I Used to Call Debbie My ‘Auntie’ Pt. 02

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Following on from ‘I Used To Call Debbie My Auntie’ this is part two where Debbie’s friend Maureen, another neighbour, becomes involved. A second part to the story wasn’t planned, but sometimes the juices flow. It helps to read part one first.


“Maureen!.. er… yes… yes… come in, I’ve only just got up, is anything wrong?”

The appearance of Maureen, Debbie’s neighbour, from the house on the other side of hers, was sudden and unexpected. My whole body tensed, and it threw me a bit, especially knowing that she’d seen me fucking Debbie, just the day before.

Standing in the hallway in my anorak with only boxers underneath, I was floundering.

“No, nothing wrong,” she replied, “but I thought I’d better reassure you.”

She saw my slightly puzzled look, and continued, “Is mum out… gone to work?”

She’d obviously waited, but knew the answer already.

“Yes, she’s not long gone,” I replied.

“Good, well are you going to make me coffee?”

If ‘Auntie’ Debbie was a woman who knew what she wanted, then Maureen was another ‘force of nature.’

“Sorry.. yes,” I stuttered, “Go through into the kitchen, I’ll go and get dressed, be back in a minute.”

“No!… please… don’t worry, I probably won’t keep you long.”

She’d grabbed the sleeve of my anorak, and it would have seemed odd to have tugged it away, so I followed her into the kitchen, zipping the anorak halfway up as I went.

Maureen was someone I knew, just as a neighbour, on nodding terms, saying ‘hello’ whenever we saw each other in the street. Mum had invited her to various coffee mornings she’d held, and sometimes she came to evening meals with small groups of mum’s friends, usually I’d gone up to my room early when that occurred.

Physically she was attractive, in a mature way. Blonde hair, cut into a ‘bob’, a slender waist, quite tall, and generous breasts. Seeing her close up that morning, I could see that she hadn’t just ‘dropped by.’ Her make up had been carefully applied, and she was wearing rather a shortish skirt for someone in her fifties, with a blouse that had probably an extra button undone. The warning bells were sounding in my head.

“Hope you don’t mind instant coffee?” I asked, grabbing the kettle, and filling it under the tap. Maureen had already placed herself on one of the stools. It hadn’t gone unnoticed that she had allowed her skirt to ride up.

I saw her smile, as she made the obvious flirty reply, and possibly noticed my surreptitious glance at her legs.

“I like instant, I’m a spontaneous person.”

“I’m not sure why you’re here?” I tried to look puzzled.

I had to challenge the situation, and given what she’d seen me and Debbie doing, I was guessing it was directly related to that. Briefly I wondered if she was going to tell me that she was going to reveal all to mum, but then in my mind surely she wouldn’t land her friend in it too. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“I’ve been talking to ‘Auntie Debbie,’ she grinned as she heavily emphasised the ‘Auntie.’

I clicked the switch on the kettle, and took two mugs from the cupboard. When she said that, I halted, and turned to face her.

She continued, “Debbie must have said to you that I saw you both… yesterday?”

I croaked a bit, “Yes… she did.”

“She told me how good it was.”

My face was suddenly red hot, and Maureen was enjoying my discomfort, drawing the conversation out as long as she could.

Fixing her eyes on me she continued, “She told me that you’d seen her private videos?”

“Only some of them… yes.”

I looked away guiltily.

“So you didn’t see mine?”

“Yours?… no?”

Again there was the broad smile.

“Debbie and I both wondered, probably a good thing, your young mind might have been corrupted!”

With a chuckle the sarcasm wasn’t lost on me, but I was thinking that if Maureen appeared in some of those private files, Keith must be involved too.

“Anyway, to the point, we were discussing.”

“You said,” I answered.

I was anxious that she get to the point, this whole thing was a revelation about Debbie and her husband.

“Me and Debbie have decided to share you!” Her smile became broader.

“Share me?” The conversation was becoming even more bizarre.

Maureen stood up.

“When I saw you fucking Debbie, I couldn’t help wanting you myself.”

She stepped a couple of steps towards me, and in a flash she’d taken the zipper on my anorak and slid it right down.

“She told me how you made her cum.”

Maureen’s perfume was now filling my nostrils, and as she stood closer and closer, I could feel her breath, and took in the deep blue of her eyes. For some reason my eyes fixed on her naturally long lashes, and I froze as she went to kiss me.

