I Just Wanted to Fuck Pt. 03

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This is a unique story about a husband and wife, written from two perspectives under two different titles. This one is about the man who thought his sex life became ordinary and scripted to the point of boredom. Its companion story is titled “I Just Wanted to Get Fucked”. I suggest you read them both chapter for chapter and gain some insight into why people who love each other end up cheating. Like I said it is Unique, and I hope you enjoy hearing both sides.

I Just Wanted to Fuck

Chapter Three

Judy makes her demands and takes control

After Cindy and the guys left for the night, Judy wanted to clean up and change before we left, so I went back to the office to wait for her. She came back in about ten minutes later fully naked, carrying her shirt, shorts, and shoes.

“I like your outfit for tonight but isn’t it a bit revealing?”

I’ll be wearing this outfit soon enough tonight, but for now I need my dress that’s in the bag behind you there.”

I handed her the bag and she started getting dressed, beginning with a set of 5-inch heels, then stood up and modeled them for me.

“Do you like my choice of heels?”

“Yes, they are very sexy but to be honest I care more about what you wear under your dress than what’s on your feet.”

“Oh, I won’t be wearing anything under my dress tonight. I plan on getting fucked often and furiously.”

“Well, I’m certainly up for that plan.”

“Who said it would be you fucking me? If you don’t agree to what I want tonight, I’ll just let some strangers fuck my pussy and ass.”

“OK girl, Uncle already.”

“I’m serious Brian, I am tired of being your secret work slut to fuck anytime you want and never give or do anything in return.”

“Look, I’m taking you out tonight, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, but you haven’t told me where yet. So where are you taking me?”

“Well, I know this nice quaint out of the way bar that has music and dancing.”

“Out of the way? That means somewhere no one will ever see us, and that doesn’t work for me. I’ll just go out and get some strangers to fuck me stupid and you can go back home to your wife.”

“Fine, you pick the place, and we’ll go there.”

“Fair enough, I’ll give you directions as we drive.”

She started to put her dress on, and it was obviously at least one size too small. It had spaghetti straps with a “V” cut chest, and it buttoned up the front but the highest one that would button was just below her tits. And it was flared and short on the bottom, so much so that a mild breeze would expose everything below her waist. And to put a cheery on top she left the last two buttons on the bottom undone, making the last securing button just below her pussy.

“Well, it looks like you might be ready?”

“Ready for anything and everything that comes my way tonight. Will you help me with my jewelry?”

“Sure, what help do you need?”

She pulled out a chrome 1 1/2 inch diameter, 5-inch-long anal plug, and a small bottle of lube.

“I want to ready for anything tonight, so I need someone to shove this up inside me. That way I will be stretched out by the time a cock comes looking for my ass.”

“Then bend over this desk and spear your legs and cheeks bitch.”

“Oh, now we’re talking dirty and calling names? I love it boss. Now don’t worry about hurting me, just make sure you get it in there.”

She put the lube on her fingers and made sure she got it all the way into her ass and around her sphincter then lubed the gigantic plug. She bent over the desk, spread her legs wide and pulled her cheeks apart with her hands.

“Come on big boy, shove that fucker all the way up inside of my ass.”

I started by just pushing lightly and twisting it side to side, and it went in just an inch, leaving another four to go. She started pushing back towards me telling me to go harder, so I added more pressure, making little progress.

“Come on Brian, just force that fucking thing in there. You wouldn’t hold back if you were trying to shove your cock in there, so stop fucking around and just send it home.”

I did as she ordered me and despite her vocalizations I just kept pushing and twisting the plug.

“That’s it, oh shit that feels big. Keep on going, oh fuck, yeah give it to me. Awe hell, it hurts but don’t stop, yeah shove that fucking thing up there. Ow, shit, fuck that hurts, ah God damn. Ge’ez, oh, ouch, fuck yeah.”

It finally plopped into her ass and her sphincter swallowed it right up to the flat end.

“Oh, that hurt like hell, but it feels so fucking good being in there. That’s going to make me horny every step I take and sitting down is going to drive me crazy.”

“Just wait until I replace that with my cock, then we’ll see how you feel.”

“Yeah, but I can’t walk around all night with your cock in my ass like I can with this. This plug might become my best friend, so now you’ve got some serious competition.”

“The only competition I’ll have is trying to get it out of there.”

