saturday nights but on occasions other nights too depending on the reason or season, unless there was other entertainments like a concert planned. Sunday was a quiet day, when some ladies would drop in for a drink or just to chat for a couple of hours, particularly in the evening.

Margaret and Florence finally arrived and we all took a seat at a table in the dance hall, as was common in these days the lighting was subdued once the band started to play, and some ladies began dancing together. The room soon got quite crowded as the evening wore on, and I was introduced to a number of ladies who came over to pay their respects to Margaret. It seemed she was very popular and some of it was to satisfy their curiosity about me, who I was etc…

We danced quite a bit that night, first with Darleen, it was very erotic dancing cheek to cheek with hands caressing one another and giving each other the occasional kiss. Just as in the regular dances with men there was the mix of fast and slow dances, and a lot of jiving to the fast ones to squeals of laughter. In the crowded floor we bumped into other couples with bums and shoulders, and in some cases the bum bumping was deliberate. The women were much more open and vocal about how they enjoyed themselves, so different from the mixed dances I was used to.

When they played the twist, a number of us got in a circle and tried to outdo each other by twisting down slowly till our bums were almost sweeping the floor, then back up again to much laughter and comments. I think this was the beginning of what was called ‘Disco’ dancing, where people would dance in groups as well as couples.

I did a lot of rubber necking as this was all so new to me, to see other women openly showing love for one another was something I wasn’t used to. Most of the women were obviously quite comfortable with it, and was thrilled to be able to kiss Darleen in public without anyone paying any attention to us.

We left just after midnight, and walked with arms around one another to the ‘Tube’ station, to take the train back to her mother’s place.

Darleen was obviously pleased I had enjoyed myself very much, and told her if we were to be coming up to London often I’d like to join the club. I liked the idea of being able to hang out and socialize with other queers, and not to be scorned or abused for my feelings for women. The emotions I’d felt at the club was like an aphrodisiac for me, and now to be able to lie there with my lover naked to make love to one another was the icing on the cake.

We had been invited to Margaret and Florence’s for supper before driving back to camp, so we said our goodbye’s to her mum around 4 PM and drove over to their flat. As expected we were well received with hugs and kisses before being shown into their living room, where we were offered some wine while we waited for Florence to finish cooking the meal.

I had noticed before that Florence seemed to be more like the ‘Mother’ in their relationship, answering the door and the telephone, making the Tea and now we waited while she finished making supper.

Margaret seemed to pay a lot of attention to me, asking what I thought of the club, she told me there were quite a variety of things to do, like play cards or Bingo, have guest speakers in on a variety of subjects all relating to women’s issues of the day. There was a bulletin board where one could advertise for a ‘roommate’, or a place to stay if one should move to London, as well as putting out a monthly news letter.

After our meal we spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting before Darleen and I had to leave to head back to camp. Margaret offered us their spare bedroom as a place to stay anytime we came up to London where, as she put it we would have more privacy.

Margaret, Florence and I were to become lifelong friends, and over the next few months and years I got to know how they came to meet.

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