The taste of a woman’s lipstick was still a novelty to me, but I’d certainly got experience of kissing by now. I didn’t resist, this was another woman wanting me, Yeşilköy escort bayan it was sexy, it was flattering, and my confidence was growing as was my cock.

I felt one of Maureen’s hands find their way inside my anorak, seeking out my cock within my boxers.

“Are you going to fuck me in your kitchen?”

Maureen’s fingers were now tugging my boxers down, and my erection was still growing.

I couldn’t believe how assured I was as I let my anorak drop from my shoulders, and my boxers slide to my ankles.

“Bend over… across there.” I said assertively.

I spun her round, and directed her back across the kitchen to the breakfast bar.

“Wait,” she muttered, as she hitched up her skirt, wriggling, tugging her panties down while balancing on alternate feet.

Spreading her body forwards across the bar, and gripping the far edge with her hands, she parted her feet wide on the kitchen floor.

It was strange to be standing naked in my kitchen, positioning myself behind this woman, who wanted my cock inside her.

“Oh fuck!.. do it… go on!”

Maureen’s pussy was moist and waiting. She must have been building her arousal ever since she rang the doorbell.

When I slid inside her, she cried out again, “Fuck me Ed… fuck me hard! Oh god… your cock… go on… do it!”

And so I started, thrusting hard up against her ass. She was trying to push back, the sound of my thighs smacking into her buttocks was evidence of our lust. Even when one of the stools was kicked over by Maureen’s flailing leg we continued on, and she was crying out mostly with words that were more and more explicit.

“Fuck me with that cock… shove it right in… harder, fuck me harder… oh god, I want your spunk inside me.”

When she started to cum I thought the whole road would hear. I could see her hands gripping the work top more tightly, her back had began to arch, until she was up on her elbows, her head thrown back. I couldn’t see her face, I just heard her staccato “UH!… UH!… UH!… ” getting louder and faster.

Gripping her hips and thrusting just a bit more slowly, I managed to hold myself back until she exploded.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she kept repeating, and then the loudest cry of, “Yes… YES… YEEESSSS! until her whole body shook under my hands.

I felt her pussy muscles grip me in little pulses, and I began to jerk deep inside her.

More quietly she muttered, “Yes Ed… god that is so good.”

I was breathing quickly, and my legs were aching with all the effort. I slowly withdrew my cock, and as I backed away, it left Maureen still spread across the breakfast bar. I could see the bright pink of her pussy, glistening with her juices, and then suddenly there was a small gush of my semen rushing out, and dribbling onto the floor, followed by a steady oozing of even more down the inside of one of her thighs.

Slowly she stood up, her skirt dropping back down.

“Fuck Ed.. Debbie was so right… please… just pass me that kitchen roll, you’re pouring out of me.”

I tore off a few sheets and watched as she turned her back and stuck her hand between her thighs.

“Does Debbie know you’re here, she’s gone to visit her mum?”

“Yes, there’s a lot we share, you’ve probably guessed we share Keith as well.”

In one way it didn’t surprise me, but in another it did. I was trying to see in my mind the whole relationship thing, and where Maureen’s husband fitted in.

“What about David?”

I knew David better than I knew Maureen, he was a keen football fan and supported the same team as me.

“He’s ok with it, in fact he’s the one who very often makes some of those videos.”

It appeared I’d happened upon a small social group of friends who shared each other, I wondered if mum had any knowledge of this. For one horrifying moment it occurred to me that she might be involved in it all.

Maureen was sitting back on the stool stuffing her panties in her small handbag.

“Where’s that coffee, we didn’t get around to that?”

Interrupting I quickly said, “Let me get dressed first, I won’t be long.”

I picked up my boxers and anorak and ran upstairs. When I got back downstairs Maureen had boiled the kettle again, and was a bit more composed.

“You must be wondering about me and Debbie, Ed? I’m afraid we’ve sort of ganged up on you. I always thought you were a handsome lad, and I could see you developing into a handsome man.”

I was spooning the coffee into the mugs with my back to Maureen.

“I’m just trying to work out if this is a conspiracy. You two seem to be slightly ‘unusual’ where sex is concerned.”

I poured the water and topped up with milk from the fridge, feeling Maureen’s eyes on me all the time. Handing her the mug I sat down on the stool opposite.

Her face was full of mischief.

“It all sort of happened about ten years ago, one of those drunken nights, the four of us, Debbie, Keith, me and David. A game of truth, dare, and well, Escort Yeşilyurt it got a bit out of hand, and we all realised our relationships needed a boost, so eventually swapping partners seemed to do it. We had a few heart to heart talks, but we enjoy it now, we’re comfortable with it. I guess me and Debbie sort of got chatting about you.”

