I Control My Boss Ch. 03

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Marisol lives in Westchester not too far from me. I often walk to her house and we drive in to work together. I guess we will drive in together in the morning too. I pulled up to Marisol’s house, just as she and Tulla were getting out of the car. They waited for me. Tulla found the key to the front door and opened the door.

“Tulla you might be more comfortable taking a shower here. There is a full bathroom down the hall to your left. My keys are on the table here. Take my car back and let yourself out if I’m not here. Give my keys and the parking ticket to Deb. Make sure that soiled linen bag is removed, when you get back.” I said.

Tulla nodded that she understood and went down the hall. I stripped Marisol and laid her on the couch covering her with the afghan in the back of the couch. I went home to get a change of clothes.

Upon return to Marisol’s house my car was gone which meant Tulla was too. When I got inside the house, Mari was sound asleep on the couch. I called the office and left a voicemail. “Deb this is Jenn. Mari and I had a late night at the office last night. We didn’t go home until about 2 am. We will be coming in late today. See you around noon.” Deb is the secretary. After I hung up I fell to sleep in the recliner.

At 9am I awoke to the sound of Mari saying, “What the hell…”.

“Well good morning lover.” I said.

“Lover???” she asked.

“Yeah, we made love this morning.” I said.

“Get the fuck out of here!!” she exclaimed. I show her the vid of me fucking her ass and pussy and her cumming. “OH MY GOD! What have I done?”

“That’s only part of it.” I stated with a smile forwarding the tape to where she was fucking Tulla.

Marisol put her hand on her face shaking her head. “I can’t believe it.”

“Mari, it’s all good. I’m not going to say anything and neither will Tulla. We have too much to lose. We all do…go take a shower, I’ll put on so coffee, you look like you can use some.” I assured her.

“Oh my god its 9:10.” she realized.

“No worries. I left a message with Deb saying we both were coming in late.” I said.

“Thank you.” She went into the bathroom and took a shower.

I made a pot of coffee and took a cup to her when the water stopped. This was my special brew because it had just a little more GHB in it then last night. I wanted to try an experiment.

As Mari dried off, I showered. Mari put on a bath robe and left the bathroom. I finished in the shower, dried and dressed. When I entered the kitchen Mari was sitting at the table with a blank stare, coffee cup sitting in front of her on the table. This was what I was hoping.

“Mari?” I questioned.

“Yes?” She responded.

“What ya doing?” I asked.

“Nothing.” was her response, still with the same blank stare.

“You look hot.” I stated.

“Yes, I’m warm” she answered.

Now I had to take a chance. “Why don’t you stand up?”

“Okay.” She said standing up.

“Remove you’re robe, it’s hot in here.” I suggested. She undid the sash and dropped the robe back onto the chair.

“Good girl” I said, “Take your left breast porno into your hand and lick you nipple. She did as told. “Good girl” I said. She smiled.

“Put your robe back on and sit at the table again. She replaced the robe, tied it and sat back at the table. I still wasn’t complete sure if she was just playing along with me but time was short.

“Marisol, relax. You are very relaxed. How do you feel?” I asked.

“Good” she replied.

“You are the most relaxed that you have ever been.” I lifted her hand and dropped it. Good.

“Marisol, when you hear my voice and my voice only say, ‘Doggypoo” you will become my slave. You will do whatever I say, no matter what it is. You will have no choice. Do you understand?”I asked.

“Yes I understand.” she replied.

“What do you understand?” I asked.

“When I hear your voice only say ‘doggypoo’ I will do what you want me to do, no questions, I will have no choice.” she parroted back.

“If you get the urge to resist, you will feel deep sadness and an urge to please me more, no matter what the cost to you personallyk. Do you understand?” I asked again.

“Yes” she said.

“Good!” I confirmed. “Now, when you hear my voice and only my voice say ‘Cat shit’ you will be full aware of your surroundings, not remembering anything I might have instructed you to do between the time my voice says ‘doggypoo’ and ‘cat shit”. Not only that you will feel wonderful and happy. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.” Mari replied.

“Good!” I said. “One more thing. Whenever you feel my hand anywhere on your body, except for a hand shake, you will become sexually excited and you won’t understand why. The longer I touch you the hornier you will become. If I touch you consecutively within a five minute period, you will become sexually aroused, with each contact, to the point where you will orgasm. It won’t be just any orgasm, it will be the most mind blowing orgasm that you’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t matter where you are, it won’t matter if people see you and you won’t care. You will remember the orgasm but it will be like a regular part of your day. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes I understand.” she said.

“Good. No I will slowly count backwards from 10. With each number you will become more alert and feeling good until when I get to zero you will be fully aware and with no realization that you lost the last 15 minutes. 10-9-8-7-6 becoming more aware and feeling good 5-4-3-2-1-0. You better get going Mari.” I said.

“Gee your right.” she said. She went into her bedroom and got her things together. Now a test. “Doggypoo” I said standing at her bedroom door.

“How may I please you Mistress?” Mari asked looking at me. She was standing in her bra and panties.

“Take off your bra and panties, you won’t need them today. It will feel natural for you not to have them on. You can finished getting dressed after you remove them.” When she was ready I said “Cat Shit”.

“God, I feel good. Lets go”, she said.

“Make-up?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. I’m feeling so good, want to get this day going” Mari stated anime porno and sat down at her make-up table.

On the way out of the door Mari asked me, “Jenn, have you seen my purse? I found my keys but not my purse.”