“Wearing this 24/7 wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. I may end up wearing it every night and making it my new boyfriend.”

She got up and Porno straightened her dress and I really could see how much of her was on display, het tits were pushed up and out almost to the areolas, when she walked her dress opened in the front almost to her pussy, and without any panties or bra, she was in danger of flashing everyone within eyesight, but I think that was her intent.

“Come on Brian, let’s get going.”

When we left the building, we hopped into my car and she put both her heels on the dash with her legs spread, apparently ready to show her pussy to anyone we drove by. We pulled out and she just sat there rubbing her pussy and licking her fingers, driving me crazy the whole time. She told me where to make turns and we ended up at a traveling nightclub in an old warehouse downtown. We walked in and the bouncer said hello to her by name, and I knew this wasn’t her first night out like this. We were led to a small booth, and we took our places and ordered our drinks.

“OK, we’re out in public, you’re damn near naked, and I’m as horny as hell. Is this what you wanted?”

“I wanted to have your complete attention so that you would hear what I have to say.”

“Dressed like that you have my full attention, but I’m not sure it’s my ears that will be paying attention.”

“I’ll bet you I could simply go out and dance and start undoing buttons and get any man in this place to hear me?”

“OK, I’m listening. It was just a joke.”

“I’m going to use the carrot and stick approach here. First the carrot and this is what you get from this deal: I’m willing to let you have anal sex with me, and I’ll fuck you blind any other time. I’ll dress as promiscuously as you want, and I’ll let you grope and maul my body in front of people. Pretty much nothing will be off limits sexually. If there is something new you want to try with me, just ask me and we’ll work it out.

My side of this deal is you will go out in public with me, and not hide me like you’ve been doing. Also, I like having sex outside and in risky public places. I don’t want to get caught or arrested, but the thrill is in the fact that someone might see us fucking. That turns me on more than you could possibly know. In the future I want to try a twosome with a Strangers cock in my mouth and you fucking me from behind and possibly taking on three Men at once, having every hole being used at the same time. That’s what I get from this deal

Do you agree to all of this so far?”

“‘Yes, but I have a few questions first.”

“Go ahead, ask away.”

“How often do you demand we go out, and do I get to say no to some places if I feel it’s too risky?”

“I think minimum of once and maximum of twice a week is a good plan for us to start. As for getting Veto power, I’ll work with you if you voice legitimate concerns, no just saying that’s too risky.”

“OK, I think I can do this. Now what’s the stick?”

“First, I want you to know something. Every time your uncle turned the security cameras off during the day and at nights when we work late, he tells me to do it. Like tonight, he told me to turn the camera’s off and to restart them before we leave. I just program times into the computer and the system does all the rest. Like tonight, the cameras were to be turned off until we left, but they weren’t, I let them go on at normal quitting time, so everything we did was recorded.”

“What the fuck Judy, my uncle will see that in the morning?”

“Settle down Brian, I erased the recording before we left and reprogrammed the system to go back on fifteen minutes after we left.”

“You’re absolutely sure you erased tonight’s recordings?”

“Yes, but not before making and emailing myself a copy, and that’s the stick Brian. If you were to back out of our deal once you finally took me in the ass, I send that copy to your uncle, and your wife, and it will be edited for maximum effect.”

“So, you’re going to blackmail me now?”

“Oh, stop with the dramatics Brian. Do you want to fuck me in the ass at will? Do you want me sucking your cock each time we have a chance? Do you want to continue to rough fuck me whenever you feel like it?”

“Well yes of course I do.”

“Then nobody’s getting blackmailed, I’m letting you do all those things you say you want to do. The video is just to keep you honest and preventing you from backing out of what you agree to. If you want to forget this deal, then I’ll delete the video, but you won’t as much see down my blouse after that. Now, do we have an understanding here?

“Yes, I understand completely.”

“And do you agree to my terms from here on out into the future?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Good, then drink up your drink, I feel like dancing.”

I downed my drink and she led me out to the dance floor, where she started dancing with her hands above her head. I stared directly at her tits which seemed to be wanting to break that button holding them in. Then she put her hands around my neck and pulled me close to talk into my ear.

“See something you like mister?”

“You know I do, and so does almost everyone else.”

“If Altyazılı Porno you think that’s showing off, watch this.”

Dancing against my body she reached down and unbuttoned one more button allowing her one tit to hang out, then returned to dancing with her arms around my neck.