I was looking perplexed.

“You two are predators!”

Maureen could tell I was teasing. It had become clear, very quickly, that these two women were going to make my summer into an interesting few weeks.

“Nooooo!” she said giggling, “we are just enjoying our lives at last.”

“Mum mustn’t find out.” I added, panicking a bit.

It was a statement of fact, “She’d be horrified. I know she chats to you both, I’m surprised you’ve never tried to involve her?”

“We did try once.”

Staggered, I waited for her to tell me.

“She came to a party last year, you might remember it, David’s fiftieth. I think you stayed at a friend’s that night.”

I did remember, I remembered coming home on the Sunday lunchtime and finding mum with an almighty hangover.

“What happened?” I couldn’t imagine mum doing anything improper.

“I’m not sure if I ought to say anything, you won’t say anything to her?”

“God, no, I wouldn’t dare, tell me… please.”

“Ok… it was late on, loads of people were there. Your mum had had lots to drink and David was messing about being flirty with her. I knew what he was doing and told him to ‘go for it.’ Anyway when she went to loo she went to the bathroom upstairs and he followed her, so when she came out he was there, waiting.”

I was all ears, I couldn’t imagine mum being ‘flirty.’

This is what he told me, I’ve no reason to disbelieve him. He chatted to her on the landing and sort of got ‘encouragement.’ Somehow they started kissing, and when they heard someone coming upstairs, he persuaded her into one of the bedrooms, out of sight.”

“AND?” I asked.

“He got as far as putting his hands under her dress. He said for a few minutes she didn’t stop him, but when he started to get inside her panties she panicked and stopped him. So he wasn’t going to force her into something. They came back downstairs, and nothing more was said, at least that night.”

“What do you mean, ‘at least that night?”

“Well, she did say something to Debbie, something about how David had ‘tried it on’ with her. Debbie laughed it off saying it must have been the alcohol, and it being his birthday.”

“I don’t think she’d do that with anyone. That’s why she’d think all of this with me would be… well shocking.”

Maureen stood up, both of us appreciating the openness.

“When’s your mum home?” she asked.

“Sometime this afternoon, she might get off earlier today.”

“Want to come to mine for lunch? I do a very nice dessert!”

We both chuckled at the innuendo, and the temptation was too great for me.

“I’ll go home and have a shower, you come round when your ready. Just keep an eye out for Mr Gordon across the road, he’s always looking to see what’s going on.”

When Maureen had gone I took a shower too. I couldn’t believe this world that I was entering. In just a few days I’d had sex with two neighbours and was privy to their whole relationship, and I’d found out that mum had almost given in to a fling as well.

When I went to Maureen’s I had to walk out of my house, past Debbie’s, and into hers. I took a magazine with me, as though I was delivering something. If ‘nosey’ Mr Gordon saw me he would think just that.

Maureen opened the front door, inviting me in. She was now wearing a summery print dress, buttoned to the waist, and cut low enough to see the gentle swell of her breasts. She looked ‘hot.’

“You look stunning,” was my first reaction, and she smiled broadly.

“Oh my goodness Ed, you’re learning fast. You know how to melt a woman’s heart as well as fuck her!”

She closed the door behind me, and stopped me going further, pulling me towards her.

“Kiss me, I just fancy you to bits.”

Her freshly applied lipstick tasted divine, and her tongue sought out mine. Instantly I found my cock stirring, as she pressed her body up against mine.

“Oh god, I can’t wait, let’s go upstairs now.” She said it hungrily.

I had no choice, I wanted her too. In a rush, she led me to her bedroom.

“Get undressed, let’s go to bed properly.”

Both of us were stripping out of our clothes, and Maureen beat me under the duvet. I followed her, enjoying that first rush of pleasure when our naked bodies pushed up against each other.

“Let me see you.” I sensed her reticence in showing her ‘older’ body to me, “you are beautiful… sexy… gorgeous.”

“Ohhhh… Ed!” I’d said the right thing.

The duvet was thrown off and I took in her breasts, the width of her hips, and the neatly clipped fuzz between her thighs.

“Let me explore you, let me do what I want to.” I wanted it my way.

Maureen Zeytinburnu escort sighed, and whispered, “Go on then…”

I leaned forward and sucked in one of her nipples. She moaned loudly, and pressed her body towards me, offering me the other one.