“You left it in the office hun.” I said

In the car there was an awkward silence. Finally, Mari asked me, “I really have lesbian sex with you last night?”

“Yup” I said.

“I’ll be damned!” she said in reply.

When we got to work, Deb gave Mari her messages and I went to my office and got report from the supervisor covering for me. The day was uneventful. At 5pm, I went to the office.

“Deb, Is she in?” I asked.

“Yes, but John is with her.” Deb announced. John was John Mamancolla. A Senior VP of the hospital and Marisol’s boss. After about 10 minutes John came out of her office, followed by Mari, and greeted me. “Ms. Brite, how are you today?” Shaking my hand, “Mrs. Ramirez speaks highly of you. I’m looking forward to your presentation in the morning.”

“I’m looking forward to the presentation too.” I said.

“See you in the morning.” John said.

Both Deb and Mari raised their eyebrows, “Wow! I never heard him say he was looking forward to anything.” said Deb.

“I agree,” added Mari, “He likes you. You better not screw up!”

“Let’s hear what you’re going to say” Deb requested. Deb had agreed to stay and hear my presentation. On her own time Deb, is a Hispanic gay woman who is married to a fashion model. Her wife is on assignment so she agreed to stay late tonight to help me out. I’m taking both her and Mari to dinner tonight.

When I finished the presentation, Deb said, “You’re going to blown them away.”

“Mari, whose going to be there?” I asked.

The senior management team, all department heads and nurse managers. Be ready for push back from nursing. As you know, nursing doesn’t like outsiders stepping on their toes. How will you handle a question about linen pars?” Mari asked.

“If you want something added, you must remove an item. This works because our linen vendor has agreed to lower the cost so that each item costs the same. As long as we guarantee the usage. Page 7 of the handout represents the annual cost savings based on current usage. So if you use more blankets than bath towels, you can swap them out, one for one. Will Liz be there?” I explained.

“She is a department head.” Mari said. Liz Rockenberg is the Linen Manager.

“Good.” I replied. “Let’s go eat! Since you’re the NYC Girl, you get to choose Deb. I have only one request, make it a place we don’t know anyone.”

“Hudson Clearwater down on Hudson Street, American Faire, then maybe we can stop into Henrietta Hudson for a night cap.” Deb recommended.

“Sounds good to me!” Mari said.

Henrietta Hudson is a famous Lesbian hangout in the village. Mari has no idea.

Dinner was excellent. We all agreed to a girl’s night out, with all of the ladies on the housekeeping team, if all went well tomorrow.

We walked into Henrietta Hudson’s around, 7pm. That’s where I got the first test to see how arap porno well things worked. We sat at a table and ordered our one and only round that night. As soon as we sat down I put my hand on Marisol’s arm and thank her for giving me this chance. Mari’s eyes dilated. A VJ played a Mariah Carey song and the three of us got up and danced. When the song was over I said, “Oh doggydo!, it’s over. I leaned over a whispered in Mari’s ear. “In about 10 minutes you’re going to get up and start a striptease. You will come past me a number of times during your performance, then you might give these ladies a surprise.” I then went to the VJ gave her $20 to play “In Your Face” by the Hungry Hearts in 10 minutes. She agreed.

As soon as the song started, Mari got up and started dancing alone unbuttoning her jacket. Deb looked at me in unbelief. As Mari past me I brushed her chin with my hand. Her dance became more seductive. I was apparent that Mari didn’t have a bra on because her nipples were visible through her white blouse. She unbuttoned each sleeve as she came past me again. I touched her leg. She unbuttoned each button down the middle of her blouse exposing her deep cleavage. She pulled the blouse from the waist of her skirt and then removed it from each shoulder leaving her topless. She tossed the blouse at Deb. Deb just sat there with her mouth open. Mari came past me again and I touch her stomach holding her hips for a minute This was too much for Mari. She couldn’t get the skirt off quickly enough. Here was Marisol Rodrigues complete nude wearing only high heels. When she came past me again I sat her in her seat giving her a back rub. Her breathing became shallow. Her eyes dilated. I said to Deb, I think she’s about to orgasm. Sure enough, like the night before, a magnificent gush of fluids in a screaming orgasm. I noticed a lot of women had their phones out taping it. It was a fantastic sight to behold. A round of applause arose from the women. Once she composed herself she got dressed.

“Oh my fucking god, that was amazing”, Deb said.

The bar staff were already mopping the floor.

“Thank you,” Marisol Ramirez said as she was getting dressed.

“She’s right Mari, it wasn’t cat shit.” I said. knowing I should change the subject if asked.

“That was a fantastic orgasm. Should we get the check?” Mari asked.

Success!! I thought to myself. On the way to the car Marisol walked ahead of Deb and I. “What got into her?” Deb asked.

“No idea, but I enjoyed it. She has great tits! Did you know that she goes commando?” I asked.

“No! That surprised me to. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra when I brought her a report this afternoon. I’m glad that I buzzed her when John came down today. She had the jacket on when she came out of the office.” Deb reported.

“Mari, what did John want this evening?” I asked.

“He wanted to spank me for not personally telling him that I was going to be late today” She said.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I replied. I couldn’t get the image of John spanking Mari out of my mind.

“No worries hun. He just wanted to flex his muscle and beat on his chest a bit. So I let him.” she said.

Mari drop me at the parking garage. “Go home and get some sleep.” she said to me.

“I will” I replied.

I heard Mari ask Deb as she pulled away, “You gay right!” Deb lives about a block away.

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