I Never Saw It Coming

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The club wasn’t too far from my office and since parking was a bitch on Friday nights, I decided to park at my building and walked the four blocks to where Jonah and a group of friends were celebrating his birthday. Jonah had reserved the loft, which overlooked the entire bar, and I quickly found him, drink in hand, toasting his 27th with a group of his friends.

I walked up the stairs, admiring his lean 6’0 frame as he laughed at something one of his friends said, his dark brown hair flopping boyishly in his brown eyes. He took a drink from his bottle of Pacifico, turned to say something, and saw me approach.

“Stevie!” he greeted me with a shout and a half hug. I smiled at the nickname only he ever used. “I’m so glad you made it! I wasn’t sure you were coming.”

“Are you kidding me? You come all the way from Seattle to celebrate your birthday, you bet your ass I’m coming,” I said, enjoying the strength of his embrace. “Wouldn’t miss it. In fact, I have no plans the entire weekend.”

Since everybody else looked to be a few drinks in, I figured I’d be designated driver. I signaled to the bartender and ordered a Sprite. “Noooo… it’s my birthday,” Jonah said, stopping the bartender. “He’ll have a Singapore Sling!” he shouted over the noise.

“A Singapore what? What the fuck is that?” I asked.

Jonah paid for the drink over my protests and we toasted. He clinked his bottle to my glass and winked at me, his lips curving up slightly as he watched me take a sip. Whatever a Singapore Sling was, it was good. A little on the sweet side but not overly so. I’m a beer guy and don’t usually drink mixed drinks, but one would be fine. Plus, as Jonah said, it was his birthday.

“Let me introduce you to some of the guys,” he said, taking my arm and leading me to where a group of young men were talking. I graduated from college seven years ago and had stayed here in San Diego while most of the guys I was closest to, including Jonah, who was a year behind me, had moved away.

I recognized a few of the guys but didn’t really know them that well. Because Jonah and I had different majors we didn’t have a lot of the same friends. But we had the important things in common: I liked to fuck and Jonah liked to be fucked.

Two of the guys, a pair of beefy gym jocks named Brent and Jeff, stood out in particular. They were both about Jonah’s height and were very cute. I’d never met them but apparently they knew who I was.

They spent a good part of the evening following me around like smitten acolytes, casting worshipful glances at me as they complimented my body and asked about my diet and workout routine while taking multiple opportunities to feel my pecs, biceps, and, occasionally, my ass. It was a good thing the lights were dim in the club because I started throwing wood thinking of the fun I could have tag-teaming these two.

I’ve been told, on occasion, that I have a young ‘Chris Hemsworth thing’ going on. While I don’t mind the comparison, I don’t think we look that much alike, other than we both have thick blond hair, blue eyes, and favor a bit of facial hair. Oh, and he’s an inch taller than my 6’2 (yes, I checked).

Jonah handed me another drink and I arched my brow and I tried to turn it down, wondering what he was playing at.

“Oh, come on,” he half-pleaded, looking up at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes, his lower lip thrust out. “It’s my birthday, celebrate! Fuck, I’ll spring for an Uber back to your place.”

My place? Hmmm… “Okay,” I assented. This was shaping up better than I’d imagined. “What the hell.”

“Good, now quit being such a pussy and drink up!”

Pussy? I curled my lip in a mock snarl and gave him a friendly bump with my shoulder. He looked up at me with a mischievous grin and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as we clinked glasses again.

By the time we left the bar, I’d somehow had two more Singapore Slings and was feeling pretty good. Four drinks in three hours isn’t a whole lot to some guys, but it was pushing the limit for me, especially since all I’d had to eat since lunch was some pretzels and a couple of fried mozzarella sticks. Between the drinks and Brent and Jeff’s constant fondling, I was a little smashed and very horny, and it was a struggle to keep my wits about me and act more sober that I was.

Jonah had also been flirting heavily with me all night and when he suggested he crash at my place, batting his long eyelashes as he rubbed my pecs, I knew I’d be getting lucky. I knew that look of his. I’d seen it plenty of times. He wanted to fuck. And damn if I wasn’t worked up and ready to oblige!

I finished my drink, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and said, “Let’s go.” I thought my voice sounded a little slurred, but nobody seemed to notice.