“Want to give them a real show, suck in my nipple while we dance.”

She put my arms in her shoulders and moved far enough back for her to take my head and put it on her chest. I figured this was what she wanted, and I wasn’t minding it in the least. I even gave her a firm bite and she yiped, drawing the attention of the couple dancing next to us. The guy leaned over to look and gave us some encouragement.

“Nice Tits Buddy.”

I didn’t say anything as I was still suckling on her nipple, but she answered in my place.

“Thank you, but you seem to be dancing with a nice set yourself, why not share them with all of us.”

He took hold of his girlfriend’s tank top at the waist and pulled it up above her breast and started sucking on her tit. The girl leaned over to Judy and I and spoke.

“See what you started?”

“Awe, does that mean if I take my dress off, you will remove your skirt.”

“No, I’m not that daring honey, but you go ahead if you want to.”

“Maybe later on when I’m more drunk.”

I lifted my head back up and was dancing looking down at her exposed chest when she turned around and started grinding her ass against my crotch. Knowing her tits were totally exposed I just reached around and cupped each one with my hands, holding her against me by her breasts. The song ended and she turned back to me, rebuttoning that one button and took my hand and walked me back to our booth.

“Well, what did you think of that Brian? I’ll bet Jen never would do something like that.”

“When she was younger, before we got married, maybe she would have, but now she dresses like an old lady.”

“Well, if I ever dress like an old lady, I give you permission to rip those clothes right off of my body.”

“I might enjoy that more than you think.”

“Well go ahead then, rip my dress off right now, but then you’ll be forced to walk around with a naked woman all night long. Not exactly a way of not being noticed and talked about all over town.”

I’ll wait until we’re alone before I separate you from what little clothing you’re wearing, if that’s OK with you?”

“I guess I can suffer through until then. Hey, I hear they make a wicked Hurricane here, let’s order two.”

Before I could say a word, she motioned for our waitress to come to the table.

“Hi, can we have two Hurricanes please?”

“Sure, but don’t get so drunk that you end up dancing totally naked, that is without me dancing with you.”

“Oh, are you a lady that likes seeing other ladies naked bodies?”

“Always darlin’, and Nice tits by the way.”

“Why thank you, the others seemed to like them too.”

“Oh, I’m sure they did, now let me get you those drinks.”

After the waitress left, Judy astonished me with what she said next.

“She’s cute. Would you like to fuck her?”

“What, I’m here with you, why would you ask me that?

“Because I’d love to have her eating my pussy, on her knees between my legs and you plowing her from behind. Doesn’t that sound like some real fun?”

Well, I guess if it were alright with you.”

“Oh, come on Brian, if I am getting my pussy licked, I wouldn’t care if you were sticking it to her pussy. This relationship of ours is all about sex, all kinds of sex, and I don’t rule out threesomes.”

“Yes, I’m starting to see that.”

When the waitress returned, Judy whispered something in her ear and handed over her phone. The waitress put her number in and gave Judy a kiss on the lips and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“I can’t wait to lick her cunt raw and take you for a spin at the same time, so make sure she calls me.”

“I can’t believe that.”

“What baby”

“She just basically just told me she wants me to fuck her, and I don’t even know her name.”

“Brian, loosen up please. She doesn’t care about your name so why would you care about hers?”

“Things sure have changed haven’t they.”

“Not really babe, I’m sure things are still just as stiff at those stuffy places you’re used to going. This crowd has always been here, all you had to do is walk in and ask like I just did. Now drink your drink and enjoy yourself.”

The next time the waitress came by she dropped a pair of white cotton panties in my lap. I picked them up to look at them, and in pen she wrote her name and number across the crotch. I held them up to show Judy.

“Apparently her name is penny, and she’s horny. Now I really want to fuck her.”

“Oh hell, you wanted to fuck her as soon as you saw her. Who do you think you’re kidding?”

“Maybe, but for now the only one I’m thinking about fucking is you.”

“And you’ll get that chance, now drink up and enjoy the music.”

I looked down and saw Judy playing with herself, and she reached over and unzipped my shorts and took out my cock. Slowly rubbing Brazzers herself, and stroking me in time with the music, she closed her eyes and laid her head back to enjoy herself. I looked up and there stood penny watching Judy do her thing. She handed me a note and walked away. After reading the note I tapped Judy in the shoulder and showed her what it said.