I was stroking her legs, her inner thighs, and moved so that I could push my head down between them.

“Oh yes, please Ed!… mmmmmmmm!”

It was her reply to my tongue slipping between her pussy lips. She tasted divine, and I lapped up her juices, licking upwards over her clit.

“Oh god… OH GOD!…”

It was an expression of enjoyed mutual pleasure, and I went on, licking, sucking, and decided to take her all the way.

Ed… Ed!… ED!.. please don’t stop, oh my god… yes!”

Minutes of sighing, moaning, shifting her body, clasping her thighs on either side of my head followed, and the final cry of recognition that she was almost there. Her body shook, her pussy seemed to gush with even more juices, and I lifted my head slightly until she finally subsided. Gently I licked her once again, and heard her say, “come here, kiss me… please… come up here.”

My face was wet and smeared with her juices, she lifted the edge of a pillow to wipe my face before kissing me, and then held me tightly to her.

“Ed, you devil, that was so good.”

I chuckled, aware that my erection was pressing into her side.

“Now it’s my turn, don’t stop me.”

I wasn’t going to argue. She sat up, curling her body round as she pushed me onto my back. I felt her mouth close over my cock, and her fingers grip the base. I couldn’t help a groan as I settled to enjoy what was to come.

Maureen was an expert. With her lips and her tongue she made my cock as hard as it could possibly be. She pushed down, and a couple of times I heard her gag.

With one hand she massaged my balls, with the other she massaged the lower half of my shaft. Then, increasingly, she pushed down, letting me feel the back of her mouth. When I heard her gag again I wasn’t sure whether to say something. Instead I felt the pressure increase and she thrust her head down, the head of my cock being squeezed. Suddenly I felt it go further, and her face was pressed up against my belly.

With a loud gurgling gasp, and trying to catch her breath she pulled back. After just a few seconds she pushed down again. My cock went deep into her throat, her face pressing against me once again. This time she held it there for a few more moments before lifting up again. There was the sound of the battle to regain her breath, and her gasping made me raise my head to see if she was ok.

She was crouched for a moment, tears seeming to pour down her cheeks, and long threads of drool hanging from her mouth. Before I could say anything she’d taken me in again.

This time the pressure on my cock was having its effect. I could feel myself ready to cum.

“Maureen!” I moaned, and it was a signal to her that she wouldn’t have to do much more. In fact only three times more did she go down on me, finally hearing me groan, and feeling me jerk.

She could only hold me in her throat for the first jet of spunk. Lifting her head up, gasping for breath, I opened my eyes and saw her mouth catching the rest of it as I emptied myself in a series of spurts.

When she finally looked up at me it was the most bizarre sight. Her mascara running down her cheeks, and an absolute mixture of saliva and spunk dribbling down her chin and onto her breasts.

“Bet you’ve not had it like that before,” she was smiling triumphantly.

“Maureen, I don’t know what to say… except you need some tissues!”

She laughed, and picked several from a box beside the bed. Swinging her legs onto the floor, she declared, “I’d better shower… DO NOT GO AWAY!”

I watched her disappear into the en-suite, and reached for some tissues myself. In just a few minutes she returned, towelling herself down, then sitting on the bed beside me and kissing me.

“You look different without your make up?” Too late I realised what I’d said.

“I’m glad you didn’t say ‘older,” she snorted, the slap landing on the top of my thigh and stinging. “Bloody cheek, that’s the last blow job you get young man!”

I whimpered, making it sound like I’d been hurt. It had hurt, but I grabbed her and kissed her, apologising profusely.

“Too late… too late!.. just make it up by giving me a cuddle.”

We both lay on our sides, and with her back to me I put my arms around her, kissing the skin on her shoulders and neck.

“Mmmmmm, I love this, after sex, just cuddling,” she said, and in the gentle quietness I must have fallen asleep.

“Are you awake?”

Maureen’s whisper allowed me to wake up slowly. I could feel the heat of our bodies, still locked together. I cupped her breasts and snuggled into her neck.

“You’ve been asleep for nearly an hour,” she spoke quietly again.

“Oh dear Maureen, I’m sorry, typical male after sex!”

“NO!… it’s been lovely, keep holding me, please.”

I squeezed her tightly, not wanting to leave, but knowing I probably should go home.

Within a few minutes I heard her ask, “Are you getting hard again?”

Maureen’s question was a reaction to my cock, which was lodged against her ass. I was semi hard as I often was when I woke up from sleep.

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