“I’m over my limit so Brent and Jeff offered to drop us off on the way back to their hotel if you don’t mind,” Jonah informed me as we walked in the brisk night air, his hand resting almost possessively on my lower back just above my ass. I nodded and didn’t think twice when Gaziantep Fetiş Escort we stopped at Jonah’s rental to retrieve an overnight bag from the trunk because, honestly, my mind was on Brent and Jeff, thinking about how much fun it would be to have them over as well.

I almost suggested it, but tonight I wanted it to be just me and Jonah. Hell, with all the signs and clues he’d been dropping left and right, I knew my itch was going to be scratched. I could feel my dick go erect in my briefs, throbbing at the thought of fucking his tight ass. It had been too long.

Jeff and Brent had slipped me their numbers earlier in the evening and I figured tomorrow night I could head over to their hotel or have them over for some hot threesome action. Hell, I could even ask Jonah if he wanted to watch.

Jonah had his hand between my legs the entire fifteen minute ride from the club to my townhouse, thumbing my fat prick through my worn jeans. I could see Brent checking us out in the rear view mirror from time to time but I was too turned on to give a fuck. Jonah was trying to work my dick free from my briefs so he could rub the denim across the sensitive piss slit and crown. Yeah, he remembered what I liked.

Every now and then he’d slide his hand up under my shirt and play with my nipples, giving them a random tweak and pluck. This was new to me and I lay my head against the headrest and let my legs fall open wider, giving him the access he wanted. He was getting me nice and aroused, obviously knowing the reward of my cock up his ass was only minutes away.

I zoned out somewhere along the way, caught up in the bliss, and the next thing I knew my pants were undone and Jonah had the head of my cock popped up over the waistband of my briefs and was running his finger over the head and circumcision scar, basting it with my pre-cum.

“What the fu-” I started to whisper as I sat up, tucking my dick away and yanking my zipper back up.

“Just seeing if it’s still in working order,” he replied, a look of wide-eyed innocence on his face as he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked on it. “Getting it primed for the main event.”

“Oh, it’s in working order alright,” I confirmed, buttoning my pants and adjusting my raging boner. “Don’t you worry about that.”

Brent pulled up to my house and I got out and walked up the front path, still slightly buzzed from the alcohol, although I was feeling more sober than I had when we left the club. I looked back to see Jonah leaning into the passenger window, talking to the guys. His ass looked amazing and I was looking forward to tapping it. No, drilling it.

As if he could feel my gaze burning a hole in his jeans, he looked back at me over his shoulder with the biggest shit-eating grin I’d ever seen splayed across his face, and fuck if my cock didn’t go even harder.

He straightened up, fist-bumped the guys, and walked over to me. He was actually licking his fucking lower lip as he stared at my crotch.

Once inside he grabbed a couple of mini-bottles of Jack Daniels from his bag and went to the kitchen to mix us each a Jack and Diet Coke. As he handed me my glass, he pressed me against the refrigerator, pushed my shirt up to my armpits and began to tongue and tease my nipples with his teeth while he cupped by balls through my jeans, kneading and fondling them. I hissed as I spread my legs and thrust into his hand. “Jonah,” I rasped.

He looked up at me and grinned and then gave the hard nub of my tit a quick nip, giggling when I yelped. He took a quick sip of his drink, set it down, and then took mine, put it to my lips and began pouring it in, his lust-filled eyes locked on mine as if challenging me. It was pretty strong and burned a bit as it went down, but I drank it all, not wanting to dampen the mood.

He stepped back and grabbed the front of my jeans, his fingers sliding into my underwear and the soft hair of my trimmed pubes. He wrapped his hand around my cock and led me up the stairs to my bedroom. Damn, the guy wanted it bad!

Once we got to my room he let go of me and stepped back, flashing me a coy smile.

“Oh bullshit you’re shy,” I laughed throatily as I reached for him. “You’ve been pushing my buttons all fucking night. You’re totally begging for this.”

“Well, I’ve been looking forward to doing this for a long time,” he confessed, his eyes zeroing in on my crotch again. “And now that you said you don’t have plans…” He trailed off.

“An entire weekend?” I said, giving my hard dick a good squeeze for him. “Really?”

“You have a problem with that,” he asked, looking up at me.

“Hell no,” I said, unable to believe my good luck. A whole weekend fucking that sweet ass twelve ways to Sunday. “Time for you to strip and assume the position!”

He threw his arms out wide. “You want this prize, boy? You gotta unwrap it.”

