I Just Took A Shower…

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I had already taken a shower today, but this was a shower with my vibrator. A big, blue jelly, with segmented sides and three speeds. Romance.

So I turned the water on hot, lit a candle, turned the light and the fan off. I let the room fill with steam, which carelessly caressed my aroused, tingling body. I stepped in and my skin flushed under the hot water, running in rivulets across my soft, shaven body. My cock arched forward, ever so imperceptibly.

Meanwhile, my mind raged with lust, a whirlwind of lustful thoughts, tearing my mind apart like a pack of craven wolves. Both hands went immediately to my waist. My right reached for my slowly awakening cock. I reached for the soap dish, rolled it twice in my hand, and grabbed my thickening member, still floppy. What a sexy thing! How I would love to put it in my mouth!

My left lingered towards my backsides, tracing a gentle, focusing line down the upper arched curve of my boy bubble butt – down into the soft, clean curves and undulations of my ass. Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort Finally, my fingertip came to a stop at my puckered boypussy, slowing to millimeters, tracing the smooth outline of each delicate pucker. Amorously, my cock grew to fill my right hand, freshly lathered with almond-scented soap.

My whirlwind of thought swirled more fiercely now. Pictures of me, undressing with a stranger, touching, lusting for a fuck – or my round rump, in silken panties, thrust in the air as my mouth gorged hungrily on a lipgloss-sloppy cock – or laying in a bathtub with no water, just boys galore, floating around me, jerking onto my skin, offering the plum-heads of their cocks to me as though I were the guest at a Roman banquet. Such plums, I would eat them all.

I remember very clearly the picture of just one such plump head-of-cock that was being offered to me in my fantasy, as my dildo slipped inside my tight ass, helped by a glistening glob of KY jelly. I gasped, girlishly, as I felt that star shooting into my center, the soft whispering kiss of each rounded segment of fake cock passing my asshole. All the way in, until I was compressed. My right hand now vigorously stroking away, soapy, racing forward. Thinking of some pussy, somewhere… and at the same time, thinking of my own cunt, right there, getting fucked.

As my left hand worked that gelatinous vibrating penis in and out of my pussy, alternating the speed of both penetration and vibration, the water washed the soap from my hand. I reached to push the shower head aside. I grabbed the bar of soap and re-lubed, and began to attack my penis again more ferociously.

I bent over, to feel like a girl, feel that living hot flesh inside me. How I want it! My toes girl, the water beats down near me, the feel of my rippling, soapy cock in my hand. I want nothing more than to have a cock in my mouth. My cock. A stranger’s cock. Anyone’s cock. God I want that fucking cock! As I stroke and fuck myself, something is rising within me. Being fucked like a girl, I have never felt so empowered.

Bent over, bent over. my mouth is open. It waits for my cum. The dildo is buzzing like an enormous dragonfly, fucking me. I melt for it. I wish I’d put on bright pink lipstick. My hand strokes the cock it knows so well. The shower is solid steam, I can barely see my cock, a foot from my mouth. But I know it is there. I want it badly. I want cum. I want come. The stars enter my eyes, and the dildo stops, fully inside of my ass. I know nothing around me, but the feeling of my cock exploding, deeply. The feeling of come, come, come, on my lips and in my mouth, on my chest, running down my nipple, hot, electric.

If the cock in my ass were real, it would be depositing its sweetness in my deepest recesses right now. I wish it were true. My mind races with millisecond fantasies of walking around with another man’s come inside of me. Like his little girl. This drives me further with lust, and I lick my lips to taste the spunk that has landed there. I taste the tide, I taste myself – but I taste a million other boys too, all at once.

I am a boy’s dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32