“Next to the woman’s bathroom is a door marked Private. Bring your little bitch back there in five minutes and I’ll take care of that for her.”

Judy sparked up Immediately and put me back in my shorts, then straightened her dress out on her lap. She tapped her fingernails on the table waiting out the five minutes and watching the clock on her phone. As soon as the five minutes were up, she took my hand and almost drug me down the hall to the door marked Private.

I opened the door for Judy to walk through and there stood penny, naked wearing only heels, and she took Judy into her arms and kissed her sensually and passionately. She waisted no time undoing Judy’s dress and letting it fall to the floor.

“Get your ass up on that desk with your butt on the edge. As for you big boy, I don’t like that polite fucking business, you fuck me you do it hard and deep. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Yes ma’am, I can.”

The kiss she laid on me was strong and forceful, and she rubbed at my crotch the whole time she kissed me. Then she turned to Judy, bent over, and started massing her clit and fucking her with two fingers.

“Now, let’s see if I can make this cunt weep, and you get busy behind me big guy.”

“Stop the talking and start the licking bitch and don’t worry, he’ll fuck you soon enough.”

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and got behind penny, reaching between her legs to make sure she wasn’t dry, and she was wet as hell. I lined up behind her and rubbed them head of my cock in her fluids and started to put the head into her pussy.

“What the fuck did I tell you about gentle mother fucker?”

She pushed back against me and impaled herself on my cock all the way to the balls. I pushed her forward to her previous position between Judy’s legs, pulled out and slammed back into her. Meanwhile Judy had one hand on the inside of each knee. Pulling her legs up and open while Penny finger fucked her pussy and gave her clit a tongue lashing. I started fucking penny like a mad man, throwing her body forward with each intense thrust, and enjoying the grunts I was causing her to make.

Penny changed her technique while finger fucking Judy, instead on fingers in and out she had three buried to the hilt, massaging her G-Spot driving Judy wild. She had taken control over this entire sexual interlude, and made no apologies about it, barking orders to Judy and myself.

“Don’t you get tired back there, I expect you to fuck me hard until I cum all over that cock.”

Although I was enjoying fucking this broad, I was getting a little annoyed with her attitude during the whole thing, so I had the idea I was going to do something about it. Each time I thrust into her I could see her asshole contract tightly, and it would loosen each time I withdrew, so on one stroke out I lined up with her other hole and slammed my cock in with one thrust.

“Of Fuck, God damn, Mother Fucker that hurt. What the fuck were you thinking not telling me that was coming?”

“You said to fuck you hard and not to be polite about it, so that’s what I did.”

“OK mother fucker, if that’s the way you want to play, that’s what we’ll do. Now get back to it.”

She pulled on Judy’s plug removing it up to its widest point causing her to groan and squeal, then shoved it back in. Penny got to the point where she was licking her clit, fingering her pussy, and removing her plug altogether just to ram it back in, the whole while I’m sawing in and out of her ass. I could her Judy building an orgasm and getting closer.

“Yeah, suck my clit and fuck my ass at the same time, don’t stop bitch, you make my pussy gush.”

So, I reached down and started playing with penny’s clit rubbing and pinching it to get her close also.

“Yeah, that’s it mother fucker, get my clit going too.”

It seemed the rougher I was on her clit, the more she loved it, pushing it into my fingers and moving as much as she could to get the best effect from my hand. I kept rubbing and pinching harder and she kept responding to my actions.

“Oh, come on baby, your boyfriend has me close, give me your sweet lady cum.”

Penny sped up her fucking of Judy’s ass and that pushed her over the edge.

“Yeah, fuck oh fuck, I’m ready to cum. Here I go.”

With that I increased my abuse on Penny’s clit and she erupted along with Judy.

“God damn, oh fuck, fuck me you bastard, I’m Cumming.”

With both women screaming in orgasmic joy, and Penny’s ass biting down on my cock, I let loose and pumped her full of my cum, while still playing with her clit. She just kept Cumming and jumping, and I just pushed in as far as I could and held on for the ride. When she finally settled down and stop squeezing my cock with her anal muscles, I pulled out and walked over to where Judy was laying. She knew right away what I wanted, and she opened her mouth and sucked me into her warm wet mouth and sucked vigorously cleaning me off. As she was doing that Penny put back on her skirt, bra, and blouse then came over and kissed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32