“With pleasure,” I said, my lusted mind pausing only the slightest at the word ‘boy’. I slowly lifted his t-shirt up and over his head, running my hands across the planes of his broad chest – appreciating his big, well-defined pecs – then rubbing my thumbs over his nipples and lingering a bit as I did. He gasped and hunched and I swear I saw his crotch expand. “Oh yeah, I know exactly what you want tonight.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” I tossed the shirt into the corner and deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his Topman skinny jeans. As I yanked them down over his strong thighs, I was greeted by bulging tighty whities. They were Calvin Klein, of course, Jonah and his fucking designer labels. His erection was obvious and needy; it pushed up and to the left in the briefs, which were the slightest bit translucent where the tip of his wet dick pressed against the soft white cotton. I reached out and swiped my index finger over the head of his leaking cock and smiled as he shivered. I brought it to his lips and he sucked my finger. Hard.

“Nice,” I said, nodding my approval. “Very nice.”

He blushed slightly, his eye-lids fluttering a bit as he looked up at me. “I think it’s only fair you get naked, too,” he said. “Now strip!”

There was a slight edge to his voice that in my slightly inebriated condition I found more adorable than dominating. I smiled back at him. “Yes sir,” I chuckled, giving him a mock salute as I began to disrobe.

I was a bit unsteady as I undressed, wobbling a little as I stripped my shirt over my head. I don’t like the feeling of not being 100 per cent in control, but for some reason I didn’t mind with Jonah. Probably because we both knew what was coming next. Jonah had been sending signals all night long that he wanted to fuck. It was all good.

I kicked off my shoes, wiggled the toes of my bare feet, and was shoving my jeans down when Jonah gave me a gentle shove and I flopped down onto the bed on my back. I sat up as he stripped my pants off leaving me in just my plain black Hanes. He grinned again and helped me to my feet, only to shove me down on my knees and pull my face into his crotch. He was still wearing his underwear and his manly scent mixed with his pre-cum was titillating. I inhaled deeply and gently mouthed and nuzzled his boner through the white cotton.

“Ha,” he barked out, jumping back and peeling his underwear down. He pointed at my tented briefs, “Get those off, boy!” I climbed to my feet and quickly complied.

The next thing I knew, we were in a 69-position on my California King bed and he had my throbbing prick deep in his throat, slurping loudly as he thrust his dick into my mouth. I didn’t want to move this fast so early so I pushed away slightly but Jonah apparently had other ideas. He turned on the bed and pulled in close to me. He was on his side, pressed right against me, playing with my cock and sliding his fingers under my balls to stroke my taint.

That last drink was kicking in and, while my head wasn’t spinning or anything like that, I was definitely buzzed. His fingers on me felt great and I decided to relax and let him go for it. Once I was worked up enough, though, he was in for it because my dick needed relief!

His mouth was on my nipple again, teasing it with his teeth and pulling it into a hard point. One hand was gripping my cock now, the pad of his thumb rubbing lazy circles over the slick, fat crown, and the other was tugging at my nuts.

“Oh Christ,” I practically purred as I arched my back. As I did so, the fingers that were pulling on my balls slid between my legs and began to feather over my hole.

“What the-?” I jumped and the fingers retreated, and then Jonah suddenly got on top of me, settled himself between my legs, and, looking straight into my eyes, bent down to kiss me.

This was interesting. Jonah hungrily took possession of my mouth and I went with it, letting him in when he pressed. And why not? Jonah was hot and built and we both knew there were no strings attached. Consenting fucking adults. I opened wider to him.

I don’t know how long we made out, our tongues probing and jousting, when I felt him shift slightly on top of me as if reaching for something and then heard a small hissing noise. Once again, my mind paused, but then his right hand was traveling down my body and slid between my muscled thighs. His finger was back, playing with my ass, and in my tipsy and horny condition, I let him in.

He was up to the second knuckle of his index finger when the next thing I knew he had a small bottle next to my right nostril.

“What the…” I mumbled, taken aback. I tried to roll out from under and sit up, but he moved his arm so it was pressing down on my chest holding the bottle of poppers just inches from my face. His finger slid into my ass a bit further and he gently, but firmly, pushed me back down on the bad.

“Do them,” he said, his voice a sudden, no-nonsense crack. “Sniff.” I felt my dick twitch and I inhaled.

Oh shit. This isn’t a good idea, I thought, as the first wave of the aroma hit me, wrapping itself around my already fogged mind. Me and poppers never mixed well. Me and poppers and alcohol? Fuck… Well, this wasn’t the time to walk down Memory Lane.

As if reading my mind, Jonah smiled wickedly and put the bottle to my left nostril. He didn’t have to say anything: I immediately inhaled and felt the bottle move back to the other nostril. And then I was gone. Flying high.

“Oh my God,” I heard myself saying over and over as Jonah went to work on my hole. He’d settled himself between my legs and had them spread wide. In fact, he grabbed at them, bent my knees, and pulled me up against him. I felt his hot, wet tongue lick up and down the crack of my ass before centering on my pucker.

“Oh… Jonah…,” I started, my voice low and cautious as his tongue stabbed at my hole. “What are you doing?”

He smiled at me, eyes locked on mine again, and I could see the lust in my eyes reflected back at me. “Nothing you don’t want, Steve.”

I swallowed hard as he put the poppers back to my nose. I inhaled. He pressed the bottle into my hand and I reluctantly took it. “Do them when I tell you,” he said.

Fuck, I could just imagine what I must look like. I nodded. “I don’t remember you being this aggressive.”

“Things change.” Something in his voice made my dick pulse and he smirked as he watched it burp a pearl of pre-cum. He bent down and licked the tip clean, swirled his tongue over the crown, and then took me all the way in. He pulled off and turned his face up, watching me as he rubbed the stubble of his five o’clock shadow over the sensitive flesh of my cock.

I gasped and shivered as my dick began to visibly twitch. He reached to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube and I yelped when I felt the cool gel come in contact with my buttocks.

He inserted the full length of his index finger into the tight heat of my body and I absently took a hit off the bottle.

I still wasn’t sure about this. I mean, I’ve bottomed before but not since college. Back then my friend Doug and I used to fool around and on a couple of occasions he’d goaded me to use poppers after I was all worked up. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, he be fucking me. He seemed to know exactly what buttons to push and I never saw it coming. Never.

And there was the one time junior year in college when I got dosed with something during Spring Break, and Jonah, Doug and the other two guys we were rooming with took me back to the room where I ended up getting fucked by all of them for most of the night. But that was ages ago and I’d long since reasserted my Alpha persona with each of them – on numerous occasions – so what the fuck was I doing here with Jonah?

His chuckle pulled me out of my reverie and I looked up to see him grinning at me.

“Earth to Steve,” he laughed, beaming, and I was suddenly very aware that he had three fingers working my ass and, what’s more, my ass was working them back! When had that happened?

He must’ve seen the confusion on my face because he threw his head back and laughed again. “Man, I’ve been down here for almost five minutes opening you up and the whole time you’ve been moaning and writhing and huffing those poppers… And I only told you to sniff them the one time! Holy fuck!”

And before I knew it, Jonah was rolling a condom onto his cock and lubing it up. He got onto his knees, grabbed my legs and with no hesitation whatsoever, pushed his way inside me.

“Oh fuck!” I roared as his pubic bone met my ass and he proceeded to thrust into me in swift, punishing strokes. This wasn’t the tentative Jonah from college, the Jonah who blushed and practically fell all over himself apologizing as he fucked me that long ago Spring Break night. No, this was Jonah on a mission! I didn’t recognize this Jonah. I didn’t know this Jonah, but fuck – I wanted to!

I took another hit off the bottle of poppers and lay back, my eyes on his as he pistoned into me. I wrapped my legs around him and arched my back. Fuck, this felt good.

I was getting lost in the pounding, actually enjoying the feeling of being taken and dominated like this, when I heard a noise. I looked up past Jonah and there, standing in the doorway of my bedroom, were Jeff and Brent, eyes wide and mouths open in disbelief.

What the hell?! I felt Jonah shift and I watched as he turned to look over his shoulder – never losing his stride – a big smile spreading across his face.

“Glad you guys could make it,” he said, as he took the bottle of poppers from me, capped it, and tossed it over his shoulder.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” they chimed in unison.

Jeff caught the bottle in his left hand while Brent held up a second bottle. “Jonah here told us that poppers bring out your inner slut, Stevie. Is that true?”

I flicked my eyes up at Jonah; he was grinning widely as he thrust in deeper. I wailed and moaned and then made a whimpering noise as his cock grazed my nut. My cheeks flushed scarlet.

“Don’t worry,” Brent said as he sat down on the bed beside me and ran his thumb over the seam of my lips, “Jonah here doesn’t kiss and tell.” He fumbled with the plastic security seal on the poppers he was holding. “He wouldn’t give us any details… no matter how much we fucked and sucked him. Would he, Jeff?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32